Results for 2020

Results are published here in date order, latest at the top. If you have any results to add, please email the webmaster (see contact us page).

Nowadays quite a lot of races only show club name for EA registered runners.  This is very frustrating as it makes it much more difficult to find Hardley results.  If I miss you please email me.  Or better still, join EA.

Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was a prolific racer who represented Hardley in pretty well every local race even into his 80s. To celebrate his love of racing his daughters donated two floating trophies, one for women and one for men. They are awarded annually to the two Hardley members who represent our Club in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 Leagues plus the Hampshire, South of England and National Cross Country Championships. The more races you complete, the more points you get, with a current maximum of 35 events.

Here are the results (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2019/20 season.  28 women have represented the club with 145 appearences.  The clear first with 21 is Vicki Clarke.  Well done.  For the men it was a close contest.  62 men have represented us on 346 occasions.  Also on 21 points, Dan Latham was just one point ahead of Mick Anglim and Dave Wilson.  Well done Dan.

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5K Isolation series 2021

As we start a new year I need to make a new 2021 results page.  That's a work-in-progress at the moment so here's week 1 on the 2020 page for now.

Week 01

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 1 of the 2021 5K Challenge.

After 40 weeks of the original 5K challenge it was time to wipe the slate clean, make a few adjustments and revise our targets.

So here it is week 1 of The 2021 Season: Firstly thank you to everyone coming back again for another season, and wow! 9 new runners have joined in week 1, thank you guys for giving it ago and for all of you who figured out the age grade calculator and sent WAVA scores through. We hope you enjoy the challenge and look forward to seeing you improve towards your target. All the runners are here to encourage you and help you and to have fun running, and from us all WELCOME!

29 runners completed 5K's this week, the highest return we have ever seen! And everybody ran there best 5K time in 2021! ??5 runners have already beaten their target time; Chris Kidd has been targetting a sub 30 run for 18 months and squeezed under the bar today in 29:59 a 3.16% improvement to his target WAVA. Caroline Richmond ran a PB to achieve a time of 31:13 improving her target WAVA score by 2.24%. After 41 weeks of continued 5K running Jeremy Barber beat his target by 2% with a time of 26.06. Jacqui Healey beat her target by 1.25% with a time of 25:34, this is impressive as in 2020 Jacqui achieved her best 5k time in seven years and now further improves this. Steve Bradley after several weeks closing in achieves his target with a time of 26:47, taking 2 seconds off and an improvement of 0.74%. Other items to note; Kim Latham completed her 5K in 1 year around the tough Wilverley course. Jeremy continues with his garden parkrun something else the challenge caters for, why not challenge him by making your own garden 5K!

Many runners changed their course this week to comply with the 2021 guidance; making loop courses or out & backs, with the aim being to avoid any elevation loss (down hill running). Well done for adapting it looks like we all have some great routes we can go at.

Hope to see you all and more next week. Reminder that you can join at any time and can run as many or as little as you want. Take care and have fun running!

5K Isolation series

Here's a report on the whole of the 2020 results.  Well done to everyone who took part and thank you Dan for masterminding the events. Please do join in- see Events Diary tab above; it's easy to join and you'll enjoy being part of our challenge.

The 12 Ks of Christmas

The challenge was to choose a 12K route and run it in fancy dress.  Having fun was rather than speed was uppermost in most runners minds as you can see from this album

Dan reports,

It was absolutely brilliant to see so many of you take on the challenge and to see and your brilliant outfits.

The winners of the fancy dress competition are

Ann Maylott in her brilliant Rosie Cheeked Elf attire and

Aaron Pritchard in his best Christmas Party Dress!

The fastest times were

Alice Rudd in 55:07 and Callum Tanner in 46:40.

The highest age grades were

Jane Hodge 70.73% and Callum Tanner with 69.87%.

The full results are below.

Well done everybody and thanks for embracing the spirit of this challenge - Brilliant!

Happy New Year.


5K Isolation series

Week 40

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 40 of the Weekly 5K Challenge. The Christmas edition and the last set of results for 2020:

Over the 40 weeks we as a group have completed 669 no. 5K runs. (That's 3,345 Km's......or 2,074 miles....... or From Southampton to Turkey). 37 runners have improved upon their previous 2020 PB.

This week 20 of us carried out a 5K run and 2020 PB's were beaten by Martin Loveless running in 23.09 mins and Steve Avery in 26.36 mins, both running the Marcothon Challenge. Mary carried out her run dressed as Mrs Claus. Jeremy celebrated his boxing day run with traditional folk costume as well as mulled wine and mince pies! and many others completed in Christmas fancy dress.

Well done all great running it has been brilliant to see everybody's personal achievements this year, amazing work by everyone.

Happy New Year and hope for good results for us all in 2021.

The final stats for 2020:

Runs now completed as a group: 669 no.

Week 39

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 39 of the Weekly 5K Challenge - The winter solstice edition, the lighter days are coming!

This week 17 no. 5K runs were recorded. Steve Avery ran a 2020 5K PB taking 30 seconds off his previous best time this year. Jeremy celebrated the winter solstice with a post 5K ice cream, nice! Many achy legs were reported due to the muddy conditions and great to see Chris Kidd dragging 3 youngsters around with him on one of his marcothon 5k's this week.

Well done all, look forward to the Christmas Edition next week.

Runs now completed as a group: 649 no.

Week 38

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 38 of the 5K Challenge:

24 no. 5K's were recorded this week, the equal highest amount since lockdown began back in March. As a group 632 no. 5K runs have now been recorded. Whilst many of us were taking it easy this week with longer runs and Marcothons, Jeremy Barber had a great run only 19 secs away from his 2020 PB whilst also currently running the Marcothon. Ann Maylott had a very consistent run exactly the same time as last week bar 1 second.

Well done all!

Runs now completed as a group: 632 no.

Week 37

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Isolation 5K Week 37:

It's the marcothon season and the 5K distance seems to be most popular with 20 of us carrying out a 3.1 mile run this week. No PB's this week but 5 new runners on the board carrying out marcothon 5K's and I'm sure they can improve in the coming weeks. Jeremy pointed out it was national soil week, so appropriately some of us ran suitably muddy courses and there was plenty in this weeks conditions. Well done all it feels like there are some PB's coming just around the corner.

Runs now completed as a group: 608

Week 36

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Isolation 5K Week 36: Great conditions again this week with very still weather. 14 of us tied the 5K laces. The Clarke's dominated with James running his lockdown PB of 17:23 and setting the 2nd highest male WAVA % in the series 77.18%, with Vicki running her best time this year and since having Sienna in 23:13. Jeremy Barber beat his Garden parkrun time in 29:36, a brilliant time for a garden run. Great running all.

Runs completed as a group: 588 no.

Week 35

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 35 - This week 13 of us ran 5K's this weekend bringing the total number of runs as a group up to 574 no. The weather was ideal and we took advantage of this: PB's from Mike Fitton in 22:06 taking his improvement this year up to an incredible 15.47%. Sarah Fitton broke her 5K for the 6th time this year in a time of 25:15. Jane Hodge ran a PB of 22:06 with a massive WAVA of 87.78% which is virtually international level, Mary Corbett was only 20 seconds away from her PB time. Jeremy Barber was only 38 seconds away from his PB despite a bit illness which caused him to stop, a shame as at that pace he clearly would have broken his PB.

Great running all, here are the headline stats over the 35 weeks:

Week 34

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

This week 18 of us completed and recorded a 5K. The conditions were very difficult to run in with a lot of standing water and wind. Jeremy and Jacqui reported that they had actually run up a stream during their 5K. Despite the poor weather, Dave Wilson managed to achieve a 2020 PB, beating his previous time this year by over a minute.  The highest age grade score was by Mick Anglim who ran a time of 23:50 to achieve a 75.87% WAVA score. Well done to Tracy Hickson who recorded her first 5K this year and was only 4 seconds away from an all time PB.

The stats over 34 weeks, and a few changes this week:

559 no. runs completed as a group.

Week 33

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

5K Challenge Week 33. Thirteen of us ran 5K's this week, bringing the total as a group to 541.

There were great conditions this week and there were two massively deserved PB's by runners that have run every weekend since we started the challenge: Jeremy ran his 100th mile at his Saturday garden parkrun and on Sunday he ran a 2020 PB in 26:18 with a WAVA of 65.59%. Jane Hodge ran a absolutely unbelievable ALL TIME PB in 22:40 with the highest WAVA we've seen in the group at 85.59%, brilliant running both of you.

The stats over 33 weeks, and a few changes this week:

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FKT Challenge - Update as at 14 November

Here are the latest results.  Dan Latham reports

Well done Tamsin Roberts & Paul Blundell who swam/ran Hardley-a-Round today. Despite horrendous conditions, they both completed in 2hrs:12mins:38s, Paul 7 seconds away from his best time and Tamsin having a great run to take 2nd spot in the hotly contested Female Senior category, which has now featured 7 attempts.

The challenge is to achieve the fastest known time in your category.  Details of the route and the rules are on our News page (see tab above).  If there are too many results in your category then you can always invent a new category (a bit like the various Guinness Book of Records categories for the London Marathon) and you might well make it onto the Special Known Attempts page

11 November update

Well done Grace Hawker, Ian Hawker, Ant Insuli and Tim Collinson who completed Hardley-a-Round this week. Anthony took the M45 FKT in a time of 2hrs 16mins, Ian ran the 2nd Fastest M65 time in 2hrs 41mins, Tim ran the 3rd fastest M60 time also in 2hrs 16m and Grace completed in a very respectable time at 2hrs 41. Hard conditions this time of year, so well done all.

Virtual 5 Mile Cross Country - October 2020

The challenge was to devise an off road 5 mile cross country route, run it and record your time and provide evidence.

Dan and Danii report

Well done all those who ran the Virtual 5 Mile, it looks like you all made suitably tough Cross Country courses and tackled one of the wettest and windiest Octobers on record.

Most importantly 25 Hardley Runners competed in this event and well done to all of you, who got out there and did it tackling the elements. We hope you all had fun.

Thanks to all those who voluntarily donated to Countess Mountbatten Hospice (a reminder of payment details for those wishing to donate; Hardley Runners, Account No. 61250503, Sort Code 60-20-40, payment reference; SurnameVFM)

The above and the results are provisional, any omissions or errors please just let us know.

Thanks for participating, great running.

FKT Challenge

Dan reports,

Well done to Jeremy Barber, Andy Barber, Roger Street, Charmaine Bradford, Paul Blundell, Tiff Hanley, Mary Tebb, Matt Tanner, Martin Loveless and Andy Suswain who completed the Round recently. Tiff & Mary sharing F50 FKT, Charmaine taking the F40 FKT, Matt Martin and Paul improving upon last week's 2nd KT's. Jeremy, Andy & Roger set the = M65 FKT whilst also making it onto the Special Known Attempts page but their FKT was short-lived as Andy S knocked nearly three hours off it!! Well done everyone! See latest results here.

5K Isolation series

Week 32

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 32 of the 5K Challenge. The Halloween Edition! A wicked witch cast a spell and the wind howled the rain poured as 17 intrepid runners completed their 5K runs. As you've probably guessed there were a couple of Hallowe'en inspired runs: Mary appeared from out of the woods in full witch outfit and Jeremy was also in full costume at his garden parkrun joined by a large gruesomely carved pumpkin, I'm not sure what he was dressed as but it was definitely quite scary.......

528 runs now completed as group.....lets see if we can smash those times next week!

Well done everyone Wahahahaha!!!!

Week 31

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 31 of the 5K challenge: 12 runners recorded 5K's this week. The weather conditions were challenging with winds and rain throughout. Mike Fitton, Vicki Clarke and Jane Hodge put in solid performances all within a minute of their 2020 PB. Jeremy celebrated United Nations day at his garden parkrun encouraging people from other countries to run so I understand, well done Jeremy. We've now completed 510 no. 5K's as a group, no other changes to the leaderboard this week. Well done all have a great running week. ??

Week 30

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 30 of the 5K Challenge - 19 of us ran 5K's this week and we reached the milestone of 500 runs. There were no PB's this week, it seems many of us ran 5K's as part of longer runs or reccy's for the up and coming 5m virtual race. Jane still managed to hit an 83% WAVA as part of a long run which is impressive.

Look forward to seeing your results in the coming week. Close for next results Monday 26th Oct 7pm.

Total No. of 5K's: 500 no.

Week 29

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 29 of the 5K Challenge - 17 runners carried out 5K's this week. Jacqui Healey achieved her best time in 7 years in 25:18. Terry Earney was 1 second off his 2020 PB with a time of 26:09. The best age grade scores this week were from Jane Hodge with an 80.44% and Mick Anglim with 75.24%.

Total No. of 5K's: 447 no.

Week 28

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 28 of the weekly 5K challenge - The Flooded One This week 17 runners reported a 5K run.

There were no PB's this week probably because the conditions were horendous and many also took part in longer runs this weekend some of us inspired by the marathon. Jeremy's garden parkrun course was so flooded he had to wear wellies, Mary carried out her run as part of the 15K Coniston Trail Run, Terry reportly ran in swamp conditions and Sarah said her run was more like a steeple chase.

464 no. 5K's now completed as a group in lockdown, no other changes to the leaderboard this week. Great running all catch you next week.

Week 27

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 27 of the weekly 5K Challenge: It was a windy one and 16 runners took part this week. Alice Rudd paced Karen Denham with a great run of 21:36, 10 seconds away from a 2020 PB. Vicki Clarke ran a 2020 PB of 26:28 amazing running. Jane Hodge set a 2020 PB with a time of 22:57 and an incredible WAVA score of 84.53%. Andy and Jeremy Barber's brotherly competitive nature took over at their garden park run and both achieved PB's for that course in 29:53. Great running all well done.

Week 26

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 26 of Isolation 5K Challenge (6 months!)

19 Runners ran a 5K this week. Mary Corbett ran a 2020 PB in 27:13 improving taking her WAVA improvement by 7.88%. Vicki Clarke ran her first 5K since becoming a mum, well done. Callum Johnson ran the quickest time this week in 17:41. Jeremy Barber ran his garden parkrun PB in a time of 30.52 taking his WAVA improvement up to 10.28%, with brother Andy completing in the same time, improving his garden parkrun WAVA by a whopping 24%.

There are 6 runners that have taken part every weekend of the challenge, running every weekend for 6 months: Annie Brucelow, Jane Hodge, Sarah Fitton, Jeremy Barber, Terry Earney and Myself. I caught up with them to share thoughts on the challenge over this strange time, to summarise:

It's been great seeing all the results and until parkrun resumes, look forward to seeing your further improvements, well done all.

Runs as a group; 431 no.

Top Female Improvers - Jacqui Healey by 8.12%, Maxine Robbins by 7.36%, Julie Swainston 7.24%

Top Male Improvers: Mike Fitton by 11.61%, Tim Anetts 5.93%, Terry Earney 4.47%

Quickest Females - Alice Rudd 18:48, Karen Denham 21.26, Poppy Tanner 21.43

Quickest Male - Tim Anetts 17:03, Callum Johnson 17:38, Dan Latham 17:48

Top Female WAVA's: Jane Hodge 82.92%, Alice Rudd 78.38%, Jacqui Healey 74.04%.

Top Male WAVA's: Tim Anetts 75.67%, Dan Latham 74.72%, Calum Johnson 73.16%

Week 25

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Firstly Apologies to Terry I somehow missed that you had achieved a brilliant 2020 PB last week in a time of 26.08. Also back dating some late results from Mike Fitton, he has achieved massive improvement breaking his 2020 PB by over 4 mins in week 23, with WAVA improvement of 11.61% making him the current WAVA Improvement Champion. Well done chaps brilliant achievements.

Jacqui Healey and Jeremy Barber both achieved 2020 PB's running in the Longparish 2nd Sunday of the Month 5K. Jacqui taking her WAVA improvement up to 8.32% and Jeremy to 2.76% . Mary Corbett ran like an eagle! I mean literally, she dressed as an eagle wings and all. Tamsin was back on the 5K and after a few weeks out was only 14 secs away from a PB. Jane Hodge completed her 5K while away in Suffolk.

Next week will be week 26 (6 months!!!) There are 5 runners on course to run a 5K for every weekend for 6 months on the trot and there is one runner that is on course to run two 5K's a every week for 6 months!!!

Week 24

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

14 runners carried out a 5K run this weekend, and it was great to a couple of pairs out pacing for others. Well done to Alice Rudd and Sarah Fitton for setting the pace. Alice paced for Karen Denham who was only a fraction away from her 2020 PB and Sarah paced for Chris Kidd who smashed his 5K PB out of the park now taking 2.5 mins off his PB. A late result from last week worthy of mention; Andy Mansfield took 1.5 mins off his 2020 PB. Well done everyone, brilliant running.

Week 23

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

The cooler weather is certainly starting to have an effect with some excellent times coming in this week. Mary Corbett was only 4 seconds away from her 2020 PB. Kelly Anetts was back with a bang hitting a 2020 PB 22.13. Jeremy Barber made a new garden parkrun PB at 30.54 and also ran a 2020 PB of 26.52. Jane Hodge was 4 seconds off her 2020 PB with a massive WAVA score of 83.62. Sarah Fitton took 28 secs off to hit a 2020 PB at 25:41, the 5th time Sarah has hit a 2020 PB amazing work! Mick Anglim produced the top male WAVA score at 78%. Well done all, catch you next week.

And now for the stats

Week 22

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Weekend 22 - This weekend we welcomed Sara Harvey to the group running her first full 5K after completing "Couch to 5K" and running and amazing time of 35:59. We also welcomed new dad James Clarke who ran his best time all year in 17:57 brilliant running and great to see Vicki logging a buggy walk 5K, well done both. Jacqui Healey ran another amazing effort with a 71.6% WAVA. Jeremy invited the WAVA Champ Jane Hodge to his garden park run and to show her appreciation Jane knocked Jeremy off the garden 5K podium with a time of 29:45 65% WAVA amazing garden time!

And now for the stats

Week 21

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 21 - The weather was rainy mostly with some fairly heavy down pours. But these felt refreshing compared to the past few previous weekends. Many of us took times from longer runs this weekend or simply took it easy. But well done to Jack Fairbrother on his first 5K challenge run, hitting an all time PB of 19.25 in the downpour and in puddled conditions. Well done to Chris Kidd pushing the buggy round this weekend. Look forward to hearing from you next weekend.

And now for the stats

Week 20

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 20 - The One in The Heat.

This week many of us battled some seriously hot and sweaty conditions to make it round our 5K.

Jeremy overcame the heat and ran a 2020 PB in 26.54, brilliant Jeremy, 20 weeks of consistency paying off. Jacqui Healey ran an amazing 2020 PB to make a time of 25.33 and becomes our Most Improved Leader at 8.12%. Well done everyone who got out to run in these extremely hot conditions.

And now for the stats:

Week 19

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 19 of the isolation challenge. It was a hot one throughout the weekend, but some great times were still achieved.

Our "One to Watch" from last week Chris Kidd achieved a 2020 PB with a time of 31:32 taking a whole minute off his PB. Sarah Fitton again achieved a 2020 PB for the 3rd time in a time of 26:09 just seconds away from sub 26 fantastic running. Jeremy achieved his best 5K result in lockdown with a great 28.26.

I should also mention that Andy Mansfield achieved a 2020 PB last week but I missed that information going into the results, from 27.07 to 25.52 amazing work.

Ones to watch next week have to be Sarah Fitton and Terry Earney, who are both very close to running sub 26...we're all behind you!! Next week is week 20, so there we will have to arrange for a 5K with a twist - ideas please guys!!!

And now for the stats:

Week 18

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Weekend 18 - "The one when Garmin went down!" - Imagine a time (not so long ago), when there were no stats, all you had was a stop watch at best. Something about this weekend has reminded us all I think, that running is about getting out the door and going! Nothing else matters! But we do love the stats and the kudos!

Well done to all those that ran a 5k this weekend (and also those who did other runs). No PB's this week, but Chris Kidd was only 20 seconds away from breaking his 2020 PB, one to watch next week, go on Chris you can do it!!. Well done to Andy Mansfield running his first 5K W/E Challenge in a very respectable time of 25.52 58.42% Wava.

Week 17

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Unbelievably we're now in weekend 17 of the 5K challenge. No PB's this weekend I think we're all blaming the weather, but still a great turn out. Jeremy again put on his garden parkrun in a yellow theme as well as a 2nd 5K run on the Sunday. Chris Kidd managed to fit in two 5K's over the weekend and should have been awarded bonus points. Jane Hodge put in another MASSIVE WAVA at 82.9%. Terry and Sarah after challenging themselves for weeks to break the 27 min mark are now regularly under 27 seemingly unable to go over it. Well done all Great Running.

And now for the stats:

Week 16

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Many of us competed in a virtual 10K this week and some of the results were pulled from the best section of the 10K for this weekends results. Although plenty of us did actually complete a 5K and for some the additional distance this weekend worked well: Sarah Fitton for the 3rd time in 4 weeks hit another 2020 PB in 26:16. Annie Brucelow did a 2020 PB in 49:02. Terry Earney achieved a 2020 PB in 26:19 and a WAVA of 70.08%, Callum Johnson ran 5K in a 10K at 17:38! a 5K PB for this year, Tim Anetts ran a 17:03 5K within a 10K amazing! Thanks for taking part in another weekend, great running all.

And now for the stats:

10K Isolation virtual Club Championships July 2020

Danii Bundy and Dan Latham report,

Well done all the runners who participated in our first ever virtual run.

The event was open between 25th June and 12th July 2020 and runners made their own 10k courses and took part in the on-line event, through sending times in with photos of their score. 36 runners took part in the event with ages ranging from 18 to 78 years old.

Who needs real events nowadays when you can have virtual ones? As ever, the Hardley Runners went above and beyond taking it one step further; with members Rob Wells creating obstacle races out of the New Forest, Ian Beveridge having wrestling matches with angry Dobermans, Simon Ibbotson had the world against him when he encountered a wall of ass (donkeys) whilst already battling against a strong headwind and Jeremy Barber practiced his tumbling skills through the forest breaking his rib in the process (if that’s not dedication I don’t know what is). But don't let that put you off, running is not normally this eventful honest.

Unfortunately, with every race there is always a non-finisher, sadly we encountered two of these, but kudos to both runners (Chris Harris & Susan Alexander) for going out and taking the challenge in the first place. These runners still finished with very respectable 5K times.

The Results:

There were four awards up for grabs; Fastest time in each gender category and best age grade WAVA score. (Age grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age to produce a score, a WAVA percentage).

Other Sundry Prizes:

Remaining prizes to top WAVAs: Jane Hodge, Nathan Renyard, Martin Loveless, Malcolm Renyard, Alice Rudd, Tim Anetts, Dan Latham, Mary Corbett, Dave Wilson, Callum Johnson.

Well done to all runners who took part, it was great to see us all coming together to run virtually.

Brilliant Running and Inspiration from you all,

Danii Bundy & Dan Latham

Danii adds,

We are proud to announce that the first ever Hardley spirit award is to be awarded to Robert Wells :D

He went the extra 'mile' making his 10k into an obstacle race, Rob was the first person to compete and although more than capable... Got the 2nd to last time, encouraging people to take part no matter what their time may be at the end.
He's also an essential cog that keeps our club turning, being our resident photographer (yet very rarely in a photo), runs the Facebook and Instagram pages and is also our rr10 organiser along with Dan Latham :D

Well done Rob!!

Clixk on Rob to see him and Dan.

5K Isolation series

Week 15

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

This weekend Sarah Fitton hit another 2020 PB in 26:28 only 2 weeks after just breaking it, in a great effort David Gould was only 1 second away from his 2020 PB. Long distance supreme Mark Lee took up the 5K challenge and came in straight away with a 63.245% wava, great running.

Mary Corbett dressed as the Mad Hatter and continuing the mad theme Jeremy reports he was tail walker at his home garden parkrun course.

Looks like many of us took a breather this week going for longer slower runs. Hope you all had a great run, hear from you next week. Cheers!

And now for the stats:

Week 14

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Another weekend without parkrun and therefore another W/E 5K Challenge. Quite different weather this weekend a blisteringly hot Saturday and a windy old Sunday.

Congratulations to those hitting 2020 PB's this weekend; Karen Denham with an amazing time of 21.26. Annie Brucelow smashed it out in a great time of 50.14 and Simon Ibbotson after a long continual improvement over the last 14 weeks hit a well deserved all-time PB of 18:35, amazing work Simon.

Terry Earney was awarded with his highest WAVA this year at 70.40%, brilliant. Jeremy broke his Sunday route course record with a time of 28:43.

To improve your 5K time further give Chris' Isolation Training Plan a go.

And now for the season stats:

Great running all, hope to hear from you all next week. Cheers!

Week 13

Here's the results summary.  Dan Latham reports,

Week 13 unlucky for some but not for Sarah Fitton with a 2020 PB of 26.44, Mary Corbett with another 2020 PB of 27:22 and Jane Hodge with a 2020PB of 23.07 and a simply amazing WAVA o 83.92%!!!........... Jeremy a Garden PB for the course record at 2 Forton Parkrun in 31.07…..........

To improve your 5K time further give Chris' Isolation Training Plan a go here at;

The Stats:

Great running all, hope to hear from you all next week. Cheers!

Not Endure 24 - Sat/Sun 13/14 June 2020

Graham Robbins ran 100K to raise funds for Oakhaven Hospice.  His target was £100 and he is already 12 times past that.  So let's see if we can make him into Hardley Runners. Captain Tom.  Here's the link so you can chip in.

He reports,

"So it's over! 64 miles over 100kms and in total including gift aid it's £1207.50 raised massively emotional now thankyou so much for all your support you're all amazing and can't thank you enough."

5K Isolation series

For information about this series see our Race Diary tab above.  The event has been going since lockdown started. 

Week 12

Thanks very much to Dan Latham for coordinating the event and pulling the results together.  He reports,

"Week 12 of Isolation 5K: We have a new improver champion with Maxine Robbins knocking 11 mins of her previous 2020 best well done massive effort. Karen Denham ran an amazing time in 21.42 to hit a new isolation PB for 2020, Alice Rudd also hit a 2020 PB with a great time of 18:53 and a WAVA score above 78%. Jane ran her best time since lockdown began in 23.33 with an amazing WAVA score just shy of 80%.

It was World Gin Day on Saturday so Jeremy naturally had a Gin drinks station mid way round which we were all most jealous of, even though the run was at 9am in the morning! The fancy dress award again went to Mary, dressed as a Corgi in Union Jack shorts because that's how she rolls!

Now for some isolation stats: No. of Lockdown runs as a group: 207!. Top Female Improvers - Maxine Robbins, Julie Swainston, Katherine Stocks. Top Male Improvers: Phil Pearce, Graham Robbins, Terry Earney. Quickest Female - Alice Rudd 18:48. Quckest Male - Dan Latham 17:48. Top Female WAVA's: Jane Hodge 82.09%, Alice Rudd 78.38%, Karen Denham 72.41%. Top Male WAVA's: Dan Latham 74.72%, Calum Johnson 72.94%, Ben Andrew 71.74%.

Great running all, cheers!"

Week 11

Dan reports.  Here are this week's results.  Week 11 of the isolation 5K and we have now complete 190 no. 5K's as a group. 20 of us took part this weekend. There was some absolutely amazing running this week. With 2020 PB's from Julie 23.19 knocking over 3 mins off her time and becoming the new WAVA Improver Leader, Tamsin working really hard over the last 11 weeks to finally get that sub 24 (23.45), Kelly knocked 1 minute of her previous best this year with 23.15, Mary also knocking nearly a minute off her 2020 PB in 28.03, Simon ran his best over the last 11 weeks in 18:50. Sarah has been knocking the door of 2020 all way through and so close this week just 7 secs away, keep going.

Danii posted the best photo so far, clearly showing how much effort she'd put in.

Jane told us the secret to being the Queen of Wava is Beer!.

Thanks for keeping it going guys, look forward to getting back to it next weekend. Cheers!

Week 10

Dan reports, Here are all the results up to now.   Week 10 of the isolation 5K was set as a special Off Road theme and 18 of us rose to the challenge. Despite some really hot conditions;

Other points to note;

Absolutely brilliant stuff all, great running......Hear from you next week!

The Grizzly - Seaton - Sunday 8 March 2020

Well that was fun.  Even more mud than usual and the showers lubricated the mud so it was just a bit slippy.

For those as don't know, The Grizzly is 19 or 20 miles and a bit over 3000 feet of climbing.  It includes 2 stretches along the beach, various bits of wading, lots of hills, lots of mud, including the famous Valley of the Bogs and the ascent of the cliff know as the Stairway to Heaven.  It is brilliantly organised by Axe Valley Runners and there are loads of helpful and encouraging marshals.  All in all a very good thing and an event everyone should try at least once. If you prefer to start gently then there's the Cub which is only nine miles.

This year I travelled with Graeme Johnson and Andover parkrun friend, Lee.  We got a parking place near the start so we stayed out of the rain in the car until it was nearly time for the off.  Runners at the front of the field have no idea what muddy means.  But later it gets churned up and at the back your webmaster, Jeremy Barber, had a lovely time.  This was my 10th Grizzly and each year I go a bit slower so as to have more time to enjoy it.  You can get the idea from this photo album, mainly my pictures but thanks also to Sally Harbut and others.  The marshals and runners were lovely, as usual; it was a great experience and I have the sore knees and battered toes to prove it.

Well done to all who took part and a special mention to Chris Kidd who made it to mile 14, a great achievement for someone who was a beginner only a year ago.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Bib Name Gun time Chiptime Gender Pos
Grizzly Cub - about 9 miles
315 3550 Grace Hawker 02:10:58 02:08:06 153
372 3221 Michael Sleath 02:16:09 02:14:58 183
Grizzly - 19 0r 20 miles
605 1459 Brendon Harbut 04:14:07 04:12:53 495
689 925 Paul Blundell 04:23:54 04:21:21 547
695 419 Martin Loveless 04:24:38 04:22:05 552
696 29 Tiffany Hanley 04:24:38 04:22:08 144
950 924 Mike Roberts 04:51:39 04:48:47 704
967 1458 Ian Hawker 04:53:53 04:51:00 716
1061 1460 Graeme Johnson 05:03:34 05:00:28 764
1439 1457 Jeremy Barber 06:13:49 06:10:41 909

The 7th CC6 - Wilverley - Sunday 8 March 2020

Joint CC6 Captain, Roger Morgan, reports, "The last race of the CC 6 was probably the muddiest and most dirty of all the races so far this season. Therefore it was no surprise that our intrepid Hardley Runners turned out in force. In fact we had five runners attend who had not competed this season.

In total we had 15 male runners and seven females. By far our largest turnout of the season.

The race itself mainly took place in the enclosure and it seemed to me that we were either running uphill or downhill in extreme mud.

Despite the conditions our runners did extremely well. The first woman home for our club was Alice Rudd (7) with Jane Morgan (18) and Vicki Clarke (19). For the men our top three were Chris Harris (13) Callum Johnson (15) and Nathan Renyard (18). 

Thank you to all our runners this season and we look forward to the next CC6 series as they seem to get better each year."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) later today (Tuesday).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
7 Alice Rudd S   29 Tamsin Roberts S   64 Chris Harris V60
18 Jane Morgan V50   33 Lynn McDonagh V50        
19 Vicki Clarke S   34 Emily James  S        
13 Chris Harris  S   38 Simon Ibbotson S   93 Matt Casey  S
15 Callum Johnson S   49 Paddy Butler  V50   97 Chris Wilson V50
18 Nathan Renyard  V40   58 Mark Darcy V40   107 Steve Blight  V50
25 Dan Latham  S   79 Dave Wilson  V60   110 Roger Morgan V50
27 Matthew James  S   80 Ian Smith V50   132 John Robson V50

The English Cross Country Nationals - Nottingham - Saturday 22 February 2020

Paddy Butler reports, "I flew the flag for Hardley at the National Cross-Country championships in Nottingham last weekend. The men's race was 12 km (although I clocked nearer 13km on my watch) and tough. The recent weather made the conditions very difficult underfoot (think of a ploughed field that has had a herd of bison running over it all day) and there were tree trunks to hurdle and streams to run through. All in all great fun. As it was the nationals and there were no veteran times published I didn't expect to rank too highly but I did beat 299 people plus quite a few non-finishers. The photos show me in the finishing straight and fraternising with the Lordshill boys afterwards - note the muddy legs. It's a great experience for anyone who hasn't done it before.

You can see the start here"

Well done Paddy.  Looks like that was both fun and hard work!

HCCL Race 5 - Popham - 8 February 2020

Tim Anetts reports,

"Massive well done to everyone who raced in the final Hampshire XC race at Popham yesterday. Lots of fantastic individual performances and we managed to field strong teams in both the Ladies and Men’s races. Big thank you as well for all the support on the course in both races, there was a great sense of team spirit."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the HCCL website (see Links tab above)

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
51   Vicki Clarke   28:48
70 26 Jane Morgan V50 30:04
102   Tamsin Roberts   31:55
41   Tim Anetts   37:24
108   Callum Tanner   41:07
144 51 Sean Bowen M50 43:06
160   Daniel Latham   44:15
161   Simon Ibbotson   44:17
211 101 Mick Anglim M70 50:48
212 102 Dave Wilson M60 51:05
230 119 Paul Newby M70 59:04

HRRL Race 7 - The Ryde 10 - 20200202

Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.

Club President, Mck Anglim, reports, "Our men were well represented this morning with 10 of us running the tough new course with over 700’ of climb. Chris Harris was our only lady.  There was a strong westerly wind that affected some parts of the course but it was dry and cool so respectable conditions.

We should have a good men’s Team result for the HRRL.  Malc and I were 1st and 2nd M70 and Matt Tanner won the 2nd M55 prize.

Another well organised race from one of the UK’s oldest running club."

Well done all who got up early and crossed the Solent to represent our club.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos Gun Time Chip Time
27 Callum Tanner SM 15 24 01:06:02 01:06:00
41 Dan Latham SM 22 38 01:07:58 01:07:54
43 Callum Johnson SM 23 40 01:08:03 01:07:59
66 Matt Tanner M55 2 60 01:11:03 01:11:03
84 Jack Fairbrother SM 34 74 01:12:23 01:12:18
179 Malc Renyard M70 1 152 01:20:35 01:20:30
183 Mick Anglim M70 2 156 01:21:00 01:20:56
199 Dave Wilson M60 8 163 01:21:59 01:21:52
291 Matthew Casey SM 66 217 01:29:43 01:29:35
373 Jonathan Tite SM 69 254 01:38:31 01:38:23
442 Chris Harris F65 3 166 01:47:50 01:47:33

The 6th CC6 - Kings Garn Gutter - Sunday 19 January 2020

A lovely crisp bright morning and a lovely muddy race.  What's not to like?  Hardley results are below and here's a small photo album.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) by the evening after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
13 Alice Rudd S   20 Jane Morgan V50   69 Katherine Broomfield S
17 Nathan Renyard  V40   77 Phil Rudd  V50   142 Roger Morgan V50
24 Dan Latham  S   87 Paul Blundell  V50   157 Jon Tite  S
33 Matt Tanner V50   93 Ian Smith V50   168 Ian Beveridge  V50
56 Graham Robbins S   108 Malc Renyard V70   170 Jeremy Barber V60
62 Mark Darcy V40   113 Mick Anglim V70        
75 Dave Wilson  V60   120 Chris Wilson V50        

HRRL Race 6 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 12 January 2020

This race is always popular with Hardley runners and today was no excepton with no fewer than 17 finishers.  Conditions were good and at least 4 people had PBs.  Please let me know if you did too. 

Dan Powell reports,

"Massive well done to everyone who ran the Stubbington 10km this morning, I have recently taken on the role of road race captain! The next fixture is the Ryde 10 miler which is sold out so keep an eye out on the number swap page if you don't have a place and wish to run! The Salisbury 10 miler follows this on the 29th of March which is also sold out so again keep an eye out for the number swap page! The Alton 10 miler on the 3rd of may is the next fixture after these and entries are still open I have just secured mine! We had a strong presence in both the men's and women's teams today let's keep that going."

Hardley results are below and here's a photo album.  You can see the full results here

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
23 Tim Anetts M 20 00:34:55 00:34:54
84 Dan Powell M 49 00:37:32 00:37:27
110 Dan Latham PB M 62 00:38:30 00:38:25
119 Simon Ibbotson PB M 65 00:38:55 00:38:50
180 Graham Robbins M 84 00:40:44 00:40:38
195 Nathan Renyard M40-44 38 00:41:15 00:41:03
362 Ian Smith M55-59 13 00:45:17 00:44:59
441 Hannah Cockle F 25 00:47:31 00:46:54
448 Mick Anglim M70-74 1 00:47:38 00:47:14
452 Charles Wilson M60-64 20 00:47:47 00:47:11
461 Jane Hodge F60-64 2 00:47:56 00:47:22
691 Joanna Avery F35-39 41 00:52:01 00:49:17
808 Tamsin Roberts F 70 00:54:11 00:51:25
1007 Craig Rowe PB M 208 00:58:22 00:56:49
1166 Danii Bundy PB F 110 01:01:45 00:58:59
1512 Chris Kidd M 238 01:12:40 01:09:53
1571 Jan Anglim F70-74 8 01:16:45 01:13:39

HCCL Race 4 - Prospect Park Reading - Saturday 11 January 2020

Thank you to the four members who travelled to Reading to represent the Club. 

Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.  Callum Tanner reports,

"This was the fourth race of five in the Hampshire cross country league held at Prospect Park in Reading. Hardley had a very small team in this event, with Vicki Clarke representing the ladies and Mick Anglim, Sean Bowen and Callum Tanner in the mens.

In the womens individuals 6k Vicki finished in a very credible 51st position in 24:52, and also means Vicki is 40th in the individual event overall. Huge well done to Vicki, who also volunteered to pace 25 minutes as Southampton parkrun in the morning.

In the mens individuals 10k Callum finished in 107th (40:24), Sean in 136th, 50th vet (43:35) and Mick in 190th, 93rd vet (51:10). With points scored for the top five runners in the team, two scores of 210 (as to represent the score of last place in the race) were added which didn't help the team's cause!

Hardley men's team are in need of a good final race at Popham in February in order to avoid a drop to division three, as we find ourselves second from bottom and only 7 position points from Eastleigh who occupy the last position outside the relegation zone.

It would be great to see more Hardley runners at this one to finish the XC series on a high."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the HCCL website (see Links tab above)

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
51 Vicki Clarke 24:52
107 Callum Tanner 40:24
136 50 Sean Bowen M50 43:35
190 93 Mick Anglim M70 51:10

The Dark Moors 5 and 10 mile - Ringwood(ish) - Saturday 11 January 2020

It was a warm evening and a good race with great bling.  Hardley results (according to the results website) are below.  Please let me know any additions/amendments.  Congratulations to Tiff who is clearly back in form.

Paul Blundell reports,

"This year I signed up for the Dark moors 10 again with the rough and tumble the next day.

Upon arrival ,Tiff, Karen and I  ambled down to the facilities and came across some of our Hardley colleagues. It wasn’t warm and so we went and found the car (after a bit of searching) to get properly kitted up.

Back to chat with more Hardleys and it was time to head to the start.

I wanted a relaxed pace to save myself for the rough and tumble the next day.

We Hardleys all started together supported by Rob Wells and I found myself running with Steve Blight and Brendon, at a reasonable pace, which did seem to get quicker.

I had lost Karen and Tiff and then I saw Tiff just ahead.

I caught up with her confident that she would keep to her target of a 9 minute mile pace.

This wasn’t to be and I found myself puffing a bit but not pushing too hard.

We stopped for a quick drink at the “ love station” which put us behind Brendon and Steve, not sure if this was the reason but I matched Tiffs Pace of around 8 min miles and after a while we caught them again.

I was quite warm and occasionally gusts of wind would either slow us down or push us on.

Generally the tracks were good but there were some muddy sections which were difficult to navigate by head torch plus some trip hazards in the form of exposed roots.

However we managed to stay upright cheered on by friendly marshals.

The first lap seemed to finish quite soon and the pace was starting to become an issue for me but I decided the race the next day would just have to suffer so we kept going.

Tiff was finding it hard also so I started counting down the miles and we finished in a good time under a minute behind Karen .

Tiff was first in her age group and I was 7th in mine.

We met some of the other Hardleys as they came in but were cooling down quite quick so headed home.

A well organised race which being in the dark presents its own set of challenges!

The Rough and tumble the next day was on weary legs and the muddiest I have ever seen it, I reckon I was around 20 minutes slower the usual.

I went up with Ian and Grace Hawker and Grace said it was harder then the marathon she ran last year."

You can see the full results here and here's a small photo album

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
72 Karen Denham F40-49 9 01:25:26
73 Tiffany Hanley F50-59 1 01:25:38
74 Paul Blundell M50-59 7 01:25:38
107 Stephen Blight M50-59 12 01:30:30
109 Brendon Harbut M40-49 33 01:30:43
147 Lynn Mcdonagh F50-59 6 01:34:59
148 Pedro Rodrigues M30-39 40 01:35:06
165 Sharon Avery F40-49 22 01:37:26
166 Julie Swainston F40-49 23 01:37:27
287 Sally Harbut F40-49 54 01:55:59
166 Danii Bundy F

The Fifth CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 5 January 2020

Joint CC6 Captain, Hannah Cockle, reports,

"After a long Christmas and New Year break it was straight back to it for the Hardley Runners for the 5th CC6 on the 5th Jan at Badgers Farm, just outside Winchester.

We had a brilliant turnout with 19 runners in total. The course started with a testing uphill slog (I’m sure some of us were already feeling the mince pies) before relenting to a long downhill section. A few narrow areas and gates meant there was a bit of queuing, a nice breather for some! The course soon evened out into an open field with opportunities for passing or being passed before heading back downhill in anticipation of an uphill finish, what a treat!

Tim Anetts topped the Hardley Runners tree with an amazing 3rd place finish in only his second ever CC6. Simon Ibbotson wasn’t far behind in 24th with Dan Latham on his heels in 25th. Vicki Clarke was first in for the ladies in 8th place, another bewildering top 10 finish!

There was some great Hardley camaraderie in the middle of the field with Mick Anglim, Dave Wilson, Hannah Cockle, Anthony Insulov and Ian Hawker all finishing one after the other – great hustle team!

Finally a massive thanks to Roger our esteemed captain for supporting the team despite being too poorly to run.

There is less than two weeks until the next CC6 on the 19th January at Kings Garn Gutter in the New Forest – let get as many people there as possible, the more purple shirts the better!"

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website the evening after the race. 

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
8 Vicki Clarke S   39 Kelly Annetts S        
21 Hannah Cockle S   112 Annie Brucelow  V70        
3 Tim Annetts S   63 Mark Darcy V40   119 Anthony Insulov V40
24 Simon Ibbotson S   87 Paul Blundell  V50   120 Ian Hawker  V60
25 Dan Latham  S   103 Matt Casey  S   167 Jeremy Barber V60
28 Ben Andrew  S   116 Mick Anglim V70   173 Ian Beveridge  V50
30 Matt Tanner V50   118 Dave Wilson  V60   179 Mike Sleath  V60

Hants Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 4 January 2020

We are the Champions!

Congratulations to our Hampshire Cross Country Champions Jane Hodge (W60) and Malc Renyard (M70).

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

And here are over 4,000 photos by Hammy

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
Men 12K
147 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 58:11:00
156 Mick Anglim M70 2 60:40:00
Women 8.4K
59 Jane Morgan W55 2 42:07:00
65 Jane Hodge W60 1 42:44:00


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