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Nowadays quite a lot of races only show club name for EA registered runners.  This is very frustrating as it makes it much more difficult to find Hardley results.  If I miss you please email me.  Or better still, join EA.

Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was a prolific racer who represented Hardley in pretty well every local race even into his 80s. To celebrate his love of racing his daughters donated two floating trophies, one for women and one for men. They are awarded annually to the two Hardley members who represent our Club in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 Leagues plus the Hampshire, South of England and National Cross Country Championships. The more races you complete, the more points you get, with a current maximum of 35 events.

Sadly all none of these races have taken place in the 20/21 season but I'm sure the committee will think of something.

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5K Isolation series 2021

Week 02

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

5K Challenge - Week 2 of '21 Season:

It was a another cold week but 31 runs were recorded in the 5k challenge, our highest uptake yet again!.

There were some brilliant results this week: Aleks Burlinson jumps to top of the improver board with a time of 23:38 78.84% and improvement to her target of 5.2%. Caroline Richmond improves on her target time for the 2nd week in a row with a time of 29:37. Mick Anglim recorded the highest WAVA score this week with 78.84% and improves his target by 1.91%. Steve Bradley also improves upon his target for the 2nd week in a row in 26:09 (1.58% improvement). Grace Hawker beat her target with a time of 29:39 (0.51%). Hayley Coates betters her target in 23:55 (0.43%). Kim Latham improves upon her target with a time of 45:40 (0.40%) and New Nan Sarah Fitton (congratulations) beats her target with a time of 26:17 (0.17%).

There was also an amazing result in the Garden Parkrun and after 42 weeks Jeremy Barber achieved a sub30 time, brilliant!!

What an amazing set of results! There were 6 runs over and 6 runs within touching distance of 70%, this is considered to be "Regional Class" well done to those runners. But most importantly well done to everyone getting out and doing it despite the cold, you will soon all be beating your target.

Look forward to hearing from you next Monday or before ??

Total Runs as a Group: 729

2021 Stats:

Week 01

Here's the results summary.  Dan reports

Week 1 of the 2021 5K Challenge.

After 40 weeks of the original 5K challenge it was time to wipe the slate clean, make a few adjustments and revise our targets.

So here it is week 1 of The 2021 Season: Firstly thank you to everyone coming back again for another season, and wow! 9 new runners have joined in week 1, thank you guys for giving it ago and for all of you who figured out the age grade calculator and sent WAVA scores through. We hope you enjoy the challenge and look forward to seeing you improve towards your target. All the runners are here to encourage you and help you and to have fun running, and from us all WELCOME!

29 runners completed 5K's this week, the highest return we have ever seen! And everybody ran there best 5K time in 2021! ??5 runners have already beaten their target time; Chris Kidd has been targetting a sub 30 run for 18 months and squeezed under the bar today in 29:59 a 3.16% improvement to his target WAVA. Caroline Richmond ran a PB to achieve a time of 31:13 improving her target WAVA score by 2.24%. After 41 weeks of continued 5K running Jeremy Barber beat his target by 2% with a time of 26.06. Jacqui Healey beat her target by 1.25% with a time of 25:34, this is impressive as in 2020 Jacqui achieved her best 5k time in seven years and now further improves this. Steve Bradley after several weeks closing in achieves his target with a time of 26:47, taking 2 seconds off and an improvement of 0.74%. Other items to note; Kim Latham completed her 5K in 1 year around the tough Wilverley course. Jeremy continues with his garden parkrun something else the challenge caters for, why not challenge him by making your own garden 5K!

Many runners changed their course this week to comply with the 2021 guidance; making loop courses or out & backs, with the aim being to avoid any elevation loss (down hill running). Well done for adapting it looks like we all have some great routes we can go at.

Hope to see you all and more next week. Reminder that you can join at any time and can run as many or as little as you want. Take care and have fun running!

5K Isolation series

Here's a report on the whole of the 2020 results.  Well done to everyone who took part and thank you Dan for masterminding the events. Please do join in- see Events Diary tab above; it's easy to join and you'll enjoy being part of our challenge.


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