We welcome beginners and hold ten-week 'Couch to 5K' training courses.

The last Beginners' Course was a great success. Congratulations to everyone who took part. We look forward to the next one which will likely be next Spring. If you'd like to go on the waiting list for the next course or you'd like to do a 'couch to 5K' on your own then please contact coach Chris Harris (contact details below).

Further details are available on our Beginners page.

Training Schedules

Members meet regularly every Tuesday and Thursday evening for structured training sessions. In the winter months we meet outside Applemore Health & Leisure Centre and train around the local roads of Hythe and Dibden Purlieu. In the summer months we usually meet in Didbden Inclosure and train in the New Forest. Please check the training schedule confirmation of meeting and training locations.

Here is our Risk Assessment. Please take some time to read before training.

Chris Harris and the other coaches are really pleased to say we now have "12" rotating Coaches and Leaders taking the sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday. So be ready to train hard and enjoy; our new Folk are jolly keen!

We all look forward to seeing everyone.

The Coaches!

Here's what one satisfied runner said about training,

"Mostly I run on my own so it’s really easy to just drift along in my own world. The training makes me work hard in a structured and fun way. The coaches are all great and very encouraging regardless of the standard of your running. It’s a very nice atmosphere at training."

Hardley members at a training session on the track

Hardley members at a training session on the track.

Time Trials

Mile Time Trial

Here you can find the results from the Timed 1 Mile Sessions that take place on the grass track at the New Forest Academy. Well done to one and all. Thank you for coming along to support the Hardley Runners training sessions.

Club Coach

Mile Time Trials (min:sec)
Name 24-May-22 30-May-23
Callum Johnson   5:18
Simon Ibbotson 5:39 5:40
Alice Rudd   5:54
Ben Parmentor   5:59
Sam Messer   6:01
Tamsin Roberts   7:19
Anthony Insuli 7:47 7:24
Tim Collinson   7:30
Andy Simpson 7:44 7:59
Will Baker   8:36
Linsey Simpson   10:50
Tim Anetts 5:10  
Dan Latham 5:28  
Carl Hall 5:36  
Matt Casey 5:54  
Matt Tanner 6:10  
Kelly Anetts 6:15  
Hanna Cockle 6:19  
Emily James 6:55  
Paul Blinkthorn 7:02  
Lyn McDonague 7:10  
Andy Farrow-Thomas 7:12  
Charmaine Bradford 7:52  
Lou Johnson 7:52  
Ian Ordish 7:58  
Sarah Fitton 8:34  
Lindsay McLennan 8:40  
Kate Garner 8:47  
Lucy Godfey 8:47  
Emma Farrow- Thomas 8:49  
Babs Bradley 8:56  
Marzena Szczepanska 10:12  

5K Time Trial

7 November 2022 - Coach Chris says,

Last Tuesday could not have been a worst evening weatherwise, as we gathered at Applemore there was a huge deluge of rain! Not a good start to the first Winter Time Trial, but everyone's results were Excellent!

Lets repeat the 5k once more in 2023, in approx 8 weeks time on a Thursday evening!"

Times in bold are PBs.

5K Time Trials (min:sec)
Name 02-Dec-21 26-Oct-21 01-Feb-22 24-Mar-22 01-Nov-22
Simon Ibbotson         19:28
Alice Rudd   19:23 19:13   19:30
Phil Rudd     20:38   19:57
Daniel Chown         23:10
Lee Gregory         23:28
Mark Lee   23:43     24:12
Meghan Claridge         24:44
Louise Johnson         24:58
Louise Pritchard         25:10
Tim Collinson   24:49     25:24
Richard Parsons         25:35
Damian Markham-Smith         47:45
Mark Causebrook         Retired
Matt Casey  18:44   18:46 18:37  
Trish Patterson       21:34  
Nick Jarvis     18:38 22:31  
Paul Blinkhorn     24:29 22:32  
Anthony Insuli   23:51   23:26  
Peter Hackson 27:16     27:50  
Carl Hall   20:17 19:08    
Mark Clothier 17:57   20:26    
Matt Tanner  19:50   20:53    
Hannah Cockle     23:07    
Jo Avery     23:23    
Mike Osborne 24:19 25:59 24:05    
Mike Roberts     24:33    
Andy Farrow-Thomas     25:07    
Ali Pomeroy 29:51 30:39 27:55    
Emma Farrow-Thomas     31:39    
Sarah Hall     32:28    
Liz Mould     Retired    
Peter Pimentel 22:35        
Ian Ordish 24:27 24:03      
Mike Fitton 25:57        
Sarah Fitton 26:00        
Chris Kidd 26:45 26:21      
Julia Law  29:50        
Claire Aplin 30:57        
Annie Bruce-Low 48:00 47:48      
Dan Latham   17:52      
Matt Casey   19:37      
Grace Hawker   25:09      

Independent Training Schedules

We are a group who are extremely fortunate to continue doing the sport we love in amazing surroundings!

Independent training schedules have been very helpful. Now that regular training is back, we are not producing new ones but we have over a year's worth which are available below as a resource for people who can't make it to our regular sessions.

To add to this, here are

Here are some suggested independent training schedules from Coach Chris

Please give your feedback to Chris as it will help her design future schedules so they meet your needs.

The training schedules include regular measured miles so you can measure your progress.  Chris will be delighted if you let her know your results.  Here are some recent ones

Self-timed Mile Time Trials (min:sec)
Name 01-Feb-21 15-Feb-21 10-Mar-21 16-Mar-21 23-Mar-21 25-Apr-21
Claire Aplin 9:36 9:09        
Jeremy Barber 8:22 8:08   7:52   8:31
Matthew Casey       5:55    
Tim Collinson   8:22     7:33  
Terry Earney     8:13      
Mike Fitton     7:11      
Sarah Fitton     8:11      
Jacqui Healey 7:55 7:57   7:32   7:51
Hilary Hinks 9:46          
Dan Latham       5:06    

Advice and more information

If you'd like advice please feel free to contact one of our coaches, see our Contact us page

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