Beginners Courses

We welcome beginners and hold ten week 'Couch to 5K' training courses each Spring. 

Two Beginners' Courses for 2022

Click on the picture to see more.  A s a result of a charity donation, this year there were Two Beginner Courses in the local community.  Each course started on Monday March 28th and lasted for 10 weeks.

The new course was at Blackfield, meeting at the Gangwarily Sports Centre, Newlands Road.

As before our Hythe Course met at Dibden Enclosure on the long field parallel to the A326 (near the pylon).

And we even made it into The Herald so click here to read all about it.


Next year's course

Please note all our Experienced Leaders, hold an England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness qualification.

Our Couch to 5 K Courses are for Absolute Beginners and are adapted to a person’s ability.

What better way to discover the joy of running, meeting new people, have fun and at the same time getting fit or fitter

Alternatively, if you have run before, but need some help and motivation to restart and maintain your running, you will be most welcome.

If you are interested, perhaps want to discuss what’s involved, is it for you, please email : Chris Harris

Tracy's story

Tracy never realised that she would fall in love with running, she originally began running to improve her health and fitness.
Through the support of the Hardley Runners, Tracy has gained in confidence and is truly an inspiration to any new runners out there!
Be like Tracy!

Two years on, here's her update.

As you know I started the Hardley Runners' Beginners' Course in March 2019, age 50 years. Two years later here’s my update.

Just before lockdown I ran my first 10 K around a very hilly city of Winchester.

During lockdown I had little else to do except run, so I did!

In the month of May, I joined a challenge to run a mile a day, in fact I ran 60 miles!

In June we were able to run in groups of 6 and I was lucky to run with some of the club’s experienced runners.

At the end of one run I had committed to run a Half Marathon, after 9 weeks training on my 51st Birthday I actually ran 13½ miles and yes my first Half Marathon!

What was so lovely lots of club members meet me at the finish in Beaulieu and we celebrated with much welcome Cake!

During the summer I continued to enjoy my running and I joined the Hardley Runners Training Sessions for the first time. Training is great (although I was dubious) runners with all sorts of experience come together to improve their strength,  speed and endurance, in an atmosphere of fun & encouragement!

What is lovely about running is you can do it on your own, with a friend or as a group. The great thing about joining a club like Hardley Runner’s is the extra support & inspiration you receive. If I had been left to my own devices, I would probably have given up by know.

So whether you want to run a Marathon or achieve that 5k Run, I really would encourage you to take the first step & sign up for our next Beginners' Course.

For more information contact

Who are Hardley Runners

The Hardley Runners want to help EVERYONE on the Waterside achieve their running goals. We provide training, races and social runs for ALL running abilities, from those that want to WIN, to those that want FITNESS, FUN and FRIENDSHIP. Whether an accomplished runner, a lapsed runner or an absolute beginner, Hardley Runners is here for YOU!

Here's the poster for the 2019 course to explain a bit more. 

Feedback has been very good.  Chris is far too modest to mention this lovely comment on the Hardley Facebook page,

Hi All, I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Hardley Runners - Chris, Paul, Steve, Mel, Naomi, Kim.. The beginners course has been fantastic, and thanks to the brilliant coaching, advice and motivation I am now able to run 5k and enjoy it!!

I really hope to be able to keep improving and get to join the training sessions - what a great team you are, many thanks! x

2021 and Previous Courses

Here are progress reports and pictures of our 2021 and previous courses which will give you an idea of what's involved and what fun they are.

What next?

The Next Step - How Hardley Runners are helping beginners

An extra group has been created within the training schedule for the Beginners on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. There will be ample support and guidance from the coach taking the session , plus the other three coaches Andy , Steve and Ian. Not forgetting Paul and of course all the Hardley Runners, several you have already met.

I would suggest you initially take part in one training night, choosing a session with a short run out, the track is ideal as you warm up when you arrive. Any concerns contact the coach who is taking the session (details on the training page) Alternatively you could travel to the nearest car park, but consider the safety aspects, do go in pairs. Always inform and the discuss with the coach taking that session.

Each session starts at 6.30pm, aim to try arrive 10 minutes before to introduce yourself to the coach. Please check the schedule carefully: normally we meet outside Applemore Recreation Centre or Hardley School track, here you can park inside the school gates (the first set after the funeral directors).

Good Luck, just keep running, Chris

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