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Hardley Runners Win Top Fundraiser Award

On the 27th April 2023, Hardley Runners were presented with an award by The Beaverbrook Foundation and Oakhaven Hospice for completing the 'Beaverbrook 30 for 30 challenge 2022/23' as their top fundraiser. A massive well done to everyone that helped to make this possible and for raising so much for this local charity!

Hardley Runners presented with Top Fundraiser Award Top Fundraiser Certificate Top Fundraiser Hamper

Click on the photos above to see Mike, Dan, Sarah and Jane accepting the award.

Hardley Runners Raise over £3500 for Oakhaven Hospice

Hardley Runners, along with other businesses and organisations, joined the Oakhaven Hospice 30 at 30 Appeal; a challenge set up by Oakhaven last year to celebrate 30 years of the Hospice. The challenge was to raise £1,000 from an initial grant of £100 given to the running club. At their recent AGM, the committee were pleased to announce that a grand total of £3637 has been raised – over 3 times more than the challenge set!

Fundraising events included; the Solent Half Marathon which raised £1276, the Solent Half Cake Sale added £254 to the pot, Matt Casey’s London Marathon donations which totalled an amazing £930; the club held a joint Charity Breakfast in conjunction with Maggie’s and donations were split 50/50, this raised another £189, the club’s Sweep Stake raised £62, the hugely popular Hardley Runner Hat Sales, handmade by Sarah Fitton and family, raised £284, the Christmas Raffle made £270, club members held a Menopause Talk which added another £15 and £104 came from other donations.

The final fundraising event was held on a Saturday morning in February when Hardley Runners took over the volunteering roster at Bartley Park Run in Totton, inspired by Totton Running Club doing the same a few months earlier. A mild, dry morning made for good running conditions and a respectable 125 people crossed the finish line, to be greeted with a Hardley Runners Cake Sale which added £153 to the total. Sarah Fitton, Hardley Runner and Volunteer Coordinator for the Park Run Takeover said: ‘Well done to all the runners and thank you to all who supported our cake sale. Our Hardley hats (sold to raise funds for Oakhaven Hospice) go off to you all’!

The Hardley Runners Committee would like to thank their members for the efforts in raising this amazing amount and to the Solent Half Marathon and Park Run runners who rewarded themselves with some delicious cake after their races. A special thank you also goes to Matt Casey for his London Marathon fundraising.

Hardley Runners and Volunteers at the Bartley Park Run in February 2023

Hardley Runners and Volunteers at the Bartley Park Run in February 2023.

We're in the Herald

The 14 July 2022 edition of he Herald includes two reports on us

Click here  to see the reports

World Sprint Duathlon Championships - Targu Mures Romania - 6-12 June 2022

A record four Hardley Runners represented GB in the World Sprint Duathlon Championships in Targu Mures in Romania’s hilly Transylvania region.  Read more ...

Triple Duathlon Gold

Click on the little picture to see Mick and Paul

Hardley’s President Mick Anglim is back from Germany after winning his 3rd M75 Duathlon title in just 3 weeks.

Mick won his 9th European Gold and 24th International medal at the Middle Distance Championships in Alsdorf.

He had a very tough battle with an outstanding German cyclist. Paul Thelen is preparing for his second 780km non stop bike race across Germany! That’s his ‘warm up’ for next year’s 3,000 mile Race across America!!

‘We ran the first 10k together but he was 5 minutes faster over the windswept 60km bike leg. Fortunately I was faster through both transitions and caught him on the second 10k run to win Gold by 3 minutes.

I beat the 3rd placed Brit by 34 minutes but enjoyed the tight tussle with Paul who, amongst his many achievements has climbed Mount Everest.’


Oulton Park Spring Duathlon 20 March 2022

Click on the little picture to see Brendan in action

Oulton Park motor racing circuit near Chester hosted two important Duathlon events on Sunday with the Sprint race a GB qualifier for the 2023 World Championships in Ibiza. The International circuit is 4.3km long with two sharp climbs and the Sprint race was a one lap run, five bike laps and one run lap to finish. Brendan Anglim of Hardley Runners qualified for the M50 GB Sprint team in Ibiza while Dad Mick competed in the Standard Duathlon which was the British Duathlon Championships.

The Standard race was a two lap run, nine lap bike and one lap run involving over 1,000’ of climb in the 51.6km.

Mick has been British Duathlon Champion in the M60, M65 and M70 categories and added the M75 title in his first year in the age group. He completed the race in 2 hours 22 minutes and was over 20 minutes clear of the second M75 competitor.

Mick was particularly pleased to beat all but two of the M70 competitors particularly as a toe clip broke before the start which made the bike climbs even tougher and he’s still nursing an injury from the Fairthorne Manor mudbath.

Both Mick and Brendan will be competing in the English Duathlon Championships in Yorkshire in a fortnight and Mick has qualified for eight International Duathlons this year. One of the latter will be the World Sprint Duathlon in Romania where Mick, granddaughter Erin and Brendan will be competing together in the GB team for the first time.

World Duathlon Championships: Aviles, Northern Spain: 6/7 November 2021

Mick Anglim completed two World Duathlon Championships in Aviles, Northern Spain. Mick was pleased with his performances despite not winning an International medal for the first time in 8 years as he’ll be moving into the M75 category from January.

The races were held from the waterfront setting of the iconic Oscar Niemeyer cultural centre with a riverside course for both run events. In the Sprint Championship on Saturday Mick came 5th M70 over the 5k run, 20k undulating bike course and 2.8k final run in 1:23:21.

Despite being the only M70 finisher to have completed both races Mick improved to 4th place with 2:45:51 in the much tougher Standard Distance Championship on Sunday morning. That event was over a 10k run, a very hilly 40k bike course and a 5k final run. The bike course included two climbs of a long 1 in 6 hill with over 1,000’ of total climb.

Although there was no medal for Mick his two results mean automatic qualification for GB in the M75 category for both of the 2022 World Championship Duathlons.

The full results are on the World Triathlon website at 2021 World Triathlon Duathlon Championships Results

Getting to Aviles was almost as challenging as the races as Ryanair cancelled Mick’s flight to Santander. Flying to Madrid then involved a 600 mile round trip drive through snow in the mountains!



Welfare Officer

"Everyone in Athletics has a part to play in safe-guarding Children and Adults at risk. England Athletics aims to create an environment where everyone involved in Athletics and Running feels safe and welcome to enable them to be the best they can." Emma Davenport , Head of Clubs & participation (E/A Safeguarding Lead).

In 2019 prior to the pandemic, initial steps were made to form a pathway between Hardley Runners and the New Forest Juniors, enabling young people with an interest in endurance running to take part in the occasional training session with a view to potentially joining Hardley Runners. As young people are considered to be juniors until the age of 18 years, for Hardley Runners to meet this standard of safe practice a Welfare Officer was considered to be a strength & necessity for the club.

Following on from this, I am pleased to explain that Hardley Runners has a newly qualified Welfare Officer Peter Pimentel ,who has a strong history of track running.  Peter ran the 3,000m Steeplechase and 5000m for many years with Thurrock Harriers and the Isle of Wight Athletic Club, again for many years. Peter moved into this area  two years ago and joined Hardley Runners straight away. Peter attends training each week.

Besides supporting the young person and the vulnerable adult, Peter can help if any member is affected by financial restraints which may cause stress to cover the club fees. As we know has and could be an issue for many in this post pandemic environment

Peter can be contacted on or mobile :07486857637,

Thank you Chris Harris 

New Logo

Our committee agreed our new logo at the meeting on 23 September.  Take a look at the top left of the screen to see it.

Hardley-a-Round - An FKT Challenge

Dan Latham has thrown down a gauntlet ......

A Run/Jog/Walk, Navigation and Local Knowledge Challenge. Who can set an FKT (Fastest Known Time)?

It might be an FKT for your age group, or for a particular type of fancy dress or you might do it is a series of shorter runs and put together a time (provided you say so). 

See map for more details.  There arev two versions - a picture - or a PDF

Aim to run the course off road with road crossings only, if you can. Run in a group, in a pair or on your own.

Start & Finish at Any Marker Point (There should be one to suit most local club members home location).

Hit every marker point in order between your start/finish point.

A fun challenge, a great place to run, do it whenever you fancy even in years to come, just let us know your time for the “Hardley-a-Round” challenge.

Research and build your local knowledge, find and plan your own best / quickest off-road route between each marker point.

Approx. 13-14 miles with a well-planned route. (It is possible to run entirely off road, without crossing your tracks).

Be Safe, let someone know that you are running and the time you expect to be back, take a mobile phone, plan your route, enjoy the challenge.

The Marker Points Are: 1. Dibden Enclosure Car Park, 2. Old Mill PH Car Park, 3. Blackfield Cemetery Gravel Drive, 4. Royal Oak PH Car Park, 5. Through Kings Hat Enclosure, 6. Past the Entrance to Ipley Mannor (just up to it), 7. Marchwood Enclosure Car Park, 8. Top of Deadmans Hill Dibden Enclosure. 

(Note: Blackfield Cem Drive is just as you come off the road, IE when you hit the gravel, you don't have to run all the way to the gates)

(Note: Ipley Manor; just run over the the entrance, don't run down the driveway :-) )

Kit reminder during the Pandemic - to keep things simple; ONLY WEAR HARDLEY BRANDED KIT IF YOU ARE RUNNING ALONE. Do not wear Hardley kit if you are running with any other runner, do not wear Hardley kit if running in a group. The reason for this is that we do not want any negative press towards the club in terms of members not running in isolation etc, so better to be safe than sorry.

Let us know how you get on.  Pictures and evidence such as Strava will be very welcome.

Well done Annie!

Annie Brucelow achieved her half marathon medal on Tuesday 30 June. The dusk was falling as she finished but the head torch was not needed.

Annie reports, "Well I managed it last night 13.1 miles in 4 hours 17.6 minutes with my lovely faithful companion who made sure I didn’t get lost."

Faithfull companion, Sally Kirk, adds, "I accompanied her from start to finish ( just as a running buddy and company for her) and I was amazed at her stamina, pure grit and determination to complete it, and  I can vouch she didn't stop for even a second, just for a breather!
I carried her medal in my pocket for the full 13 miles ready to give her at the end and it really was a joy to see her the tender age of 78 I think it's an amazing achievement!"

Annie is a great charity fund raiser.  This time she says, "I wasn’t intending to get sponsored this year as I can’t chat on people’s door as I am meant to be in isolation, but so many people have asked if I am I have decided that Southampton Hospital Charity would be extremely grateful for the donations.
As I can’t come to you, if you would like to put a donation in an envelope with your name through my door I will be grateful. Thank you. x"

Well done both!

2020 Club Championships - deadline 6pm on 12 July 2020

Our club usually runs a Championship Event each year at one of the Hampshire Road Race League runs (HRRL). This year it was meant to be held at the Lordshill 10K race originally scheduled for 14th June 2020, which is has now unfortunately been postponed until 27th June 2021 due to the current pandemic.  As a solution due to the current events and the fact that the world has not quite yet returned to normal, Hardley Runners are inviting you all to take part in our first ever Virtual Race for the “Club Championship 2020”. The best thing about this is that every single runner in the club can take part with no signing up requirements etc.

We have created a Facebook event page where you are able to post photos and let us know about your run. You can find the event link on the Hardley Runners Facebook page (see Links tab above). If you're not a Facebook user, please email us directly with your photo's etc.

Within this Event we are also including and introducing a Brand-New Award; "The Hardley Spirit Award".  This is an award which has been founded and donated by Danii Bundy. For those of you that don't know Danii, she is an inspiring runner who goes out to have The Best Time Running, rather than Running to achieve the Best time. She is now a multi marathoner, a running blog writer (see Links tab above) and a great inspiration to us all. In future seasons this will be awarded to a Club Member who shows an amazing Hardley Spirit, for example; that could be by overcoming a challenge, by an outstanding improvement, by running something amazing, for an outstanding amount of encouragement etc. For the 2019/2020 Season this will be awarded to a Club Member competing in this 10K Club just get out there and do your best. Have a great run, share with us your race stories, any quirks about your run, send us a hilarious mid-run photo or maybe you went completely wrong and got lost! Let us know and you could win the Hardey Spirit Award!

We've had a few queries regarding the race itself and have provide updated details below:

We look forward to seeing your results, have a brilliant run and have fun, 

Our CC6 - Sunday 24 November 2019

Thanks very much to everyone who helped.  It's great to feel part of such a friendly team. Here's an album including a few before the start, most of the runners at Mile 2 and a few at the finish and the cake stall.

London Marathon Club Place - deadline 1 December

London Marathon LogoWe are once again using a points based system to allocate this place to the most deserving applicant.

To register your interest and be in with a chance of winning this club place, please complete and return this form by 1st December 2019.

The lucky winner will be announced at the Hardley Christmas handicap event.

Good luck everyone, I look forward to receiving your entries.

Charmaine Bradford

European Gold for Jappas - September 2019


Click on the little picture to get the big picture.

Jappas Du Preez of Hardley Runners had an fabulous result in last weekend's European Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Almere, Holland. He not only won the M35 Gold but he was 6th fastest of all of the Age Group athletes and faster than many of the Elite Triathletes.

The event consisted of a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42.2km run in and around Lake Weerwater in the Netherlands.

Jappas completed the swim in 1h 01, the bike in the fastest time of 4h 36 and the marathon run in in the 2nd fastest time of 3h 12. His combined time of 8h 55min 51sec was the fastest M35 time by over 8 minutes securing him the European Championship title in his category.

It wasn't all plain sailing though, after losing the lead at 18km on the run, Jappas stuck to his race plan to retake the lead in the last 10km of the race.

The result is even more impressive as Jappas will be moving into the M40 category in January and was therefore one of the oldest competitors in the M35 category.

The full results are at

2019 European Long Distance Triathlon Championships Results

Jappas had also won M35 Bronze in the World Long Distance Triathlon Championships in Northern Spain in May and has now qualified to represent GB in both the 2020 European and World Long Distance Triathlon Championships.

Copythorne Success for Beginners' Group

Chris Kidd reports, "Tonight, 10 June, 8 of us from the beginners' group alongside Andy Mansfield completed the Copythorne 5km eleven weeks after starting the sessions.

I managed it in 28:30 but watch said it was 4.85km so did a couple of laps of the car park to take it over 5km!!! Thrilled to have got under 30 mins for 5km for the first time in years.

I know it’s not a lot compared with Henley 24 and Man v Horse but thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support."

Well done all!

Beginners Group

A Scilly Swim Run - 'ÖTILLÖ World series

Ian Smith reports, "On 9th July John Robson and I  raced the 'ÖTILLÖ World series Swimrun on The Isles of Scilly'

The clue is in the name you swim between and run around the Isles the total distances involved a 8.5K of swimming in 'fresh' temperature water and 33K of what I would call technical trail running with scrambling over a few boulders getting in and out of the swim sections.

You race as a pair, must be no more than 10 meters apart at all times and for the majority of the race we were tethered together with a circa 3m stretch cord. You run in a wet suit and swim with your shoes on, its compulsory you carry a compass, trauma bandage and your own drink flask. In the swim phases most competitors use hand paddles and what is known as a pull bouy to help offset the drag caused by wearing shoes in the swim section. All this you are carrying.......

So the gun went and we started our first run of 2800m a sprint! First 2k was road/ good trail last 800m we then climbed on a grass foot path up to a headland followed by a 500 meter snake down to the beach, 20m scramble over the pebbles while rapidly getting goggles on, hand paddles on, tethered and floats in position for the swim. We briefly paused to agree a sighting point for the swim which was a 2000m one across to the first Island, while crossing we took  turns leading of the front and when we could drafting other faster swimmers (like cycling there is a big gain to be had by drafting faster competitors). We hit the beach with and elapsed time of just under 50 mins, not bad for a 2.8 run and 2k swim, the next 5 hours was spent much like that, swim, run, swim, run swim run and so on for various distances. The shortest run was 400m, longest 7.7K, shortest swim 400m longest 2.5k to give you a feel for the randomness. The swim was punctuated by the odd entanglement in weed beds, the runs by a couple of falls each, nothing too serious.

John and I have been friends since late teens and been trying to do one of these for the last 15yrs, which wasn't helped by him moving to Australia 20 yrs ago! I saw this Scilly (and it is!) race and said 'we have to do this if you comeback on a holiday sometime soon', he said 'I will comeback especially to do it', not too much pressure to make sure I was in decent race shape!

While we hadn't done one of these before but we had prepared quite well, so the race went much as expected. The biggest lesson for me was how and when to slip the top of you wet suit down so as to keep cool and getting it back on while running ready to swim again without losing more time than you gain through better cooling! Easier said than done while tired, wearing a bib and crossing boulders at race pace..

We finished in 6hrs 29, 43rd team overall 28th in our category of 64 teams, I would highly recommend the race concept and the Scilly Isles as a venue to race in, get your entries in!

Here's a link if you want to know more and see pics of the race

Isles of Scilly World Series Map

Paddy's longest run ever

Paddy Butler reports, "The SILVA GL3D is a three-day mountain marathon held annually at different locations in the Lake District with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  You get your map on arrival on the Friday night which tells you which points you need to reach and where you'll be camping each night - your bag/tent being transported for you. Participants can choose from either the Expert, Wainwright, or Café course which vary from very hard to hard to fairly tough.

Rather than complex navigation, the emphasis is on long mountain journeys, spectacular scenery and you travel mostly on mountain trails and footpaths, along ridges and through valleys, rather than contouring, bee-lining and fighting through bogs. You can either self cater or buy from the catering vans at the camp each night and there is even a bar for local beer.

You can change which course you do daily depending on how you have fared the day before or try to stick with the same level each day. I plumped for the Wainwright each day which required 96 km of running over 3 days with 3500 metres ascent.

217 people started the Wainwright course on the Saturday morning and 137 completed all 3 days - I came 42nd overall and 15th male veteran. My position improved on the last day thanks to retirements of others and a surprisingly strong day from me with a finishing position of 35th that day.

It was my longest run ever and I'll probably be back next year - the whole event was so well organised and the atmosphere was great with a mix of champion ultra runners training for the Dragon's Back race and people who just wanted to spend a few days wandering around the peaks, looking at the lakes with a map and compass in their hands."

Vicki's parkrun A to Z

I think Vicki Clarke is the first Hardley member to complete a parkrun A to Z but please let me know if I'm mistaken.  Well done Vicki.  Here's here report

Parkrun Group

A386938 – A seemingly random number?

But no!

Collected over 6 years ago, this is my parkrun barcode number.

Dictating the demise of my weekend lie in, sparking an obsession that will take me all round the country, and even abroad.

Every Saturday, thousands of people worldwide, line up at 9am at hundreds of different, timed, 5k runs.

Free and accessible to everyone, this is parkrun!

Going back to my story, I was encouraged into parkrun by a running friend, who dragged myself and my husband James, nervously along to our first event at Frimley lodge.

Having completed this event in 26 minutes, I was now hooked.

I found myself returning week after week, trying to improve on my time, loving the friendly atmosphere, enjoying the statistics, and challenging myself – so soon Saturday became “parkrun day”.

Just as I thought I’d be running round Frimley forever, someone suggested tourism, with visiting Alice Holt and Basingstoke, and our obsession grew.

Knowing we were visiting family up North, a quick google found Preston parkrun a short drive away, and the 1st 4 letters of the alphabet were ticked off.

Later weeks would find us both travelling specifically to a place for a parkrun (Southsea, Queen Elizabeth, Havant, Upton Court) and incorporating weekends away with parkrun (Medina I.o.W, Exeter Riverside, Lincoln, Rosliston).

Meeting people has always been one of favourite aspects of parkrun, and along the way we’ve met so many lovely people, even seeing the same tourist faces crop up in different corners of the country!

Nearing summer 2018, we realised we only had a few letters left to go to complete our alphabet.

Oxford and Didcot in quick succession ticked off a few challenging letters.

Putting in the hours to drive to Tilgate near Gatwick in a thunderstorm got the tough T.

Quitting by this point wasn’t an option, so we were up at 5am to get to Victoria Docks in London pre a family party for that illusive V.

Reading into the last final letters, made us see that we’d have to go abroad to get the final Z.

So flights were booked for Poland in March!

Travelling knowing we were so close to completing our challenge made the excitement levels grow.

Unfortunately, Air France, managed to lose our luggage, but we’d planned ahead with our running kit, bar codes and “Cow cowl” (a specially designed parkrun tourist buff) in hand-luggage…just in-case.

Virtually everything else slotted into place, and knowing I’d, cumulatively, over my parkrun tourist career, travelled 22523km, the end was in sight!

We set off on the start line, with some lovely locals and fellow trepid tourists, and we’re off! *.

YES….and just 22 minutes later…I cross the finish line as first female, with James as first male, and we’re done.

Zielona Gora was an amazing finish to our alphabet challenge… onto the next….!

*X was purposefully left out of the making of this article, as it as yet, doesn’t exist….but may form the basis of a future holiday if it does arise!

You can see Vicki's parkrun stats here.  She's on 246 at present.  Maybe we should make an outing to share her 250th.  Oh and I think her next target is 100 different parkruns.

2018 Solent Half Gifts to Charity

The race was sold out which enabled the 2018 Solent Half to make charitable gifts as follow

Back-Up Trust
Southampton Women’s Aid
Breast Cancer Now
Countess Mountbatten Hospice

You can see the thank you messages here        


Publicity Office, Claire Aplin, writes,

Calling all Hardley Runners...

Sue Renyard has been our dedicated Publicity Officer for some time. Week on week she's written and distributed press releases detailing race reports and results, ensuring that we have received plenty of welcome publicity for our wonderful club.

Sue has now hung up her Publicity boots which I'm endeavouring to step in to. I'll be keeping an eye on the race reports that Jeremy posts to the website in double-quick time, and I'll be reviewing the Run Report that you all submit to on Facebook. But if you have additional information that you'd like publicised either in the press or online please do let me know. The sorts of things I'd love to hear about are:

Thanks in advance - your contributions will always be welcome.

Send info via Messenger (including pics), email clairekip AT or call/text 07751 CA 121439

Lee blasts off in Bournemouth

Lee Micheal Maunder of Hardley Runners beat a whopping five of his PBs during the Bournemouth 10 mile race on Sunday 24 February. Completing the race in just over 1 hour 19 minutes, Lee is proud to have run his best race yet.

As  you may know, Lee is training to do the APB half marathon in May and new forest marathon in September to raise money for the British lung foundation as his Dad had copd and passed away in January this year. If you'd like to sponsor him please use the link below


Hardley Runners take to the Tyrrell

Saturday morning was pretty gloomy, with a thick layer of fog hiding the New Forest landscape as a group of Hardley Runners travelled to the Avon Tyrrell Activity Centre. As they neared the centre the fog began to lift, and with it their spirits. As the sun beat gently down, they prepared for the Hope Rising Tyrell Trail 10k.

Setting off at 11am, the course took them through two 5k loops of a challenging, but very lovely scenic route. The course wasn’t designed for PBs, but was a chalked up as a ‘must run’ for the future and they’d recommend it to all.

Tyrrell Group Photo

Hardley Runners enjoy some Parkrun Tourism

Saturday 23rd Feburary saw a merry band of Hardley Runners venture away from their home turf to undertake a bit of Parkrun tourism at Moors Valley Country Park.

The course was wooded and very scenic, mainly on gravel trails with a slight incline from the start over the first 1k, the rest of the course was fairly flat. There was a loop at the start and an out and back section midway round, passing a pond near the end and a few bridges. It was quite a big field with 562 runners. 

The Hardley mob featured the “Parkrun Volunteer Supreme” Mr Steve Andrew, who was jogging round encouraging all those in his sights finishing in 33 mins, Graham Robbins bang on pace at 20:00, Dan Latham 19:29, Simon Ibbotson smashing out a new PB in 19:18 and Ben Andrew 18:56. Graham and Dan both managed to get into 2nd place at some point getting a lesson in going off too fast!!!

There was family support from Ben’s wife Sam and their two kids, who gave a big cheer as they reached the final 1k.

This particular Hardley crew happened to feature a few speedy’s but obviously Parkrun is open to all and all abilities welcome. There are tail walkers now at Parkrun so absolutely anyone can do it, so long as you register and take your bar code. 

Overall a great morning. Hardley Runners are planning on making Parkrun Tourism a regular event, so watch this space for next instalment… 

Parkrun Tourism Group Photo


Ray and Linda retire (but not from running)

Ray and Linda

Ray Noke has retired as Secretary of Hardley Runners after 35 years in this role. Ray was one of the founder members in 1984 and did not imagine how the club would grow and still be thriving all these years later.  There are now nearly 200 club members and over the years many runners have taken part in running events in this country and abroad. 
Hardley held their AGM last Monday and several club members of many years spoke of their running memories with Linda and Ray.  Phil Shearsmith made the introduction with Andy Suswain, Mike Delauney  and Sue Renyard talking of their memories, which included marathons in France, London, Wales, (Man versus Horse) South Downs trail of 80 miles, weekends in Cornwall, Lake District and many more.  Linda and Ray have always been so welcoming and encouraging to new runners and are still carrying out this role, and still running themselves.
They were presented with t-shirts to mark the occasion. 

Annie is Famous!

Dan Latham: We were in the hospital and we saw this on the wall Annie're famous :-)

Annie Brucelow thanks Dan. I have just received a phone call from the hospital to say that ABP want to interview me so just waiting for their publicity officer to phone. Would you like my autograph?


The Tandem Tart Challenge Weekend – 18/19 May 2019

Mary Corbett – ‘The Tandem Tart’ writes,

I am the Tandem Tart, not your run of the mill name I agree but one that is attracting much attention and has seen me time trial with 48 different Partners so far and a further 55 on my waiting list.  To date, I have raised £9,380 from this little pastime and my goal is to reach the £12,000 mark.  Let me tell you more with a couple of pictures!

If you don't have time to read the full story please

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