We welcome novices and seasoned runners whether you are slow or fast.  Our membership year runs to 31 March.  This page is for new members to join us and existing members to renew your membership.

Basic membership

The annual fees are as follows

England Athletics Membership

Please note the new UKA rule that only EA registered runners will count as Hardley in Open races including Hampshire Road Race League events. People who aren't EA members won't be shown as Hardley in the official results which will make it very difficult for our webmaster to identify them and include them on our website.

Please consider registering as an EA member if you race Open events or train with Hardley Runners as all of our coaches have been trained through EA courses.  You also qualify for five free Hampshire Cross Country League races.

Members have the choice to pay an additional £14.50 England Athletics registration fee. EA membership gives you a discount on 'open' road and off-road races.  The discount is usually £2 and sometimes more so it is worth joining EA if you expect to compete in more than a handful of races a year. 

EA registration is compulsory if you want to run in County, Southern and National events under EA rules which includes Hampshire Cross Country League races.

You do not have to be an EA member to run in RR10s or CC6s.

Online Membership - Preferred Option

Hardley Runners now offer the option to register, or renew membership online.

Some people have overlooked the EA box.  We recommend you to join.  Please tick the EA box when you rejoin if you'd like to do so..

New members please click here and select your membership category.

Existing members   Please click here. Your username is normally your email address.  From here you will be able to renew your membership and add extras such as EA membership, and membership card if required. Also from here you will be able to update your personal details such as change of address, email etc.

If logging for the first time please select the option “Click here to create a password”

Online membership saves you the stamp, envelope and the trip to the post box.  And it makes sure that we have your details right so please use this option if possible.

For anyone not wishing to use online payment, we still offer the following option, while we still have cheque books.

Membership forms

One of our problems has been decyphering some entries on hand-written membership forms (particularly email addresses).  So please use your computer if possible then print off the form, sign and date it and send it to our membership secretary, Kim Wainwright (address on the form) with the cheque.  NB Please make sure you put the correct postage on the envelope as we have had a few instances where Kim has had to trek to the Post Office for the letter and pay extra to get it.

Here are two options

Membership Cards

You will need a membership card to get club discounts, these can also be printed off from your online page. If you want one posted to you please include a stamped addressed envelope. If you register online please select the optional extra we include the postage in this option, and do not require a stamped addressed envelope, we also include the car sticker below.

Car Stickers

We are offering a free car sticker with 2016/17 membership.  If you'd like one please tell us using the box on the form.  You can see a picture of one below.  They don't look blotchy in real life; that's just what happened when I scanned it.  Your browser settings probably won't show it life size so I have included a ruler. They are about 12 cms wide.

Updating your information

If any details change after you have submitted your form please tell us.  You can update your details online using the links above.  Or forward changes to residential address, phone numbers and particularly email addresses to Kim Cotton (see Contact Us tab), preferably by email, to ensure that you receive club communications.


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