Results for 2018

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Nowadays quite a lot of races only show club name for EA registered runners.  This is very frustrating as it makes it much more difficult to find Hardley results.  If I miss you please email me.  Or better still, join EA.

Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2018/19 season. Click here to see previous results.

Snowdonia Trail Marathon - Sunday 15 July 2018

Jack Fairbrother reports, "Some of you may remember that this time last year I completed my first marathon - the Snowdonia Trail Marathon (which is actually about 28miles long!!)

I don’t talk about it a lot but running has changed my life in a massively positive way and the marathon was a big turning point for me.

I decided to return this year to see if I could improve on my time (6hrs 48mins in 2017). I could give you all the stats but you’ll have to trust me when I say that this event is tough!

Training went fairly well at first, I’ve done lots of speedwork this year and seem to be getting quicker but 1 month ago (here come the excuses!!) I hobbled back from a social run with some pretty severe pain in my hip. The physio diagnosed as hip bursitis and said “you probably won’t do any long term damage if you run the marathon, but it’s going to hurt... A LOT!”

Today was the big day and I woke up feeling nervous, undertrained and prepared to pull out if it got too much for me (and my silly weak hip!) Running up and down Snowdon is tough on the best of days but mid-heatwave its a pretty fearsome proposition!

Somehow, the stars aligned and although it was the most painful run I’ve ever experienced, I managed to finish in 5hrs 26mins - 82 mins faster than last year!!!

Running down the Llanberis path was excruciating but I was honestly spurred on by all of the support this club has given me over the last couple of years. I could almost hear Paul cheering me on as I did my best to not fall off the mountain!

The biggest thank you to Ian, Steve, Mick, Chris and Andy for all of your advice, Emma for your support and patience with my obsessions and everyone else who makes our club so special. The New Forest may be flat as a pancake but all those reps around “The Big Dipper” must’ve helped me get round today!

This club is brilliant.

PS my legs hurt!

PPS see you at the RR10 on Wednesday!"

For the record, Jack was 92nd in a field of 697.  Well done!  You can see the full results here

Brecons 10 Peaks race - Saturday 14 July 2018

Martn Loveless repports,

"Just me from Hardley this year unfortunately.

2 courses available - long and short - and this year opted for the short course (after completing the lakes 10 peaks race just 3 weeks ago) and i am so happy that i took that option as the weather was glorious - unless of course you happen to be running 58k over 10 of the highest peaks in the Brecons with 3000m+ of ascent/descent - think I'd have probably made one extra on the 50% drop-out rate this year on the long course if i'd had gone for that option

First 2/3rds of the race is fairly undulating with 5 peaks to conquer but last 1/3rd packs in all the major climbs including Corn Du, Pen Y Fan, Cribyn, Fan Y Big and Bwich Y Ddwyalt and had a real struggle with the last 2 big climbs up to Cribyn and Fan Y Big but really pleased with overall finishing time as over 90 minutes quicker than the Lakes 10 peaks (which is 10k shorter as well).  Up the pensioners!"

For the record, this pensioner was 21st in a field of 81 starters in 10:30:16.  You can see the full results here

Lulworth Trail Marathon and Half - Saturday 14 July 2018

Here's a small photo album to show you the lovely scenery.

Paul Blundell reports,

Mark and I did the Lulworth marathon on Saturday, Matt and Callum Tanner and Jane Morgan did the half and Simon Ibbotson the 10k.

We were starting an hour after the ultra runners so arrived to find them running down the road at us!

From the start we ran down a track before everyone ran left up a hill, my watch disagreed with this so we went right, we led the marathon for all of 5 minutes until everyone else sorted themselves out and started overtaking us.

Needless to say it was very hot and I really was glad of the extra drink I was carrying as we went up and down repeatedly to the second checkpoint at Kimmeridge, we headed inland to another cp, 2 miles on with a tap, they were giving impromptu showers from a plastic bottle, very welcome.

Further inland another 2 miles and another cp before turning back to Lulworth up a long road.

Another descent through Tynham, the abandoned village and then another climb to the ridge.

Back to Lulworth cove and another cp before climbing through a sea mist and on to Durdle Dore.

Very congested with beach goers though Durdle Dore making running difficult before some more big climbs and descents to Osmington beach, not impressed with a pebble beach at this stage, but resisted a quick dip to head though the penultimate checkpoint wondering when we would be heading back to Lulworth.

We obviously looked a state when we hit the road heading back as a couple in a camper stopped to offer us water and an orange.

Reaching the top of the road we came across the last checkpoint at a car park where hang gliders were lazily drifting on the thermals.

I ran on the last 3 miles to complete the 29.2 miles in around 7 hours 45 minutes, it's got to be close to a personal worst, but just pleased to get around in reasonable shape, Mark wasn't far behind."

Mark adds, "Hot n tough! Poles a must on the hills! Very scenic."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Time Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos
Marathon (and a bit - about 29 Miles)
31 Paul Blundell 07:45:05 25 MV50 4
32 Mark Lee 07:49:48 26 MV50 5
31 Matthew Tanner 02:07:01 27 MV50 4
32 Callum Tanner 02:07:02 28 19
129 Jane Morgan 02:37:58 34 FV50 7
9 Simon Ibbotson 01:03:55 7 M 7


The Lepe Loop 10K - Saturday 7 July 2018

Click on the medal to see more pictures.  And if you spot the results please send me a link so I can add them.

Simon Ibbotson reports, "A few Hardley Runners took on the new Honeypot Lepe Loop 10K on Saturday 7th July.  It was great to see a new race being organised so close by and so had to give it a go.  With a start time of 8:45am it was an early one but due to the sunny weather it meant that it was much cooler than it would have been later on.  Having never done the Lepe loop circuit before I wasn't entirely sure what the terrain would be like and it turned out to be a mixture of beach, tarmac, woodland paths, open fields and gravel; about as mixed as you can get.  The beach section at the end made for an interesting run as you needed to make progress over the stones and sand whilst jumping groynes and dodging beach goers; all good fun!

It was nice to know that the race was in aid of the Honeypot children's charity and they even had someone dressed up in their mascot bee costume at the finish (must have been very warm in there!).  To top it off we were presented with a really nice medal and could get both a free cake and a bacon butty!  Highly recommend it for next year."

World Silver for Mick - Denmark - Sunday 8 July

Mick Anglim reports, "9 seconds off the M70 World Sprint Duathlon title! The ‘lottery’ of Draft Legal racing. Happy with a World Silver though."

Well done!

British Half Ironman Triathlon Championships - Hever Castle - Sunday 8 July

Massive congratulations to Jappas Du Preez, who finished 2nd in AG and 9th overall, at the British Half Ironman Triathlon Championships at Hever Castle.  You can see the full results here and here are Jappas's splits

Miles of Miles - Southampton - Weds 27 June 2018 - We are the Champions!

For those that don't know, this is an annual inter-club relay.  Each team has 10 members and each member runs one mile.

And just in case you haven't heard - WE WON

Here are some reports:

Mick Anglim Well done on your fantastic performance this evening.  Our A team won in 53:06. It was one of the closest finishes for many years with Mark Causebrook overhauling the Lordshill runner on the final bend after making up a deficit of around 80 metres at the last handover.

Hardley last won the MoM in 2011!  We have however won the trophy more than any other club, 7 times since 1998.

A great team effort capped superbly with a brilliantly judged final run from Mark who was the fastest individual runner.

Many thanks to Alice for pulling the team together and setting a great time.

James Mann  for the organisers SAC Thank you for coming out and supporting the MoM in its 21st year. It was great to be able to host so many of you at our athletics stadium.  Congratulations to all the runners that took part, there seems to have been some incredible performances.

I will send out a full list when I have been able to verify the times, as we have a few discrepancies in the times given in tonight.  However, one thing is for certain and that was the event was won by Hardley Runners. Congratulations.

The fastest male time of the night was 4:44 which was run by Mark Causebrook from Hardley Runners.  Thank you once again for travelling to SAC, and we look forward to welcoming you back next year. 

Chris Harris It really was an electric evening , especially the last leg Mark Casebook displayed all his superb track training skills!

A huge thank you to all our people who ran in the Hardley Runner's B Team last evening. The motto of the evening ( you guessed) "B for Best" and this became increasingly clear as each runner finished the  mile in 6 minutes with Ben and Matt hitting 5 minutes ! Never in the past have we managed a total time of 1 hour - 36 seconds ! The overall position will be confirmed by the organisers very soon.

It was a superb evening with 37 teams taking part ( those juniors just get faster each year ) all proceeds to the charity Mind . The time keeping can become pretty intense, but with Adrian's help last night, I was truly able to appreciate the whole evening of amazing running performances! Chris 

Jack Fairbrother That’ll be the only mile I run this week - my hip injury is screaming at me today but it was absolutely worth it to see the pride in Mick Anglim and Chris Harris’s faces! Great job to everyone who ran in both teams, we may be the smallest club but we were also the loudest in terms of support last night!

Ben Andrew, Well done Mark and to all. It was such a great event made even better by winning it in the style we did. Everyone gave it their best and for everyone to run under 6min was really good. Thanks for time keeping Mick and cheers for organising it Alice. Look forward to next year going in to defend our title!

Click on the little picture to see the big picture.  And for another 2768 photos from Hammy click here

Name Time   Name Time
A Team     B Team  
Tim Anetts 04:53   Paul Blundell 06:06
Alice Rudd 05:46   Lee Maunder 06:19
Jack Fairbrother  05:30   Charmaine Bradford 06:18
Ben Andrew 05:15   Vicki Clark 06:18
Natalie Green 05:56   Matt Tanner 05:58
Chris Harris 04:59   Ben Andrew 05:31
Callum Johnson 05:21   Dan Chown 06:00
Dan Latham 05:20   Paddy Butler 06:20
Nathan Renyard 05:22   Alice Rudd 06:07
Mark Causebrook 04:44   Simon Ibbotson 05:39

HRRL The Lordshill 10K - Sunday 24 June 2019

There was an excellent Hardley turnout for the last race in the HRRL season which was also our Club Championship.  Well done all and special mention to Vicki and James Clarke who have now earned the much-coveted tee-shirts for the few people who have completed every race this season.

Vicki reports,

Lordshill 10k – (probably) our highest ever Hardley turn out! 

The Lordshill 10k on Sunday 24th June was a fantastic race for Hardley. Not only was it our Club Championship race, but it brought the team out in their droves for a toasty run in the sun, to claim (probably) our highest ever (well in the last few years) HRRL turn out. Here’s a round-up of the day's events – please see results table for the full team results:

So that’s now it for this seasons’ HRRL league. The final results should be out soon, so keep an eye on the table to see where you finished – and mugs should be heading some of your ways shortly! Thank you for being an amazing team, it’s been a pleasure running with you all. Have a great summer, and keep running!


Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  Please let me know if I have missed you as they are not easy to search.

As well as first past the post winners we have trophies for age adjusted results based on WAVA percentages

Name Gun Time Chip Time Gender Pos Cat Pos Category Age WAVA %age
14 Tim Annetts 35:37:00 35:34:00 14 9 M 26 75.49
16 Mark Causebrook 35:44:00 35:40:00 16 11 M 37 77.91
28 James Clarke 36:37:00 36:33:00 27 21 M 34 74.66
63 Nathan Renyard 38:14:00 38:10:00 58 18 MV40 42 75.56
84 Callum Tanner 39:11:00 39:04:00 76 48 M 29 68.79
98 Christopher Harris 39:49:00 39:46:00 89 55 M 22 67.55
118 Matt Tanner 40:29:00 40:23:00 104 10 MV50 54 78.54
120 Jack Fairbrother 40:39:00 40:32:00 106 64 M 30 66.31
123 Dan Latham 40:49:00 40:42:00 109 66 M 34 67.04
150 Dale Purdom 41:46:00 41:39:00 130 16 MV50 52 74.91
154 Simon Ibbotson 41:55:00 41:48:00 134 72 M 31 64.8
188 Natalie Green 43:33:00 43:22:00 26 15 F 22 69.95
219 Vicki Clarke 44:50:00 44:38:00 33 20 F 32 68.12
233 Alan Chambers 45:06:00 44:49:00 198 73 MV40 47 66.88
250 Malc Renyard 45:43:00 45:28:00 210 1 MV70 72 82.78
251 Graham Robbins 45:43:00 45:37:00 211 97 M 34 59.82
257 Dan Chown 45:51:00 45:34:00 215 98 M 33 59.61
263 Ian Hawker 46:01:00 45:45:00 219 8 MV60 63 74.93
272 Paddy Butler 46:35:00 46:27:00 225 36 MV50 57 70.03
276 Dave Wilson 46:45:00 46:35:00 228 11 MV60 61 72.3
330 Jane Hodge 49:31:00 49:16:00 70 11 FV50 59 78.46
333 Mick Anglim 49:41:00 49:36:00 263 2 MV70 70 73.96
356 Steve Bradley 50:45:00 50:29:00 277 16 MV60 62 67.31
462 Adrian Mudle 55:03:00 54:23:00 329 23 MV60 60 61.38
478 Sarah Fitton 56:14:00 55:46:00 138 21 FV50 50 61.61
507 Chris Harris 58:09:00 57:46:00 153 9 FV60 67 75.28
571 Hilary Hinks 01:02:43 01:01:57 193 14 FV60 66 69.12
631 Jan Anglim 01:11:58 01:11:15 238 2 FV70 70 64.04
639 Carole Bailey 01:16:41 01:16:00 244 40 FV50 52 46.36

The Lakes 10 Peaks - Saturday 23 June 2018

Martin Loveless, Paul Blundell and Tiffany Hanley did this challenging race.  Martin reports, "Only' did the short course but that still involved 31miles of running (though more walking than running due to the rocks / scree/ climbs) and almost 10,000feet of ascent and descent over 10 of the highest peaks in the Lake District - got a sign of things to come as race started at foot of Helvellyn with a straight up and down climb/descent before heading out to High Raise, Bowfell, Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike, Great Gable, Green Gable, High Spy and Maiden Moor with a finish in Keswick.

Got to be one of the hardest races I've ever done mainly due to the rough terrain which meant that even running on the descents became impossible but fortunately we had clear weather which really helped with the self navigation between peaks and checkpoints though did waste around an hour trying to find the very last checkpoint - very frustrating with the finish beckoning!"

For the record, Martin was 31st in 12:05:53, Paul 32nd and Tiff 41st.  You can see the full results here

The Purbeck 10K - Friday 22 June 2018

Club President, Mick Anglim, reports,

"It's a great pity that the Purbeck 10k traditionally falls on the same weekend as the Lordshill 10k but there is a possibility that they might be on different weekends in 2019.

Jan and I ran the Purbeck 10k again last Friday evening and can highly recommend the event as long as you don't expect a flat course! 

The race starts from Norden Park & Ride outside Corfe Castle and takes the undulating country road to and from Arne.  There are great views of the Purbeck hills and Corfe Castle to compensate for around 320' of climb!

The winner ran an impressive 30:56 as none of the hills are steep.

Jan ran 74:23 and I did 51:29 and there were 408 finishers to enjoy the lively race village."

Full results are here  

The 5th RR10 - Manor Farm Country Park - Weds 20 June 2018

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports. "Tonight was the 5th RR10 of the season for us, hosted by Hedge End Running Club at Manor Farm Country Park. The conditions were very hot and we were literally dripping at the finish line, nice! 

There was a new route this year, a short loop to start, a long loop, another short loop and a cheeky lap of the field and back on ourselves to finish. There were also three formidable hills to deal with.

Natalie Green led the ladies home with a fantastic 6th place finish, followed by Jane Morgan and Jane Hodge in 43rd & 50th both of which will be high positions in their age group.

Callum Johnson was the first man home in an amazing 17th position, followed by Jim Suswain having a great run in 26th place. Dale Purdon and Matt Tanner put in solid performances in the V50s both in the top 60, and Malcolm Renyard will no doubt be a very high finish in the V70's finishing in 119th place.

Well done to Danii Bundy, Steve Avery and Lee Maunder taking part in their first RR10 runs. 

Great course, and another strong Hardley performance.

The next RR10 for us is on Wednesday 11th July at Whiteley, Start time 7:30pm.

We cannot attend or spectate at the RR10 on 4th July, this is our drop out event do not attend."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) the evening after the race. 

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
6 Natalie Green     120 Chris Harris V60   161 Danii Bundy  
43 Jane Morgan V50   133 Jacqui Healey V50   193 Sally Kirk V60
50 Jane Hodge V50   140 Sarah Fritton V40        
119 Trishia Herring V40   148 Sally Harbut V40        
17 Callum  Johnson     119 Malcolm Renyard V70   188 Ian Craddock V40
26 Jim Suswain     140 Brendon Harbut V40   190 Steve Avery  
34 Ben Andrew     152 Mick Anglim V70   204 Matt Captain V40
53 Dan Latham     156 Chris  Wilson V50   213 Rob  Wells V40
58 Dale Purdon V50   166 Shaun Pettitt     217 Paul Newby V70
60 Matt Tanner V50   171 Dave Wilson V60   241 Jeremy Barber V60
66 Simon Ibbotson     175 Ed Biddle V40   255 Andy Barber V60
117 Ian Hawker V60   187 Lee Maunder     DNF Mark Darcy V40

HRRL - The Eastleigh 10K - Sunday 17 June 2018

Conditions were good and there was a great Hardley turnout including some people who have not represented the Club before.  Well done.  Congratulations to Graham and Jack for PBs and Mick And Annie who were first in category. Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Category Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
48 Timothy Anetts M 35 00:35:48 00:35:45
60 Mark Causebrook M 44 00:36:24 00:36:20
195 Jack Fairbrother M 111 00:39:56 00:39:44
254 Alice Rudd F 13 00:41:18 00:41:07
264 Daniel Latham M 142 00:41:32 00:41:20
309 Daniel Powell M 156 00:42:28 00:42:17
337 Graham Robbins M 162 00:43:01 00:42:50
474 Mick Anglim M70+ 1 00:45:33 00:45:24
552 Karen Denham F40+ 18 00:47:07 00:46:46
667 Jane Hodge F55+ 4 00:48:51 00:48:30
875 Tamsin Roberts F 57 00:51:52 00:51:11
965 Joanna Avery F35+ 55 00:53:34 00:52:54
1074 Vicki Clarke F 73 00:54:53 00:53:57
1165 Chloe Riggs F 82 00:55:56 00:54:43
1366 Emma Rogers F 127 00:59:03 00:57:50
1618 Claire Aplin F45+ 71 01:02:47 01:01:33
1825 Roma Stewart  F45+ 100 01:07:00 01:05:58
1926 Jan Anglim F70+ 3 01:10:18 01:08:27
2079 Ann Maylott F50+ 85 01:21:57 01:20:43
2108 Anne Bruce-low F75+ 1 01:46:30 01:45:10

Endure 24 - Wasing Park near Reading - 9/10 June 2018

With 5 teams and 4 solos there were 43 Hardley runners at this year's event.  The weather was kind though rather warm and airless in the woods.  The comments below, this photo album and Danii's blog give you a flavour of this excellent event.  The injured foot is David Gould's and we claim the prize (if there is one) for the biggest team identifier with the Hardley Stopping illuminated palm tree.

Graham Robbins, "What an amazing weekend filled with lots of miles, dust, sweat, portaloo door banging (), little sleep, slight pyrotechnicss, odd conversations, laughs, wonderful people and the best running club Hardley runners congrats to all at endure 24!"

Rhiannon Bennett, "25miles completed!!!! Legs and blistered feet are definitely saying no more! So that’s me done. Feel quite proud of myself."

Vicki Clarke, "What an amazing weekend! Well done to everyone, so proud of you all. Anyone else feel like they've been hit by a truck and had a pile of washing the size of Africa? The most I've managed to do so far is call for a take away!"

Sharon Mayvery, Fantastic weekend of running & brilliant Hardley team spirit! This club rocks !!
Big thank you to everyone there who made it such a great weekend... the Averys all had a fabulous time.
And huge thank you to Adrian for organising so brilliantly ... such a lot of work!! "

Claire Aplin, "Yep thanks to all especially Adrian Mudle for splendid organisation (and for taking our tent), Steve Henry for wonderful team management, Sharon Mayvery etc for putting up our tent and Hardley Runners for being such a friendly and inclusive club ."

A summary of the Hardley results is below.  In a couple of cases the number of laps is understated by one becuase of chips failing to register (perhaps because they were not being worn at the time).  Our men's team were very competitive despite starting with only 7 members and losing Huw to injury (hope you caught it in time Huw) after only two laps.  Well done and well done to everyone who took part.

You can see the full results including who did what on each lap here

Name 5 mile laps completed Time
Men solo  -  130 finishers
6 Justin Bowen 20 22:03:44
26 David Gould 17 21:28:05
77 Steve Bennett 12 23:07:10
Women solo  -  88 finishers
83 Rhiannon Bennett 5 23:07:10
Men teams of 8  -  27 teams
Hardley Running
39 24:17:04
Mixed teams of 8 -  227 teams
34 Hardley Jogging 32 23:43:54
95 Hardley Moving 29 24:24:01
108 Hardley Walking 28 23:35:04
160 Hardley stopping 26 24:13:47

Man v Horse - Wales -Saturday 9 June 2018

Martin Loveless reports,"Just me this year as Hardleys only representative in the man v horse race in Wales - 7th time I've run in the full race and as good as ever with the course the driest I've ever know it but still 22 miles of Welsh hills to get round with the constant cry behind of 'horse coming through, look out' to keep you on your toes.

Eaun Thomas was there again after competing 3 years ago in the BBC series Champions and again being filmed and my claim to fame this year is managing to stay ahead of him for the whole race.

Martin was 272nd out of 726 and 2nd MV60 of 12 in 3:58:19.  Well done.

You can read more about the event here and see the full results here.

The 4th (for us) RR10 - Fleming Park Eastleigh - Weds 6 June 2018

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Halterworth Harriers and Solent Running Sisters hosted the 5th RR10 Cross Country. It was a very hot evening with a very high pollen count, horrible conditions for the Hay fever sufferers.

The course was the same as the previous years with the usual gradients and twisty wooded sections.

A great turn out again with 10 ladies and 26 men. Meaning we were able to field 3 ladies teams and 5 mens teams.

Natalie Green had a great run leading the ladies home in 10th place and Ben Andrew after a steady start made his way through the pack to lead the men home in 29th place.

The next race is at Manor Farm Country Park on Weds 20th June start time 7:30pm"

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) the evening after the race. 

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Natalie Green     60 Jane Hodge V50   174 Sally Kirk V60
26 Charmaine Bradford     72 Tamsin Roberts     179 Annie Bruce Low V70
43 Vicki Clarke     114 Chris Harris V60        
58 Hannah Cockle     138 Trishia Herring V40        
29 Ben Andrew     109 Mark Darcy V40   205 Ed Biddle V40
32 Callum  Johnson     110 Simon Ibbotson 0   216 Ian Craddock V40
35 Jim Suswain     131 Trevor Huddleston V40   226 Paul Newby V70
55 Dale Purdon V50   147 Malcolm Renyard V70   227 David Gould V50
63 Jack Fairbrother     152 Mick Anglim V70   247 Rob  Wells V40
77 Matt Tanner V50   158 Ian Hawker V60   261 Andy Barber V60
89 Dan Powell     173 Dave Wilson V60   263 Jeremy Barber V60
90 Dan Latham     193 John  Labbett V50   TBC Paul Carter V50
106 Paul Blundell V50   201 Matt Captain V40        

Needles Half - Sunday 3 June 2018

One of the toughest and most scenic half marathons in the country.  The 13.1 mile route will take you over downs and heathland, past historic monuments and of course you’ll glimpse the most iconic landmark on the Isle of Wight – The Needles. 

Martin Loveless reports, "Just 4 of us this year for the Needles race which is a shame as it's one of my favourite runs and once again the weather obliged with unbroken sunshine though actually maybe a mite too warm for running.   Think maybe the joys of the Romsey beer race won over a few who might have been tempted."

Hardley results are below.  Times are to the nearest 1/100th of a second which may be just a bit more accuracy than is actually required but you never know ....   Well done all and particular mention to Liz Young who was second lady overall.  You can see the full results here.  

Name Gender Pos Category Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
12 Callum Tanner 10 MSNR 9 1:37:05,09 1:36:57,49
20 Matt Tanner 17 MV50 4 1:39:20,48 1:39:13,00
36 Liz Young 2 FV35 2 1:44:55,27 1:44:46,52
54 Martin Loveless 46 MV60 3 1:52:19,30 1:52:11,45

Braishfield 5 Mile Beer Race - Sunday 3 June 2018

Mick Anglim reports, "It was one of the hottest ever with unbroken sunshine so the hosepipe spray at the start of the 2nd lap was very welcome."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  Incidentally, John pulled up with a bad left calf (other leg to usual). Worked it well though - only did one lap but went through the finish so he got his beer and cake. Cheeky b.....r! Hope you are recovering well John.

Time Name Category Gender Pos Cat Pos
22 33.43 Dan Latham M 21 14
26 33.59 Simon Ibbotson M 24 16
32 35.01 Dan Powell M 29 18
42 36.15 Mark Darcy M40 38 8
58 37.46 Ian Hawker M60 52 2
59 37.50 Mick Anglim M70 53 1
62 38.08 Dave Wilson M60 55 3
89 40.34 Brendon Harbut M40 74 20
129 43.14 David Gould M50 100 28
165 45.30 John Simmonds M60 120 11
186 47.24 Ron Godden M60 128 13
242 52.16 Sally Harbut F40 88 34
296 57.45 Jan Anglim F70 131 2

HRRL - The Netley 10K - Sunday 20 May 2018

HRRL Captain Vicki Clarke reports, "On what can only be described as a hot and sunny Sunday, Hardley runners were out in force for the Netley 10k. The course is 3 laps, of gently undulating roads around Royal Victoria Country park, with some lovely views out over the Solent. As a good course for spectators, it was lovely to have friends and family supporting the runners as we ran past.

We had enough runners to field complete teams, with for the men Dan Latham leading us home in 92nd in an aesthetically pleasing 41:41. Simon Ibbotson was close on his heals with a great return from injury in 111th in 42:31. Graham Robbins and Mick Anglim completed the A team with 44:40 and 46:23 respectively. Dave Wilson (47:18) and Steve Bradley (49:31) added to the purple contingent.

For the women, Liz Young in her first road race appearance in 2 years positively flew round coming in an incredible 9th in 41:43 also getting a 3rd in her age group! Vicki Clarke came in in 32nd in 45:32 and Chris Harris completed the team in 56:09. Jan Anglim and Ann Bruce-Low provided solid contributions to the B team in 1:08:01 and 1:46:59 respectively.

Fantastic running by all! Next up is the rescheduled Eastleigh 10k on 17th June – see you there."

You can see the full results including chip times here  They show that Liz's chip time was faster than Dan's so she was the fastest Hardley finisher.  What a come back!

The 3rd RR10 - Wilverley - Weds 16 May 2018

Joint RR10 Captain Dan Latham reports,"The runners were welcomed by some very strong chilly winds on arrival at Wilverley Plain this evening for the third RR10 run of the season. New Forest Runners hosted a similar route to previous years, starting out on the plain and then weaving through the forest trails for two different loops in the woods. There were a lot of down hill sections and a few long hilly sections to contend with.

A great turn out again with 32 Hardley Runners taking part, and nice to see more new faces again, well done to all those completing their first RR10. 

The ladies put in a great performance with a highly placed first team, led by Charmaine Bradford (20th), Vicky Clarke (21st) and Alex Burlinson (23rd).

Callum Johnson had another good run in the mens finishing 43rd with Matt Tanner following in 45th which will no doubt be a very high position in the V50's.

Well done everyone.

The next race is our own organised run on 30th May, please note; we (Hardley Runners) cannot take part in this run, but we look forward to seeing all those who have volunteered to help marshal, thanks again for volunteering, further details will be sent out in the next week.

The next run for us to take part in is on 6th June at Fleming Park, Eastleigh."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) by the evening after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
20 Charmaine Bradford     52 Tamsin Roberts     151 Sally Kirk V60
21 Vicki Clarke     103 Chris Harris V60   152 Vanessa Poucher V60
23 Alex Burlinson V50   119 Sally Harbut V40        
34 Jane Morgan V50   137 Karen Humphreys          
43 Callum  Johnson     119 Ian Hawker V60   216 Andy Astley V60
45 Matt Tanner V50   160 Mark Lee V50   224 Rob  Wells V40
56 Dale Purdon V50   173 Glen Hastlelow V50   228 Jeremy Barber V60
61 Jack Fairbrother     182 Brendon Harbut V40   234 Andy Barber V60
70 Dan Latham     186 John  Labbett V50   240 John  Simmonds V60
81 Simon Ibbotson     193 Ian Craddock V40   244 Guy Lawrenson V60
84 Paul Blundell V50   194 Mick Anglim V70        
112 Trevor Huddleston V40   196 David Gould V50        

The L2SOTM - Longparish - Sunday 13 May 2018

The Longparish Second Sunday of the Month (L2SOTM) is a 5K handicap run round the lovely village of Longparish.  This month there were 4 Hardley runners, Katie Collard, Jacqui Healey, David Gould and Jeremy Barber.  It was Ian Beveridge's 100th race so refreshments included Buck's Fizz and a special cake which you can see here.

The Lymington Lifeboat 10K - Sunday 13 May 2018

This race is always popular with Hardley members and this year was no exception with 15 finishers.  Hardley results are below.  You can read more about the event and see the full results here and see the photos here.

Time Chip Time
4 Paul Pallister M40 00:35:01 00:35:00
37 Chris Harris M 00:40:28 00:40:24
47 Dan Latham M 00:41:46 00:41:43
49 Alice Rudd F 00:41:51 00:41:50
97 Natalie Green F 00:43:58 00:43:55
100 Ian Smith M50 00:44:03 00:43:59
129 Alan Chambers M40 00:45:06 00:44:52
149 Phil Rudd M 00:46:06 00:46:00
191 John Simmonds M60 00:47:32 00:47:18
225 Glenn Hastelow M50 00:48:43 00:48:35
520 Christine Harris F55 00:57:20 00:57:02
534 Sarah Fitton F45 00:57:34 00:56:59
756 Roma Stewart F45 01:06:14 01:05:22
876 Angela Simmonds F55 01:20:29 01:19:34
893 Annie Bruce-Low F75 01:45:26 01:44:33

HRRL Race 10 - The Alton 10 - Sunday 13 May2018

HRRL Captain Vicki Clarke reports, "Well done to everyone running today. Alton 10m was a hard, hilly and hot hrrl. Tim Anetts led us in with a cracking time of 1.01.24, with Matt tanner following in a great 1.07. Dave Wilson and Malcolm (1st in his age group) topped off the team, with Mick Anglim coming in a solid 1.25. For the girls it was disappointing to not have a complete team for the league (please do enter these races if you can!) But both myself and Jan anglim ran in 1.17.50 and 1.59.55 respectively. Great running by all. Hope to see everyone next week for Netley 10k!

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here and there are loads of photos here and loads more here.  Enjoy!

Name Time Chip Time Category Cat Pos Gender Pos
TIMOTHY ANETTS 01:01:30 01:01:24 MS 9 12
MATTHEW TANNER 01:07:31 01:07:14 M50 8 50
VICKI CLARKE 01:18:18 01:17:50 FS 10 33
DAVE WILSON 01:20:24 01:19:49 M60 9 178
MALCOLM RENYARD 01:22:34 01:21:59 M70 1 194
MICK ANGLIM 01:26:04 01:25:29 M70 2 225
JAN ANGLIM 02:00:59 01:59:55 W65 5 171

The 2nd RR10 - Stoney Cross - Weds 2 May 2018

The day started wet but the sun came out in time for the RR10 and there was another excellent Hardley turnout with 12 women and 28 men.  Well done all.  The forest was very wet but the course was mainly on good gravel paths so that was not a problem and we demonstrated strength in depth with places ranging from 5th - well done Natalie - to 235th - must get fitter Jeremy.  If you are new to RR10s we hope you enjoyed it and will be back for more at Wilverley in two weeks.  And if you are an old hand then we know you enjoy RR10s and you'll be back!

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) by the evening after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
5 Natalie Green     35 Jane Hodge V50   151 Sally Harbut V40
11 Vicki Clarke     44 Hannah Cockle     177 Sally Kirk V60
19 Charmaine Bradford     113 Chris Harris V60   178 Vanessa Poucher V60
29 Jane Morgan V50   124 Jacqui Healey V50   186 Anne Brucelow V70
27 Callum  Johnson     110 Dave Wilson V60   188 John  Labbett V50
28 Jim Suswain     111 Martin Loveless V60   191 David Gould V50
54 Matt Tanner V50   113 Ian Hawker V60   198 Ian Craddock V40
57 Dale Purdon V50   118 Malcolm Renyard V70   205 Paul Newby V70
58 Jack Fairbrother     124 Shaun Pettitt     217 Rob  Wells V40
68 Simon Ibbotson     141 Chris  Wilson V50   231 Trevor Huddleston V40
74 Mark Darcy V40   146 Glen Hastlelow V50   234 Andy Barber V60
79 Paul Blundell V50   148 Ed Biddle V40   235 Jeremy Barber V60
95 Dan Chown     158 Roger  Morgan V50        
98 Graham Robbins     163 Brendon Harbut V40        

The Triple Whammy - Andover - Saturday 28 April 2018

Three Hardley runners, Jane Hodge, David Gould and Jeremy Barber were joined by parkrunner James Masters for the Triple Whammy.  The idea is simple. First you do the Andover parkrun, then you jog the six miles or so to Hurstbourne Tarrant, then you do the Hurstbourne Tarrant 5, a lovely scenic trail race which is only 20 metres short of being an official fell race.

All went well and the rain (mostly) held off.  The parkrun was fine, the rape field on the way to HBT was passble though a bit difficult underfoot and the bluebell wood was lovely.  But the going was a bit muddy underfoot so we were a tad slower than planned and arrived to see the race vanishing into the distance.  Barging our way through the start of the kid's race we set off in hot pursuit, only to be overtaken by a swarm of high speed children including two Longparish ones, Benjie and Noah who urged us on.  By the time we got to the top of the fist hill we had all caught the tail runner.  James and Jane surged ahead, Jeremy plodded ahead and David enjoyed the honour of last place.  His (entirely valid) excuses were

1. that he had run a marathon the week before and

2. that he had run the seven miles to Andover before the parkrun. 

Whatever our speed, we enjoyed the whole event and it was made even better by the bacon butties afterwards.  If you like trail running then give it a go in 2019.

Here's a photo album to show what you missed.

For the record, Jane was 206th in 61:39, Jeremy was 245th in 75:33 and David was 251st in 78:26.  You can see the full results here

Yorkshire Three Peaks Race - Saturday 28 April 2018

Paddy Butler reports, "Yesterday I competed in the 65th Yorkshire 3 peaks fell race (https://www.threepeaksrace.orgThe race is billed as the "Marathon with Mountains" as it takes runners 23.3 miles over the highest Yorkshire summits of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough with 5,279ft of rugged and spectacular ascent and descent. There were sections of both road and bog and you run alongside the famous Ribblehead viaduct. Some of the ascent on Whernside was almost vertical with climbing using your hands. This year the Three Peaks was the selection race for the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships. Following a tragedy in severe weather in 1978, revised safety regulations and race control procedures were introduced and minimum experience qualifications were imposed on all entrants. To enter I had to submit a short c.v. and complete at least 2 fell runs of Category AM, AL, or BL. The winner this year finished in 2hrs 49mins. Strict cut off times at several check points meant that 66 runners either retired or were put on the bus of shame. I managed to come home in 4hrs 50mins in 521st position of 767 starters. 89th of 155 in MV50 class.

I'd highly recommend the race as an excellent excuse not only to take part in an iconic event but to visit the Yorkshire Dales and have a long weekend oop north."

Paddy Butler"

You can see the full results here

Southampton Marathon, Half and 10K - Sunday 22 April 2018

It was a warm day for running a long way and Hardley runners turned out in force.  Results are below.  Click on the runner's name to see more information.

Name Time Chip Time Category Cat Pos Gender Pos Half Time
59 Darryl STILL 3:21:32.2 3:21:17.8 MSen 34 55 1:32:40.5
169 Nick NEWTON 3:44:31.6 3:42:40.7 MV60 2 157 1:48:46.5
923 Sarah HOOD 5:23:37.5 5:19:16.3 FSen 103 200 2:37:07.3
Half Marathon
28 Mark CAUSEBROOK 1:25:57.4 1:25:56.5 MSen 17 24  
31 Nathan RENYARD 1:26:26.5 1:26:23.0 MV40 5 27  
110 Matthew TANNER 1:33:41.6 1:33:37.4 MV50 2 99  
307 Natalie GREEN 1:42:07.4 1:40:54.6 FSen 22 34  
357 Ben PITMAN 1:43:50.5 1:42:00.1 MSen 207 318  
440 Ian SMITH 1:45:57.9 1:44:45.4 MV50 24 388  
830 Ian HAWKER 1:54:37.2 1:51:16.4 MV60 16 714  
1103 Graham ROBBINS 1:59:31.0 1:56:09.7 MSen 573 922  
1132 Steve BRADLEY 1:59:55.1 1:57:46.8 MV60 22 940  
1713 Brendon HARBUT 2:07:42.2 2:04:21.2 MV40 382 1341  
1932 Joanna AVERY 2:10:48.2 2:07:38.8 FSen 292 458  
1969 Ian CRADDOCK 2:11:09.9 2:08:15.9 MV40 416 1495  
2151 Elizabeth MOULD 2:13:52.8 2:04:57.4 FV50 52 539  
2485 Andrew ASTLEY 2:18:51.2 2:15:30.3 MV60 51 1789  
3201 Hilary HINKS 2:30:32.2 2:25:00.2 FV60 18 1075  
3238 Sarah FITTON 2:31:11.4 2:22:15.9 FV40 275 1094  
3408 Lauren HARMAN 2:34:42.1 2:31:12.6 FSen 760 1210  
3497 Sally HARBUT 2:36:37.8 2:33:09.6 FV40 326 1271  
3533 Helen FAY 2:37:27.8 2:33:58.9 FV40 337 1293  
3534 Robert WELLS 2:37:28.3 2:33:58.7 MV40 637 2241  
4234 Ann BRUCE-LOW 4:54:11.5 4:46:31.9 FV70 1 1758  
49 Simon IBBOTSON 43:46.4 43:44.0 MSen 31 46  
140 Aleksandra BURLINSON 49:19.7 49:05.0 FV50 1 18  
202 Roy DYER 51:32.5 50:16.8 MV50 21 169  
333 John SIMMONDS 54:48.4 53:25.5 MV60 6 263  
1068 Roma STEWART 1:08:01.1 1:07:13.7 FV40 113 468  
1529 Angela SIMMONDS 1:17:47.4 1:16:22.4 FV60 22 804  
1827 Sarah KAY 1:46:06.5 1:43:49.1 FSen 593 1038  

The London Marathon - Sunday 22 April 2018

The hottest London Marathon on record.  Well done all.

Name Time Chip Time Category Cat Pos Gender Pos Half Time
1149 Paul Pallister Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites'
M45 1113 115   01:23:31
1396 Ben Andrew 03:04:05 MS 1339 843   01:28:32
6286 Alice Rudd 03:42:37 FS 1032 632   01:40:24
17312 Alice Ryder 04:36:15 FS 4914 2605   02:00:17
21716 Tamsin Roberts 04:54:35 FS 6660 3555   02:14:43
30620 Steven Avery 05:36:54 M45 19803 3032   02:39:54
32474 Danii Bundy 05:47:33 FS 11790 6393   02:37:51

The Pewsey Downsaround 26.6 - Sunday 22 April 2018

A lovely LDWA event that is open to well behaved runners and in true LDWA style, we report the names of members who took part in alphabetical order.  Paul Blundell, David Gould, Tiffany Hanley, Martin Loveless. 

Tiff reports,"Beautiful scenery, lovely course, great check points." 

You can read more about the event here

The First RR10 - Netley - Wednesday 18 April 2018

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham reports, "There was a great Hardley turn out for the first RR10 of the season, considering many runners were saving themselves for this weekends Southampton Marathon events. 8 Ladies and 27 men attended on the glorious summery evening at Victoria Country Park. The Netley course was its usual mix of tarmac, gravel, roots and twisty trails. Karen Denham had a brilliant run coming in 16th lady, as did Jim Suswain and Matt Tanner in 32nd and 37th places in the men's. It was also great to see so many new faces with 5 runners taking part in their first RR10 and we hope to see many more new faces this year. There also look to be some great age category results all over the board, which will be interesting to review once all clubs results are in.

The next RR10 is at Stoney Cross, near Fritham on Wednesday 2nd May. See you then!"

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see LInks tab above) on Thursday evening.

For you webmaster this was a challenging evening.  Despite allowing one hours and 45 minutes for the journey we were 5 minutes late.  Of course that meant we had to park as far away from the start as possible.  Then we had to get to the start and we arrived to see that the race was disappearing into the distance. So we had to catch the tail runners then we were able to join in.  Must remember to leave even more time next year.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
16 Karen Denham V40   31 Alex Burlinson V50   132 Jacqui Healey V50
24 Jane Morgan V50   71 Hannah Cockle     146 Sally Harbut V40
27 Jane Hodge V50   113 Chris Harris V60        
32 Jim Suswain     125 Dan Chown     171 John  Simmonds V60
37 Matt Tanner V50   128 Trevor Huddleston V40   181 Brendon Harbut V40
64 Dale Purdon V50   138 Malcolm Renyard V70   194 Patrick James V40
68 Mark Darcy V40   141 Mick Anglim V70   196 John  Labbett V50
70 Jack Fairbrother     142 Ian Hawker V60   210 Paul Newby V70
78 Dan Latham     146 Mark Lee V50   218 Ian Craddock V40
104 Paul Blundell V50   152 Ed Biddle V40   248 Rob  Wells V40
121 Steve Haysom V60   169 Matt Captain V40   257 Jeremy Barber V60
123 Dave Wilson V60   170 Glen Hastlelow V50   266 Andy Barber V60

HRRL Race 9 - The Salisbury 10 - Sunday 8 April 2018

The Salisbury 10 is the City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club’s flagship event. A friendly race suitable for all abilities that follows a scenic route north of Salisbury following the banks of the River Avon through the gently undulating Woodford Valley with fine views of the cathedral spire on the return leg.

Hardley results are below.  You can read more about the race here and see the full results here

Name Time Chip Time Category Cat Pos Gender Pos
85 Matthew Tanner 01:06:19 01:06:14 MV50 11 80
278 Mick Anglim 01:17:28 01:17:18 MV70 2 231
340 Jane Hodge 01:21:25 01:21:04 FV55 7 65
462 Vicki Clarke 01:28:40 01:28:05 FSnr 29 120
569 Christine  Harris 01:36:02 01:35:03 FV65 3 195
716 Jan Anglim 01:53:02 01:51:49 FV65 8 307

The Paris Marathon - Sunday 8 April 2018

Emma Rogers reports,

"I’ve just completed Paris Marathon.
It’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done, and I would not have been able to do it if it wasn’t for the help and support of this club.
Thank you so much "

Well done Emma.  For the record, Emma completed her first matahon in 37,920th place in 5:22:39.  Click on the picture of her to see the official photographs that she features in.

The Test Way Ultra - Saturday 7 April 2018

Mark Lee and Paul Blundell did this scenic 44 miler.  Paul reports,

"Mark Lee and myself decided to enter the Test Way Ultra 44 organised by Andover trail runners.

The plan was to ...."  Click here to read the full report and see the pictures.

West Wight 3 Hills  - Monday 2 April 2018

This is a tough race and this year's, due to the muddy conditions and a long detour from Alum Bay, was perhaps the toughest yet.

Club President, Mick Anglim, reports, "It was a memorable set of results for Forest based runners and particularly the ladies.

The annual race is organised by Ryde Harriers and although only 8.2 miles long had over 1,000' of climbing over very varied terrain. It starts at Freshwater Leisure Centre and climbs up a muddy gully to Golden Hill Fort before descending on road back through Freshwater and up again to Headon Warren. The underfoot conditions were particularly testing with many muddy and slippery sections before the sheer climb from Alum Bay up the grassy side of Tennyson Down. The run along the ridge was in the mist before the long descent into Freshwater Bay and the return on road to Freshwater.

Sway's Kathy Bailey of Winchester AC stormed around the tough course in 59:42 to finish 11th overall, 1st lady and 1st F50 improving on her 2nd place in 2017. Romsey's Sue Sleath, a 2nd Claim Hardley Runner, finished in 64:30 to claim both 2nd lady and 2nd F50 with Liz Young of Hardley 3rd lady and 1st F35 in 66:09. Liz had not run an Open race for over 2 years so it was great to see her back in action.

Success for our ladies continued with Chris Harris 2nd F65 in 90:09.

The Hardley men were not quite so successful but Matt Tanner finished 13th overall and 2nd M50 in 61:48 and Mick Anglim was 1st M70 in 71:42.  And Matt, Mick and Paul Bundell, who finsihed in 67:41, made up a Hardley team who finsihed 5th and were the only non Isle of Wight team in the top ten. Well done. 

Other Hardley results: Martin Loveless - 72:17, Dave Wilson - 75:17, Mike Sleath - 108:06"

You can see the full results here.

Combe Gibbet to Overton 16 mile trail race - Sunday 25 March 2018

Paddy Butler reports, "An extremely scenic point to point run through Berkshire and Hampshire. Tougher than I thought it would be due to the muddy conditions and  undulating hills and ridges but some great views."

Martin Loveless adds, "Lovely race but very sticky underfoot and still some snow in places on the tracks.  Know it’s downhill overall but I’d forgotten just how much uphill there was as well!"

If you like that sort of thing but are daunted by 16 miles then how about all or part of the Triple Whammy on Saturday 28 April - see Race Diary tab above for details.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Cat
8 01:49:01 Mark Causebrook SM
99 02:21:02 Paddy Butler MV55
172 02:43:56 Martin Loveless MV60
173 02:43:56 Tiffany Hanley FV50

The Grizzly Cub - Seaton - Sunday 18 March 2018

Along with lots of races, the Grizzly was cancelled bacause of the bad weather but the Cub went ahead with a revised course and the four Hardley runners who made it to Seaton had a great time.  Paddy Butler reports,

"Did the Grizzly today. It should have been retitled the Polar Bear. The marshals and organisers did a tremendous job considering the weather and were very good humoured. They shortened the course down to the 10 mile route but it was tough enough with the sub zero temperatures plus windchill. Conditions underfoot were slippery and, at times, the visibility was poor. I've never run on a beach with snow on it and I've never had en route cups of water with ice in them - would be nice on many runs but not needed today. 1266 runners finished which was a great turnout."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here's an album from Adrian Mudle.

Name Time Chip Time Gender Pos
149 Paddy Butler 01:21:43 01:20:45 138
783 Brendon Harbut 01:56:17 01:55:23 580
786 Ian Hawker 01:56:24 01:55:28 581
812 Adrian Mudle 01:58:43 01:57:47 597

CC6 Race 8 - Wilverley - Sunday 11 March 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

Today was the final CC6 of the 2017/2018 series, held at Wilverley. Due to bird nesting the course was changed to use tracks of the inclosure which provided a hilly, muddy and challenging route.  Well done to all our runners and special mention to Vicki Clarke for leading home the ladies in 14th place and Nathan Renyard for the men in 12th.

Also, happy Mother's Day to all that Mums that took part.

Following on from the CC6s will be the RR10 series, which begins in around 5 weeks time. Details are on our Race Diary page".

Simon is retiring as CC6 Captain at the end of this season.  If you think you might like to replace him please contact Simon (see Contact Us tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).


CC6 Race 7 (of 8) - Denny Wood - Sunday 18 February 2018

Click on the thumbnail to see the team photo. And there's a lovely album of over 600 photos on FB here.

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"It was a great turn out for Hardley this morning, with 8 ladies and 23 men running for us.  Jane Morgan led home the ladies in 9th place and Rob Kelf the men in 15th place.  Well done everyone!

Next up is the final race of the series at Wilverley Plain on the 11th March."

Martin Loveless comments, "What a great course, mud, mud, mud, grass and a bit of gravel followed by lots of cakes at the end - perfect "

And Dan Powell adds, " 27 today! And what better way to celebrate it than a muddy CC6 at Denny Wood this morning!"

Simon is retiring as CC6 Captain at the end of this season.  If you think you might like to replace him please contact Simon (see Contact Us tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Jane Morgan V50   36 Lisa Lewis V50   97 Sally Kirk V60
14 Vicki Clarke S   78 Sarah Fitton V40   101 Annie Bruce Low V70
23 Hannah Du Preez S   91 Sally Harbut V40        
15 Rob Kelf S   66 Paddy Butler V50   133 Glenn Hastelow V50
24 Nathan Renyard S   74 Ian Smith V50   138 Brendon Harbut V40
38 Dan Powell S   75 Paul Blundell V50   147 Adrian Mudle V60
44 Dale Purdom V50   81 Dan Chown S   156 Rob Wells V40
51 John Robson V50   82 Ian Hawker V60   157 Mike Sleath V50
52 Matthew Tanner V50   84 Mick Anglim V70   158 Jeremy Barber V60
60 Simon Ibbotson S   107 Dave Wilson V60   169 Roy van Hal V70
61 Dan Latham S   118 Martin Loveless V60        

HCCL Race 8 - Aldershot - Saturday 10 February 2018

Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.

Acting Cross Country Captain, Mick Anglim, reports,

"The final HCCL race was held in the rain on a new course near Aldershot yesterday. The playing field sections of the 9k course for men and 5.9k for women were muddy and slippy and the woodland paths were worse!

Hardley men romped home in 1st place in Div 3 for the 3rd time which put them top of the League and earned promotion for next season. Tim Anetts led the team home in 36th place with Mark Causebrook 54, James Clarke 97, Dale Purdom 116 and Mick Anglim the only M70 in 157.

The Hardley ladies also had a fantastic performance finishing 7th out of 27 Clubs!! 

Natalie Green was an impressive 23rd with Liz Young 36, Vicki Clarke 47, Tamsin Roberts 76 and Chris Harris 3rd W65 in 105th. 

Natalie and Vicki ended the season in 19th and 27th overall in a very high class field."

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Men 9K
36   Tim Anetts
54   Mark Causebrook
97   James Clarke
116 46 Dale Purdom
157 76 Mick Anglim
Women 5.9K
23   Natalie Green
36 11 Liz Young
47   Vicki Clarke
76   Tamsin Roberts
105 59 Chris Harris

HRRL Race 7 - The Ryde 10 - Sunday 4 February 2018

Men's Road Race Captain, Tim Anetts, reports, "Some great results at the very windy and hilly Ryde 10mile. As always there was a good turn out from Hardley. A new course divided opinion but well done to both the men and ladies who put out good teams and special mention to Mick Anglim who came first in the V70 category."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
18 Tim Anetts SM 17 12 01:01:44 01:01:44
64 Dan Powell SM 58 29 01:07:34 01:07:29
74 Matt Tanner M50 67 8 01:09:28 01:09:22
102 Callum Tanner SM 90 42 01:12:16 01:12:11
151 Natalie Green SF 26 8 01:15:16 01:14:58
153 Paul Blundell M50 127 14 01:15:40 01:15:31
165 Vicki Clarke SF 32 9 01:16:58 01:16:39
200 Mick Anglim M70 158 1 01:19:42 01:19:29
239 Mark Lee M50 183 21 01:24:19 01:24:10
266 Tamsin Roberts SF 70 20 01:27:12 01:26:54

The Stonehenge Stomp - Sunday 28 January 2018

Mick Anglim reports, "On Sunday morning in Amesbury the weather conditions were perfect for the 30th anniversary of the Stonehenge Stomp. Surprisingly the underfoot conditions were very good with just a few patches of mud on the longer courses. Thankfully the event has now been taken over by the City of Salisbury AC using the same format as Amesbury Walkers.

That and the good weather may explain why there was a record entry of 940 runners and walkers. Hardley was represented by 15 who pre-entered and at least another dozen who entered on the day.

Among them Matt and Callum Tanner flew around the 20k route which Jan Anglim and Sue Lewis took a little more leisurely. 

Natalie Green shrugged off the Brighton X/C and joined Ian Smith and daughter Hannah for the 30k course while Roger Morgan used the 40k route as marathon training.

I jogged around the 'alternative 20' which omits the initial residential section but includes the final scenic  10k of the 40k course. 

At £5 including refreshments at 6 Checkpoints and an impressive 30th Anniversary embroidered badge the Stomp has to be the one of the best value local events. Long may it continue under CoSARC."

Steve Bennett adds, "I bumped into a few other Hardley Runners in this annual event celebrating its 30th year.

After pre-race bro-hugs from Mark Lee, a large group of us including Alice Ryder, Paul Blundell set off on the 30K route. Matt and Callum Tanner were doing the 20K and soon turned off. I made a mistake of chatting to Sue Sleath - now Sue is lovely - but she's fast....and so I found myself putting in a little more work than normal and pulled clear of the other Hardley 30K group until Natalie Green shot past me at 17 miles!

As always a great event with a choice of 10, 20, 30 or 40K routes to run, jog or walk, well signed and organised."

Click on the logo to see some pictures.  And you can read more about the event here.

Southern Cross Country Championships - Brighton - Saturday 27 January 2018

Vicki Clarke reports

"On Saturday 27th six Hardley Runners made the trip down to Brighton for the Southern X/C Championships. Stanmer Park is on the side of the South Downs and with 250m of climb in 8k for the women and 440m in 14.4k for the men it was always going to be a tough course. The deteriorating weather ensured that it was a memorable race for all the Seniors!

On arriving the course was already muddy, but passable, so myself, Natalie Green and Chris Harris lined up amongst a packed line up of high standard athletes. As the gun went the rain started on cue, turning the course into a complete slip fest, with the uphills getting harder, and the downhills becoming treacherous. Despite that, I personally enjoyed it, and would recommend it to others to give it a go. Natalie ran a great race leading the team in in 124th, I was 184th and Chris finished us off in 339th. For me it was a great day out, and the souvenir hoody and Brighton night out post-race, definitely made it a fantastic trip. Well done to everyone who finished! Vicki

The men's race didn't start until 2:50 after nearly 1,700 runners had already churned up the course. The rain continued throughout the race and the wind turned stronger and colder. Andy Kellaway had to pull out on the first of 3 laps to protect a calf injury in the slippy conditions. Dale Purdom finished in a creditable 523rd position out of the 740 finishers." 

Mick Anglim adds,

"I've been competing in cross country races for over 55 years on 4 continents and the combination of terrain, mud and adverse weather made this one of the toughest. I took over 15 minutes longer than on the same course 3 years ago and finished in 724th place, almost in the dark!"

You can see the full results here

CC6 Race 6 (of 8) Kings Garn - Sunday 21 January 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, ""WET WET WET and very muddy describes the 6th CC6 held today at Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure at Stoney Cross. 6 ladies and 10 men ran for Hardley. Jane Morgan led home the ladies in 11th place and Dan Powell the men in 13th place. Well done everyone! 

Next up is Denny Wood in four weeks time, on the 18th February"

Here's an album with 700 pictures.

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
11 Jane Morgan V50   25 Tamsin Roberts S   27 Hannah Cockle S
16 Vicki Clarke S   26 Hannah Du Preez S   77 Annie Bruce Low V70
13 Dan Powell S   53 Paul Blundell V50   75 Roger Morgan V50
19 Nathan Renyard S   60 Andy Kellaway V50   82 Dave Wilson V60
38 Matthew Tanner V50   61 Mick Anglim V70        
42 Jack Fairbrother S   63 Simon Ibbotson S        

HRRL Race 6 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 14 January 2018

Jane Hodge reports,

“The Stubbington 10km is a well organised HRRL race and the conditions were good enough yesterday for 4 PBs (Vicki Clarke, Graham Robbin, Tim Anetts and Paddy Butler who says he's not sure whether it was the Marcothon or the sea air what done it), a PB for the course (James Clarke) and a number of placings (Malc Renyard and Mick Anglim 2nd and 4th V70 respectively, Jane Hodge 3rd V55 and Jan Anglim 4th V70). There was little wind and it was not as cold as it has been so it was a very enjoyable race. Not only was the course fast and traffic free but you got a decent goody bag for your money (long sleeved technical bright green T-shirt, power bar, banana, water) and the results were posted very quickly.

I recommend you enter early for the 2019 race as it always fills up quickly.”

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
18 Tim Anetts MS 15 00:34:48 00:34:45
308 Paddy Butler MV55 19 00:42:57 00:42:44
362 Graham Robbins MS 148 00:44:15 00:44:08
371 Malcolm Renyard MV70 2 00:44:22 00:44:09
395 Vicki Clarke FS 15 00:44:41 00:44:14
459 Charles Wilson MV60 13 00:45:51 00:45:25
479 Mike Smith MV65 7 00:46:26 00:46:08
515 Mick Anglim MV70 4 00:47:31 00:47:16
569 Jane Hodge FV55 3 00:48:38 00:48:13
719 Charmaine Bradford FV35 34 00:51:15 00:49:45
944 Sarah Kay FS 75 00:55:33 00:54:48
1455 Jan Anglim FV70+ 4 01:07:15 01:05:16
1655 Annie Bruce-Low FV70+ 7 01:44:09 01:41:45

HCCL Race 4 - Reading - Saturday 13 January 2018

MIck Anglim reports, "The penultimate Hampshire Cross Country League race was held at Prospect Park, Reading on a cold but dry afternoon. Disappointingly Hardley did not have full teams for either men or women.

However Natalie Green and Vicki Clarke flew the flag high for Hardley with Natalie finishing in a season's best of 33rd with Vicki in 69th (having run Southampton parkrun in the morning!)

The course was heavy underfoot and hilly with the men having over 400' of climb in 9.2k and the ladies 5.2k.

Andy Kellaway is getting back to form and finished in his season's best of 135th with Mick Anglim in 157th and 3rd M60 and 1st M70.

Full Results are here 

The next and final HCCL fixture will be on a new venue at Rushmoor, Aldershot on Saturday 10 February.

Our men can still win Div3 if we get our swift youngsters out so please represent your club as there is no HRRL clash that weekend."

The Fifth CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 7 January 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, "Other than the icy wind it was a beautiful morning today for the 5th CC6 of the series, at Badger Farm, Winchester.  Some new fencing and livestock in the form of cows made for an interesting addition to the course this year.  This didn't seem to slow the race as we had some great results. The Clarkes led Hardley home today with James in 9th position and Vicki in 12th position. Very well done to everyone.

The next CC6 is Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure, Stoney Cross in just two weeks time on Sunday 21st Jan starting at 9:30am.  I will send out details nearer the time."

Hardely results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website the evening after the race.  Here's a small picture album from Simon and here's one from Hammy with over 1,400 pictures.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
12 Vicki Clarke S   59 Lisa Lewis V50        
20 Lynn McDonagh V40   130 Annie Bruce Low V70        
9 James Clarke S   79 Paul Blundell V50   121 Roger Morgan V50
28 Brendan Anglim V40   83 Graham Robbins S   134 Jon Orpen S
30 Dan Powell S   99 Dan Chown S   176 Mike Sleath V50
49 Matthew Tanner V50   111 Ian Hawker V60   177 Jeremy Barber V60
64 Jack Fairbrother S   117 Patrick James V40        
65 Dan Latham S   118 Mick Anglim V70        

Hants Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 6 January 2018

We are the Champions!

Acting Cross Country Captain, Mick Anglim, reports, "

Congratulations to our Hampshire Cross Country Champions Jane Morgan (W55) and Malc Renyard (M70).

Fairthorne Manor was wall to wall mud and rough underfoot in places as we crossed tractor tracks around the modified courses with the ladies running 8.4k and the men 11.75.

Fortunately the rain stayed away but there was a biting North wind.

Well done to Vicki Clarke as our only Senior runner.

It was disappointing that none of our younger men ran as we were one short of a Senior Men's team. Our Veteran Men finished 12th team."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

And here are over 4,500 photos by Hammy

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
Men 11.75K
146 Dale Purdom M50 8 55:57
150 Paddy Butler M55 10 56:17
161 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 58:33
162 Dave Wilson M60 6 58:51
66 Mick Anglim M70 2 59:20
Women 8.4K
49 Vicki Clarke SW 32 40:35
64 Jane Morgan W55 1 43:46


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