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Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2017/18 season. Click here to see previous results.

CC6 Race 8 - Wilverley - Sunday 11 March 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

Today was the final CC6 of the 2017/2018 series, held at Wilverley. Due to bird nesting the course was changed to use tracks of the inclosure which provided a hilly, muddy and challenging route.  Well done to all our runners and special mention to Vicki Clarke for leading home the ladies in 14th place and Nathan Renyard for the men in 12th.

Also, happy Mother's Day to all that Mums that took part.

Following on from the CC6s will be the RR10 series, which begins in around 5 weeks time. Details are on our Race Diary page".

Simon is retiring as CC6 Captain at the end of this season.  If you think you might like to replace him please contact Simon (see Contact Us tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
Vicki Clarke
S   22
Karen Denham
V40   69
Sally Harbut
Jane Morgan
V50   39
Lisa Lewis
V50   76
Sally Kirk
12 Nathan Renyard S   57 Ian Smith V50   88 Glenn Hastelow V50
33 Matthew Tanner V50   60 Dave Wilson V60   97 Brendon Harbut V40
38 Dan Powell S   67 Mick Anglim V70   107 Adrian Mudle V60
48 Dan Latham S   70 Paul Blundell V50   121 Mike Sleath V50
49 Simon Ibbotson S   73 Martin Loveless V60        
54 Graham Robbins S   82 Chris Wilson V50        

CC6 Race 7 (of 8) - Denny Wood - Sunday 18 February 2018

Click on the thumbnail to see the team photo. And there's a lovely album of over 600 photos on FB here.

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"It was a great turn out for Hardley this morning, with 8 ladies and 23 men running for us.  Jane Morgan led home the ladies in 9th place and Rob Kelf the men in 15th place.  Well done everyone!

Next up is the final race of the series at Wilverley Plain on the 11th March."

Martin Loveless comments, "What a great course, mud, mud, mud, grass and a bit of gravel followed by lots of cakes at the end - perfect "

And Dan Powell adds, " 27 today! And what better way to celebrate it than a muddy CC6 at Denny Wood this morning!"

Simon is retiring as CC6 Captain at the end of this season.  If you think you might like to replace him please contact Simon (see Contact Us tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Jane Morgan V50   36 Lisa Lewis V50   97 Sally Kirk V60
14 Vicki Clarke S   78 Sarah Fitton V40   101 Annie Bruce Low V70
23 Hannah Du Preez S   91 Sally Harbut V40  
15 Rob Kelf S   66 Paddy Butler V50   133 Glenn Hastelow V50
24 Nathan Renyard S   74 Ian Smith V50   138 Brendon Harbut V40
38 Dan Powell S   75 Paul Blundell V50   147 Adrian Mudle V60
44 Dale Purdom V50   81 Dan Chown S   156 Rob Wells V40
51 John Robson V50   82 Ian Hawker V60   157 Mike Sleath V50
52 Matthew Tanner V50   84 Mick Anglim V70   158 Jeremy Barber V60
60 Simon Ibbotson S   107 Dave Wilson V60   169 Roy van Hal V70
61 Dan Latham S   118 Martin Loveless V60        

HCCL Race 4 - Aldershot - Saturday 10 February 2018

Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.

Acting Cross Country Captain, Mick Anglim, reports,

"The final HCCL race was held in the rain on a new course near Aldershot yesterday. The playing field sections of the 9k course for men and 5.9k for women were muddy and slippy and the woodland paths were worse!

Hardley men romped home in 1st place in Div 3 for the 3rd time which put them top of the League and earned promotion for next season. Tim Anetts led the team home in 36th place with Mark Causebrook 54, James Clarke 97, Dale Purdom 116 and Mick Anglim the only M70 in 157.

The Hardley ladies also had a fantastic performance finishing 7th out of 27 Clubs!! 

Natalie Green was an impressive 23rd with Liz Young 36, Vicki Clarke 47, Tamsin Roberts 76 and Chris Harris 3rd W65 in 105th. 

Natalie and Vicki ended the season in 19th and 27th overall in a very high class field."

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Men 9K
36 Tim Anetts
54 Mark Causebrook
97 James Clarke
116 46 Dale Purdom
157 76 Mick Anglim
Women 5.9K
23 Natalie Green
36 11 Liz Young
47 Vicki Clarke
76 Tamsin Roberts
105 59 Chris Harris

HRRL Race 7 - The Ryde 10 - Sunday 4 February 2018

Men's Road Race Captain, Tim Anetts, reports, "Some great results at the very windy and hilly Ryde 10mile. As always there was a good turn out from Hardley. A new course divided opinion but well done to both the men and ladies who put out good teams and special mention to Mick Anglim who came first in the V70 category."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
18 Tim Anetts SM 17 12 01:01:44 01:01:44
64 Dan Powell SM 58 29 01:07:34 01:07:29
74 Matt Tanner M50 67 8 01:09:28 01:09:22
102 Callum Tanner SM 90 42 01:12:16 01:12:11
151 Natalie Green SF 26 8 01:15:16 01:14:58
153 Paul Blundell M50 127 14 01:15:40 01:15:31
165 Vicki Clarke SF 32 9 01:16:58 01:16:39
200 Mick Anglim M70 158 1 01:19:42 01:19:29
239 Mark Lee M50 183 21 01:24:19 01:24:10
266 Tamsin Roberts SF 70 20 01:27:12 01:26:54

The Stonehenge Stomp - Sunday 28 January 2018

Mick Anglim reports, "On Sunday morning in Amesbury the weather conditions were perfect for the 30th anniversary of the Stonehenge Stomp. Surprisingly the underfoot conditions were very good with just a few patches of mud on the longer courses. Thankfully the event has now been taken over by the City of Salisbury AC using the same format as Amesbury Walkers.

That and the good weather may explain why there was a record entry of 940 runners and walkers. Hardley was represented by 15 who pre-entered and at least another dozen who entered on the day.

Among them Matt and Callum Tanner flew around the 20k route which Jan Anglim and Sue Lewis took a little more leisurely. 

Natalie Green shrugged off the Brighton X/C and joined Ian Smith and daughter Hannah for the 30k course while Roger Morgan used the 40k route as marathon training.

I jogged around the 'alternative 20' which omits the initial residential section but includes the final scenic  10k of the 40k course. 

At £5 including refreshments at 6 Checkpoints and an impressive 30th Anniversary embroidered badge the Stomp has to be the one of the best value local events. Long may it continue under CoSARC."

Steve Bennett adds, "I bumped into a few other Hardley Runners in this annual event celebrating its 30th year.

After pre-race bro-hugs from Mark Lee, a large group of us including Alice Ryder, Paul Blundell set off on the 30K route. Matt and Callum Tanner were doing the 20K and soon turned off. I made a mistake of chatting to Sue Sleath - now Sue is lovely - but she's fast....and so I found myself putting in a little more work than normal and pulled clear of the other Hardley 30K group until Natalie Green shot past me at 17 miles!

As always a great event with a choice of 10, 20, 30 or 40K routes to run, jog or walk, well signed and organised."

Click on the logo to see some pictures.  And you can read more about the event here.

Southern Cross Country Championships - Brighton - Saturday 27 January 2018

Vicki Clarke reports

"On Saturday 27th six Hardley Runners made the trip down to Brighton for the Southern X/C Championships. Stanmer Park is on the side of the South Downs and with 250m of climb in 8k for the women and 440m in 14.4k for the men it was always going to be a tough course. The deteriorating weather ensured that it was a memorable race for all the Seniors!

On arriving the course was already muddy, but passable, so myself, Natalie Green and Chris Harris lined up amongst a packed line up of high standard athletes. As the gun went the rain started on cue, turning the course into a complete slip fest, with the uphills getting harder, and the downhills becoming treacherous. Despite that, I personally enjoyed it, and would recommend it to others to give it a go. Natalie ran a great race leading the team in in 124th, I was 184th and Chris finished us off in 339th. For me it was a great day out, and the souvenir hoody and Brighton night out post-race, definitely made it a fantastic trip. Well done to everyone who finished! Vicki

The men's race didn't start until 2:50 after nearly 1,700 runners had already churned up the course. The rain continued throughout the race and the wind turned stronger and colder. Andy Kellaway had to pull out on the first of 3 laps to protect a calf injury in the slippy conditions. Dale Purdom finished in a creditable 523rd position out of the 740 finishers." 

Mick Anglim adds,

"I've been competing in cross country races for over 55 years on 4 continents and the combination of terrain, mud and adverse weather made this one of the toughest. I took over 15 minutes longer than on the same course 3 years ago and finished in 724th place, almost in the dark!"

You can see the full results here

CC6 Race 6 (of 8) Kings Garn - Sunday 21 January 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, ""WET WET WET and very muddy describes the 6th CC6 held today at Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure at Stoney Cross. 6 ladies and 10 men ran for Hardley. Jane Morgan led home the ladies in 11th place and Dan Powell the men in 13th place. Well done everyone! 

Next up is Denny Wood in four weeks time, on the 18th February"

Here's an album with 700 pictures.

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
11 Jane Morgan V50   25 Tamsin Roberts S   27 Hannah Cockle S
16 Vicki Clarke S   26 Hannah Du Preez S   77 Annie Bruce Low V70
13 Dan Powell S   53 Paul Blundell V50   75 Roger Morgan V50
19 Nathan Renyard S   60 Andy Kellaway V50   82 Dave Wilson V60
38 Matthew Tanner V50   61 Mick Anglim V70        
42 Jack Fairbrother S   63 Simon Ibbotson S        

HRRL Race 6 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 14 January 2018

Jane Hodge reports,

“The Stubbington 10km is a well organised HRRL race and the conditions were good enough yesterday for 4 PBs (Vicki Clarke, Graham Robbin, Tim Anetts and Paddy Butler who says he's not sure whether it was the Marcothon or the sea air what done it), a PB for the course (James Clarke) and a number of placings (Malc Renyard and Mick Anglim 2nd and 4th V70 respectively, Jane Hodge 3rd V55 and Jan Anglim 4th V70). There was little wind and it was not as cold as it has been so it was a very enjoyable race. Not only was the course fast and traffic free but you got a decent goody bag for your money (long sleeved technical bright green T-shirt, power bar, banana, water) and the results were posted very quickly.

I recommend you enter early for the 2019 race as it always fills up quickly.”

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
18 Tim Anetts MS 15 00:34:48 00:34:45
308 Paddy Butler MV55 19 00:42:57 00:42:44
362 Graham Robbins MS 148 00:44:15 00:44:08
371 Malcolm Renyard MV70 2 00:44:22 00:44:09
395 Vicki Clarke FS 15 00:44:41 00:44:14
459 Charles Wilson MV60 13 00:45:51 00:45:25
479 Mike Smith MV65 7 00:46:26 00:46:08
515 Mick Anglim MV70 4 00:47:31 00:47:16
569 Jane Hodge FV55 3 00:48:38 00:48:13
719 Charmaine Bradford FV35 34 00:51:15 00:49:45
944 Sarah Kay FS 75 00:55:33 00:54:48
1455 Jan Anglim FV70+ 4 01:07:15 01:05:16
1655 Annie Bruce-Low FV70+ 7 01:44:09 01:41:45

HCCL Race 4 - Reading - Saturday 13 January 2018

MIck Anglim reports, "The penultimate Hampshire Cross Country League race was held at Prospect Park, Reading on a cold but dry afternoon. Disappointingly Hardley did not have full teams for either men or women.

However Natalie Green and Vicki Clarke flew the flag high for Hardley with Natalie finishing in a season's best of 33rd with Vicki in 69th (having run Southampton parkrun in the morning!)

The course was heavy underfoot and hilly with the men having over 400' of climb in 9.2k and the ladies 5.2k.

Andy Kellaway is getting back to form and finished in his season's best of 135th with Mick Anglim in 157th and 3rd M60 and 1st M70.

Full Results are here 

The next and final HCCL fixture will be on a new venue at Rushmoor, Aldershot on Saturday 10 February.

Our men can still win Div3 if we get our swift youngsters out so please represent your club as there is no HRRL clash that weekend."

The Fifth CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 7 January 2018

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, "Other than the icy wind it was a beautiful morning today for the 5th CC6 of the series, at Badger Farm, Winchester.  Some new fencing and livestock in the form of cows made for an interesting addition to the course this year.  This didn't seem to slow the race as we had some great results. The Clarkes led Hardley home today with James in 9th position and Vicki in 12th position. Very well done to everyone.

The next CC6 is Kings Garn Gutter Inclosure, Stoney Cross in just two weeks time on Sunday 21st Jan starting at 9:30am.  I will send out details nearer the time."

Hardely results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website the evening after the race.  Here's a small picture album from Simon and here's one from Hammy with over 1,400 pictures.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
12 Vicki Clarke S   59 Lisa Lewis V50        
20 Lynn McDonagh V40   130 Annie Bruce Low V70        
9 James Clarke S   79 Paul Blundell V50   121 Roger Morgan V50
28 Brendan Anglim V40   83 Graham Robbins S   134 Jon Orpen S
30 Dan Powell S   99 Dan Chown S   176 Mike Sleath V50
49 Matthew Tanner V50   111 Ian Hawker V60   177 Jeremy Barber V60
64 Jack Fairbrother S   117 Patrick James V40        
65 Dan Latham S   118 Mick Anglim V70        

Hants Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 6 January 2018

We are the Champions!

Acting Cross Country Captain, Mick Anglim, reports, "

Congratulations to our Hampshire Cross Country Champions Jane Morgan (W55) and Malc Renyard (M70).

Fairthorne Manor was wall to wall mud and rough underfoot in places as we crossed tractor tracks around the modified courses with the ladies running 8.4k and the men 11.75.

Fortunately the rain stayed away but there was a biting North wind.

Well done to Vicki Clarke as our only Senior runner.

It was disappointing that none of our younger men ran as we were one short of a Senior Men's team. Our Veteran Men finished 12th team."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

And here are over 4,500 photos by Hammy

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
Men 11.75K
146 Dale Purdom M50 8 55:57
150 Paddy Butler M55 10 56:17
161 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 58:33
162 Dave Wilson M60 6 58:51
66 Mick Anglim M70 2 59:20
Women 8.4K
49 Vicki Clarke SW 32 40:35
64 Jane Morgan W55 1 43:46


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