Results for 2019

Results are published here in date order, latest at the top. If you have any results to add, please email the webmaster (see contact us page).

Nowadays quite a lot of races only show club name for EA registered runners.  This is very frustrating as it makes it much more difficult to find Hardley results.  If I miss you please email me.  Or better still, join EA.

Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2018/19 season. Click here to see previous results.

The Club Championships: HRRL Race 10 - The Netley 10K - Sunday 19 May 2019

Nineteen members battled for the silverware at the Netley 10K.  It was an excellent morning for a run though the heavens opened towards the end so some slower runners got an unexpected shower and the prize giving was curtailed.

But on the the Hardley championships.  As well as first past the post winners we have trophies for age adjusted results based on WAVA percentages

First home for the women was Alice Rudd and first on WAVA was Jane Hodge.  For the men it was a clean sweep for the Renyards with Nathan first home and Malc first on WAVA. 

I have also updated the Geoff Mills spreadsheet (see above for link).  Please let me know if you spot any discrepancies.  Assuming the spreadsheet is ok, 66 men represented the club on 409 occasions with Mick Anglim top with 28.  40 women turned out on 173 times with Chris Harris in the lead with 16.

Well done to everyone. 

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here  And here are a few photos

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos WAVA
18 00:37:03 00:37:01 Nathan Renyard M40 18 7 78.50
70 00:41:32 00:41:28 Daniel Latham SM 63 33 66.15
73 00:41:38 00:41:34 Daniel Powell SM 66 34 64.60
75 00:41:42 00:41:36 Matt Tanner M50 68 5 76.88
76 00:41:44 00:41:38 Alice Rudd SF 8 2 72.94
77 00:41:49 00:41:44 Simon Ibbotson SM 69 36 64.84
124 00:44:36 00:44:32 Paddy Butler M50 107 14 73.05
127 00:44:41 00:44:30 Vicki Clarke SF 19 6 68.46
173 00:47:08 00:47:02 Malcolm Renyard M70 137 1 81.19
188 00:47:53 00:47:47 Mick Anglim M70 148 2 77.72
194 00:48:21 00:48:10 Jane Hodge F55 42 2 81.39
209 00:49:28 00:49:23 Graham  Robbins SM 164 56 55.55
247 00:51:16 00:50:41 Steven Avery M40 184 67 59.60
270 00:52:36 00:52:16 Joanna Avery F35 78 36 59.62
271 00:52:37 00:52:25 Mike Smith M70 193 4 69.99
305 00:54:39 00:54:18 Tamsin Roberts SF 96 20 55.88
354 00:57:07 00:56:55 Jeremy Barber M60 228 23 62.48
400 01:00:46 01:00:14 Christine  Harris F65 156 3 73.35
479 01:12:12 01:11:23 Jan Anglim F65 217 8 64.25

HRRL Race 9 - The Alton 10 - Sunday 12 May 2019

Dan Latham reports,

"Alton 10 - one of the toughest runs I’ve done; coming back from injury the distance, hills and temperature for me was absolutely brutal. Good training though :-)"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
20 Nathan Renyard 01:03:24 01:03:18 M40 8 20
84 Matt Tanner 01:10:27 01:10:18 M50 10 79
134 Lauren Johnson 01:14:49 01:14:32 W35 5 10
150 Dan Latham 01:16:40 01:16:28 M 61 139
151 Simon Ibbotson 01:16:41 01:16:29 M 62 140
164 Vicki Clarke 01:17:51 01:17:31 F 7 17
211 Malcolm Renyard 01:22:14 01:21:57 M70 1 184
271 Dave Wilson 01:26:20 01:25:53 M60 12 219
317 Lee Maunder 01:31:09 01:30:49 M 83 242

The Lymington Lifeboat 10K - Sunday 12 May 2019

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
8 Callum Johnson  00:36:48 00:36:46 M 8 8
108 Ian Smith  00:44:02 00:43:57 M50 15 99
168 Nick Newton  00:47:11 00:47:02 M60 7 148
855 Elizabeth Potts  01:06:45 01:05:38 150 371
874 Sally Kirk  01:08:23 01:07:32 F60 11 384

ABP Southampton Races - Sunday 5 May 2019

There was a massive Hardley turnout for races from the fun run to the marathon.  Well done all. 

Claire Aplin reports,

Sunday 5th May 2019 saw 32 Hardley Runners take to the streets of Southampton to compete in the Marathon, Half Marathon or 10k event. Dotted around the course were several other Hardley Runners and their families, cheering on their club mates. 

Whilst the weather for spectators was a tad on the chilly side it was perfect for running, with the sun hidden behind light cloud for the most part, with a very light, cooling breeze. Unlike last year when Southampton was scorchingly hot, runners were able to enjoy their runs in a comfortable temperature.

As per usual all athletes pushed themselves to the limits. Liz Mould undertook her very first marathon, finishing 9th in her category! And the amazing Annie Bruce-Low completed the half marathon in a PB time and was first in her category. A newcomer to Hardley Runners, Andy Mansfield, was elated to knock 6 minutes off of his Half Marathon time. And father and son team, Steven and Joe Avery, both pushed themselves though the 10k, achieving PBs. This was Joe’s first race, other than Parkruns and he finished in a fantastic 50minutes and 1 second. "

The Hardley results I have been able to identify are below.  Click on the name to get more detailed information.  If you've been missed please let me know

And here's a small album of photos gathered from FB with thanks to the many photographers.This is the real thing.  Sorry about the wild flowers.

Bib Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos Pace
Fun Run
15 11432 Alfie Robbins 6.48
8to9 3 9  
11 1398 Mark Causebrook
M 6 11 16.0 km/h
117 2267 Sean Crompton
M 65 103 12.8 km/h
188 1474 Aleksandra Burlinson
FV50 4 27 12.1 km/h
274 1468 Joseph Avery
M 133 225 11.7 km/h
375 1467 Steven Avery
MV40 69 297 11.2 km/h
924 1464 Chris Harris
FV60 8 338 9.6 km/h
986 1355 Helen Mcluckie
F 223 370 9.5 km/h
1081 1475 Katharine Broomfield
F 266 436 9.3 km/h
1108 2081 Jamie Johnston
M 365 650 9.2 km/h
1411 1998 Danii Bundy
F 390 666 8.6 km/h
1625 1482 Carole Bailey
FV50 112 822 8.1 km/h
1655 1451 Katherine Atkinson
F 487 848 8.0 km/h
1936 2451 Laurel Dibden
F 597 1066 6.8 km/h
Half Marathon
41 4374 Nathan Renyard
MV40 7 41 9.3 m/hr
271 5532 Aaron Pritchard
MV40 71 256 7.9 m/hr
304 6631 Alice Rudd
F 11 18 7.9 m/hr
507 5506 Roy Dyer
MV50 37 473 7.4 m/hr
671 6632 Phil Rudd
M 366 606 7.1 m/hr
737 5456 Lee Maunder
M 397 658 7.0 m/hr
971 6396 Lee Sykes
MV40 238 840 6.7 m/hr
1228 6341 Roger Morgan
MV50 108 1014 6.5 m/hr
1555 5508 Brendon Harbut
MV40 349 1217 6.2 m/hr
1571 6078 Steve Henry
MV60 36 1228 6.2 m/hr
1858 6420 Rob Wells
MV40 392 1392 5.9 m/hr
1890 6322 Andy Mansfield
MV50 183 1414 5.9 m/hr
1963 5537 Beverley Southern
FV50 63 514 5.8 m/hr
2808 5540 Sarah Hood
FV40 306 998 4.9 m/hr
2809 5507 Sally Harbut
FV40 307 999 4.9 m/hr
2890 5538 Ian Southern
MV50 259 1834 4.8 m/hr
3109 5530 Annie Bruce-Low
FV70 1 1219 3.2 m/hr
55 10011 Ben Andrew
M 32 53 8.1 m/hr
360 10006 Graham Robbins
M 160 313 6.6 m/hr
696 10008 Liz Mould
FV50 9 122 5.7 m/hr

The Second RR10 - Stoney Cross - May Day 2019

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Race 2 of the RR10 league was hosted by Totton running club at Stoney Cross. The weather conditions were ideal and the course was the usual; long fast down hill first mile down the gravel track and through the woods, 2.7 miles of undulation and that "lovely" long mile up the concrete hill!

A great turn out for the ladies with 8 runners, if we'd have had one more we would have fielded 3 teams. Poppy Tanner had a great run leading the ladies home in a brilliant 16th place, followed by Jane Hodge in 27th which is a great result in the V60's and Tamsin Roberts having a great run in 42nd place.

17 men attended tonight, not the greatest attendance we've had, enough runners to make up 3 teams. Callum Johnson led the men home in a fantastic 8th Place, with Callum Tanner in 27th and Dan Powell in 47th.

Some good results throughout tonight, good effort all. We all deserved the smashing array of cakes put on by Totton after the finish, that's why we run right!

The next race is our own host event, WHICH HARDLEY RUNNERS CANNOT RUN, we need as many helpers as we can get for this, if you could all reply to Rob's email to let us know whether you're available. If anyone can bake cakes it's only fair we but on an equally good spread :-).

The next race we can run at is; Fleming Park on Weds 5th June starting at 7:30pm, we hope to see many runners there and a reminder that new runners are very very welcome, it's free to attend you just have to purchase and wear a club vest and be able to run 4.5 miles at any pace. See you there."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are published on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) te evening after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
16 Poppy Tanner     46 Charmaine Bradford     63 Hannah Cockle  
27 Jayne Hodge V60   47 Vicki Clarke     81 Chris Harris V60
42 Tamsin Roberts     60 Lisa Lewis V50        
8 Callum Johnson     70 Paul Blundell V50   140 John Labbett V50
27 Callum Tanner     90 Malcolm Renyard V70   142 Paul Newby V70
47 Dan Powell     121 Dave Wilson V60   163 Rob Wells V40
56 Dan Latham     124 Graeme Johnson     166 Jeremy Barber V60
57 Simon Ibbotson     133 Edd Biddle V40   167 Andy Barber V60
62 Matt Tanner V50   139 Ian Craddock V40        

The London Marathon - Sunday 28 April 2019

Well done to the three Hardley members who completed the London Marathon this year. Also to Sue Sleath who now represents Romsey and to Dave Turnbull who some members will recollect from the Lakelnd 50 .

Some members may not know that we get a London place each year.   This year it went to Hannah Cockle who has written an excellent report which you can read here

Our results and those of our two friends are below.  Click on the names for more information.  It is uncanny how close Dave was to Hannah's figures.  In the end she beat him by two seconds.

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos ChipTime
7508 Lock, Gary (GBR) M40 6015 1180 03:33:35
7876 Green, Natalie (GBR) F 1627 967 03:35:12
14588 Cockle, Hannah (GBR) F 3890 2045 03:59:23
5208 Sleath, Susan (GBR) W55 762 9 03:22:51
14594 Turnbull, David (GBR) M65 10702 77 03:59:25

The First RR10 - Netley - Weds 17 April 2019

The course was crowded with around 500 runners and there were some narrow twisty rooty bits and a few falls but overall this was a fine start to the season.  Here's a small photo album.

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) by Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
25 Vicki Clarke     157 Jacqui Healey V50   194 Chris Harris V60
52 Jane Hodge V60                
14 Callum Johnson     147 Mick Anglim V70   198 Ian Craddock .V40
15 Mark Causebrook     163 Matt Captain V40   213 Ed Biddle .V40
49 Dan Powell     171 Lee Maunder     215 Paul Newby V70
101 Paul Blundell V50   182 Graeme Johnson     245 Jeremy Barber V60
118 Malcolm Reynard V70   195 Dave Wilson V60   271 Mike Sleath V60
141 Ian Hawker V60   197 Roger Morgan V50   273 Rob Wells V40

HRRL Race 8 - The Salisbury 10 - Sunday 14 April 2019

Only four Hardley runners in this excellent race this year but didn't they do well. Special mention to Jane who was first in category.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
170 Vicki Clarke FS 21 6 01:11:40 01:11:25
294 Jane Hodge F60 68 1 01:19:38 01:19:24
315 Karen Denham F40 75 14 01:20:20 01:19:50
663 Martin Loveless M60 407 27 01:40:20 01:40:05

The Eastleigh 10K - Sunday 24 March 2019

10 Hardley runners enjoyed a fast flat course and good conditions for this year's Eastleigh 10K. Well done all and special mention to Malc Renyard and Jane Hodge who were first in category and Graham Robbins for a new PB.  Coincidence has a long arm.  Is there a statistician out there who can tell us what are the odds of 3 Hardley finishers in a row all being called Sarah?

Hardley results are below.  There may be members I have missed so please email me if you should be added to the list.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
71 Nathan Renyard VM40-44 13 00:36:50 00:36:43
176 Daniel Powell 98 00:39:48 00:39:39
222 Graham Robbins 119 00:40:52 00:40:43
558 Malcolm Renyard VM70+ 1 00:47:02 00:46:50
738 Jane Hodge VF60-64 1 00:49:07 00:48:37
978 Joanna Avery VF35-39 40 00:51:52 00:50:52
1128 Sarah Kay F 96 00:53:52 00:53:10
1285 Sarah Fitton tba tba 00:55:28 00:54:28
2000 Sarah Hood VF40-44 154 01:04:34 01:02:46
2344 Carole Bailey VF50-54 93 01:12:56 01:11:07

HRRL Race 7 - The Fleet Half - Sunday 17 March 2019

Four Hardley runners went to Fleet for this pre-London half.  Congratulations to Lee for a new PB.

Jane Hodge reports, "The Fleet half marathon always has a big field: it's one of the traditional pre-London races as well as a HRRL event. This year the finishers of over 2,500 were boosted by the race being a qualifying event for the EA Masters Age Group (which is the opportunity to represent England in the half marathon). The rain had cleared up so, although it was cold and windy, the sun kept us warm. The course was traffic free and a mixture of narrow urban streets and country lanes, this made for a very crowded race and I was tripping over people all the way. I trotted alongside the 1:50 minute pacer for 9 miles or so until the undulating course and lack of training slowed me down. There seemed to be no flat parts, only up or down!"

Hardley results are below.  You can read more about the event here and see the full results here

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
204 Nathan Renyard  M40 195 49 01:23:50 01:23:43
248 Mark Causebrook  M35 233 51 01:25:04 01:24:57
1262 Lee Maunder  MS 1043 317 01:47:43 01:46:29
1524 Jane Hodge  F60 302 10 01:52:23 01:51:07

The Grizzly and the Grizzly Cub - Seaton - Sunday 10 March 2019

Well that was fun.  The weather forecast was 50mph winds which made the prospect of the Stairway to Heaven interesting, to say the least.  But all was well; yes the wind was very strong but not dangerously slow, temperatures were good and the sun shone, apart from a few blustery showers.

For those as don't know, The Grizzly is 19 miles and a bit over 300 feet of climbing.  It includes 2 stretches along the beach, various bits of wading, lots of hills, lots of mud, including the famous Valley of the Bogs and the ascent of the cliff know as the Stairway to Heaven.  It is brilliantly organised by Axe Valley Runers and there are loads of helpful and encouraging marshals.  All in all a very good thing and an event everyone should try at least once. If you prefer to start gently then there's the Cub which is only nine miles.

Here are views from two ends of the field.  Sue Sleath reports, "I did my first Grizzly in 1997 and I've done all but 2 since then. (I was on holiday for one and missed last year's due to the snow). Can't remember ever enjoying it so much! Thank you to all the marshals, organisers, fellow runners and spectators. You were all part of a fabulous day. :-) Now, when can I sign up for next year?"  Sue runs for our Romsey friends nowadays but is still a Hardley member.  It is great to see her back to running well after a frustrating period of injury.

Meanwhile at the other end of the field (the back in case you were wondering) your webmaster, Jeremy Barber, was having a lovely time.  This was my 9th Grizzly so I've a long way to go to catch Sue.  But I may already have spent as much time of the course as she has.  First we we able to park on the sea front which was brilliant.  Then AVR sorted out my friend Peter Brunning (a visiting Haverhill Runner who had left his number in Cambridge) with incredible efficency.  Then we managed to meet most of the Hardley crew which was a bit of luck bearing in mind the crowds at the start.  The first five miles were a battle with Sally Harbut and great fun it was.  Then she went off to the Cub and I carried on.  At that point I also lost Peter who transferred to the Cub.  A mile or so later there was two way traffic when I had the inspirational experience ofseeing the front runners speed towards me.  I wish I could run like that but being a 'steady' runner does have the advantage that I have lots more time to enjoy the experience(s).  I made up a few places in the Valley of the Bogs as newcomers pussyfooted round the deep bits.  The wind battered the trees but we were sheltered by them and the bits falling down gave extra grip in the mud. The stretch on the beach about mile 16 was wind assisted which was great and the Stairway to Heaven was interesting without ever feeling dangerous.  So all in all it was a great experience and I have the sore knees and battered toes to prove it.

Hardely results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here's my photo album which gives you an idea of what you can look forward to if you sign up for next year.


Name Time Chip Time Gender Gender Pos
486 Sally Harbut 02:20:51 02:20:51 Female
530 Michael Sleath 02:27:35 02:24:19 Male
38 Rob Kelf 02:43:51 02:42:40 Male
159 Sue Sleath 03:04:37 03:03:02 Female
414 Paul blundell 03:30:40 03:29:33 Male
483 Hannah Cockle 03:36:30 03:34:41 Female
917 Brendon Harbut 04:11:47 04:08:28 Male
1211 Ian hawker 04:39:20 04:36:00 Male
1562 Jeremy Barber 05:38:43 05:35:25 Male

The 8th and last CC6 - Wilverley - Sunday 10 March 2019

Roger Morgan – joint CC6 captain, reports,

"The last race of the CC6 season was hosted by New Forest runners who certainly produced a varied and challenging course at Wilverley.

It was very windy although the rain which had soaked the course overnight kept away. Classic cross country.

Nine men and two ladies represented Hardley. One lower number than usual probably owing to the other races available on the day. However it was very encouraging to welcome four runners who had not raced a CC6 this year bringing the total number of club members to fifty who have raced this year in one or more races.

Special mention to Callum Johnson (9) and Alice Rudd (3) as our top two finishers with Nathan Renyard (12) and Ben Andrew (26). New club member Matt Hawes (74) made a fine debut run".

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) on Monday evening.

3 Alice Rudd   80 Sally Anne Kirk       
9 Callum Johnson    40 Dan Powell    98 Jon Orpen 
12 Nathan Renyard    64 Marc Darcy    104 Roger Morgan 
26 Ben Andrew    74 Matt Hawes    125 Robert Wells 

The Oakhaven Half - Sunday 3 March 2019

Jane Hodge reports, "Five Hardley runners (Mark Darcy, Sarah Fitton, Roger Morgan, Terry Earney and myself) did the Oakhaven trail ½ marathon on Sunday in rain, high wind and lots of mud. Unfortunately, because of a marshalling error Mark did an extra 2 miles. Terry paced Sarah to a PB which was brilliant in such adverse conditions and I was first V60."

Well done all.  Times are below.  You can see the full results here.  If you'd like to see the photos then you'll need the bib numbers to search on the Charles Whitton site.

Time Name Cat Bib
1:58:31 Mark Darcy MV40



Jane Hodge





Roger Morgan





Sarah Fitton





Terry Earney



The 7th (yes 7th) CC6 - Ashurst - Sunday 17 February 2019

Hannah Cockle and Roger Morgan – joint CC6 captains, report,

"The CC6’s this season just seem to get better with each race.

This year Totton RC treated us to a new course starting at Ashurst Camp Site. A great event venue with good access and plenty of parking all close to the start and finish area. The temperature was a balmy 8 degrees C with blue skies and birds singing.

A record number of 23 Hardley Runners created a purple sea of colour amongst a large turnout.

The 5.2 mile course was a wonderful mixture of fast forest gravel tracks turning off into Dear Leap and Longdown Enclosures for some more traditional cross country mud as promised. Apart from some small inclines the course was perhaps one of the flattest for the Forest.  An abundant supply of Totton cakes at the finish line – warm sunshine and plenty of smiles and chat. It does not get any better.

The results:

Fastest lady was Lauren Johnson coming in at 8th position and fastest man Sean Bowen 35th.   We had 2 men first timers and 4 lady first timers. Welcome and well done all.

The last race of the season is at Wilverley on 10th March. It is possibly the last CC6 to be held at this venue so if you have not tried a CC6 for a while or at all this would be great one.

Finally – if you left a really nice SIS water bottle at Ashurst we have it with the club box for the next race."

Here's a small photo album.  Didn't we have a lovely time!  Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) the evening after the race.

8 Lauren Johnson   69 Lisa Lewis   91 Sarah Asquith
49 Hannah Cockle   73 Natasha Hennessey   105 Sally Harbut
54 Kelly Annetts   88 Chris Harris   110 Katherine Broomfield
35 Sean Bowen   65 Aaron Pritchard   110 Brendan Harbut
40 Dan Powell   75 Paul Blundell   137 Roger Morgan
46 Ben Andrew   93 Dan Chown   161 Jeremy Barber
48 Simon Ibbotson   95 Mick Anglim   163 Andrew Astley
58 Graham Robbins   101 Lee Maunder      

Hants Cross Country League Race Race 5 - Ours - Sat 9 Febuary 2019

Club President, Mick Anglim, reports, "Well done to all and particularly the Hardley men who were 2nd Team in Div 2. That put them in 4th place overall out of the ten Div 2 teams. 

Thanks again to everyone who helped to put the event on for the 700+ runners who competed. Thanks also to those who represented Hardley by running and particularly for those who also volunteered."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results on the HCCL website (see Links tab above)

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Women Approx 6K
85 45 Hannah Du Preez V35 30:51
120 73 Chris Harris V65 36:09
123 76 Sally Harbut V35 36:46
141 93 Claire Aplin V45 43:51
Men Approx 10K
51   Jappas Du Preez   38:13
115   Dan Latham   42:53
134 59 Paddy Butler M50 44:38
150   Simon Ibbotson   45:18
151   Graham Robbins   45:32
171 90 Mick Anglim M70 49:23
182 99 Roger Morgan M50 53:14
194 111 Rob Wells (sweeper) M40 72:54

HRRL Race 6 - The Ryde 10 - Sunday 3 February 2019

HRRL Captain, Vicki Clarke, reports,

Ryde 10miles – The Beautiful One with the Hills!

With much of the country being battered by snow and plummeting temperatures, there was potential for this year's Ryde 10miler on 3rd Feb to be a grim race. However, although we woke up to freezing temperatures, the morning was sunny, fresh and had minimal wind – basically, perfect race conditions!

Just four intrepid Hardley Runners made the journey across the water, to line up with near 500 other runners, ready to brave the hills. This race is not for the feint hearted, with over 700 feet of elevation, but the scenery definitely makes it worthwhile. We pass cute cottages, beach huts, rolling hills, stunning beaches, and relaxed pubs, before a quick last downhill kilometre to the finish.

We were led in by Dan Latham in a highly respectable 1:11:32 for 92nd place, followed by myself in 1:14:58 to come 14th female. Mick Anglim had a fantastic run to come 1st in his age group (again!) in 1:20:29, and the ever smiling Mark Lee finished in 1:26:39 rounding off our entrants.

This race is well worth a go, and I'd also recommend staying an extra day or two to take in the island!

Well done to those who competed! Next up....Fleet half on 17th March!

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here
Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
92 Dan Latham SM 85 41 01:11:33 01:11:32
121 Vicki Clarke SF 14 6 01:15:10 01:14:58
198 Mick Anglim M70 163 1 01:20:39 01:20:29
278 Mark Lee M50 211 26 01:26:50 01:26:39

The 6th CC6 - Kings Garn Gutter 20 January 2019

Hannah Cockle and Roger Morgan – joint CC6 captains, report,

"Another great race. Excellent dry and sunny day and plenty of mud. The 4.2 mile course sped by for the 19 runners including 4 women and 15 men.

Plenty of smiles with over 60% of runners improving on their last CC6 place. So the steep hill climb at the end of the two lap hilly gravel and mud course was great running conditions for our club.

We are very fortunate to have such a fun race series throughout the winter. Over 40 club members have now competed this season. The next race is 17 February – normally at Denny Wood although there may be a relocation this year. So if you have not yet had the time or inclination to run a CC6 we would love to see you."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above)

46 Hannah Cockle   82 Chris Harris      
59 Natasha Hennessey   94 Sally Harbutt      
15 Nathan Renyard   85 Lee Maunder   103 Brendan Harbut
33 Dan Latham   87 Malc Renyard   110 Roger Morgan
55 Simon Ibbotson   93 Dan Chown   114 Jon Orpen
58 Aaron Pritchard   98 Liam Green   116 Ian Hawker
81 Paul Blundell   102 Mick Anglim   161 Mike Sleath

HRRL Race 5 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 13 January 2019

Report will follow.  In the meantime here are the Hardley results.  You can see the full results here and read more about the race here.

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
74 Callum Johnson M 50 00:36:51 00:36:45
162 Dan Latham M 89 00:39:35 00:39:28
220 Simon Ibbotson M 109 00:40:59 00:40:51
241 Daniel Powell M 119 00:41:23 00:41:16
340 Graham Robins M 152 00:43:18 00:43:11
509 Vicki Clarke F 34 00:46:48 00:46:25
614 Roy Dyer MV50-54 43 00:48:43 00:47:58
741 Mike Smith MV70-74 2 00:50:54 00:50:33
883 Mick Anglim MV70-74 5 00:53:26 00:53:03
1277 Emma Rogers F 121 01:00:14 00:58:20
1644 Jan Anglim FV70-74 5 01:11:46 01:09:29
1743 Annie Bruce-Low FV75+ 1 01:40:41 01:38:23

Hants Cross Country League Race Race 4 -Prospect Park Reading - Sat 12 January

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results on the HCCL website (see Links tab above)

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
99 43 Hannah Du Preez V35 27:08
129 63 Chris Harris V65 31:34
75   Jappas Du Preez   36:33
174 77 Malcolm Renyard M70 44:51
191 90 Mick Anglim M70 47:23

The Fifth CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 6 January 2019

CC6 Captains, Roger Morgan and Hannah Cockle, report

A great start to the New Year on a fine dry morning for the biggest yet turnout by Hardley Runners. There really was a tremendous atmosphere amongst the club members which bodes well  for the rest of the race series. 

Six women and sixteen men raced for Hardley around the five mile undulating course which was remarkably dry for the time of year. There was a very large turnout of runners which kept the race going at a fast pace throughout especially were the course follows fairly narrow bridle ways around the Winchester countryside.

The Hardley women were led home by Vicki Clarke (10th). Natasha Hennessey (57th) in her second race is showing tremendous fast improvement . Chris Harris (79) Jacqui Healey (82) and Sally Harbutt (88) put in excellent runs. Katharine Broomfield (107) made her debut in the CC6 series arriving in a very respectable position.

For the men we lost Dan Powell after a mile with injury so we all wish him well with his recovery. This meant Callum Johnson (13) led the men home. Our second runner was Dan Latham (28) Graham Robbins(50) Simon Ibbottson   (57) coming in strongly.

So far this season eleven women and twenty eight men have represented Hardley Runners spanning all age groups. If everybody turns up on the same day we will have to get a bigger tent!

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website the evening after the race.  Here's a Hardley picture album from Dan, Jeremy and Hammy and here's the full one from Hammy with over 1,400 pictures.

10 Vicki Clarke   79 Chris Harris   88 Sally Harbutt
57 Natasha Hennessey   82 Jacqui Healey   107 Katharine Broomfield
13 Callum Johnson   103 Lee Maunder   165 Andrew Astley
28 Dan Latham   104 Brendon Harbutt   176 Jeremy Barber
50 Graham Robbins   106 Dave Wilson   180 Andy Barber
57 Simon Ibbottson   113 Jon Orpen     Dan Powell retired injured
70 Daniel Chown   123 Roger Morgan      
81 Liam Green   137 Mick Anglim      

Hants Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 5 January 2019

We are the Champions!

Congratulations to our Hampshire Cross Country Champions Jane Hodge (W60) and Malc Renyard (M70).

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

And here are over 4,000 photos by Hammy

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
Men 12K
91 Callum Tanner SM 62 48:30:00
107 Nathan Renyard M40 17 49:55:00
155 Paddy Butler M55 11 54:43:00
166 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 56:18:00
175 Mick Anglim M70 2 59:12:00
Women 8.4K
75 Jane Hodge W60 1 42:49:00


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