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Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2018/19 season. Click here to see previous results.


HRRL Race 5 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 13 January 2019

Report will follow.  In the meantime here are the Hardley results.  You can see the full results here and read more about the race here.

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
74 Callum Johnson M 50 00:36:51 00:36:45
162 Dan Latham M 89 00:39:35 00:39:28
220 Simon Ibbotson M 109 00:40:59 00:40:51
241 Daniel Powell M 119 00:41:23 00:41:16
340 Graham Robins M 152 00:43:18 00:43:11
509 Vicki Clarke F 34 00:46:48 00:46:25
614 Roy Dyer MV50-54 43 00:48:43 00:47:58
741 Mike Smith MV70-74 2 00:50:54 00:50:33
883 Mick Anglim MV70-74 5 00:53:26 00:53:03
1277 Emma Rogers F 121 01:00:14 00:58:20
1644 Jan Anglim FV70-74 5 01:11:46 01:09:29
1743 Annie Bruce-Low FV75+ 1 01:40:41 01:38:23

The Fifth CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 6 January 2019

CC6 Captains, Roger Morgan and Hannah Cockle, report

A great start to the New Year on a fine dry morning for the biggest yet turnout by Hardley Runners. There really was a tremendous atmosphere amongst the club members which bodes well  for the rest of the race series. 

Six women and sixteen men raced for Hardley around the five mile undulating course which was remarkably dry for the time of year. There was a very large turnout of runners which kept the race going at a fast pace throughout especially were the course follows fairly narrow bridle ways around the Winchester countryside.

The Hardley women were led home by Vicki Clarke (10th). Natasha Hennessey (57th) in her second race is showing tremendous fast improvement . Chris Harris (79) Jacqui Healey (82) and Sally Harbutt (88) put in excellent runs. Katharine Broomfield (107) made her debut in the CC6 series arriving in a very respectable position.

For the men we lost Dan Powell after a mile with injury so we all wish him well with his recovery. This meant Callum Johnson (13) led the men home. Our second runner was Dan Latham (28) Graham Robbins(50) Simon Ibbottson   (57) coming in strongly.

So far this season eleven women and twenty eight men have represented Hardley Runners spanning all age groups. If everybody turns up on the same day we will have to get a bigger tent!

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website the evening after the race.  Here's a Hardley picture album from Dan, Jeremy and Hammy and here's the full one from Hammy with over 1,400 pictures.

10 Vicki Clarke   79 Chris Harris   88 Sally Harbutt
57 Natasha Hennessey   82 Jacqui Healey   107 Katharine Broomfield
13 Callum Johnson   103 Lee Maunder   165 Andrew Astley
28 Dan Latham   104 Brendon Harbutt   176 Jeremy Barber
50 Graham Robbins   106 Dave Wilson   180 Andy Barber
57 Simon Ibbottson   113 Jon Orpen     Dan Powell retired injured
70 Daniel Chown   123 Roger Morgan      
81 Liam Green   137 Mick Anglim      

Hants Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 5 January 2019

We are the Champions!

Congratulations to our Hampshire Cross Country Champions Jane Hodge (W60) and Malc Renyard (M70).

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

And here are over 4,000 photos by Hammy

Name Cat Cat Pos Time
Men 12K
91 Callum Tanner SM 62 48:30:00
107 Nathan Renyard M40 17 49:55:00
155 Paddy Butler M55 11 54:43:00
166 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 56:18:00
175 Mick Anglim M70 2 59:12:00
Women 8.4K
75 Jane Hodge W60 1 42:49:00


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