Results for 2017

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Nowadays quite a lot of races only show club name for EA registered runners.  This is very frustrating as it makes it much more difficult to find Hardley results.  If I miss you please email me.  Or better still, join EA.

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Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2017/18 season. Click here to see previous results.

Bovington Half Marathon - Sunday 17 December 2017

Rob Wells reports,

"Last Sunday I took on the White Star Running Bovington half marathon at the tank museum, missed it last year as I marshalled and vowed to do it this year even though I'm out injured, so glad I did as it looks like it was the last Bovington half event. You always expect a little bit more mileage for your money at a WSR event so it was no surprise when it turned out to be 16.5 miles a sort of ultra half. The course was wet and muddy with forest trails, gravel and of course the tank tracks, one of the best bling you'll ever earn and a nice bottled ale to have at the finish line."

Rob was 33rd, 35th M40 in 3:22:08.  You can see the full results here

Hardley Handicap - Hawkhill Inclosure - Sunday 17 December 2017

Race Director, Adrain Mudle, reports, "Many thanks to all the Hardley Runners and guests who attended the Hardley Christmas Handicap run, 17th December 2017, with a special mention and thank you to those who help me out, setting up the gazebo, Jeremy for the mince pies, and mulled wine, Paul, and Debbie for helping me with the finish, Danii, and Julie for picking up the way markers, and I should not forget Jen and Linda for helping Jeremy out at the" Hardley Inn".

As my first time running the event in Mick's absence it was always going to be a steep learning curve, basically all went OK though apologies to team Simmonds, for getting your predicted times wrong, I have adjusted the times to reflect this.  Also note that Chris started very late and was not timed so I'm sure she would have been a lot faster, and as such does not qualify for the Lantern Rouge.  We were though also surprised to see Andy Kellaway drive into the car park 1 minute past his start time.   I guess by the time he parked he would have been a good 4-5 minutes late, therefore as the person in charge I declare the runner with the predicted time furthest from the actual time is Tiff Hanley, though to her credit was 10:39 FASTER.

The fastest runner overall which will come as no surprise was James Clark, in a very respectable 37:27 though slower than the predicted 35:30 as his first time I'm sure next year will be closer.

The Handicap is not about the fastest or slowest runner though, it's being closest to your predicted time, while running with no timing aids.  Six runners came within a minute of their predicted times, however with a time only 3 second slower than the predicted time the overall winner is Dave Wilson."

Results are below.  You can see them here as an Excel spreadsheet.  And here's a photo album.

Predicted Actual Difference  
Predicted Actual Difference
Dave Wilson 00:46:00 00:46:03 00:00:03   Glenn Hastelow 00:53:24 00:51:27 00:01:57
Chris Wilson 00:49:00 00:48:50 00:00:10   James Clark 00:35:30 00:37:27 00:01:57
Team Simmonds 01:05:00 01:04:39 00:00:21   Jeremy Barber 01:00:30 01:02:51 00:02:21
Tamsin Roberts 00:49:30 00:49:02 00:00:28   Dan Latham 00:42:43 00:45:27 00:02:44
Natalie Green 00:43:48 00:43:13 00:00:35   Brendon Harbut 00:55:00 00:51:53 00:03:07
Hannah Smith 00:46:21 00:47:02 00:00:41   Kevin Bannister 01:05:00 01:01:31 00:03:29
Mike Smith 00:50:00 00:48:58 00:01:02   Sally Harbut 01:10:00 01:04:59 00:05:01
Lynn Wilson 01:15:40 01:14:33 00:01:07   Mike Sleath 00:58:30 01:03:46 00:05:16
Grace Hawker 01:05:00 01:06:09 00:01:09   Linda Noke 01:12:00 01:06:43 00:05:17
Jane Morgan 00:49:59 00:48:43 00:01:16   Julie Swainston 00:57:40 00:51:43 00:05:57
Roger Morgan 00:52:00 00:53:16 00:01:16   Danii Bundy 01:08:00 00:59:24 00:08:36
Jamie Morgan 00:49:01 00:47:42 00:01:19   Andrew Kellaway 00:42:00 00:52:11 00:10:11
Chris Shimman 00:52:16 00:50:53 00:01:23   Tiff Hanley 01:05:00 00:54:21 00:10:39
Ray Noke 01:02:00 01:03:28 00:01:28   Chris Harris,  Lilly 00:58:30 01:09:11 00:10:41
Ian Hawker 00:45:30 00:47:04 00:01:34   Lynn Wilson 01:15:40 DNF DNF
Lauren Johnson 00:46:00 00:44:22 00:01:38   Judy Bannister 01:05:00 DNF DNF
Andrew Astley 00:57:20 00:55:33 00:01:47   Alison Renyard 00:59:00 DNF DNF
Vicki Clark 00:45:30 00:43:42 00:01:48   Malcom Price 00:58:00 DNF DNF
Ian Smith 00:46:21 00:44:31 00:01:50   Karen Denham 00:45:00 DNS DNS
Mike Clarke 00:50:00 00:51:50 00:01:50   Jack Fairbrother 00:43:15 DNS DNS
Nathan Renyard 00:41:00 00:42:53 00:01:53   James Prenter 00:43:00 DNS DNS
Matt Tanner 00:38:52 00:40:45 00:01:53   Dan Powell 00:42:00 DNS DNS
Actual Name Predicted  
Actual Name Predicted
1 00:37:27 James Clark 00:35:30   19 00:51:43 Julie Swainston 00:57:40
2 00:40:45 Matt Tanner 00:38:52   20 00:51:50 Mike Clarke 00:50:00
3 00:42:53 Nathan Renyard 00:41:00   21 00:51:53 Brendon Harbut 00:55:00
4 00:43:13 Natalie Green 00:43:48   22 00:52:11 Andrew Kellaway 00:42:00
5 00:43:42 Vicki Clark 00:45:30   23 00:53:16 Roger Morgan 00:52:00
6 00:44:22 Lauren Johnson 00:46:00   24 00:54:21 Tiff Hanley 01:05:00
7 00:44:31 Ian Smith 00:46:21   25 00:55:33 Andrew Astley 00:57:20
8 00:45:27 Dan Latham 00:42:43   26 00:59:24 Danii Bundy 01:08:00
9 00:46:03 Dave Wilson 00:46:00   27 01:01:31 Kevin Bannister 01:05:00
10 00:47:02 Hannah Smith 00:46:21   28 01:02:51 Jeremy Barber 01:00:30
11 00:47:04 Ian Hawker 00:45:30   29 01:03:28 Ray Noke 01:02:00
12 00:47:42 Jamie Morgan 00:49:01   30 01:03:46 Mike Sleath 00:58:30
13 00:48:43 Jane Morgan 00:49:59   31 01:04:39 Team Simmonds 01:05:00
14 00:48:50 Chris Wilson 00:49:00   32 01:04:59 Sally Harbut 01:10:00
15 00:48:58 Mike Smith 00:50:00   33 01:06:09 Grace Hawker 01:05:00
16 00:49:02 Tamsin Roberts 00:49:30   34 01:06:43 Linda Noke 01:12:00
17 00:50:53 Chris Shimman 00:52:16   35 01:09:11 Chris Harris, & Lilly 00:58:30
18 00:51:27 Glenn Hastelow 00:53:24   36
Lynn Wilson

Christmas Pudding 10K - Sunday 10 December 2017

Jane Hodge reports,

"462 people braved atrocious conditions to run the Christmas Pud 10km at Burton on 10 December—Mick Anglim even raced it despite having run the cross country a short while before! The weather was cold, wet and windy and the rural course was full of mud, standing water in numerous puddles and 2 fords which I've never seen so full. The rain started just as the gun went off so we were all wet through by the end. The hot soup and the Xmas pudding in the goody bag were very welcome.

Particular praise to Tim Anetts who got a PB in a really challenging event and to Guy Lawrenson who competed in his first race (apart from a couple of RR10s) since his stroke in October 2013 and finished strongly, completing the last 2 miles the quickest. But well done to everyone who turned up, walked a mile to/from the Race HQ through mud and rain and ran in the wet."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Time Name Cat  
Time Name Cat
7 00:35:35 Tim Anetts MS   299 00:59:02 Chris Harris FV65
106 00:47:09 Malcolm Renyard MV70   344 01:02:12 Sarah Fitton FV45
139 00:48:48 Chris Wilson MV55   361 01:04:34 Claire Aplin FV45
158 00:50:16 Jane Hodge FV55   420 01:11:06 Angela Simmonds FV60
198 00:52:11 Mick Anglim MV70   424 01:11:27 Guy Lawrenson MV65

The 4th CC6 - Janesmoor - Sunday 10 December 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"Well done all who braved the rain, wind, mud and cold this morning to attend the Janesmoor Pond CC6.  Given the challenging conditions it was great to have our highest turnout of the series so far... 15 runners.  There were some great results, especially given the conditions.  Jappas led home the men in 5th position and Natalie the ladies in 12th position.  I think I'll have to arrange for more bad weather since you all seem to love it ;).  Here are a few pictures

It will be straight back to racing after New Year with CC6 #5 at Badger Farm, Winchester on Sunday 7th January. Hope to see you there."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
12 Natalie Green S   23 Jane Morgan V50   37 Hannah Du Preez S
17 Lynn McDonagh V40   24 Vicki Clarke S   52 Tamsin Roberts S
5 Jappas Du Preez S   62 Andy Kellaway V50   106 Mick Anglim V70
33 Chris Harris S   68 Dave Wilson V60   114 Glen Hastelow V50 
34 Richard Harris S   69 Paul Blundell V50        
40 Matthew Tanner V50   103 Patrick James V40        

HRRL Race 5 - The Victory 5 - Portsmouth - Sunday 3 December 2017

Tim Anetts, Men's Road Race Captain, reports

"Good conditions this morning at Lakeside for the Victory 5 mile. A fast course led to lots of PBs. Dan Powell knocked a minute and a half off his 5 mile time, Dave Wilson improved his by over 2 minutes and Vicki Clarke ran a PB as well.  Both she and Dave after racing in the XC yesterday, very impressive. Well done Natalie who led the Hardley Ladies in with a time of 33.38 after racing in the HXCL yesterday as well. 

Lots of top performances this morning, well done to everyone who ran. Thanks, Tim."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Name Cat Cat Pos Gun Time Chip Time
25 Tim Anetts M 24 00:27:45 00:27:42
136 Dan Powell M 80 00:31:44 00:31:31
210 Natalie Green F 16 00:33:38 00:33:27
257 Vicki Clarke F 24 00:34:54 00:34:40
266 Paddy Butler MV55 11 00:35:11 00:34:55
274 Ian Smith MV55 12 00:35:22 00:35:10
286 Malcolm Renyard MV70 2 00:35:59 00:35:36
348 Dave Wilson MV60 14 00:37:45 00:37:18
362 Mike Smith MV65 2 00:38:12 00:37:46
390 Mick Anglim MV70 5 00:39:10 00:38:43
401 John Simmonds MV60 19 00:39:43 00:39:15
649 Jan Anglim FV70 2 00:53:41 00:52:44
665 Angela Simmonds FV60 14 00:55:28 00:54:34

HCCL Race 3 - Popham - Saturday 2 December 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "Despite not having some of our stars both our ladies’ and men’s teams did well on a cold, grey day. The grassy Popham course was nowhere near as challenging as Butser Hill and even the drizzle that the ladies ran in didn’t affect the good underfoot conditions.

Particular congratulations to Natalie Green who led the ladies home in an impressive 36th place and to Andy Kellaway who led the men home."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

The next fixture will be at Prospect Park, Reading on 13 January.

You can still enter the 06 January Hampshire Championships at until 29 December and the

27 January Southern Championships until 15 December at

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Men 10K ish
182 82 Andy Kellaway M50 42:17
200 96 Dave Wilson M60 44:24
214 109 Mick Anglim M70 46:41
226 120 David Gould M50 50:28
229 123 Jeremy Barber M60 57:24
Women 6K ish
36 Natalie Green 24:21
61 Vicki Clarke 26:06
109 59 Chris Harris V65 32:31

HRRL Race 4 - The Hayling 10 - Sunday 26 November 2017

Vicki Clarke says, "Just wanted to say a massive well done and thank you to the organisers of Hayling 10 today. Fantastic race, stunning course, and really well organised. Great morning out!"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

M/F Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time
17 16 Mark Causebrook M 11 59.28
80 73 Matt Tanner M50 8 65.30
161 142 Paul Blundell M50 18 70.54
165 20 Alice Ryder F35 6 71.00
259 48 Vicki Clarke F 13 75.48
271 221 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 76.42
277 224 Dave Wilson M60 15 77.15
316 248 Mick Anglim M70 2 79.49
337 78 Jane Hodge F55 6 81.18
571 225 Jan Anglim F70 1 114.23

HRRL Race 3- The Gosport Half - Sunday 19 November 2017

Ladies Road Race Captain, Alice Ryder, reports, "Conditions were perfect and Hardley was well represented. It was Hannah's second ever half marathon and a big pb! Tim is coming back from injury and so treated it as a training run. What a great time! Charmaine was pretty sure it was a pb for her too so lots of happy people."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here and read more about the event here.

Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos
66 01:20:43 01:20:41 Tim Anetts MS 46
155 01:26:44 01:26:31 Matt Tanner M50+ 9
378 01:35:08 01:34:16 Alice Ryder F35+ 10
401 01:35:55 01:35:19 Natalie Green FS 15
491 01:39:15 01:38:38 Ian Smith M55+ 20
544 01:41:03 01:40:49 Paddy Butler M55+ 25
546 01:41:04 01:40:12 Charmaine Bradford F35+ 21
687 01:45:57 01:45:04 Karen Denham F40+ 21
807 01:50:12 01:49:11 Hannah Cockle FS 50
924 01:54:50 01:54:14 Vicki Clarke FS 58

Hell Runner - Longmoor - Saturday 18 November 2017

The Well Hard - Ley team faced an epic endurance challenge of 10+ miles laced with theatre, music and pyromania. 

Click on the logo to see the photos.

Hardley results are below. 

You can see the full results here and more about the event here.

Time Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Pace
120 of 995 01:44:35 Paul Aplin (M) V35 111 of 717 55 of 265 10:27 min/mile
185 01:50:00 Mark Lee (M) V45 168 33 of 167 11:00 min/mile
249 01:55:43 Ian Hawker (M) V55 226 5 of 26 11:34 min/mile
298 02:01:03 Brendon Harbut (M) V45 269 59 of 167 12:06 min/mile
299 02:01:05 Adrian Mudle (M) V55 270 6 of 26 12:06 min/mile
354 02:04:19 Robert Wells (M) V35 318 137 of 265 12:25 min/mile
617 02:24:32 Julie Swainston (F) V45 105 of 278 17 of 54 14:27 min/mile
696 02:32:55 Grace Hawker (F) SEN 130 46 of 101 15:17 min/mile
699 02:32:56 David Worthy (M) SEN 569 203 of 254 15:17 min/mile
923 02:57:57 Steve Henry (M) V55 697 24 of 26 17:47 min/mile
924 02:57:57 Paul Blundell (M) V45 698 161 of 167 17:47 min/mile
926 02:58:06 Daniella Chase (F) V45 228 47 of 54 17:48 min/mile
927 02:58:11 Sally Harbut (F) V35 229 99 of 116 17:49 min/mile
929 02:58:46 Lauren Harman (F) SEN 231 78 of 101 17:52 min/mile
930 02:58:46 Helen Fay (F) V35 232 101 of 116 17:52 min/mile

Athens Marathon - Sunday 12 November 2017

Four Hardley runners, Mike Clarke, Jane Hodge, David Gould (also and Andover parkrunner) and Jeremy Barber (ditto)made the trip to Athens to see the sights and run the marathon.  The other runners in the group were Ian Beveridge (an Andover parkrunner), Steve Davis (ditto but currently working in Macedonia), Peter Brunning (a friend of Jeremy's who did the Everest Marathon with him), Norbert Zeppitz (an Austrian friend who Peter and Jeremy met on the Everest marathon) and Dave Carr, a colleague of Jeremy and Jane who now works in Athens and was on his first marathon.

We saw lots of sights and enjoyed good food, drink and company together.  The race was hot, humid and hilly. It followed (at least aproximately) Pheidippedes' route from the town of Marathon to Athens and finished at the stadium built for horse racing 6 centuries BC and refurbished for the first modern Olympics in 1896.  It included a couple of energy sapping hills but the last 10K was pretty well all downhill which was nice. Well one to Mike, Jane and Norbert who were all first in category for their country.

Hardley and friends results are below.  Click here for an album of pictures which tell the story.

You can read more about the event here and there's more information about each runner if you click on their names.

Name Time Cat Cat Pos
6061 Mike Clarke 04:23:39 M70 Brit 1 of 6
6690 Jane Hodge 04:29:09 F55 Brit 1 of 6
7239 David Gould 04:33:29 M55 Brit 14 of 23
10073 Jeremy Barber 05:00:49 M65 Brit 2 of 8
and friends
127 Norbert Zeppitz 02:59:32 M Austrian 1 of 18
5224 Dave Carr 04:15:23 M60 Brit 7 of 13
11443 Peter Brunning 05:20:15 M65 Brit 4 of 8
12127 Steve Davis 05:31:31 M50 Brit 28 of 38
12559 Ian Beveridge 05:40:21 M50 Brit 31 of 38

Dark Valley Half and 10K - Saturday 11 November 2017

Rob Wells reports. 

White Star's first night time event at Moors Valley did not disappoint.  It was a great course on gravel and forest tracks with one almighty incline so for the two lappers on the half they had to climb it twice. The conditions were perfect & slightly spitting which was refreshing. Sally fell and went for a little mud bath but did really well on the half. White star bling was amazing as always.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here (Half) and here (10K).

Time Name Cat Cat Pos
Half Marathon
30 01:47:48 Alice Ryder F30-39 4
229 02:36:50 Brendon Harbut M40-49 60
230 02:36:52 Sally Harbut F40-49 42
42 01:02:05 Robert Wells M40-49 12
70 01:05:51 Julie Swainston F40-49 14
71 01:05:51 Sharon Avery F40-49 15

HCCL Race 2 - Queen Elizabeth Country Park- Saturday 11 November 2017

Mick Anglim reports,

Well done Ladies on your great 9th Team place yesterday (out of 30 HCCL Clubs!).

It was a brutal course in damp conditions so you should be chuffed with your results.

Hope that we’ll see you and more at a Popham which is a much easier race.

Huge congratulations also to our Men on your great performance at Butser Hill despite the largest men’s field for many years and the most brutal HCCL course ever.

Three times up and down saw almost 1,300’ of climb and the same amount of quad busting descent!

With two first places already we hope that you can make another couple of the HCCL races as the best 4 Team positions out of 5 count for the League. 

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results and team positions here.  And here are some of Hammy's excellent photos featuring Hardley in action.  They are taken from Hammy's lovely albums which you can see here.

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Men 10K ish
61   Tim Anetts   40:04
99   Mark Causebrook   42:17
115   Ben Andrew   43:16
211   Jack Fairbrother   49:50
246 111 Mick Anglim M70 54:03
250 115 Dave Wilson M60 54:41
Women 6K ish
48 11 Liz Young V35 28:01
52   Natalie Green   28:27
83   Vicki Clarke   31:02
113   Tamsin Roberts   34:16


The Stickler - Shillingstone - Sunday 29 October 2017

A friendly and popular running race organised by the Dorset Doddlers. Just over 10 miles, it features over 1500ft of climbing across three peaks of Dorset: Okeford Hill, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill and of course not forgetting the infamous Stickle Path.Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results and read more about the race here.

Name Time Cat  
Name Time Cat
37 Matt Tanner 1.18..41 MV50   317 Hannah Cockle 1.43.18 F
132 Paul Blundell 1.28.49 MV50   404 Jane Hodge 1.50.53 FV50
203 Roger Morgan 1.34.41 MV50   463 Chris Harris 1.57.36 FV60
293 Mark Lee 1.41.30 MV50          

The Great South Run - Portsmouth - Sunday 22 October 2017

There are all sorts of reasons for running a race like the GSR. Here are a few

Annie (who was collecting for Allzheimers): £197.53 in my bucket! Very hard running against the wind so walked those bits. Bucket got soooo heavy latterly couldn’t even shake it. Lovely help at the end from the lads on the bikes as they carried my bucket and afterwards one lent me his jacket and another found a discovered waterproof jacket!

Danii: Took 10 mins opff my PB

Jack:Had the privilege of running the Great South Run today with Dame Kelly Holmes. Happy to report that she's awesome! Great fun, friendly and pretty damn fast! (I guess you don't win two Olympic golds if you're middle of the pack!)

Graham:  Running as princess Leia and Jamie is superwoman for Duchenne UK because it doesn't get enough publicity or funding.  We did it after an injury to Jamie who still soldiered on it was a fantastic day. I had many pinches on my behind clearly the outfit works for me! Amazing support and donations are still very much appreciated!

If you'd like to chip in here's the link

Hardley results are below.  Click on the runner's name to see more information. And here's a small photo album

Time Name  
Time Name
961 01:12:27 Jack Fairbrother   11013 01:46:27 Claire Aplin
1861 01:17:16 Jo Stone   11219 01:47:07 Katie Scourfield
3920 01:24:56 Karwan Moutasim   11909 01:49:33 Emma Rogers
4761 01:27:37 Kevin Hancock   14372 02:01:44 Jamie Johnston
6304 01:32:20 Glenn Hastelow   14397 02:01:51 Graham Robbins
9938 01:42:52 Sarah Fitton   14510 02:02:44 Carole Bailey
10504 01:44:44 Sarah Hood   16325 03:05:04 Annie Bruce-Low
10626 01:45:06 Danii Bundy        

New Forest Stinger - Minstead - Sunday 15 October 2017

This race is always popular with Hardley members and this year there was the added bonus of a half marathon as well as the usual 5 and 10 mile options.  Hardley results are below.  Particular mention goes to Jappas for doing a double - he was first last year as well, Matt who was first MV50, Jane Morgan who took the FV50 prize, Natalie who was first woman and Chris who was first FV60.  Here's a small album of Hardley pictures with thanks to Simon Mason.  You can see his whole album here.  You can read more about the race and see the full results here.

Time Name  
Time Name
Half Marathon
Matt Tanner   42 2.26.09 Mike Sleath
28 2.00.05 Jane Morgan        
10 Miles
Natalie Green   30 1.29.34 Jane Hodge
Ian Smith   47 1.44.53 Chris Harris
5 Miles
Jappas Du Preez   29
Mick Anglim
Hannah Du Preez        

The Studland Stampede - Sunday 15 October 2017

The Studland Stampede is a tough off-road running event that races over heath land and sandy beaches, in the beautiful location of Studland Bay in Dorset.

The 12k route offers stunning views of Old Harry Rocks, Brownsea Island and the Isle of Wight. Runners of all abilities enjoy the race but it does require an amount of determination and grit to get you through the final tough sandy miles.

Julie Swainston was  263rd in 1:13:56

You can read more about the race and see the full results here.

The Great Pumpkin Run - Kansas - Sunday 15 October 2017

Emma Rogers reports, "I did The Great Pumpkin Run in Kansas City yesterday. I was a little hungover and it was very humid due to an incoming storm, so it was taken rather slowly!! Got a cool technically hoodie and medal though!"

Despite her reservations, Emma was a very respectable 495th out of 1853.

You can read more about the event here.

And here are the results.


HCCL Race 1 - Bournemouth - Saturday 14 October 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "It was over 20C at King's Park, Bournemouth for the first round of the Hampshire Cross Country League and our men had their best team result for many years by winning Division 3 from Lordshill RR.

Underfoot conditions were perfect and many ran in racing flats which certainly isn't recommended for the next race at Queen Elizabeth Country Park, south of Petersfield!

Tim Annetts led our men home in an impressive 46th position with Mark Causebrook in 87th and Ben Andrew in 107th out of 246 finishers.

Unfortunately our ladies couldn't raise 3 runners but Vicki Clarke in 61st and Tamsin Roberts in 107th out of 156 runners flew the Hardley flag.

Please consider trying out these superb events where you'll be rubbing shoulders with Olympic athletes."

Vicki Clarke adds,"Bournemouth HCCL with Tamsin Roberts yesterday. Was the first one of these I've ever done, and even though it's a ridiculously competitive field out front, I really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend others to get involved in these to give us a full team. No where near as scary as I expected - glad I gave it a go - coming 61st didn't seem too bad either!"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here (thanks James Clarke) is a small photo album

Vet Pos Name Cat Time
Men 10K ish
46   Tim Anetts   34:12
67   Mark Causebrook   35:23
107   Ben Andrew   37:07
145   Jim Suswain   39:28
214 97 Mick Anglim M60 44:36
218 100 Andrew Kellaway M50 45:01
231 111 Dave Wilson M60 47:38
Women 6K ish
61   Vicki Clarke   26:52
107   Tamsin Roberts   29:46

English Duathlon Championships - Cheshire - Sunday 8 October 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "Just back from the English Duathlon Championships at Oulton Park motor racing circuit in Cheshire.

I was very pleased to add the M70 National title to my British, European Sprint and European Middle Distance titles and two World Duathlon Championship medals for 2017.

Oulton Park is a hilly, twisty 4.3km circuit which hosted the 2017 English Duathlon Championships over 2 run laps, 9 bike laps and a final one lap run.

I was happy to finish in 2:14:31 in 137th position overall out of 229 finishers but disappointed to be beaten by 2 minutes by the 1st M65 competitor!"

You can see the full results here.

Well done!  Mick has now prequalified for Great Britain for 2018 in two World Championships in Denmark and two European Championships in Ibiza.

Great Scottish 10K - Glasgow - Sunday 1 October 2017

Annie Bruce-Low was running for Alzheimer's again.  If you'd like to donate please contact her.  She reports,

"I have just done the Great Scottish 10K in the pouring rain! I haven’t a clue about my time as haven’t as yet bothered to look as too busy counting my money! I took my bucket round as usual and found everyone extremely generous! £229.31. Couldn’t believe it! One runner asked if he could take a selfie with me and I said yes and he popped a £20 note in my bucket!

An extremely profitable morning. Oddly enough it didn’t seem so long this year. No I didn’t get lost and take a short cut so please give the hat to someone more worthy!

For the record, Annie was 8339th (4459th F and 3rd F75) in 1:56:51

Clarendon Marathon and Half - Salisbury to Winchester - Sunday 1 October 2017

Hardley results are below.  You can read more about this scenic (mainly) trail race and see the full results here.  Well done also to Sue Sleath who was fisrt lady in the marathon.

Gun Time Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos Chip Time
134 4.31.00 Alice Ryder F 4 13 4.30.37
295 5.28.24 David Gould M55 16 238 5.27.52
Half Marathon
15 1.40.44 Matt Tanner M50 1 15 1.40.01
252 2.35.21 Mike Sleath M50 42 170 2.34.35

Basingstoke Half Marathon - Sunday 1 October 2017

Kim Wainwright was 960th (287th F and 51st F40) in 2:57:28 (2:55:47 chip time).  Good to see you back racing, Kim.  You can read more about the race here.

Hoburne 5 - Sunday 1 October 2017

Mick Anglim was 40th in 37:15 and Jan was 157th in 54.51.  You can read more about the event here

CC6 Race 2 - Whiteley - Sunday 1 October 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"Well done to everyone that took part in the second CC6 at Whiteley. From the looks of the finishers I think it was one of the muddiest races ever.

2 ladies and 5 men ran for Hardley, with Lynn McDonagh and Jappas Du Preez finishing first in 10th and 4th place respectively. 

The next race will be our own, held in Dibden Inclosure on Sunday 5 November. I will be asking for volunteers soon."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).  And here's a small picture album.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Lynn McDonagh V40   26 Hannah du Preez S        
4 Jappas du Preez S   57 Matthew James S   70 Dave Wilson V60
81 Graham Robbins S   88 Patrick James S       V40

Hants Road Race League Report and Fixtures

A message from HRRL Ladies' Captain, Alice Ryder.

Well done to everyone who ran the Solent Half on Sunday. I wasn't able to run as was in Berlin but heard that it was a big success and saw some super speedy results!

Well done to Jeremy and Matt who did all 12 HRRL races last year and have t shirts on the way. To Vicki and Jan who both have HRRL mugs for 2016/2017. To Matt and Simon who both have HRRL mugs (I have these now and will distribute them very soon). Also mugs are soon going to be arriving for the following people who completed 7 or more races, Paul, Adrian, Jeremy, Terry and Mick. Special congratulations also go to Mick who was the 1st V65 and has won a trophy. 

[Alice is too modest to say but she also qualified for a mug and a t shirt and gets a trophy as the highest placed lady who did all 12 races.  Ed]

There are some HRRL races coming up soon and they will probably start to sell out quite soon due to the popularity of the HRRL races. If you enter now and then find out you cannot run you will probably be able to sell your place on and I can help with exchanges.

The next one is Gosport Half on Sunday 19th November. Over 1000 people have already entered this one and it is a good race to get a pb on

The following weekend is Hayling Island 10 miles on Sunday 27th November. I really enjoyed this one last year and it is a lot flatter then some of the 10 mile races that take place next year.

Then on Sunday 3rd December it is the Victory 5

Then you have a couple of weeks break before the Stubbington 10km race on Sunday 14th January. Out of all the races this is the one that tends to sell out the quickest so if you are keen enter sooner rather than later

I will send out emails closer to the time for the 2018 races but dates for your diary are Sunday 4th February for Ryde 10 (entry will be on runbritain), Eastleigh 10km (Sunday 18th March entry on fullonsport), Salisbury 10 miles (Sunday 8th April) Alton 10 miles on Sunday 13th May.

Any questions please let me know on

Best wishes,


Tough Mudder 23/4 September Crawley

Click on the thumbnail to see some pictures.

Rob Wells reports,

My race or not a race should I say was Tough Mudder, a 10-12 mile mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. With no podiums, winners, or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line. Rather, it’s a challenge that emphasizes teamwork, camaraderie, and accomplishing something almost as tough as you are. The course was just over 10 miles with 20 signature obstacles from Augustus gloop to funky monkey revolution and the 10,000 volt finish line if you're brave enough. Maybe another Hardley outing next year?  Special congrats to my daughter who did it for the first time (surprise) and earnt her orange headband. 

There's more information on Facebook - see

Berlin Marathon - Sunday 24 September 2017

Alice Ryder reports, "Berlin marathon done. It rained for the whole day! Was muggy as well so didn't get cold.

Both calfs were tight so quite a lot of walking involved.  Not my fastest time (3hrs 43 or so) but a really good race."

For the record, Alice was 1237th woman. 237th W35 in 3:42:19 and it must have been pretty fast walking.

You can read more about the race here

Winchester Half Marathon - Sunday 24 Sepember 2017

Jim Suswain was Overall : 303 / 1324, Men : 271 / 838, MSen : 156 / 451

You can read more about the race here

The Solent Half - Sunday 24 September 2017

What a great race.  Thanks very much to everyone: organisers, marshals, supporters, bakers and runners.  Hardley results are below.  For a link to the full results see the Solent Half tab above.  And here are a few pictures taken by the tail runner.

HRRL Men's Captain, Tim Anetts, reports,

"Well done to everyone who ran in the Solent half-marathon on Sunday we had a great turn out, and as a result all 4 teams scored our best results so far this season. It would be great to keep this up moving forward into the rest of the 2017-18 HRRL season. Thanks again to everyone involved in the organisation and marshalling on Sunday. Fantastic support on the course.

The presentations for the 2016-17 HRRL season took place at the end of the race on Sunday. A massive well done to Alice Ryder who won a very smart trophy for top lady to run all 12 HRRL races last season. Another massive well done goes to Mick Anglim for finishing 1st M65 last season.

If this has inspired you the next HRRL race is Gosport half marathon on the 19th November entries are still open.

Many thanks


Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Chip Time Gun Time
9 Tim Anetts MS25 9 2 01:18:37 01:18:38
18 Mark Causebrook MS35 18 3 01:22:39 01:22:40
54 Matt Tanner MV50 51 3 01:30:45 01:30:49
133 Paddy Butler MV55 115 4 01:40:06 01:40:13
136 Dan Powell MS25 118 7 01:40:22 01:40:26
137 Paul Blundell MV50 119 13 01:40:18 01:40:31
153 Daniel Chown MS30 130 25 01:41:55 01:42:10
163 Charmaine Bradford FS35 26 5 01:42:53 01:43:11
209 Vicki Clarke FS30 40 8 01:47:34 01:47:47
219 Callum Tanner MS25 175 11 01:48:42 01:48:51
222 Alan Chambers MV45 178 28 01:48:45 01:49:08
229 Lynn Mcdonagh FV45 46 3 01:49:55 01:50:16
236 Jane Hodge FV55 49 2 01:50:45 01:51:04
326 Tamsin Roberts FS25 93 6 02:01:12 02:01:31
327 Emma Halliwell FV45 94 15 02:01:13 02:01:33
356 Sally Harbut FV40 110 17 02:07:29 02:07:29
366 Andrew Astley MV60 251 18 02:08:38 02:09:05
372 Graham Robbins MS30 253 34 02:10:47 02:11:05
374 Nick Mellor MV40 254 34 02:11:22 02:11:31
385 Ruth Cairns FV45 125 22 02:14:55 02:15:01
419 Jack  Fairbrother MS25 269 15 02:25:42 02:26:11
420 Emma  Rogers FS25 151 8 02:25:44 02:26:12
444 Jeremy Barber MV65 279 6 02:58:00 02:59:14

The First CC6 - Fleming Park - Sunday 17th September 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, "It was a chilly start to the 2017-2018 season but the rain held off meaning it was only "fairly" muddy underfoot. 11 men and 5 ladies turned out to run for Hardley, with Ben Andrew leading home the men and Lynn McDonagh the ladies.  

Don't forget that the 2nd CC6 (Whiteley) is in only two weeks time, on the 1st October!"

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) by Monday night.

Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
22 Lynn McDonagh V40   67 Katie Collard V40   82 Annie Bruce Low V70
30 Vicki Clarke S   81 Sally Kirk V60  
NAME CAT   50 Dan Latham S   100 Dave Wilson V60
16 Ben Andrew S   57 Matthew James S   105 Brendon Harbut V40
25 James Clarke S   79 Graham Robbins S   116 Patrick James V40
44 Dan Powell S   96 Steve Bradley V60   129 Roy van Hal V70

Ironman Wales - Pembrokeshire - Sunday 10 September 2017

Hannah Du Preez reports, "Massive congratulations to Jappas who completed Ironman Wales on Sunday in a fantastic time of 10hrs 30. He ran a 3hr14 hilly marathon which was the 19th quickest on the day including all the pros. He was 9th in his age group and got a place in the 2018 Ironman world champs in Hawaii. The conditions were terrible with heavy rain and gale force winds. I also did the race and was very happy to finish in 15hrs, especially when 14% of the field DNF'ed. It was such a tough day."

That's a wonderful result.  Jappas and Hannah's results are below and you can see the full results here.  More than 2,000 athletes from 45 countries took part with a 2.4-mile (3.9km) swim, a 112-mile (180 km) bike ride and a 26 mile (42 km) run.


Cat Pos

Name Cat Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total
92 15 » Du Preez, Hannah (GBR) 30 01:15:05 00:15:57 08:06:22 00:09:46 05:15:24 15:02:32
49 9 » Du Preez, Jappas (GBR) 35 01:02:45 00:08:19 06:01:23 00:03:27 03:14:13 10:30:05

WSR Bad Cow weekender - Corfe - 9/10 September 2017

Kim Wainwright did marathon distance on Satrday in the 12 hour race and the marathon on Sunday. She says, "Won't mention times, they are getting slower and slower lol". 

That's not quite true as she was 19 minutes faster on the Sunday.  Well done!

You can read more about the event here.

New Forest Marathon, Half and 10K - Brockenhurst - Sunday 10 September 2017

Mike Clarke reports

"The route was very familiar but with one or two tweaks after last year.

It is properly classified as multi-terrain. Only about 3 .5 miles at the most on roads.

Was a bit of surface water and mud and the slower 10K runners joined us at about mile 10, so we had to thread through.

Quite happy with the time and 3rd time running retaining first place for V70's."

Mark Lee was also well pleased with a PB in the marathon though, like Mo Farah in the Great North Run, there must be just a tinge of regret over not being 8 seconds faster.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.


Gun Pos

Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat Cat Pos GenderPos
92 77 Justin Bowen 03:32:50 03:32:30 M40 25 68
811 146 Sue Sleath 03:46:02 03:44:28 F50 2 14
426 155 Tony Hodge 03:46:53 03:46:36 M50 22 142
522 255 Mark Lee 04:01:32 04:00:07 M50 34 219
64 297 Steve Bennett 04:08:58 04:07:33 M40 91 252
1504 441 Mike Clarke 01:52:13 01:50:27 M70 1 418
1142 554 Kelly Anetts 01:56:08 01:52:49 FSEN 36 128
3430 701 Dave Wilson 01:59:58 01:54:02 M60 15 497
3359 1340 Rob Wells 02:20:14 02:14:17 M40 232 843
1395 1608 Danii Bundy 02:32:05 02:26:29 FSEN 159 700
3739 77 Steve Bradley 00:49:37 00:49:32 M60 3 81
4737 785 Emma Rogers 01:11:58 01:07:56 FSEN 88 381
3765 1287 Ann Bruce-low 01:54:57 01:53:20 F70 3 802

Hampshire Road Relays - Portsmouth - Sunday 10 September 2017

Mark Causebrook says, "Hampshire relays today. Great fun chasing people down!"  Graham Robbins adds, "Enjoyed it although not a fan of the wind!"

Mick Anglim reports, We fortunately missed the rain at the Hampshire Road Relays today but it was very windy on the longest leg. 

Each of the 3 runners ran two laps of the lake along part of Portsmouth Lakeside parkrun course for 4.75k.  Our A men were 17th out of 34 teams with our Over 60 team in 31st place. The latter isn't as bad as it appears as our youngest was 69 along with two M70s! Next year there may be an Over 70 category.  Our ladies beat 4 teams so pretty respectable given the standard."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here


Gain on leg

Name Cat Team Cat Pos Time Leg Pos

Total Time

18 Ben Andrew SM Men 'A' 8 17:20
36 Mike Smith M60 Men 60 6 22:02
37 Jamie Johnston SM Men 'B' 12 24:03
11 7 Mark Causebrook SM Men 'A' 6 16:19 5 33:39
32 4 Mick Anglim M60 Men 60 4 21:02 30 43:04
17 -6 Graham Robbins SM Men 'A' 7 20:00 28 53:39
31 1 Malcolm Renyard M60 Men 60 4 21:03 31 01:04:07
14 Joanna Avery SW Women 8 24:06
13 1 Tamsin Roberts SW Women 7 23:19 13 47:25
11 2 Vicki Clarke SW Women 6 20:34 6 01:07:59

Civil Service Track and Field Championships - Manchester - Weds 6 September 2017

Jane Hodge reports, On Wednesday Mick Anglim and Jane Hodge competed for their respective departments in the Civil Service Track and Field Championships at Manchester. It was cold and windy and the occasional shower left the track greasy and slippery which was challenging as neither of them wore spikes. However, they were both pleased with their performances as they competed in quite a few events: Mick did 3 track races and 2 field events whilst Jane did 4 track races.

Mick was awarded gold medals in the 800m, 1500m and 5000m for winning the V70 age category, beating the CSAA M70 standard times in all 3 events.

Jane received 4 medals: 2 golds for being first overall and first V55 in the 3000m run, silver for being second overall in the 3000m race walk (with a personal best) and gold for being first V55 in the race walk.

Their times are shown in the table below (in the order in which Mick and Jane raced the events).

1500m   6.08   
800m    3.10   
5000m   21.56  
3000m race walk 19.04  
800m    3.27   
3000m run       13.33  
400m    1.31   

The picture shows Jane on the podium after being awarded with her gold medal for first place in the open 3000m run.”

Sunday 3 September 2017 - a busy day for Hardley runners

Here are some of the tings we got up to.

HRRL Race 1 - The Overton 5 - Sunday 3 September 2017

This race always sells out.  The new course is much nicer than the previous one (albeit a bit on the undulating side) and it is a great start to the HRRL season (see Race Diary tab above for details of the others). Hardley results are below and here's an album of Hardley pictures.  You can see the full results here


Gun Time

Name Cat Cat Pos
5 00:27:07 Timothy Anetts M 4
24 00:29:18 Ben Andrew M 18
103 00:33:03 Daniel Latham M 49
117 00:33:35 Dan Powell M 55
172 00:35:49 Malcolm Renyard M70 1
182 00:36:05 Vicki Clarke F 11
261 00:38:59 Jane Hodge F55 2
362 00:44:32 Adrian Mudle M50 53
389 00:46:48 Christine Harris F65 4
400 00:47:39 Robert Wells M40 93
464 01:17:57 Annie Bruce-Low F65 6

Meanwhile out West - The Original Somerset Maverick - Sunday 3 September 2017

Returning for 2017 and welcoming back the tremendous Quantock Hills, this is a seriously good route.  Not only are the views captivating - the trails are brutal! The routes here are set to test your resolve and determination.  With views of the Bristol Channel, Wales, Blackdown Hills, Exmoor and the Somerset Levels you should be as inspired as one of our greatest poets, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, once was.

Jack Fairbrother took on the challenge of the 17K route and was 29th man in 2:43:28.  You can read more about the event here.

And in the North of the County - The Andover Trail Half - Sunday 3 September 2017

Julie Swainston reports,  "Andover trail half with Sharon Mayvery, lovely but very hilly route

Really enjoyed it great scenery, hills were tough. Nearly got lost a couple of times as arrows were hard to spot. But overall really good "

Sharon adds, "Thanks so much - really beautiful route, lovely run rather surreal that after the start there were long stretches with no one else around.   Would love to run it again "

And out East in Ashford - The Southern Masters Track Finals - Sunday 3 September 2017

Mark Causebrook did the double.  He came 2nd in the 1,500M and then 3rd in the 3,000M.  Wow!

Not forgetting The Beast - Corfe - Sunday 3 September 2017

9 Hardley runners joined three friends from Romsey (Sue Sleath and Mark and Sue Stileman) for 12 miles of unforgettable scenery these lovely stairs, waves crashing against the cliffs and driving rain. Oh and the odd slippery place or two. Luckily the wind was off the sea or there might have been some disasters.    All in all a character building experience and life-enhancing as well.

Mike Sleath and Jeremy claim a new record for the slowest ever Hardley finish but at least they managed to do the race without falling over.


Gun Time

Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
40 1:41:57 Matthew Tanner M50 6 39
85 1:52:22 Paul Blundell M50 21 79
100 1:54:36 Mike Roberts M50 23 91
156 2:06:24 Ian Hawker M60 11 139
162 2:07:23 Jane  Morgan W55 2 20
163 2:07:23 Roger Morgan M50 43 143
368 3:10:30 Mike Sleath M50 74 251
369 3:10:34 Jeremy Barber M60 37 252

Click on the stairs to see a few more pictures. You can see the full results here and here's a photo album with over 800 pictures.

And Katie Comeback Kid Collard reports

"I have managed to run 5 miles on and off road around Bishop's Waltham, I might manage to be a runner again!"  Well done Katie - hope we'll see you at a race soon.

The Dorset Doddle - Sunday 20 August 2017

Paul Blundell reports, " Martin Loveless, Sue Sleath, Alice Ryder and Lynn Mcdonagh joined me for the Dorset Doddle yesterday from Weymouth to Swanage. At 32ish miles it was Alice and Lynn's first official ultra and it was a tough one with 6400 ft of ascent. The rain stayed away until we finished in around 7 hours 45 mins. Definitely feeling it now but it was a great day out."

You can read more about the event here and here's a photo album.

Duathlon World Championship Series- British Columbia - 19 August 2017 or thereabouts

Mick Anglim reports, "Just back from Penticton in British Columbia after racing two World Championship Duathlons (out of the 6 World Championship events) in the inaugural Multi Sport World Championships.

I won M70 Silver on Saturday in the Sprint Duathlon which was a 5k lakeside run followed by two 10km tough bike loops and a 2.5km final run. The bike course had almost 800' of climb and two 45mph descents with a tight roundabout at the bottom! The descents were more challenging as the event was 'draft legal' which meant that there were groups of up to 20 riders packed together so there were a few crashes!

However it was luck of the draw if you got onto the bike leg with a group of riders and the unknown M70 Chilean winner got into a group for the whole bike leg whereas I spent a lot of time chasing alone.

I was pleased though to win Silver on a hired bike as we made a long holiday of the trip.

That road bike was much more of a handicap for the Standard Duathlon on Monday morning as the 40km bike leg was two windy laps on a closed highway alongside Okanagan Lake. Both runs used a 2.5km circuit through the town centre with 4 laps for the first run and two laps for the second.

I was one of only four M70s to compete in both Duathlons and my tired legs meant I missed out on Silver by just 24 seconds from a fresh American!

The M70 title was won by the South African whom I'd beaten into 3rd place in the Sprint event. Both riders who beat me were using their own Time Trial bikes.

I'm happy though with two World Championship medals and as first GB M70 in both events I get automatic qualification for the 2018 World Championships. Those will be held in Denmark using the same Multisport Championship format as in Canada.

The results for the Sprint and Standard Distance Duathlons can be found at

The Hangman Ultra - Saturday 19 August 2017

Two Hardley runners in the Hangman Ultra and both looked remarkably cheerful after 34 miles from Longparish up the Test Way to Combe Gibbet and back. Well done Mark Lee and David Gould.

You can read more about the event here and here's a photo album.

The Last (at least for us) RR10 - IBM Hursley - 16 August 2017

A full report and round up of the season will follow.  In the meantime I can report that this was another good Hardley turnout.  Well done all and congratulations to Mike Sleath on his 50th RR10.  If you are interested in that sort of thing then you'll find lots of stats on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
16 Charmaine Bradford     66 Tamsin Roberts     169 Jennifer  Massey  
21 Vicki Clarke     105 Chris Harris V60   175 Annie Bruce-Low V70
33 Lynn McDonagh V40   149 Sally Harbut V40        
43 Jane Hodge V50   155 Susan Massey          
18 Ben Andrew     90 Paul Blundell V50   201 Rob  Wells V40
25 Huw Davies V40   99 Martin Loveless V60   204 Patrick James V40
28 James Clarke     138 Mike Clarke V70   206 Jeremy Barber V60
49 Rob  Murray     139 John  Simmonds V60   218 Andy Barber V60
55 Matt Tanner V50   140 Brendon Harbut V40   230 Mike Sleath V50
63 Dan Latham     145 Matt Captain V40   236 Guy Lawrenson V60
70 Mark Darcy V40   166 Ian Hawker V60        
75 Dan Powell     185 Ian Craddock V40        

The Midnight Marathon - Petersfield - Saturday 5 August 2017

Click on the medal to see more pictures. 

Paul Blundell reports,

The Midnight Marathon was a perfect night for a run, clear skies and a good moon, much better then the sweat fest of last year.

Myself, Alice Ryder, Martin Loveless and Mark Lee met up with Tam Ryan , Becky Tovey among others from Romsey and we loosely ran around together.

It s a tough course and was quite slippery in places.

The 5 checkpoints were well stocked with a variety of foods including Water Melon, Strawberries (so Martin happy) and even Peach Schnapps at the last one.

This event is growing and there were a lot more runners then last year making the first climb a compulsory walk, and there were a lot of runners with dogs, talking to one young lady, she and her partner were swapping out the dogs at the half way point.

The only navigation hiccup for me was at the finish where they take you around the field and then the arrows seemed to disappear so Mark and I were standing there at the finish in the dark not knowing how to finish, not good after 26 miles, luckily Tam and Alice caught up and found the missing arrow.

We all finished in just over 5 hours, which we were happy with, Alice had run a marathon the previous weekend, (she's got another next weekend), Tam had the remains of a hangover and the rest of us were treating it as a training run."

You can read more about the event here.

The 9th RR10 - Itchen Valley Country Park - Weds 2 August 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, writes, "A big thanks from Rob and myself to the 7 ladies and 22 men who turned up on what was not the best of evenings, but the majority of rain seemed to have staved of for the best part. It turned out to be a great wet and muddy course.

Congratulations to Jane Hodge on her 100th RR10."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
8 Alice Ryder     33 Jane Hodge   V50   108 Sally Harbut   V40
10 Charmaine Bradford     46 Tamsin Roberts          
16 Vicki Clarke     71 Chris Harris   V60        
7 Tim Anetts     50 Brendan Anglim  V40   128 Brendon Harbut V40
17 Mark Causebrook     57 Matt Tanner   V50   129 Matt Captain V40  
23 Ben Andrew     70 Dan Powell     141 Mike Clarke V70  
35 James Clark     83 Paul Blundell   V50   158 Paul Newby V70.  
40 James Suswain     93 Malcolm Reynard V70   165 Robert Wells V40.  
42 Huw Davies V40   96 Simon Ibbotson     167 Chris Lewis   V40  
45 Mark Ferguson V40   105 Oscar Anglim          
46 Justin Bowen  V40   126 Mick Anglim V60          

The Snowdonia Trail Marathon - Sunday 23 July 2017

Jack Fairbrother reports, "I ran my first marathon today and wanted to say thank you to everyone from Hardley who's helped me with my training and offered encouragement.

Been a long old slog with all my injuries but I got there in the end! Felt very proud as I crossed the line and the announcer said "Jack Fairbrother representing Hardley Runners"

Thanks all, a few people have been asking me about the marathon itself - it's the Snowdonia Trail Marathon (it's actually longer than a marathon though) and entries for next year's event open on 26 July.   Details are here
If you like hilly / muddy stuff this one is for you - 5,500 feet of gain, you circumnavigate Mount Snowdon for 18 miles before running to the summit and back to Llanberis. You need to carry full waterproofs etc. I had a great time, would recommend if you like that sort of thing!
It sells out pretty fast so if anyone fancies it I'd book quickly."

Full results here  Jack was 361 overall 291/500 man in 6:49:47.  Well done!

The 8th RR10 - Janesmoor - Weds 19 July 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Round 8 of the RR10 league took place at Janesmoor Pond, Stoney Cross. The heavy down pours from the previous night made the course fairly sticky in places. The course, the same as the two previous years, featured plenty of hills on grass, mud and gravel trails.

The ladies team had another great performance with Alice Ryder in 10th, Charmaine Bradford in 11th and Natalie Green with her best position of the season in 17th, this will be another high placing for our ladies A team. 

Good results in the men's also with Huw Davies 26th, Justin Bowen 27th (Justin's best position this season), James Suswain in 29th, Mark Ferguson in 33rd and Rob Murray in 37th. 

Well done to all that took part. The next round is at Itchen Valley Country Park on 2nd August, with a slightly earlier start time at 7:15pm."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Alice Ryder     32 Jane Morgan V50   97 Susan Massey  
11 Charmaine Bradford     34 Jane Hodge V50   108 Angie Simmonds V60
17 Natalie  Green     47 Tamsin Roberts     112 Annie Brucelow V70
19 Vicki Clarke     74 Chris Harris V60        
25 Lynn McDonagh V40   95 Sally Harbut V40        
26 Huw Davies V40   75 Paul Blundell V50   156 Adrian Mudle V50
27 Justin  Bowen V40   80 Malcolm Renyard V70   157 Ian Craddock V40
29 James Suswain     88 Phil Rudd     166 Jeremy Barber V60
33 Mark Ferguson V40   100 Mick Anglim V60   167 Patrick James V40
37 Rob  Murray     104 Mark Lee V50   169 Rob  Wells V40
45 Matt Tanner V50   125 Mike Clarke V70   177 Andy Barber V60
47 Dan Latham     126 Matt Captain V40   179 Mike Sleath V50
58 Simon Ibbotson     129 Brendon Harbut V40        
64 Dan Powell     140 Paul Newby V70        

Muscle Acre - Guildford - Sunday 16 July 2017

Click on the picture to see the big picture.

Rob Wells reports, "On Sunday the 16th, I took on the muscle acre obstacle race, this is one I have done many times because the RD changes the course every time. Originally on the 10k there turned out to be an upgrade to 15k so that's what I did. Started of the first 5k with my daughter as that's the part of the course that the teenagers can do then at the 5/10 split I said goodbye an was off on the extra 5k which was mainly trail and carrys, really treacherous under foot so had to be extra careful, then joined back up to the main route for the last 5k. This is where the mud is and the qualifying rig with rings- bars- ropes and poles. You just had to wade through the chest deep mud and come out the other side about half a k any way you can. Then off to the finish for your medal and hard earned beer. I'll be going for the tri this year. Winter and summer done just autumn to go, where you earn a special gift.

You can read more about the event here.

Burnley 5 Mile Trail Race - Sunday 16 July 2017

Vicki Clarke made the trip North so see friends and do a couple of runs.  On the Saturday she was first lady in the Burnley parkrun (not that it is a race, you understand). Sunday was the Burnley 5 mile trail race which was part of the Pendle Festival of Running. Vicki was 37th in 50:23.  She comments,

Love coming up north. Could do with being flattened though .  Click on the picture to see a couple of photos.

Race to the Stones - Sat/Sun 15/16 July 2017

This ultra is run along the Ridgeway and finishes at the iconic Avebury Ring.  There are various options from 50K on one day through 50K on each of two days to doing the whole 100K in one hit.

Steve Bennettdid the first 50K and in 6:16:22  and was 36th/230 , 27thM/86, 13thV40M/31 

David Gould did the full works at one hit in 17:18:12 and was 579th/961, 441stM/653,  62ndV50M/108 with splits of 7:19:56 for the first 50K and 9:58:16 for the second 50K.

David reports, "I jogged the Race to the Stones as Endure24's 90 miles was still lurking in the legs. Really well organised: flawless route-marking, lots of different food at the stops (I probably put weight on) and portaloos at every checkpoint."

Click on the names to see the details.  You can read more about the event here.

The 8th or is it the 7th RR10 - Whiteley - Weds 12 July 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Another good turn out at the Whiteley RR10 with 11 ladies and 19 men. A very similar course to last year but not as muddy this time, the tight and twisty course was enjoyed by many.

The ladies team will achieve another high placement with Alice Ryder and Charmaine Bradford achieving their best positions so far in 9th and 10th and Vicki Clarke equaling her seasons best in 20th.

James Clarke was first man in at 26th, Justin Bowen 37th despite some lace issues, Mark Ferguson in 40th place even with a roll in the mud and Matt Tanner in 50th.

Mike Sleath had a notably good run knocking off 26 places this week and Sally Harbut smashed out her best result of the season improving by 40 places, well done.

The next RR10 is next Wednesday 19th July at Stoney Cross, hope to see as many of you there as possible."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Alice Ryder   65 Chris Harris V60   113 Caroline Street V50
10 Charmaine Bradford   86 Sarah Fritton V40   119 Angie Simmonds V60
20 Vicki Clarke   93 Sally Harbut V40   128 Annie Bruce-Low V70
32 Jane Hodge V50   103 Julie Bowden V50        
26 James Clarke   76 Paul Blundell V50   137 Paul Newby V70
37 Justin  Bowen V40   87 Malcolm Renyard V70   154 Rob  Wells V40
40 Mark Ferguson V40   107 John  Simmonds V60   161 Jeremy Barber V60
50 Matt Tanner V50   121 Brendon Harbut V40   166 Mike Sleath V50
59 Dan Latham   122 Matt Captain V40   DNF Chris  Lewis V40
67 Simon Ibbotson   124 Ian Hawker V60        
73 Dan Powell   127 Mike Clarke V70        

Alice does it again! The Ware 10 - Sunday 9 July 2017

Congratulations to Alice Ryder who was 2nd woman (31st overall) in 1.13.45.  You can read more about the event here.

The New Forest 10 - Sunday 9 July 2017

A strong Hardley turnout on a warm day with all our finishers in the top third of the field.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.


Gun Time

Name Cat Chip Time
Huw Davies M45
Matthew Tanner M50
Simon Ibbotson M
Nick Newton M60
Ian Smith M55
Malcolm Renyard M70
Natalie Green F
Steve Bradley M60
Chris Wilson M55

Sway Carnival 5 - Sunday 2 July 2017

Six Hardley Runners took part in a very hot Sway 5 mile race at Wilverley.


Alice Ryder followed up her First Finish lady at Brockenhurst parkrun on Saturday by coming 2nd lady at Wilverley.


The full results are are here

Abbotts Ann Trail Run (10k) - Sunday 2 July 2017

David Gould reports, "It was a very hot day to be running at 11am. The course is a good one, though: very scenic and with a few gentle rises towards the end to maintain the interest.

I started off really badly: slow and lethargic and then my calves tightened up. So I just kept plugging away until around half way, when things seemed to loosen off and I managed to pull back a couple of minutes.

It's a really nice, local event: well-signed, well-marshalled and well worth the effort."

For the record, David was 40th in 54:51.  You can see the full results here.

Earlier results

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