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Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2016/17 season.  Congratulations to Annie, Chris and Mick.  Click here to see previous results.

The Dorset Doddle - Sunday 20 August 2017

Paul Blundell reports, " Martin Loveless, Sue Sleath, Alice Ryder and Lynn Mcdonagh joined me for the Dorset Doddle yesterday from Weymouth to Swanage. At 32ish miles it was Alice and Lynn's first official ultra and it was a tough one with 6400 ft of ascent. The rain stayed away until we finished in around 7 hours 45 mins. Definitely feeling it now but it was a great day out."

You can read more about the event here and here's a photo album.

The Hangman Ultra - Saturday 19 August 2017

Two Hardley runners in the Hangman Ultra and both looked remarkably cheerful after 34 miles from Longparish up the Test Way to Combe Gibbet and back. Well done Mark Lee and David Gould.

You can read more about the event here and here's a photo album.

The Last (at least for us) RR10 - IBM Hursley - 16 August 2017

A full report and round up of the season will follow.  In the meantime I can report that this was another good Hardley turnout.  Well done all and congratulations to Mike Sleath on his 50th RR10.  If you are interested in that sort of thing then you'll find lots of stats on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
16 Charmaine Bradford     66 Tamsin Roberts     169 Jennifer  Massey  
21 Vicki Clarke     105 Chris Harris V60   175 Annie Bruce-Low V70
33 Lynn McDonagh V40   149 Sally Harbut V40        
43 Jane Hodge V50   155 Susan Massey          
18 Ben Andrew     90 Paul Blundell V50   201 Rob  Wells V40
25 Huw Davies V40   99 Martin Loveless V60   204 Patrick James V40
28 James Clarke     138 Mike Clarke V70   206 Jeremy Barber V60
49 Rob  Murray     139 John  Simmonds V60   218 Andy Barber V60
55 Matt Tanner V50   140 Brendon Harbut V40   230 Mike Sleath V50
63 Dan Latham     145 Matt Captain V40   236 Guy Lawrenson V60
70 Mark Darcy V40   166 Ian Hawker V60        
75 Dan Powell     185 Ian Craddock V40        

The Midnight Marathon - Petersfield - Saturday 5 August 2017

Click on the medal to see more pictures. 

Paul Blundell reports,

The Midnight Marathon was a perfect night for a run, clear skies and a good moon, much better then the sweat fest of last year.

Myself, Alice Ryder, Martin Loveless and Mark Lee met up with Tam Ryan , Becky Tovey among others from Romsey and we loosely ran around together.

It s a tough course and was quite slippery in places.

The 5 checkpoints were well stocked with a variety of foods including Water Melon, Strawberries (so Martin happy) and even Peach Schnapps at the last one.

This event is growing and there were a lot more runners then last year making the first climb a compulsory walk, and there were a lot of runners with dogs, talking to one young lady, she and her partner were swapping out the dogs at the half way point.

The only navigation hiccup for me was at the finish where they take you around the field and then the arrows seemed to disappear so Mark and I were standing there at the finish in the dark not knowing how to finish, not good after 26 miles, luckily Tam and Alice caught up and found the missing arrow.

We all finished in just over 5 hours, which we were happy with, Alice had run a marathon the previous weekend, (she's got another next weekend), Tam had the remains of a hangover and the rest of us were treating it as a training run."

You can read more about the event here.

The 9th RR10 - Itchen Valley Country Park - Weds 2 August 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, writes, "A big thanks from Rob and myself to the 7 ladies and 22 men who turned up on what was not the best of evenings, but the majority of rain seemed to have staved of for the best part. It turned out to be a great wet and muddy course.

Congratulations to Jane Hodge on her 100th RR10."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
8 Alice Ryder     33 Jane Hodge   V50   108 Sally Harbut   V40
10 Charmaine Bradford     46 Tamsin Roberts          
16 Vicki Clarke     71 Chris Harris   V60        
7 Tim Anetts     50 Brendan Anglim  V40   128 Brendon Harbut V40
17 Mark Causebrook     57 Matt Tanner   V50   129 Matt Captain V40  
23 Ben Andrew     70 Dan Powell     141 Mike Clarke V70  
35 James Clark     83 Paul Blundell   V50   158 Paul Newby V70.  
40 James Suswain     93 Malcolm Reynard V70   165 Robert Wells V40.  
42 Huw Davies V40   96 Simon Ibbotson     167 Chris Lewis   V40  
45 Mark Ferguson V40   105 Oscar Anglim          
46 Justin Bowen  V40   126 Mick Anglim V60          

The Snowdonia Trail Marathon - Sunday 23 July 2017

Jack Fairbrother reports, "I ran my first marathon today and wanted to say thank you to everyone from Hardley who's helped me with my training and offered encouragement.

Been a long old slog with all my injuries but I got there in the end! Felt very proud as I crossed the line and the announcer said "Jack Fairbrother representing Hardley Runners"

Thanks all, a few people have been asking me about the marathon itself - it's the Snowdonia Trail Marathon (it's actually longer than a marathon though) and entries for next year's event open on 26 July.   Details are here
If you like hilly / muddy stuff this one is for you - 5,500 feet of gain, you circumnavigate Mount Snowdon for 18 miles before running to the summit and back to Llanberis. You need to carry full waterproofs etc. I had a great time, would recommend if you like that sort of thing!
It sells out pretty fast so if anyone fancies it I'd book quickly."

Full results here  Jack was 361 overall 291/500 man in 6:49:47.  Well done!

The 8th RR10 - Janesmoor - Weds 19 July 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Round 8 of the RR10 league took place at Janesmoor Pond, Stoney Cross. The heavy down pours from the previous night made the course fairly sticky in places. The course, the same as the two previous years, featured plenty of hills on grass, mud and gravel trails.

The ladies team had another great performance with Alice Ryder in 10th, Charmaine Bradford in 11th and Natalie Green with her best position of the season in 17th, this will be another high placing for our ladies A team. 

Good results in the men's also with Huw Davies 26th, Justin Bowen 27th (Justin's best position this season), James Suswain in 29th, Mark Ferguson in 33rd and Rob Murray in 37th. 

Well done to all that took part. The next round is at Itchen Valley Country Park on 2nd August, with a slightly earlier start time at 7:15pm."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Alice Ryder     32 Jane Morgan V50   97 Susan Massey  
11 Charmaine Bradford     34 Jane Hodge V50   108 Angie Simmonds V60
17 Natalie  Green     47 Tamsin Roberts     112 Annie Brucelow V70
19 Vicki Clarke     74 Chris Harris V60        
25 Lynn McDonagh V40   95 Sally Harbut V40        
26 Huw Davies V40   75 Paul Blundell V50   156 Adrian Mudle V50
27 Justin  Bowen V40   80 Malcolm Renyard V70   157 Ian Craddock V40
29 James Suswain     88 Phil Rudd     166 Jeremy Barber V60
33 Mark Ferguson V40   100 Mick Anglim V60   167 Patrick James V40
37 Rob  Murray     104 Mark Lee V50   169 Rob  Wells V40
45 Matt Tanner V50   125 Mike Clarke V70   177 Andy Barber V60
47 Dan Latham     126 Matt Captain V40   179 Mike Sleath V50
58 Simon Ibbotson     129 Brendon Harbut V40        
64 Dan Powell     140 Paul Newby V70        

Muscle Acre - Guildford - Sunday 16 July 2017

Click on the picture to see the big picture.

Rob Wells reports, "On Sunday the 16th, I took on the muscle acre obstacle race, this is one I have done many times because the RD changes the course every time. Originally on the 10k there turned out to be an upgrade to 15k so that's what I did. Started of the first 5k with my daughter as that's the part of the course that the teenagers can do then at the 5/10 split I said goodbye an was off on the extra 5k which was mainly trail and carrys, really treacherous under foot so had to be extra careful, then joined back up to the main route for the last 5k. This is where the mud is and the qualifying rig with rings- bars- ropes and poles. You just had to wade through the chest deep mud and come out the other side about half a k any way you can. Then off to the finish for your medal and hard earned beer. I'll be going for the tri this year. Winter and summer done just autumn to go, where you earn a special gift.

You can read more about the event here.

Burnley 5 Mile Trail Race - Sunday 16 July 2017

Vicki Clarke made the trip North so see friends and do a couple of runs.  On the Saturday she was first lady in the Burnley parkrun (not that it is a race, you understand). Sunday was the Burnley 5 mile trail race which was part of the Pendle Festival of Running. Vicki was 37th in 50:23.  She comments,

Love coming up north. Could do with being flattened though .  Click on the picture to see a couple of photos.

Race to the Stones - Sat/Sun 15/16 July 2017

This ultra is run along the Ridgeway and finishes at the iconic Avebury Ring.  There are various options from 50K on one day through 50K on each of two days to doing the whole 100K in one hit.

Steve Bennettdid the first 50K and in 6:16:22  and was 36th/230 , 27thM/86, 13thV40M/31 

David Gould did the full works at one hit in 17:18:12 and was 579th/961, 441stM/653,  62ndV50M/108 with splits of 7:19:56 for the first 50K and 9:58:16 for the second 50K.

David reports, "I jogged the Race to the Stones as Endure24's 90 miles was still lurking in the legs. Really well organised: flawless route-marking, lots of different food at the stops (I probably put weight on) and portaloos at every checkpoint."

Click on the names to see the details.  You can read more about the event here.

The 8th or is it the 7th RR10 - Whiteley - Weds 12 July 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports, "Another good turn out at the Whiteley RR10 with 11 ladies and 19 men. A very similar course to last year but not as muddy this time, the tight and twisty course was enjoyed by many.

The ladies team will achieve another high placement with Alice Ryder and Charmaine Bradford achieving their best positions so far in 9th and 10th and Vicki Clarke equaling her seasons best in 20th.

James Clarke was first man in at 26th, Justin Bowen 37th despite some lace issues, Mark Ferguson in 40th place even with a roll in the mud and Matt Tanner in 50th.

Mike Sleath had a notably good run knocking off 26 places this week and Sally Harbut smashed out her best result of the season improving by 40 places, well done.

The next RR10 is next Wednesday 19th July at Stoney Cross, hope to see as many of you there as possible."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Alice Ryder   65 Chris Harris V60   113 Caroline Street V50
10 Charmaine Bradford   86 Sarah Fritton V40   119 Angie Simmonds V60
20 Vicki Clarke   93 Sally Harbut V40   128 Annie Bruce-Low V70
32 Jane Hodge V50   103 Julie Bowden V50        
26 James Clarke   76 Paul Blundell V50   137 Paul Newby V70
37 Justin  Bowen V40   87 Malcolm Renyard V70   154 Rob  Wells V40
40 Mark Ferguson V40   107 John  Simmonds V60   161 Jeremy Barber V60
50 Matt Tanner V50   121 Brendon Harbut V40   166 Mike Sleath V50
59 Dan Latham   122 Matt Captain V40   DNF Chris  Lewis V40
67 Simon Ibbotson   124 Ian Hawker V60        
73 Dan Powell   127 Mike Clarke V70        

Alice does it again! The Ware 10 - Sunday 9 July 2017

Congratulations to Alice Ryder who was 2nd woman (31st overall) in 1.13.45.  You can read more about the event here.

The New Forest 10 - Sunday 9 July 2017

A strong Hardley turnout on a warm day with all our finishers in the top third of the field.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.


Gun Time

Name Cat Chip Time
Huw Davies M45
Matthew Tanner M50
Simon Ibbotson M
Nick Newton M60
Ian Smith M55
Malcolm Renyard M70
Natalie Green F
Steve Bradley M60
Chris Wilson M55

Sway Carnival 5 - Sunday 2 July 2017

Six Hardley Runners took part in a very hot Sway 5 mile race at Wilverley.


Alice Ryder followed up her First Finish lady at Brockenhurst parkrun on Saturday by coming 2nd lady at Wilverley.


The full results are are here

Abbotts Ann Trail Run (10k) - Sunday 2 July 2017

David Gould reports, "It was a very hot day to be running at 11am. The course is a good one, though: very scenic and with a few gentle rises towards the end to maintain the interest.

I started off really badly: slow and lethargic and then my calves tightened up. So I just kept plugging away until around half way, when things seemed to loosen off and I managed to pull back a couple of minutes.

It's a really nice, local event: well-signed, well-marshalled and well worth the effort."

For the record, David was 40th in 54:51.  You can see the full results here.

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