The Hangman 2017

34 miles from Longparish up the Test Way to Combe Gibbet and back.
01  Registration at Longparish Village Hall 02  Mark  greets Jeremy at 2.5 miles.  Si far so good. 03  David at 2.5 miles 03a  Jeremy marshalling at 2.5 miles
04  Mark coming upo to CP1 at Hurstbourne Tarrant 05 06  David leaves CP1 07  Mark at the top
08  Favid at the top 08a  Food at CP 09  Mark starts down about a mile after the turn 21  Mark finishes at Longparish football field
11  High five with race director, Andy Nuttall 12  Still looking happy after 34 miles! 22 23  David finsihes
24 30  Bling