The Midnight Marathon - Petersfield - Saturday 5 August 2017

Paul Blundell reports,

The Midnight Marathon was a perfect night for a run, clear skies and a good moon, much better then the sweat fest of last year.

Myself, Alice Ryder, Martin Loveless and Mark Lee met up with Tam Ryan , Becky Tovey among others from Romsey and we loosely ran around together.

It s a tough course and was quite slippery in places.

The 5 checkpoints were well stocked with a variety of foods including Water Melon, Strawberries (so Martin happy) and even Peach Schnapps at the last one.

This event is growing and there were a lot more runners then last year making the first climb a compulsory walk, and there were a lot of runners with dogs, talking to one young lady, she and her partner were swapping out the dogs at the half way point.

The only navigation hiccup for me was at the finish where they take you around the field and then the arrows seemed to disappear so Mark and I were standing there at the finish in the dark not knowing how to finish, not good after 26 miles, luckily Tam and Alice caught up and found the missing arrow.

We all finished in just over 5 hours, which we were happy with, Alice had run a marathon the previous weekend, (she's got another next weekend), Tam had the remains of a hangover and the rest of us were treating it as a training run."

You can read more about the event here.

At the start - daylight

The start field

At a checkpoint on the way out

At the finish

The medal - major bling

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