Results for 2016

Results are published here in date order, latest at the top. If you have any results to add, please email the webmaster (see contact us page).

Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was great racer. He turned out for pretty well everything. His family have given two trophies, one for women and one for men. They will go to the people who run in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 series plus the cross country county, regional and national championships. The more races you finish the more points you get.

Here are the results so far (Excel spreadsheet) for the 2016/17 season. Click here to see previous results.

Hardley Christmas Handicap - Sunday 18 December 2016

Mick Anglim (to whom many thanks for organising the event)reports, "

From the 52 names on the start list we had 39 participants who did the naked run around Hawkhill Inclosure. Naked of course only in respect of watches, GPS or heart rate technology to aid their attempt to run to a predicted time. Unfortunately the majority appeared to have been overcome by competitiveness and perfect running conditions as only 6 people were slower than their predictions and only 3 runners managed to run within 1 minute of their predicted time!! That compares very unfavourably with the 21 runners who were within 1 minute last year.


However a more benevolent analysis is that 33 runners were fitter than anticipated especially those who attended the Hardley Christmas party!


Congratulations to Dan Latham who was just 19 seconds faster than his prediction and beat our fancy dressed Chairman Adrian into 2nd place.


Fastest time by a long way was Mark Causebrook who after recent injuries ran a superb 34:00. That time is the fastest for over a decade on that course and is even more impressive as Mark started almost 6 minutes behind 2nd fastest Matt Tanner.


The ladies race was much closer with Matt's daughter Poppy being steadily overhauled by our multi-sport youngster Natalie Green who had the benefit of Ian Smith's company. Natalie and Poppy finished only 28 seconds apart in 7th and 8th position.


The Lanterne Rouge should go to Shelley-Anne Morgan from Netley Abbey Runners as she finished almost 15 minutes faster than her prediction!!  As she's not a Hardley member the trophy will go Phil Shearsmith who resisted all attempts to influence his very conservative prediction and ran almost 10 minutes too fast!


The Handicap run however is not just about running and the social aspect included welcoming several guests from Netley Abbey Runners as well as our regular visitor Malcolm Price of SAC. Several runners also joined in the festive spirit by wearing fancy dress with the prizes going to Charmaine Bradford who bravely propelled her daughter in her tinsel decked buggy and to gladiator Paul Blundell.


Thanks to everyone who took part, to Jeremy for arranging the mulled wine and mince pies, to impromptu helpers Jen Mudle, Jane & Roger Morgan, Mike Delauney and Debbie Green. Special thanks to Mike Smith who set out and collected the course markers and also ran.

The headline results are below.  And there's an album of pictures here.  If you'd like to play with the full results (Excel spreadsheet) then here they are.

Closest to predicted time
Fastest first
Name Predicted Actual Diff. Name Actual Time
Dan Latham 43:00 00:42:41  - 00:00:19 Mark Causebrook 00:34:00
Adrian Mudle 49:10 00:48:36  - 00:00:34 Matt Tanner 00:38:38
John Labbett 50:00 00:49:17  - 00:00:43 Simon Ibbotson 00:41:42
Annie Bruce-Low 1:40:00 01:41:10 00:01:10 Dan Latham 00:42:41
Leonora Stovell 1:09:42 01:10:55 00:01:13 Ian Smith 00:43:25
Mike Smith 45:55 00:47:23 00:01:28 Paul Blundell 00:43:31
Chris Harris 57:00 00:58:38 00:01:38 Natalie Green 00:43:34
Dave Wilson 49:49 00:48:08  - 00:01:41 Poppy Tanner 00:45:02
Jeremy Barber 1:02:00 01:00:17  - 00:01:43 Jane Hodge 00:46:04
Poppy Tanner 47:00 00:45:02  - 00:01:58 Jon Orpen 00:46:13
Paul Blundell 45:30 00:43:31  - 00:01:59 Mike Clarke 00:46:13
Lynda Massey 57:10 00:55:03  - 00:02:07 Mathew Captain 00:46:21
Mark Causebrook 36:15 00:34:00  - 00:02:15 Mike Smith 00:47:23
Simon Ibbotson 44:15 00:41:42  - 00:02:33 Dave Wilson 00:48:08
Ian Smith 46:00 00:43:25  - 00:02:35 Adrian Mudle 00:48:36
Natalie Green 46:10 00:43:34  - 00:02:36 Gemma Boyle 00:48:46
Jon Orpen 48:55 00:46:13  - 00:02:42 Tamsin Roberts 00:49:16
Jan Anglim !:12:20 01:09:37  - 00:02:43 John Labbett 00:49:17
Nick Coe 52:30 00:49:47  - 00:02:43 Nick Coe 00:49:47
Jane Hodge 49:00 00:46:04  - 00:02:56 Noelle Humphrey 00:50:13
Guy Lawrenson 1:02:20 01:05:20 00:03:00 Caroline O'Farrell 00:51:14
Mike Clarke 49:30 00:46:13  - 00:03:17 Charmaine Bradford + buggy 00:51:20
Matt Tanner 42:00 00:38:38  - 00:03:22 Andy Suswain 00:51:25
Charmaine Bradford + buggy 54:55 00:51:20  - 00:03:35 Ian Beveridge 00:53:58
Mike Fitton 1:06:29 01:02:30  - 00:03:59 Claire Reynolds 00:54:30
Sarah Fitton 1:06:30 01:02:30  - 00:04:00 Lynda Massey 00:55:03
Mike Sleath 1:00:05 01:04:27 00:04:22 Chris Harris 00:58:38
Noelle Humphrey 55:00 00:50:13  - 00:04:47 Shelley-Anne Morgan 01:00:12
Gemma Boyle 53:35 00:48:46  - 00:04:49 Jeremy Barber 01:00:17
Tamsin Roberts 54:21 00:49:16  - 00:05:05 Ria Gradwell 01:00:38
Ria Gradwell 1:06:00 01:00:38  - 00:05:22 Sarah Fitton 01:02:30
Susan Massey 1:08:00 01:02:32  - 00:05:28 Mike Fitton 01:02:30
Claire Reynolds 1:00:00 00:54:30  - 00:05:30 Susan Massey 01:02:32
Mathew Captain 52:35 00:46:21  - 00:06:14 Mike Sleath 01:04:27
Caroline O'Farrell 57:29 00:51:14  - 00:06:15 Guy Lawrenson 01:05:20
Ian Beveridge 1:00:55 00:53:58  - 00:06:57 Phil Shearsmith 01:05:30
Andy Suswain 58:30 00:51:25  - 00:07:05 Jan Anglim 01:09:37
Phil Shearsmith 1:15:00 01:05:30  - 00:09:30 Leonora Stovell 01:10:55
Shelley-Anne Morgan 1:15:05 01:00:12  - 00:14:53 Annie Bruce-Low 01:41:10
Malcolm Price 53:50 DNF Malcolm Price DNF

Portsmouth Coastal Marathon - Sunday 18 December 2016

Steve Bennett reports,

"It has been said before that David Gould and I aren't playing with a full deck.  So we were out in the community today and nurse prescribed 26.2 miles of coastal, multi-terrain marathon medicine.  [Click on the small pic for before and after evidence showing that the treatment (may have) worked]

If you haven't done this one before it starts at Southsea, heads to Eastney, up alongside the Eastern Road, east past Farlington, down Langstone to Hayling Island and back.  However you have to contend with pavement, grass, mud, beach, pebbles, shingle and trail.  Its a toughy.

Well there were two David Goulds (user error?) and he initially picked up the number for neither!  Still we managed to get to the start unassisted and it wouldn't be a party without former Hardley member Sarah King. Pre-race selfie taken and we're off.

The only blot on the day, was catching up with a clearly struggling Alice Ryder at 20 miles, who despite a calf injury dug in and showed great courage to finish with a very respectable time indeed.

Finisher's t-shirt, free beer and the worlds largest medal! What's not to like?"

For the record, Steve ran ran 3:47:05, Alice 4:04:45, David 4:11:50 & Sarah 4:25:49. You can see the full results here


The 4th CC6 - Janesmoor Pond - Sunday 11 December 2016

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"It started cool and foggy this morning for the fourth CC6 of the series at Janesmoor Pond. There was a good turnout with 13 men and 5 ladies. Jane Morgan also started but unfortunately picked up an injury mid-race and had to drop out, best wishes for a quick recovery.

Particular mention goes to Tim Anetts, who was running his first CC6, who led the men in 6th position and Charmaine Bradford who led the ladies in 11th position.

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the course, including the mud! 

I have sent our thanks to Lordshill RR and Wessex RR for organising, with particular mention to the cakes which as always were very welcome!

Race number 5 will be at Badger Farm in Winchester on Sunday 8th January at 9:30am.

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results on the CC6 website (see Links tab above). And there are loads more pictures in this lovely album by Hammy

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
11 Charmaine Bradford S   22 Hannah Du Preez S   57 Annie Bruce Low V70
16 Lynn McDonagh V40   28 Tamsin Roberts S        
6 Tim Anetts S   46 Paul Blundell V50   73 Andy Simpson V50
11 Ben Andrew S   53 Dan Powell S   81 Dave Wilson V60
27 Matthew Tanner V50   66 Mick Anglim V60   94 Ian Craddock V40
36 Dan Latham S   72 Roger Morgan V50   95 Dave McElhenny V60
43 Simon Ibbotson S                

PS Dan Powell added this lovely message on FB. Glad to see you back, Dan. "The last time I raced was march 2015 when I had a shocking performance at the exbury 5! This morning I completed the cc6 at stoney cross finishing 53rd overall male, before the race my aim was purely just to get round! 2016 had been a tough year for me with injuries but recently i have been able to train hard and stay injury free (touch wood) now the focus is to train hard and race often and get stronger and quicker! Its always an honour to put the Hardley vest on and represent the club at any event so long may that continue for me!"

The Heartbreaker Tailwind 10 Mile - Sunday 11 December 2016

Terry Earney reports, "There were 3 hardy Hardley Runners at the above trail race yesterday, Karen Denham, Aleksandra Burlinson and myself. The race is based at the Sandy Balls Holiday Village and is a very hilly course, as emphasised by Steve Bennett after last years race. A highlight is the promise of a cup of hot, thick soup and bread roll at the finish, plus a nice medal.

It was very chilly, mainly due to the layer of fog covering the area, and we were shivering before the start, delaying as long as possible before emerging from the warm for the pre race safety briefing and 5 minute walk to the start. The race was chip timed, with the chip attached to the ankle by a Velcro strap. It didn't warm up until about half way when the sun peeped through the fog.

I believe that we maintained the high standards of the club with the following results:- Karen 2nd FV35 1.23.30, Aleksandra 3rd FV55  1.27.53 and me 1st MV70 1.23.30. We were placed 57th, 72nd and 58th respectively. Karen and I ran together racing each other the whole way crossing the finish line together with the same chip time. There was no gun time. There were 161 finishers.

The full results and race details are here  The photo of the 3 of us was taken after the race with some warmer clothing on."

The Christmas Pudding 10K - Sunday 11 December 2016

Mickk Anglim reports, "I think there were 5 Hardley runners. Mike Clarke was suffering from 10 days of indulgence in the Algarve but still came 2nd M70.  Conditions were perfect on the new clockwise course with only a few places affected by farming slurry! 

The new 11am start makes back to back running with the CC6 viable as long as you have your race number and your transition is slick!  I struggled to a PW on my 3rd race in 24 hours.  Good Duathlon training though"

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here

155 00:47:47 Mick Anglim MV65
210 00:50:48 Mike Clark MV70
228 00:52:21 Emma Lee FS
347 00:59:41 Claire Aplin FV45
402 01:03:09 Kimberley Shiels FV45

The Dibden Santa Dash - Sunday 11 December 2016

Steve Bennett reports,

"Mrs Lee and Mrs Bennett spent most of the morning, reminding Mark and me that this Santa Dash was not a race and we were not to trample on any children or make any of them cry!

So with a heavy heart we set off rather slowly behind all the children, but soon started to pick them off.  We quickly passed my son Josh who was having trouble keeping his Santa trousers from falling down.  We were soon up with the leaders and were struggling to stay ahead of each other, whilst also slowing to let the young lad at the front win.

We did the decent thing.  I came second, Mark third - but we'll have you know we both won our respective age groups!  Josh finished strongly with his trousers around his ankles, my daughter Lucy destroyed her mum in the sprint finish.  We spotted Carol Bailey and Ann Maylott they'll be gutted to have missed the photo op!"

The SEAA Masters Cross Country - Horspath Oxford - Saturday10 December 2016

Mick Anglim, Malc Renyard and Jeremy Barber travelled to Oxford on a pretty dreary morning for the SEAA Masters.  Mick and Jeremy were in the M50-70 race which was a pleasant two lap 10K course. Their results are below.  Malc was going well in the 70 and over event and would almost certainly have taken gold when a marshalling error led to him going off course which was very hard luck.  You can see the full results here.

Cat Pos
137 45:56 Mick Anglim V65 12
165 54:58 Jeremy Barber V60 34

HRRL Race 5 - The Victory 5 - Sunday 4 December 2016

It was a lovely sunny morning and conditions were excellent. There were PBs for Vicki Clarke (by over 2 mins) and Katie Collard (back from over a year without races becuase of injury - good to see you in Hardley colours again Katie. If there were any others please let me know.  Hardley results are below. I think there may have been some changes which are not reflected in the published results so if you spot any errors please let me know.  I think, for example, that Paul won't do quite as well in category position when they use his real age.  You can see the full results here.

Cat Pos

Chip Time

138 00:31:43 Matthew Tanner MV50 10 00:31:34
144 00:31:53 Alan Doney MV45 10 00:31:48
165 00:32:15 Simon Ibbotson M 95 00:32:06
206 00:33:17 Alice Ryder F 14 00:33:07
219 00:33:53 Paul Blundell MV60 5 00:33:43
263 00:35:13 Malcolm Renyard MV70 1 00:34:57
283 00:35:53 Vicki Clarke F 22 00:35:40
318 00:36:58 Mick Anglim MV65 3 00:36:43
325 00:37:18 Mike Smith MV65 5 00:37:12
377 00:39:41 Dave Wilson MV60 12 00:39:19
387 00:39:58 David Gould MV55 27 00:39:29
425 00:41:20 Emma Lee F 48 00:41:03
447 00:41:55 Adam Wells M 147 00:41:20
475 00:43:03 Jeremy Barber MV60 16 00:42:28
523 00:45:11 Sarah Kay F 69 00:44:36
563 00:47:25 Katie Collard FV40 23 00:46:50
645 00:53:29 Jan Anglim FV65 6 00:52:44

HCCL Race 3 - Popham - Saturday 3 December 2016

A lovely sunny afternoon. Thanks go to Chris, Mick and Andy who turned out to represent Hardley.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos
Women 6K
116 35:20 Chris Harris V65 57
Men 10K
158 44:50 Andy Kellaway M40 61
181 48:48 Mick Anglim M60 79

HRRL Race 4 - The Hayling 10 - Sunday 27 November 2016

The forecast North Easterly wind did not appear and conditions were good for the Hayling 10. Despite the 9.30 start there was a good Hardley turnout. Well done all.  You can see the full results here.

Gender Pos
Cat Pos
Pace min/mile
66 01:05:16 Matthew Ta n n e r 60 M50 4 06:31
119 01:09:19 Dan Latham 106 MSn 59 06:55
124 01:09:40 Alice Ryder 15 L35 5 06:58
131 01:10:42 Paul Blundell 113 M50 11 07:04
49 01:11:39 Simon Ibbotson 128 MSn 66 07:09
188 01:13:41 Steve Bennett 155 M40 28 07:22
219 01:15:25 Ian Smith 178 M50 23 07:32
231 01:16:00 Malcolm Renyard 186 M70 1 07:36
239 01:16:35 Natalie Green 24 LSn 14 07:39
242 01:16:45 Mick Anglim 191 M65 1 07:40
274 01:19:15 Terry Earney 214 M70 3 07:55
355 01:25:22 Tamsin Roberts 97 LSn 25 08:32
394 01:29:17 Jeremy Barber 274 M60 13 08:55
529 01:46:31 Andy Barber 319 M60 16 10:39
557 01:52:58 Jan Anglim 227 L60 6 11:17

The Downton Half - Sunday 27 November 2016

Paddy Butler was the sole Hardley runner this year in this scenic though somewaht undulating race. He was 63rd (6th M50 out of 40) in a field of 293 in 1:41:11.  Well done!  Paddy reports, " The description was, "Very scenic route, a few hills but not too demanding"!

They lied about the demanding bit - but at least the bigger hills were in the first half of the run."

You can see the full results here

The Wimborne 10 - Sunday 20 November 2016

Paddy Butler reports, "I was the only Hardley Runner in the Wimborne 10 miler yesterday.  A nice run round the lanes of Dorset with a steepish uphill last mile.  I took 1 hr 15 mins - 133th."  You can see the full results here.

HRRL Race 3 - THe Gosport Half - Sunday 20 November 2016

Well that was a windy one!  With 90mph winds in the Channel  from Storm Angus, there was a possibility that the race would be cancelled. But the wind calmed somewhat, the rain stopped and the race went ahead. Despite the wind, average times were slightly faster than last year but then last year was windy as well!  Well done all and commiserations to Adrian Mudle who retired with a poorly calf in mile 7.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Chip Time
34 01:18:35 Mark Causebrook M 01:18:33
195 01:31:03 Matthew Tanner M50 01:30:59
270 01:34:24 Alice Ryder F35 01:34:12
300 01:36:01 Daniel Latham M 01:35:56
304 01:36:06 Paul Blundell M50 01:35:56
558 01:46:18 Terry Earney M70+ 01:46:00
1044 02:04:01 Jeremy Barber M60 02:02:55

HCCL Race 2 Bournemouth - Saturday 12 November

The event began with a period of silence in  memory of Stacey Burrows and Lucy Pygott (see News tab).

For the first time in a very long time there were more women than men representing Hardley.  Well done the women and let's hope the men can do as well as the women next time (Saturday 3 December at Popham).

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos
Women 6K
84 28:07:00 Jane Morgan V55 28
107 29:43:00 Hannah Du Preez    
131 31:44:00 Tamsin Roberts    
145 35:45:00 Chris Harris V65 64
Men 10K
221 44:34:00 Paddy Butler M50 100
225 44:57:00 Mick Anglim M60 103

Shakespeare Marathon and 5K - Saturday 12 November 2016

Steve Bennett reports,

"A marathon in Stratford-upon-Avon sounds very nice....rivers....Shakespeare.  Well, the race took place on a cold and rainy airfield cum drag racing venue, just outside the town.  There was a choice of 5k, 10k, half and full marathons available taking place on a 5k circuit around the runways and perimeter roads.

Rhiannon opted for a single lap with the 5k race.  Wearing her new Hardley vest for the first time she smashed her personal best by 1 very large second!  She finished in 44:16, making great progress after only taking up our sport recently.

I opted for the marathon - so 8 and a bit laps for me.  I too made a personal best with 3:42:13, my third marathon in two months, all between 3hrs 42 and 3hrs 45.  If nothing else I'm consistent!

So other than being moaned at because I didn't book another night in the swanky hotel, so madam could enjoy the pool afterwards, a successful weekend."

For the record, Rhi was 80th in the 5K and Steve was 38th in the marathon.  You can see the full results here.

Meon Valley Marathon and Half - Sunday 6 November 2016

Mark Lee reports that this is an excellent, well organised race, particularly if you like hills. There were three Hardley runners taking part.  In the half Paddy Butler was 48th in 1:55:17. Alice Ryder was 44th in the marathon in 4:22:24 and Mark was 97th in 5:08:25. Well done all three.  You can see the full results here.

The Stickler - Sunday 30 October 2016

What a lovely day, what a lovely race and what a lovely way for Andy to celebrate his birthday. The Stickler is a 10.1 mile multi terrain running race. It involves over 1500ft of gruelling climbing, beginning with the infamous ’Stickle Path’.  Runners ascend three locally renowned peaks along the beautiful Stour Valley: Okeford Beacon, Hod Hill and Hambledon Hill plus an extra un-named ascent as well. In other words, a bit undulating. In fact so undulating that I recorded my fastest mile of the season for mile 4 which was gently downhill. To compensate there were also a couple of miles where I recorded over 15 mins.

There was an excellent Hardley turnout this year.  Well done to everyone who completed the race and commiserations to Julie who had to drop out becuase of an injury.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results and read more here.

Name Cat
116 01:25:35 Paul Blundell MV50
124 01:26:19 Jack Fairbrother M
129 01:26:47 Martin Loveless MV50
213 01:32:48 Paddy Butler MV50
216 01:33:06 Charmaine Bradford F
237 01:35:38 Sue Sleath FV50
257 01:37:27 Roger Morgan MV50
283 01:39:09 Chris Wilson MV50
323 01:42:53 Jane Morgan FV50
327 01:43:10 Mark Lee MV50
425 01:56:05 Jeremy Barber MV60
444 01:58:16 Andy Barber MV60
483 02:07:02 Helen Fay FV40
484 02:07:02 Daniella Fay FV40

The Great South Run 10M - Sunday 23 October 2016

Conditions were excellent and Hardley was represented right through the field with Paul and Ben leading us home, both with new PBs while Annie, buoyed up by balloons but weighed down by her bucket, brought up the rear.  Hardley results are below. Click on the names to see more.

45 00:56:51 Paul Pallister
73 00:59:13 Ben Andrew
1811 01:17:08  Jack Fairbrother
3701 01:24:25 Aleksandra Burlinson
5453 01:29:41 Neil Lewis
8811 01:39:16  Debbie Drodge
10176 01:43:35 Claire Aplin
10706 01:45:29 Sarah Hood
12952 01:55:00 Carole Bailey
13054 01:55:38 Danii Bundy
13927 02:01:53 Mandip Sidhu
14515 02:07:29 Ann Maylott
15618 02:55:46 Annie Bruce-Low

The Great South Run 5K - Saturday 22 October 2016

We had two runners in the 5K and both got PBs. Well done!  Steve Bennett reports,

"It's always great to see new members and beginners joining the club (even if it is your wife!). I had forgotten how nervy I was at my first big race, so there was a little extra hint of excitement in the air as I drove Rhiannon to Southsea for her Great Run debut and first event as a fully paid up Hardley Runner.

We were in different waves and so I had to leave her to the nerves as I warmed up before the start of the race. The course starts in front of the D-Day Museum and heads along the seafront to Clarence Pier, along Millennium Promenade, back along the seafront, up and down Avenue De Caen before looping behind the Pyramids Centre to the Finish.

Thankfully there was little wind and conditions were perfect.  And didn't she do well?  Rhiannon finished in 44:17, a PB of over 3 minutes from Mablethorpe, earlier in the month.  I was pleased with a 20:38, also my best."

The New Forest Stinger - Sunday 16 October 2016

What a lovely race.  After a long dry spell and some heavy overnight rain, conditions were odd: wet on top but firm underneath. The sun came out for the start, a shower mid race cooled us nicely and the flat mile 8 in sunshine was one of those glad to be alive times. The mile markers were a bit off with the last mile being the longest and making up for some previous short ones.  The bacon butties afterwards were great.  Congratulations to Jappas who was first in the 5 and to everyone who turned out for either race. Definitely one to do again next year.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here. Here are some pictures of Hardley members in action and here's a larger album from Simon Mason.

10 Miles
20 1:14:31 Dale Purdom M50-59
61 1:24:43 Alice Ryder F
68 1:25:24 Terry Earney M60+
73 1:26:20 Roger Morgan M50-59
85 1:28:52 Chris Wilson M50-59
88 1:29:39 Mike Clarke M60+
100 1:32:12 Kevin Hancock M60+
101 1:32:56 Jane Hodge F50-59
120 1:42:22 Jeremy Barber M60+
126 1:44:40 Andy Barber M60+
5 Miles
1 34:09 Jappas Du Preez M
12 41:43 Malcolm Renyard M60+
13 42:05 Mick Anglim M60+
16 43:24 Paddy Butler M50-59
17 43:25 Ian Hawker M60+
32 48:18 Hannah Du Preez F

HCCL Race 1 - Farley Mount - Saturday 15 October 2016

The first race of the HCCL season was at its traditional home of Farley Mount.  For the first time in a long time we had a women's team so thanks very much to the women who turned out.  And the men too, of course. 

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

The next race is on Saturday 12 November at Bournemouth.  All welcome. You don't have to be superfast to enjoy these races.

Vet Pos
Women 6K
84 30:04:00 Jane Morgan V55 34
124 35:13:00 Tamsin Roberts    
128 36:12:00 Chris Harris V65 61
Men 10K
125 40:56:00 Richard Harris    
213 46:06:00 Andy Kellaway M40 89
226 47:05:00 Mick Anglim M60 100
253 52:45:00 Mike Smith M60 124

The Studland Stampede - Sunday 9 October 2016

Slightly diffidently, Martin Loveless reports, "Not sure I should admit to running an alternative race to our half but my excuse is that I entered back in March and didn't even think about a clash - feeble excuse I know.

Anyway I wasn't quite alone as Ron Godden and Julie Swainston also ran 

Results are here

Such a shame it clashed as a lovely 12k off-road race over heathland and the sandy beach."


HRRL Race 2 - The Solent Half - Sunday 9 October 2016

What a lovely day for a run. Thanks very much to everyone who helped make it special by helping or running and in many cases by helping and running.  Hardley results are below. For links to the full results and pictures see the Solent Half tab above.

Gender Pos Cat Pos Chip Time
58 01:28:41 Matthew Tanner
53 6 01:28:35
62 01:29:16 Sean Bowen
57 7 01:29:11
107 01:34:58 Justin Bowen
95 27 01:34:49
118 01:35:46 Paul Blundell
105 18 01:35:37
140 01:37:35 Alice Ryder
20 9 01:37:10
152 01:39:04 Steve Bennett
129 40 01:38:41
188 01:42:31 Ian Smith
157 25 01:42:23
235 01:46:53 Natalie Green
46 13 01:46:45
237 01:47:25 Karen Denham
47 20 01:46:58
250 01:49:47 Terence Earney
200 2 01:49:18
255 01:50:30 Jane Hodge
53 6 01:50:18
300 01:57:24 Giuliana Franzese-Henry
81 14 01:56:58
308 01:58:05 Emma Halliwell
85 34 01:57:31
317 01:59:46 Emma Lee
90 25 01:59:12
359 02:07:46 Sharon Avery
115 43 02:07:11
428 02:56:58 Raymond Hutchings
263 8 02:56:25
430 02:57:00 Jeremy Barber (sweeper)
265 21 02:56:15

The Bournemouth Marathon Festival 1/2 October 2016

In the half marathon Karen Denham was 660th in 1:44:33, Kevin Hancock was 1045th in 1:52:07 and Hilary Hinks was 2774th in 2:24:51.

In the 10K Ann Maylott was 1715th in 1:15:45.

You can read more about the event and see the full results here.

The Basingstoke Half - Sunday 2 October 2016

Just one Hardley runner this year, Kim Cotton, who was 1085th in 2:51:26.  You can read more about the race and see the full results here

The Great Scotish 10K - Sunday 2 October 2016

Weighed down by her Alzheimer's collecting bucket Hardley's Annie Bruce-Low was 8333rd. She reports,

Wow haven't trained for over three weeks. Only time I have run was to catch my brother's eye as he drove past me and I had to run to catch him up! That is my ??? Great Scottish Run completed.

Hardly any supporters great big thanks to the runners that gave me sooo much money. That included £5 and £10 notes and one kind lady very generously gave me a £20 note. Oh wow how kind and generous are to someone they don't know running (or more to the lint walking) for such a good cause!

Well my time was rubbish but I did go for money and had to keep stopping, especially when people struggle to get their money for me. Now the the hard facts. Time 2 hours 04..59 minutes. Money in my bucket £164.71. I have now bagged the money, put on a washing, kicked off my shoes and am sitting on the settee with my feet up eating chocolate biscuits!!!

That is the good news. The bad news is I lost a lens and no spare ones so had to put up with steamed up glasses and wet ones when I went through the shower!

The Clarendon Marathon and Half Marathon - Sunday 2 October 2016

It was a lovely sunny day for the Clarendon Marathon and Half. Saturday's rain made it a bit sticky in places but there were no wet bits that couldn't be avoided. David Gould was 197th in the marathon in 4:46:24. New this year was a plate for people who have done 5 or more.  This was David's eighth so he qualified. Well done.

Hardley members did well in the half too.  Paul Pallister was first (out of 307) in 1:22:19, Ben Andrew was 4th in 1:27:53 and Matt Tanner was 25th in  1:42:13.   Well done All.

Well done also to Sue Sleath who rose from her sick bed to marshal and is now sporting an uneven sun tan after standing facing in the same direction for three hours!

The Mablethorpe Marathon - Sunday 2 October 2016

Click on the logo to see the Tee shirt and rehydration arrangements.  Steve Bennett reports,

"As we know, the finest people have their roots in Lincolnshire and to celebrate, this weekend saw Lincolnshire Day!  So how does Hardley's proud Lincolnshire yellow belly celebrate?  He drives to Lincolnshire to run a marathon, of course.

In its 10th year, the marathon is a two lap affair with a single lap half marathon the most popular option.  This year a 5k option was available.  Putting aside my obvious bias for the region, I have to say this is consistently the most well organised and marshalled event I attend.  The organisation, traffic control, signage, plentiful marshals and frequent well staffed and stocked water stations are a lesson to some far bigger events in how to organise a race.  I know it is a long way but if you like to incorporate a weekend away with a race, you won't be disappointed.

Despite the wind off The North Sea, I finished with a chip time of 3hr 44m 53s.  This was a relief as all my sub 4 hour marathons have been outside UKA events. Adrian Mudle was refusing to acknowledge my time from the recent New Forest Marathon as his Garmin made it short.  Also my UKA PB was stripped from last year as Manchester was short.  It was good to get that monkey (and Chairman) off my back and set a new official PB!

Team Bennett entered the 5K. Joshua finished in 36:23 and Rhiannon, who is clearly bored of standing around waiting for me to finish has just started running and finished in 47:31"

CC6 Race 2 - Whiteley - Sunday 2 October 2016

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports, "This morning was sunny but not hot which made for great conditions for the Whiteley Woods CC6. 6 men and 4 ladies sported their purple and yellow Hardley colours.  Leading us in were Jappas Du Preez in 6th place for the men and Charmaine Bradford in 19th place for the ladies.  Very well done to all.  

As you may be aware, this was a brand new course for this year and, other than getting slightly lost trying to find the start, it all went very smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  The course consisted of gravel, mud, fallen trees, ditches, puddles, slippery bridges and hills, which definitely held your interest.  Surprisingly it was not as muddy as it had been for the RR10 back in the summer, but there was still enough to qualify as proper cross country!

Next up is our own CC6 at Dibden Inclosure on Sunday 6th November.  I will be sending out details by email shortly and asking for volunteers."

Hardley results are below.  The Full results should be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) by Monday night.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
19 Charmaine Bradford S   28 Hannah Du Preez S   47 Chris Harris V60
24 Vicki Clarke S                
6 Jappas Du Preez S   50 Simon Ibbotson S   70 Roger Morgan V50
39 Jack Fairbrother S   55 Malcolm Renyard V70   73 Steve Bradley V60

The Spartan Sprint - Windsor - Saturday 1 October 2016

Rob Wells writes,

"On Saturday I travelled to Windsor to take on the sprint at spartan race. At approx 5/6 km taking in the surrounding views of Windsor it started off rainy and ended in glorious sunshine.

Taking on the likes of log & bucket carries and a 40lb sand bag carry that went on and on for 1.1 km which drained me.

Walls and inverted walls and various obstacles of which you failed, you get a 30 burpee forfeit and to finish off on the famous fire pit jump.

I like to think I finished on a respectable 393/2117 only the super and beast to complete now."

Well done Rob, I'm not sure I could lift a 40lb sandbag, let alone carry it that far.

Click on the little picture to see a full size one. And to find out more about the race click here.

Parkrun Round Up 30 September 2016

Prompted by our two long distance parkruns (of which more in a mo) I have attempted a summary of all our parkruns. I have included all the runners I have been able to find who show their club as Hardley so it will include former members as well as current ones.  And I may well have overlooked people, particularly if they joined after starting parkruns and haven't added Hardley to their details.  So please let me know if there are any errors or omissions.

The details are here (Excel spreadsheet).

The headlines are

All this was prompted by reports of two well travelled parkrunners. 10,600 miles away in Sydney, Australia, Martin Loveless shrugged off his Sydney marathon to record a 22:54 PB on his 4th run there. Martin's only other parkrun was 3 years ago at Brockenhurst where he was only 13 seconds faster. We thought he was crocked!

14 seconds behind Martin and exactly half the distance away from home, Mike Clarke celebrated his 50th parkrun in style by breaking the M70 record at Crissy Fields, San Francisco by over two and a half minutes in an impressive 23:08.  That was Mike's first parkrun as a tourist as all 49 of his previous parkruns were at Brockenhurst.

The Perform 5 - Sunday 25 September 2016

With the finish in the Aegis Bowl this was another race to remember, especially for Mark Causebrook who was 5th overall with a new PB.  Well done!

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And there's a lovely album of photos on Facebook.

Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Time
5 00:28:12 Mark Causebrook M 5 00:28:08
46 00:33:58 Simon Ibbotson M 24 00:33:53
81 00:36:56 John Simmonds M60 3 00:36:19
104 00:38:18 Steve Bradley M60 7 00:38:05
214 00:43:37 Robert Wells M40 61 00:43:03
424 00:53:34 Angela Simmonds F50 21 00:52:46

The Hoburne 5 - Sunday 25 September 2016

Three of the Anglims were flying the Hardley flag at this five-miler near Christchurch.  Mick was 96th in 36:08, Tara was 180th in 41:23 and Jan was 284th in 55:36.

You can read more about the race and see the results here

The Highclere 10K - Sunday 25 September 2016

Downton Abbey with cake.  What's not to like? 

An undulating (some might say hilly) single lap, course with grass, gravel tracks and some tarmac roads.   All traffic-free within the grounds of Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) and lots of cake afterwards.

There were two Hardley runners this year.  David Gould was 97th in 52:44 and Jeremy Barber was 164th in 59:13.

You can see the full results here.

The Andover Lakeside 10K - Sunday 18 September 2016

This is a new race in aid of Andover Foodbank.  There were two Hardley runners.  Mike Smith was 57th in 45:55 and Jeremy Barber was 109th in 52:03.  You can read a full report here and see the full results here

The Hursley 10K - Sunday 18 September 2016

Now in its 10th year, the Hursley 10K offers a unique multi-terrain course, run over the private Home Farm estate.  So far as I can see there was only one Hardley runner this year: Claire Aplin who was 420th in 63:55.  You can see the full results here.

The First CC6 - Fleming Park - Sunday 18 September 2016

Simon Ibbotson, CC6 Captain, reports, "It was a dry and warm morning for the first CC6 of the season held at Fleming Park today. The Hardley turnout was 7 men and 5 ladies, which I believe is lower than normal for this race and possibly due to it being held earlier than usual in order to fit in the extra course at Whiteley. Three notable absences were Paul, Adrian and Alice who unfortunately had their car break down en route.

Well done to all our runners and in particular Charmaine and Rich, who led the ladies in 11th position and the men in 16th position respectively. Also great to see new members Caz and Dan Winch who ran their first CC6 with the club; welcome to you both.

The second CC6 is Whitely and is in two weeks' time on the 2nd October. As this is the new event, it should make for an interesting and possibly muddy race if the RR10 is anything to go by. I hope to see you all there. "

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
11 Charmaine Bradford S   43 Carol Winch S   72 Annie Bruce Low V70
14 Jane Morgan V50   54 Chris Harris V60        
16 Richard Harris S   46 Simon Ibbotson S   87 Roger Morgan V50
28 Dan Latham S   62 Dan Winch S        
45 Jack Fairbrother S   83 Steve Bradley V60        

The Ashstead 10K - Sunday 18 September 2016

Hardley put in a great performance at the Ashtead 10k thanks to the Renyards.

Name Cat



Nathan Renyard




Malcolm Renyard




Sue Renyard


It was a family affair, with ex Hardley Runner Lauren (Renyard) Johnson taking 2nd place for the ladies, now running for Epsom & Ewell.  You can see some pictures here.

Blackmores Sydney (Australia) Running Festival - Sunday 18 September 2016

 Up to 33,000 people ran and walked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to finish lines at the Sydney Opera House.  Among them was Hardley's Martin Loveless who was 1678th in the marathon in 4:09:42. You can read more about the event here

The Braveheart Tri - Saturday 17 September 2016

There was only one Hardley entrant this year, perhaps not surprising as the start is a 500+ mile drive. The race includes 1.2 mile swim in a loch, 56 miles of cycling in undulating Scottish countryside and a half marathon up Ben Nevis and back.  So who is bonkes enough to do such a thing?  Step forward David Gould who was111th in 9:49:21.  Well done!

You can read more about the event here and see the full results including the splits here.

If anyone fancies something simllar but maybe a bit harder and certainly quite a bit closer to home then how about the Wasdale tri?  Just reading about it makes me feel tired.

New Forest Festival of Running - Sunday 11 September 2016

Click on the little picture to see the big one

Four races from 5K to a marathon which start and finish from New Park Showground, Brockenhurst and wind through the heart of the New Forest National Park. The multi terrain courses offer some of the most scenic running experiences in the country with mix of forest enclosures, open roads, far reaching views and of course the famous New Forest ponies.

We have two reports.  Steve Bennett says, " There was a good Hardley turnout at The New Forest Marathon today in Brockenhurst.  Firstly, many thanks to those members who manned the Hardley gazebo, handing out leaflets and supporting our club.  It is really appreciated by the committee.
There were great performances from our club members and their family members.  Special mention must go to Ben Andrew who won the 10K event in 38:48, clear of the field by 18 seconds and to Mike Clarke who was first M70 in the half.  Well done both!  Also credit must go to our other Ben (Olden)  who sacrificed his half marathon time to assist a distressed marathon runner.  Whilst I understand the disappointment of not getting the time, the training effort merited, it is to his enormous credit he assisted.
Two future members, juniors Joshua Bennett and Caitlin Wells seemed to be trying to win the "Get as muddy as Mark Lee" Award, coming home from the 5K covered in mud!
Oh and I got a PB!"

Adrain Mudle adds, "Firstly I would like to thank the members who help set up, man, and dismantle the Hardley stand, while the intention was to promote the Solent Half and club membership, it looked like it worked as a club house for a while.

With the weather being a weekend of two halves, especially the Saturday when we set up the gazebo in the rain, and wind, having to tie it down, Sunday could not have been more different, it was more of a summer festival atmosphere, and for me to warm for a 26 mile run (well nearly).

Firstly congratulations to Ben Andrew for coming in first in the 10K, and with a respectable prize this year, then in the marathon we have Steve Bennett knocking off a significant time to make new PB, (we won’t mention the distance).

In the half marathon we had Sharon Hood completing her first ever half marathon, well done, and hopefully a few more to come before a full marathon, and Karen Denham standing in for Bill Mayes, though the event has aged her, she is not looking bad for 60 :)

In the 5K we officially only had Annie, however Rhiannon, and Josh Bennett, hopefully one day to become members, so I have also included.  The 5K had 314 runners so well done to all we managed to all finish a significant 54 minutes before the last runner.

Hopefully a great day was had by all.

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Name Cat Chip Pos Chip Time
16 00:26:25 Mike Smith M60 17 00:26:21
237 00:44:31 Caitlin Wells F 234 00:43:51
241 00:44:33 Joshua Bennett M 235 00:43:53
301 00:54:55 Rhiannon Bennett F30 301 00:54:14
302 00:54:56 Ann Bruce-Low F70+ 302 00:54:16
1 00:38:48 Ben Andrew M30 1 00:38:48
27 00:45:55 Jack Fairbrother M 28 00:45:53
744 01:14:33 Carole Bailey F50 747 01:13:23
929 01:26:41 Rachael Crockford F40 918 01:24:22
944 01:29:12 Robert Wells M40 945 01:27:39
Half  Marathon   
32 01:26:02 Dale Purdom M50 34 01:25:57
191 01:40:12 Ian Smith M50 205 01:40:08
325 01:47:18 Karen Denham F60 309 01:45:14
346 01:48:08 Michael Clarke M70+ 391 01:47:58
501 01:53:33 Steve Bradley M60 507 01:51:44
695 02:00:54 Giuliana Franzese-Henry F40 702 01:58:50
1072 02:14:18 Sharon Avery F40 1085 02:12:09
1276 02:25:15 Ben Olden M40 1287 02:23:10
1400 02:34:21 Sarah Hood F30 1389 02:30:02
Full Marathon      
103 03:42:39 Steve Bennett M40 104 03:42:25
354 04:29:47 Paul Jenkins M40 352 04:28:41
355 04:29:48 Terence Earney M70+ 353 04:28:41
389 04:39:16 Adrian Mudle M50 388 04:38:09

HRRL Race 1 - The Overton 5 - Sunday 4 September 2016

HRRL Captain, Adrian Mudle, reports, "Well with a new course and suggestions that it was flatter than the old course, made sure I checked back on past results, and sure enough while most runners thought the climbs were as bad as before my Garmin reported a whole 7 metres less climbing, and yes there were long sections of flat running which I think is where the suggestions of a flatter course came from..

Well aside from the elevation the course was a great improvement on the old course and with 19 Hardley runners taking place we were able to field 2 teams for both the men, and ladies, its been a while since this has happened, so many thanks to all those who turned out today, in almost ideal running conditions. Both the men and the ladies teams fielded some of the faster Hardley runners (not me) and hopefully we will see Hardley improving on last year league rankings.

Please don't forget that the next event in the HRRL is our own Solent Half Marathon, and this is open to all club members, though we do ask runners to supply a volunteer to help with the marshalling in their place unless its the first time you have run this race. Please also take a look at the Gosport Half Marathon, and the Stubbington 10K entries for both of these are open and filling fast."

Hardley results are below. These are gun times.  You can see the full results here but they don't include chip times or at least I can't see them.  If you find them please send me a link.

Oh and here's a lovely set of photos and you can download HD versions for free.

Name Time Cat Cat Pos
25 Mark Causebrook 00:28:58 M 17
60 Richard Harris 00:30:49 M 39
85 Matthew Tanner 00:32:04 M50 10
88 Robert Murray 00:32:08 M 48
109 Dan Latham 00:33:00 M 55
122 Simon Ibbotson 00:33:41 M 63
135 Alice Ryder 00:34:00 F35 6
167 Paddy Butler 00:35:22 M50 22
171 Steve Bennett 00:35:24 M40 45
173 Mick Anglim 00:35:29 M60 6
211 Malcolm Renyard 00:36:39 M70 1
251 Vicki Clarke 00:38:20 F 15
280 Adrian Mudle 00:39:29 M50 36
312 Tara Anglim 00:41:06 F35 29
352 Jeremy Barber 00:43:37 M60 18
397 Chris Harris 00:46:42 F65 3
468 Jan Anglim 00:57:20 F65 5
476 Ann Maylott 01:01:19 F45 45
482 Ann Bruce-Low 01:17:47 F65 6

The Beast - Corfe - Sunday 4 September 2016

What a pity this lovely race clashes with the first event in the Hampshire Road Race League.

Paul Blundell reports that he and Julie Swainston were the only Hardley runners this year. 

The weather was cloudy but warm with a reasonable wind to cool things down but the recent rain made the going sticky in parts.

Click on the logo to see Julie finishing and this year's lovely tee-shirt. 

Paul was 87th in 1:55:44 and Julie was 212nd in 2:20:24. You can see the full results here.

Man vs Mountain - Caernarfon - Saturday 3 September 2016

Click on the little picture to see a larger version.  Rob Wells reports, "What a great atmosphere in Caernarfon at the start in the castle, this is when we heard we couldn't summit due to extreme weather conditions so we were being rerouted which was a shame.
Mile 1 to 8 were mainly getting out of town and various paths, gravel roads and trail paths leading out to the mountain.
Mile 8 to 13 were rocky trail paths, narrow in places especially as the faster runners were now doubling back which caused a little congestion, we summited at a place I don't know the name of, even there very windy conditions. Few photos and then straight back down the way we came.

Miles 13 to 18 were same terrain mostly rocky paths, some mud in a few places and we were descending so wind started to calm. Another well organised pit stop and we were heading back into the event village Although this was only a teaser as we had to bag drop and then head back up a different mountain for the vertical kilometre, this was always going to be tough. At the top of vertical kilometre then of course what goes up must come down. And finally we came to what I would consider the fun part of this event the obstacles. Water jump in the quarry was outstanding, loved every second of that, lake swim was great but was starting to cramp up at this point.
Finishing was great! I felt I'd faced a massive mental challenge to keep going but similarly my body was broken, 20 odd miles in 5hrs 50 mins. My longest challenge to date. But I'll have to go back next year to summit.

The Eleventh RR10 - IBM Hursley - Weds 17 August 2016

Click on the picture above to see the full size version.

Simon Ibbotson, who was deputising for RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports,

"It was a lovely summer evening for the last RR10 though perhaps just a little warm for running. 19 men and 11 ladies turned out to run for Hardley. Well done to all that have run this season I hope to see you all at the CC6s which start soon ;). 

As the results are now complete I would like to give particular congratulations to Malcolm Renyard for finishing 1st in the MV70 category (with Mike Clarke and Paul Newby in 2nd and 3rd place!) and also to Alex Burlinson who at just 10 points behind came 2nd in the FV50 category. Our top man was Ben Andrew coming in 12th position and top lady Alice Ryder at an impressive 6th position.

Our men's A team came in 12th position and ladies A team in 8th position. This year we form teams down to D for both men's and ladies.

I would like to add my thanks to Rose and Diana for collecting the tickets, their help is invaluable, to those who organise the RR10 league and to Steve Bennett who has done a great job for us as RR10 Captain this year."

Hardley results are below. The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
28 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   85 Tara Anglim V40   168 Angie Simmonds V50
35 Karen Denham V40   90 Tamsin Roberts     173 Carole Bailey V50
36 Vicki Clarke     112 Chris Harris V60   198 Annie Bruce-Low V70
52 Jane Hodge V50   116 Sarah Kay          
19 Ben Andrew     112 Malcolm Renyard V70   180 David Gould V50
35 James Clarke     113 Mick Anglim V60   188 Paul Newby V70
46 Jim Suswain     114 Paddy Butler V50   193 Rob Wells V40
57 Matt Tanner V50   116 Martin Loveless V50   205 Andy Barber V60
58 Dan Latham     136 Mark Lee V50   209 Jeremy Barber V60
89 Simon Ibbotson     146 Mike Clarke V70        
109 Paul Blundell V50   168 Adrian Mudle V50        

The Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 - Sunday 14 August 2016

The Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 walk, or trail run is an event suited to all the family, with a choice of distances  from  5km  to  the  more demanding  42k/Marathon,  or  even  a  50k  Ultra  Marathon.  The  routes  are over  footpaths,  bridle ways  and  quiet  country roads  in  the  Salisbury Wessex  area.  The  walk/trail  runs,   take  you  past  a  variety  of  sites  of  historical  and scientific interest and through Country Estates not usually open to the general public.  There were two Hardley people running this year plus Alice's husband, Mark.

Alice Ryder was 16th overall, 4th woman and 1st F35 in the 42K in 3:49:53 and Terry Earney was 85th overall, 55th man and 2nd M70 in the 33K in 3:52:04.  Mark ran the 50K ultra and was 93rd overall and 13th MV40 in 5:36.  Well done all three.

You can read more about the event here.  

New Forest Duathlon - Wilverley - Tuesday 9 August 2016

Mick Anglim reports, " 13 Hardley completed the New Forest Duathlon last week with Jappas Du Preez finishing 1st despite his recent great Ironman result. The event consisted of a 2.5 mile run of 2 laps of the perimeter of Wilverley Plain followed by a twisty 8 mile road bike course with a single 1.25 mile run lap of Wilverley Plain. It was great to see the Hardley ladies well represented and led home by Liz Young with baby Oliver spectating!"

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results and splits here.

Time Name
1 00:42:49 Jappas DuPreez
13 00:50:18 Mick Anglim
14 00:51:04 Jim Suswain
16 00:51:58 Liz Young
17 00:52:40 Andy Kellaway
22 00:54:28 Charmaine Bradford
23 00:54:35 Mark Lee
26 00:54:42 Malcolm Renyard
27 00:55:12 Alex Burlinson
32 00:55:49 Mike Clarke
33 00:56:03 Hannah DuPreez
54 01:09:13 Chris Harris
57 01:12:41 Claire Aplin

The Tenth RR10 - Weds 3rd August 2016

Thanks to Simon Ibbotson who deputised for RR10 Captain Steve Bennett at short notice.  Simon reports, "27 Hardley Runners turned out for round 10 of the RR10 series held by Lordshill RR at Itchen Valley Country Park. Conditions were good, although quite hot, and everyone seemed to enjoy the course (with possible exception of the hill climb on each lap). Particular mention should go to Ben Andrew and Alice Ryder for the very impressive positions of 15th and 6th respectively. Well done everyone for a great effort.

With one race still to go, Malcolm Reynard is confirmed as the MV70 Champion.  In fact we have the top 3 wrapped up with previous champ Mike Clarke and Paul Newby 2nd and third.
Our other champion hope is Alex Burlinson, who is currently 2nd in the FV50, but will require an 17th place finish at IBM and hope Sonia from Eastleigh cannot improve.  A significant swing but she can do it!
The next race is round 11 and the last of the series. It is held at IBM Hursley Park and hosted by Winchester AC on the 17th August. Details will be sent out when they come through."

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
6 Alice Ryder     33 Karen Denham V40   39 Jane Hodge V50
9 Lauren Johnson     34 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   93 Chris Harris V60
27 Charmaine Bradford     35 Vicki Clarke     158 Annie Bruce-Low V70
15 Ben Andrew     64 Jack Fairbrother     128 Mark Lee V50
36 James Clarke     89 Simon Ibbotson     141 Roger Morgan V50
45 Matt Tanner V50   93 Malcolm Renyard V70   148 Adrian Mudle V50
46 Dan Latham     102 Paul Blundell V50   157 Dave McElhenny V60
48 Jim Suswain     103 Mick Anglim V60   162 Paul Newby V70
52 Brendan Anglim V40   109 Paddy Butler V50   164 Rob Wells V40

The Lakeland 50 - Sat/Sun 30/31 August 2016

Webmaster, Jeremy Barber, reports, "I was the only Hardley entrant this year but there were three other Hardley Runners there.  Thanks very much to Sue and Mike Sleath who came along for the weekend and did the driving which saved me having to multi-task on the way home by driving and sleeping at the same time.  And thanks to my brother, Andy, who did the first four mile loop around the grounds of Dalemain House with me and joined me for a reccy three weeks before the event.  For those that don't already know, the Lakeland 50 is the second half of the Lakeland 100.  The course starts at Daelemain and goes via Howtown, Mardale Head, Kentmere, Ambleside and Langdale to Coniston.  The course is mainly on footpaths and includes 3100M of climbing. You can read more about it here.

I had unfinished business with the race, having dropped out in 2013 when I overheated going up Fusedale.  When I entered my target was to beat my time for 2011 but some things are not to destined to happen.  My knee started to complain a few weeks ago so the revised target, inspired by Kim Cotton's persistence the year I dropped out, was to finish in one piece and inside the deadline of 24 hours.

I decided to walk it to reduce the impact on my knee so I packed the walking boots and deliberately left the trail shoes behind.  On the day it was Goldilocks weather: not too hot and not too cold.  It didn't rain and the only disadvantage was that it was absolutely pitch dark in the night as the moon didn't rise until about 3.30am.

My aim was to maintain momentum so I spent as little time as possible at the checkpoints and grabbed just a cuppa and a biscuit despite the armchairs on offer. 

All went well.  I even managed a bit of a shambling jog in places (not easy in walking boots) and the navigation in the dark in Langdale and Blea Moss worked without mishap albeit pretty slowly.  After that I ran out of steam a bit but I felt much better after throwing up, carried on and was well pleased to finish in 570th 19:06:42 only half an hour slower than in 2011 when I was running. 

The event was well organised and I can thoroughly recommend it.  You can read more about it and see our past results here.

The Outlaw Triathlon - Nottingham - Sunday 24 July 2016

Jappas and Hannah Du Preez completed the Outlaw Iron distance triathlon on Sunday the 24th of July and it was a fantastic day for both.

Jappas finished with a time of 9hrs37.59 and was 7th overall and second in the 35-39 category. He had a solid 2.4 mile swim with a time of 1.03hrs and then had a puncture on the 112 mile bike but still completed it in 5hrs 14 and went on to run the marathon in 3hrs 12.31 having never even run a marathon before!

Hannah finished with a time of 13hrs09.15. She was 43rd female and 8th in the 30-34 age group. She had a swim time of 1hr 15, then 6hrs 46 on the bike and 4hrs 54.25 in the marathon having only managed training runs up to 12 miles due to a knee injury.

The event was incredibly well organised and the volunteers were some of the friendliest and most helpful we have ever encountered.

Well done both on your incredible efforts.

The Muscle Acre 10K - Guildford - Sunday 24 July 2016

Rob Wells reports,

" My race results for Sunday at Guildfords summer madness muscle acre event was 47/389 at a time of 1:18:12, a good result for me. The first 6k were pretty dry, think I may of had heat stroke it was so hot. It consisted of the usual monkey bars, incline walls,rope climb and an awesome slip and slide. The last 4k I was in my element  with water crossings, waste deep sloppy mud, tyre walls and a log carry with the beast.  Which only 17 sturdy souls attempted. The finish line was exceptional where you received your t-shirt, bling, goody bag and a free pint of fosters."

Well done Rob.  Click on the thumbnail to see the big picture.  And click here for the full results.

The Porchester Castle 10K - Sunday 24 July 2016

Dan Latham reports, "I believe I was the lone Hardley Runner in the Portchester Castle 10k today, finishing in 5th Place, with a time of 41 mins, 14 secs. It was a scenic and challenging course over gravel, grass and road, navigating the very narrow sea path, tight turns and over taking was hard work, but a great run."  Well done Dan.  You can see the full results here

The Ninth RR10 - Janesmoor Pond - Weds 20 July 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, "Today 33 Hardley Runners completed round 9 of the RR10 series at a very warm and sunny Janesmoor Pond in the New Forest.  I would however like to briefly return back to our own race on June 1st at Blackfield.  Some of you will remember we required an ambulance to treat an injured runner, David Nixon, from Romsey.  Well Romsey were our hosts today and I am delighted David came over and spoke to Mick Anglim and me.  He asked me to pass on to you all his sincere thanks for your professionalism and the help you gave him.
Back to today, and Janesmoor is always a challenge with hills galore, some mud and coming on the back of two consecutive weeks of races.  Ben Andrew was unfazed and came home leading Hardley Runner with 16th.  Alice Ryder again scored highly coming 6th in the ladies race.  Our Ladies team again put in a very competitive result and our men also put in a great team performance.  Well done everybody for a fantastic effort.
The next race, round 10 is 3rd August at Itchen Valley Country Park, where Lordshill will be our hosts.  I will send out details when I receive them.
Cheers Steve"

Hardley results are below.    The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
6 Alice Ryder     25 Lynn McDonagh V40   108 Angie Simmonds V50
16 Charmaine Bradford     39 Jane Hodge V50   114 Annie Bruce-Low V70
17 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   58 Tara Anglim          
21 Vicki Clarke     71 Chris Harris V60        
16 Ben Andrew     95 Mick Anglim V60   137 Rob Wells V40
27 James Clarke     99 Malcolm Renyard V70   140 Mike Clarke V70
41 Matt Tanner V50   102 Steve Bennett V40   148 Daniel Gregory  
60 Jim Suswain     105 Simon Ibbotson     153 Dave McElhenny V60
63 Dan Latham     108 John Simmonds V60   165 Jeremy Barber V60
74 Jack Fairbrother     115 Mark Lee V50   168 Andrew Barber V60
83 Andrew Kellaway V40   131 David Gould V50   179 Guy Lawrenson V60
90 Paul Blundell V50   132 Adrian Mudle V50        

Gravel Hill 5 - Sunday 17 July 2016

Rob Wells reports, " There were two Hardley runners at Gravel Hill. Rob Wells and Danny Gregory.
A must for anyone who likes running up hills. Straight up for two and a half km to a 240m climb then an undulating down hill for the last part, which if you have any energy left was just as tough. Beautiful scenery taking in gravel paths, forest routes and not forgetting the home made cakes for the finishers.

Rob was 47th in 46:02 and Danny was 71st in 49:4.  You can see the full results here

Midnight Marathon - Sat/Sun 16/17 July 2016

Paul Blundell reports, " Well that was a toughie,mainly due to the heat.
Martin Loveless, Lynn Mcdonagh, Alice Ryder and Mark Lee, joined me for a trot around the South Downs. After a short safety briefing, we set off at 9:10 still in the light. Within minutes I was sweltering and that set the scene for the night. We were treating it as a social run,and all feeling pretty good I think at the halfway point where we had to turn around and head back, but then various previous injuries, and the effects of the heat started to affect some of us. We were a lot slower on the way back but we all got back within minutes of each other and some we saw were suffering a lot more then us from the effect of the heat. There was a slight breeze in places which was against us on the way back and that really helped me. The race entry includes a medal, a tee shirt, a meal and various drinks at the end, although nobody really felt hungry. There were a lot more entrants then last year and maybe as a result, the checkpoints  were not as well stocked."

For the record, our five runners finished 36th to 40th in 5:29:38 to 5:31:41. You can see the full results here.

RR10 Race 8 - Whiteley - Weds 13 July 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, "Well you can't say I didn't warn you about the mud!  There were a few shell shocked runners at the finish, but not in the 26 brave (or stupid) Hardley runners who completed round 8 at Whiteley.  The course was new and featured mud, tree stumps, bridges, mud, hills, mud and er.... mud.  Conditions were tough and technical but there were some fine performances.
Ben Andrew led us home in 20th overall and Alice Ryder was once again leading lady and inside the top 10 ladies with 9th.  Tonight took its toll, I saw a few cuts and bruises, Ben's leg looked like it had lost a fight to the brambles, Mick Anglim was bleeding and poor Ian Banks finished bravely with a sprain.
But everyone was smiling afterwards, and you all have my permission to put your feet up before round 9 next week on the 20th at Stoney Cross.  Details are on our Race Diary page.  I'm off for a shower!

Hardey results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).  Mike Bell took lots of lovely photographs.  I have shared the album on our Facebook page.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Alice Ryder     29 Charmaine Bradford     87 Chris Harris V60
22 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   39 Jane Hodge V50   127 Annie Bruce-Low V70
25 Lynn McDonagh V40   50 Lisa Lewis V50        
20 Ben Andrew     81 Malcolm Renyard V70   135 Mike Clarke V70
37 Matt Tanner V50   82 Paddy Butler V50   138 Adrian Mudle V50
39 Dan Latham     87 Mick Anglim V60   139 Paul Newby V70
58 Jack Fairbrother     92 Mark Lee V50   143 Dave McElhenny V60
72 Paul Blundell V50   102 John Simmonds V60   144 Rob Wells V40
76 Steve Bennett V40   123 Roger Morgan V50   163 Ian Banks V50

The Gosport 5K Summer Series Race 3- Weds 13 July 2016

Mark Causebrook reports, I ran a 5k in Gosport last night. It's part of a series of races over the summer (similar to Lakeside). It's a flat course along the sea front and last night was very windy hence some slow times but a good event nonetheless and a PB course if conditions are right.

Well done to Mark who was 2nd in 17:23.3 and Steve Bradley was 55th in 24:09.8.  You can see the full results here

The New Forest 10 - Sunday 10 July 2016

Terry Earney reports, "There were five Hardley runners in the NF 10 mile, but unfortunately, no ladies. Conditions were good and the fine drizzle stopped just before the start. There was a strong wind into our faces for the first few miles, but after that, no problems, except for trying to maintain a respectable pace!"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Cat Gun Time Chip Time
33 Matt Tanner
51 Dale Purdom
168 Nick Newton
257 Terry Earney
433 Danny Gregory

The Ware 10 - Sunday 10 July 2016

Alice Ryder reports, " I was visiting my parents in Hertfordshire and so did a race while there. I also did a local parkrun (barclay parkrun) and was 2nd overall so think you can safely say parkruns aren't as popular in Hertfordshire as they are in Hampshire!"

Alice was 2nd lady and 1st veteran 35 in 71:36.  Well done!  You can see the full results here

The Wyvern 10K - Sunday 10 July 2016

Mick Anglim reports, " It is a well organised event with a gently undulating, out and back course mainly on country lanes. The start and finish are on a tartan 'J' track with a section of grass before the roads.

On Saturday Jan and I had done the Lanhydrock parkrun which is seriously challenging as it descends steeply on the road past the beautiful manor house before continuing even more steeply on a rough path through the woods to the river. There's over 400' of descent for 2k before a flattish section and then the climb back on road and through fields before descending past the start to finish across rough grass. Not a course for PBs and in the wet it would need studs."

Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here.

Name Gun Time Chip Time
78 Mick Anglim
488 Jan Anglim
506 Suzi Todd

RR10 Race 7 - Marwell - Weds 6 July 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, "31 Hardley runners competed in round 7 of the RR10 series at Marwell Zoo.
Organisers Eastleigh had mentioned there could be mud and whilst it was a nice, dry and warm evening, the sun hadn't penetrated under the trees of the first/last hill at Marwell, which had left the conditions on that stretch like a bog.  We couldn't keep Mark Lee out of it, who decided it was the ideal location for a warm up, taking my 12 year old son with him.  At least I know where to send the laundry bill!
Ben Andrew led us home as 29th man and Alice Ryder was our leading lady in 10th.  Once again our ladies were a very competitive as a team.  We had a first timer in Jack Fairbrother (who I recruited to Hardley from parkrun).  We ran together for most of it, evenly matched until he decided to repay his
captain by destroying me in the sprint to the finish!  Another notable performance was from a graduate of last years beginners group - Ann Maylott finished 177th lady, but it was great to see her leading home a number of other runners and moving up the field, a great improvement.
No rest for the wicked.  Round 8 is next week at Whiteley.  More details when I get them."

Hardley results are below. The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Alice Ryder     48 Jane Hodge V50   158 Carole Bailey V50
15 Liz Young     72 Lisa Lewis V50   177 Ann Maylott V40
25 Charmaine Bradford     113 Jacqui Healey V50   181 Annie Bruce-Low V70
27 Lynn McDonagh V40   130 Chris Harris V60        
31 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   157 Angie Simmonds V50        
29 Ben Andrew     104 Steve Bennett V40   149 Roger Morgan V50
42 Matt Tanner V50   106 John Simmonds V60   156 Rob Wells V40
50 Dan Latham     114 Malcolm Renyard V70   158 Daniel Gregory  
87 Paul Blundell V50   125 Mark Lee V50   163 John Labbett V50
96 Jack Fairbrother     145 Ian Banks V50   165 Paul Newby V70
100 Simon Ibbotson     146 Mike Clarke V70   184 Jeremy Barber V60

The Summer Plod - Meon Valley - Sunday 3 July 2016

A challenging but rewarding 21-mile cross-country course with fantastic views of the beautiful Meon Valley and across to the Isle of Wight.   This event is open to runners and walkers. There were two Hardley finishers.  Julie Swainston was 23rd runner in 4:09:32 and Karen Denham was 1st walker in 5:09:49.  Here are a few pictures.  You can see the full results here

The Abbotts Ann 10K Trail race - Sunday 3 July 2016

A lovely rural course with good views and a bit of road including a bit of a hill.  It is organised by the Muddy Runners in aid of the village school.  Hardley results are below. You can see the full results here.

Time Name
11 47:25.2 Mick Anglim
24 52:45.7 David Gould
46 59:37.5 Jeremy Barber

The Charmouth Challenge - Saturday 2 July 2016

The Charmouth Challenge is the most southerly fell race in England.  The 8 mile course goes through some of the finest coastal scenery in the South West. It includes an ascent of Golden Cap, the highest point on the south coast of England at 191m. As usual there was a Hardley camping trip and, as usual, it was an excellent weekend.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here's a small album of Hardley pics.

Time Name
49 01:11:44 Paul Blundell
56 01:13:00 Martin Loveless
104 01:23:37 Mark Lee
118 01:24:30 Tiffany Hanley
128 01:27:32 John Simmonds

World War Run 10 - Dorking - Sunday 26 June

Rob Wells reports,   "It was a 2 lap course: 10miles filled with trenches, barbed wire, mud pits, mustard smoke and the ever popular paint ball gauntlet which was fun. I was 86 out of 246 in 3:04:45."  Well done Rob!  Click on the small photo to see the full size version. You can see the full results here.

For a full flavour of what it was like take a look at this youtube video of last year's race.

The Inkpen Gibbet Challenge 10K - Sunday 26 June 2016

Webmaster, Jeremy Barber, writes, "If you like little local races then this is for you.  If you like excellent value (entry fee £8 with good on-site parking, a medal, a banana, a meusli bar, cake and a free beer at the end) then this is for you.  Oh and there was also extra value as the course is in fact around 10.5K.  If you like friendly marshals and an almost traffic free course with stunning views then this is for you.  And if you like hills then you'll love this one.  To say that the course is undulating is a bit of an understatement.  My split times varied from 7:58 to 4:33 with pretty much the same effort all the way so you get the idea. And that gave even better value as I had 15 minutes more running time than at Eastleigh.

This is definitely one to add to your must do list."  You can read more about it here

The Lordshill 10K - Sunday 26 June 2016

Ten Hardley runners turned out for this race.  Hardley results are below.  Click on the name to see more information.  You can see the full results here.

Name Time Cat Cat Pos
20 Matt Tanner 00:39:32 MV50 3
37 Dan Latham 00:41:14 M 21
48 Alice Ryder 00:42:07 F 5
63 Simon Ibbotson 00:43:07 M 33
79 Mick Anglim 00:44:48 MV60 4
106 Mike Smith 00:46:49 MV60 6
130 Vicki Clarke 00:48:51 F 14
145 Terry Earney 00:49:40 MV70 4
166 Adrian Mudle 00:50:51 MV50 24
313 Jan Anglim 01:06:23 F V60 5
339 Annie Bruce-Low 01:38:41 FV70 2

Southampton Airport 5K - The Runway Run - 6am (yes - 6am) - Sunday 26 June 2016

Club Chairman Mad Adrian Mudle, reports,"Not sure if this is the first time anyone from Hardley Runners has entered this race before, as this is more of a fun run, with a few club runners, this could be because of a few of the unusual features of the run.

1. It’s up and down the actual Southampton Airport runway, with a section on the taxi way leading to the runway.

2. It starts at 6am in the morning, helpful, as we did not have to share the runway with any aeroplanes.

3. The sweeper, was just that two large road sweepers.

4. Start was marked by two even larger airport fire engines, which used their sirens as the start signal.

5. Oh ....and a water stop at about 1.5 miles

6. If we can find the photos of the course, we will have to share that the photographer thought it appropriate to take a photo of myself and Steve in our Hardley shirts with the flybe plane in the background, conveniently painted in Hardley colours. [They did - click on the small image to it it and a couple more - Ed]

Well with a fast and flat course most of the club runners left the fun runners behind, and I would suspect that after there first turn of the taxi way onto the airport, the shock of being able to see 1 mile to the turn around at the other end of the runway, but hey there was a water stop there, don't think I have ever had a race where I've been able to see a clear mile of track, and then the obvious 1 mile back to the other end of the runway, and then back to the taxi way and finish between the fire engines. Both myself and Steve Bennett where mad enough for the 4:00 or 4:30 alarm call (mine was 4:30 I need the sleep), and with me running the Lordshill 10K later the plan was to take advantage of the breakfast offer at the restaurant in the airport.  However this plan failed as it did not open until 7am, which was a shame, as we could have done with the sustenance.

All in all a great race supporting the local Southampton hospital charities, and a goody bag with a book in it, these looked random, mine was Robbie Coltrain’s, Cars Planes, and Automobiles, which did seem appropriated.  All in all a good warm up for the Lordshill 10K though it did effect the result here.

Lordshill runners were present, so they have a run before there own race, true dedication, not sure if there where any other runners apart from me mad enough to do both runs."

This was a fun run so results aren't published but needless to say, Adrian and Steve recorded their time.  Steve was ahead in 21:22 and Adrian was close behind in 22:32.

Miles of Miles - Weds 15 June

Ben Andrew reports for the A team,

"A really enjoyable evening (easy for me to say as I'm stood trackside with a pen and a stopwatch!).  All the runners ran great times and gave it their max." 

Chris Harris adds for the B team,

"Dear Everyone, Well Done B Team - we were amazing! Each & everyone gave it their all, running so very well and at the same time recording some impressive times! What joy to run on a forgiving all weather track.

There was true Hardley Runner team spirit last night (as usual ), everyone working together as one Huge team!  Dan won a prize for best ? ? Gurning in the A team, but the man of the B Team was undoubtedly Josh Bennett who bravely stepped in at the last moment to fill our empty running place!

The Eastleigh running club were our hosts & organised an evening of structure, calm, and helpfulness . It was very impressive, although I did overhear one timekeeper who sighed with some relief that they had not won again!

Thank you - Keep Running.   Chris"

Hardley results are below. Our A team were 6th and our B team were 19th out of 29 teams.  You can see the full results here (Excel spreadsheet).  Click on the team pic to see the large version and on Josh to see a lovely album from Hammy.

A Team   B Team
Mark Causebrook 04:51   Vicki Clarke 06:34
Steve Bennett 06:17   Karen Denham 07:14
Charmaine Bradford 06:17   Jack Fairbrother 05:57
James Clarke 05:27   Simon Ibbotson 05:54
Paul Blundell 06:07   Josh Bennett 09:30
Mike Page 05:35   Tara Anglim 07:20
Matt Tanner 05:45   Mel King 07:58
Alice Ryder 06:10   Steve Bennett 06:27
Dan Latham 05:21   Daniel Gregory 07:10
Jack Fairbrother 05:55   Adrian Mudle 06:22
Total 57:45   Total 70:29

Salisbury 10k Multi-Terrain Run Race for Men - Sunday 12 June 2016

Terry Earney reports,

"Tony Hodge and myself were the only Hardley Runners partaking in the above race on Sunday 12th June. This was for men only and in aid of research into Prostate Cancer. It was a multi terrain race, with a mixture of 50% pavement and country lanes, and 50% trails, footpaths and grass. There were 220 finishers with Tony finishing 5th M50 in chip time of 49.47 in position 57, and me 1st M70 in chip time of 53.25 in position 92.

Full race results are at and information about the race is at"

Man v Horse - Llanwrtyd Wells -11 June 2016

The Man v Horse Marathon began in June 1980 following a chat over a pint (or three) in the back bar of Neuadd Arms Hotel. The then Landlord, Gordon Green overheard two men discussing the relative merits of men and horses running over mountainous terrain. The enterprising Gordon, never one to miss an opportunity to promote Llanwrtyd Wells and improve business at his hotel, decided to put it to the test. And so began Green Events and its first, longest standing and now internationally acclaimed event, The Man versus Horse Marathon.

Everyone should try this scenic, off road, 22 miler at least once.  This year there were two Hardley runners.  Paul Blundell was 249th in 3:57 and Martin Loveless was 417th in 4:18.

Click here for some pictures including evidence to show why Paul wasn't lots faster!

Endure 24 - Sat/Sun 11/12 June 2016

How many five mile laps can you do in 24 hours?  That's the question.  The event takes place at Wasing Park near Aldermaston.  You can enter solo or pair or as teams of 3-5 or 6-8.  The laps are off road, mostly in trees and somewhat undulating. This year the going was good compared with the mud baths of the past but the conditions were warm, very humid and airless with occasional showers.  All in all a bit of a challenge.  There were around 2,500 runners altogether.  We had three solos, David Gould, Fiona Gould and Steve Bennett and a team of five Forton Village Idiots including two Hardley Runners, Katie Collard and Jeremy Barber, a former Hardley Runner, Katie's sister Sarah King (now Portsmouth Tri) and Andy Smith and Lulu Prince.  Rhiannon Bennett was a very encouraging marshal.  Thanks Rhiannon.

There was a range of runners from incredible (first solo man 135 miles, first solo woman 130 miles, and the furthest by a team (of 5) 220 miles) to the fancy dress.  We were somewhere inbetween.  The most noteworthy performance was Fiona who did the event to try out her second new hip which was put in late in 2015.  Walking with poles she did 30 miles.  Katie was injured and beforehand decided she would do only the one lap which is compulsory if you are part of a team.  In the end she did six laps.  Well done!  Steve set out to do 100K and succeeded while still looking fairly fresh.  David slowed down to a halt after 75 miles and the Village Idiots did 130 miles including a new personal furthest for Andy who had not run further than 10 miles before.  

The details are on this spreadsheet.

Here's a photo album.  You can see the full results here and read more about the event here

The Fifth RR10 - Fleming Park - Weds 8 June 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, "A warm evening greeted the 31 Hardley Runners at Fleming Park.  I must say it was rather cruel of the organisers to start the race right next to the large and inviting paddling pool.  Surely they could have routed the course through here instead of the hills?

Undeterred James Clarke led Hardley home in 19th overall.  Alice Ryder again led our ladies home with 5th position.  We had a first timer, with Karen Denham looking like she had been doing this for years finishing 36th lady.  

Despite my duel to the line with Mark Lee, the prize for "sprint finish of the day" went to Angie Simmonds who out sprinted a lady from Stubbington Green in a final 100 metres that Mo Farah would have been proud of!

Well done everyone in the hot conditions."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) on Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
5 Alice Ryder     36 Karen Denham V40   89 Chris Harris V60
20 Lynn McDonagh V40   38 Jane Hodge V50   131 Angie Simmonds V50
21 Charmaine Bradford     47 Tara Anglim     139 Carole Bailey V50
27 Vicki Clarke     88 Jacqui Healey V50   157 Annie Bruce-Low V70
19 James Clarke     112 Steve Bennett V40   171 John Labbett V50
54 Dan Latham     113 Mark Lee V50   175 Daniel Gregory  
77 Paul Blundell V50   124 Spencer Haysom     178 Jeremy Barber V60
84 Ian Hawker V60   125 Ian Banks V50   187 Andrew Barber V60
93 Simon Ibbotson     135 Adrian Mudle V50   201 Rob Wells V40
105 Mark Darcy V40   155 Mike Clarke V70        
107 John Simmonds V60   170 Roger Morgan V50        

The D Day 10K - Sunday 5 June 2016

HRRL Captain, Adrian Mudle, reports, "The D Day 10K this year was on a new course, and in my opinion is a great improvement on the previous routes which were 100% around the carparks at lakeside. The route now goes around the southern side of the lake on gravel paths, though still a two lap course.  We had 11 Hardley runners finishing in what was another scorcher of a day, and appears to be making a habit for this event, not sure how this effected everyone's performance.  Myself I would like to blame the heat or the double digging a flower bed the day before, as the new course is yet again the flattest 10K in the series, and should be perfect for PB's.  

Once again I would like to thank all the members who have taken part in the league this year, and those that have thought about entering, hopefully we can get more ladies to enter next season, we only need 6 per race.   Next year's race lineup looks like it may differ with the Lordshill 10 Mile being replaced by the Lordshill 10K so it could be three 10K races in a row, a great distance for those first time runners, and hard core runner."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Time
10 00:35:56 Mark Causebrook M 8 00:35:55
57 00:39:47 Matthew Tanner MV50 5 00:39:43
120 00:42:58 Alice Ryder F 7 00:42:48
190 00:45:32

Paddy Butler

MV50 18 00:45:24
225 00:47:00 Simon Ibbotson M 86 00:46:55
264 00:48:50 Vicki Clarke F 21 00:48:23
298 00:50:31 Tara Anglim FV40 11 00:50:06
305 00:50:46 Robert Wells MV40 46 00:50:36
317 00:51:26 Steve Bradley MV60 9 00:50:57
333 00:52:29 Adrian Mudle MV55 26 00:52:00
376   Mike Smith to follow    

The Braishfield Beer Race - Sunday 5 June 2016

What a lovely day for a run around Braishfield with a free beer at the finish.  Hardley results are below. Congratulations to Paul who was first abd to John (assuming it is our John - he's listed as unattached) who was first M60.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Name Time Pace Cat Cat Pos
1 Paul Pallister 00:28:32 05:43 MV40 1
38 John Simmonds 00:36:46 07:22 MV60 1
60 Mark Lee 00:38:27 07:42 MV50 11
292 Carole Bailey 00:56:40 11:20 FV50 25

The Needles Half - Sunday 27 May 2016

Another scenic race with wonderful views.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here. I guess the times are to the 1/100th of a second so as to be able to separate competitors in the event of a needle match.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat
5 1:35:58,12 1:35:55,40 Matthew Tanner MV50
68 1:50:59,46 1:50:57,24 Paddy Butler MV50
112 1:58:21,46 1:57:56,63 Martin Loveless MV50
117 1:59:27,48 1:59:17,23 Lynn McDonagh FV45
264 2:19:38,16 2:19:11,91 Glen Street MV50
344 3:10:56,63 3:10:30,83 Caroline Street FV55
345 3:10:56,68 3:10:30,34 Julie Bowden FV55

The Dorset Maverick - Studland - Saturday 26 May 2016

What could be nicer than running through the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, along Nine Barrow Down taking in some of the most fantastic views with Poole Harbour to your left and the beautiful seaside town of Swanage to your right.  This route takes in Old Harry Rocks, wild garlic woodlands, the heathlands around Agglestone and the forest through the Rempstone Estate.

Hardley results are below.  You can find out more and see the full results here.

Time Name  
Time Name
Woman Long Course 22K
18 02:38:27 Julie Swainston        
Men Long Course 22K
31 02:19:32 Mark Lee   55 02:38:04 Steve Henry
57 02:41:41 Ron Godden        
Man Medium Course 16K
61 02:04:02 Daniel Gregory        
Man Short Course 7.5K
12 00:45:15 Robert Wells        

The Lakeside 5K Series - Portsmouth - Weds 25 May 2016

Mark Causebrook reports, " I ran the Lakeside 5k last night. It looks like I was the only Hardley Runner. Pleased with a new PB of 16:38 and a decent placing in a high quality field. It's a new route this year and over half the course is on gravel paths but it's still flat and fast. I'd recommend it to anyone who fancies a crack at breaking their 5k PB. There are 3 more races over the summer and they don't conflict with the RR10 league."

Mark is too modest to mention that he was 7th which is an excellent result.  Well done!  You can read more about the Lakeside 5K series here.

The Third RR10 - Wilverley - Weds 18 May 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, writes, "A smaller than usual field of competitors descended on Wilverley for round 3.  Maybe the apocalyptic weather forecast put a few off.  However the forecast was wrong and a brief shower at 6:30 gave away to dry, warm and almost bright conditions.

Our friends at New Forest Runners always put on an excellent event and recent rain meant the middle of the course was nice and muddy, to complement the famous Wilverley hills.  One runner near me, lost his running shoe to the mud, rumour has it he is still there looking for it.

26 Hardley members were not to be put off by the threat of rain, thunder, mud or hills.  Ben Andrew led us home again in 13th overall.  Alice Ryder led the ladies home again, continuing her excellent form with 5th lady.  It was great to welcome Daniel Gregory and Rhiannon Page for their first RR10s. Congratulations to all.

Don't forget, the next round is ours to host in Blackfield on 1st June.  Thank you for the excellent response to the plea for volunteers.  It is not to late to join us, as we can always use the additional help.  Please get in touch if you haven't already - I promise it won't rain!!!"

Webmaster Jeremy Barber adds, "Steve's picture, taken before the start, shows clearly the phenomenon that the sky is lighter inside a rainbow than outside.  If you can offer a simple explanation for this please email me."

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above)by Thursday evening

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
5 Alice Ryder     30 Vicki Clarke     114 Carole Bailey V50
15 Lynn McDonagh V40   43 Rhiannon Page     124 Ann Maylott V40
20 Charmaine Bradford     49 Lisa Lewis V50   126 Annie Bruce-Low V70
13 Ben Andrew     94 Malcolm Renyard V70   137 John Labbett V50
25 James Clarke     95 Mick Anglim V60   138 Paul Newby V70
39 Matt Tanner V50   99 Mark Lee V50   140 Daniel Gregory  
63 Paul Blundell V50   104 Steve Haysom V50   163 Mike Sleath V50
65 Paddy Butler V50   114 Adrian Mudle V50   165 Rob Wells V40
73 Steve Bennett V40   135 Dave McElhenny V60        

HRRL - The Netley 10K - Sunday 15 May 2016

HRRL Captain, Adrian Mudle, reports, "After the Alton 10 mile, the Netley 10k, and conditions far better for running, with a smaller Hardley field than I would have liked.  A special thanks to Carol Bailey who stood in for Jan, and from what I can see beat her 10k time at Lymington.  Also it was a surprise to see both the Simmonds there (Angie and John) as they entered incognito (quirk of the Run Britain entry system).  They helped to swell the Hardley numbers, with Matt making a habit of first male, and Lynn female. With yet another hand towel to all finishers, soon I will have enough to make a bath towel, another great day which was needed after the Alton 10.

Don't forget D Day 10k is next, which is an even faster course.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
50 0:39:14 0:39:10 Matt Tanner M50 48 4
139 0:43:43 0:43:39 Paddy Butler M 126 64
152 0:44:18 0:44:14 Simon Ibbotson M 137 66
159 0:44:36 0:44:32 Mick Anglim M65 142 1
160 0:44:38 0:44:30 John Simmonds M60 143 6
198 0:46:35 0:46:26 Lynn McDonagh F45 28 2
257 0:49:15 0:49:02 Adrian Mudle M55 209 18
265 0:49:44 0:49:31 Terry Earney M70 217 2
286 0:50:42 0:50:30 Tara Anglim F40 60 10
446 1:07:03 1:06:42 Angela Simmonds F55 166 10
452 1:08:37 1:08:15 Carole Bailey F50 172 20

The Marlborough Downs Challenge - Sunday 15 May 2016

What a lovely day!  The race offers a choice of 20 (well a bit over 19 really) miles or 33.  Three Hardley Runners did the 20 (or rather two did the 20 and Mark did the 22) and David Gould did the extra bit along the canal and round the White Horse to make it up to 33.  It was a lovely sunny day and the race featured buebells, wild garlic, rolling downland, standing stones, friendly marshals offering drinks and snacks and a hand made souvenir mug. 

Mark Lee reports, "Well every race has a story! I entered the Marlborough 20 with Paul Blundell Jeremy Barber. Whilst Paul and Jeremy completed the just over 19 mile race, I decided to join about 15 other runners and take on the Marlborough 22 Deluxe! With extra views! Or we all followed one another in a mass navigational error! So I had a theoretical finish time of 3:13 but with a detour 3:43! Overall an excellent race! With food and showers! Must go back next year and run the proper course! lol"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  Click on the mug for a photo album.  Thanks to David, Paul and Sarah King (ex Hardley, now Portsmouth Tri, who was running with Jeremy) for the pictures.

Time Name Cat
33 Miles
117 8:12:56 David Gould M50
20 miles (or 22 if you are going for the Navigator's Hat)
31 3:14:00 Paul Blundell M50
57 3:43:16 Mark Lee M50
85 4:34:29 Jeremy Barber M60

HRRL - The Alton 10 - Sunday 8 May 2016

Vicki Clarke said, "Well done to everyone who battled through the heat at the Alton 10m today. I think these photos of me sum it up - 1st one....I can just about smile for the camera. 2nd one..the truth comes out.....kill me now!! Anyone else got any awful photos to rival these?"

HRRL Captain, Adrian Mudle, reports, "Well what turned out to be a lovely day in the rolling Hampshire hills in what looked like a lot like summer (well my car said 27C) only to be spoiled by running for 10 miles! It was certainly a day for personal worsts, with many breaking into a fast walk.  However we had Matt and Alice leading the club home in the men's and ladies' teams, with Alice winning third place in her age category.

Special mention also to Tara, who passed me, and Grace, who was running her first 10 mile race, not the ideal conditions, however she should have no problem beating her time in the next 10 mile race.

Unfortunately we only managed to field one team in the male and female categories, hopefully we can make up for this with the Netley 10K next weekend, a more local fast and flat course."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Name Cat Chip Time
40 1:08:31 Matt Tanner M50 1:08:25
102 1:15:00 Alice Ryder F35 1:14:46
167 1:20:04 Paddy Butler M50 1:19:51
221 1:25:02 Ian Hawker M60 1:25:02
257 1:28:02 Vicki Clarke F 1:27:40
274 1:29:16 Tara Anglim W35 1:28:46
279 1:29:50 Terry Earney M70 1:29:29
322 1:34:55 Adrian Mudle M50 1:34:55
430 1:54:23 Grace Hawker F 1:54:23

The Lymington Lifeboat 10K - Sunday 8 May 2016

Steve Bennett writes, "The early morning rain gave way to a beautiful and warm Lymington 10k. As usual there was a good Hardley turnout for the annual RNLI fundraiser. It's a multi-terrain 10K race that drops down from the start at Woodside Park, towards Keyhaven before turning north east up the sea wall, heading back to Woodside Park for the finish. There are beautiful views of the Solent and Hurst Castle for those with time to look!
Special mentions to Ben Andrew for finishing in 11th place and first Hardley, Jane Hodge for leading our ladies home and to new member Daniel Gregory, completing his first race in Hardley colours, comfortably under 57 minutes. "
Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Gun Time Name Cat Chip Time Chip Pos
11 0:37:21 Ben Andrew M 0:37:20 11
33 0:40:02 Dale Purdom M45 0:39:58 33
52 0:41:37 Dan Latham M 0:41:35 53
91 0:44:26 Steve Bennett M40 0:44:24 92
97 0:44:46 Ian Smith M50 0:44:43 101
176 0:47:27 John Simmonds M60 0:47:23 177
230 0:49:31 Jane Hodge F55 0:49:25 234
243 0:49:51 Chris Wilson M55 0:49:36 239
257 0:50:15 Simon Ibbotson M 0:50:13 263
262 0:50:24 Mike Smith M65 0:50:20 269
318 0:51:41 Robert Wells M40 0:51:16 314
481 0:56:41 Daniel Gregory M 0:56:18 486
529 0:58:14 Sharon Avery F40 0:57:59 537
801 1:06:21 Sarah Fitton F45 1:05:26 799
893 1:11:26 Carole Bailey F50 1:10:35 892
907 1:12:20 Angela Simmonds F55 1:11:21 903
961 1:20:22 Ann Maylott F45 1:19:41 961
981 1:41:15 Annie Bruce-Low F70 1:40:07 981

The Second RR10 - Stoney Cross - Weds 4 May 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, ""A warm, sunny evening was the reward for the 35 Hardley Runners who took part in round 2 of the RR10 series at Janesmoor Pond. It was a superbly organised event by our friends at Totton Running Club.

There were some excellent Hardley performances. Mark Causebrook led our men home in a fine 6th place. I understand he initially thought he had 9th, but had been holding the ticket upside down! Ben Andrew and James Clark gave us 3 men in the top 14 places. Fantastic.

Our Ladies also put in excellent performances with Alice Ryder leading them home in 10th. We had 5 ladies in the top 30 positions.

Congratulations to all those who represented the club and made it up that final hill! Please don't forget our event takes place on the 1st June and I still need volunteers to help us put on the event. If you haven't got in touch, please do, don't assume I know you'll be there. Many thanks to those who have already pledged their support.

See you at Wilverley on the 18th May.

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Alice Ryder     36 Jane Hodge V50   157 Jan Anglim V60
20 Lynn McDonagh V40   44 Tara Anglim     166 Ann Maylott V40
22 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   108 Jacqui Healey V50   167 Annie Bruce-Low V70
25 Charmaine Bradford     133 Grace Hawker          
30 Vicki Clarke     141 Angie Simmonds V50        
6 Mark Causebrook     114 John Simmonds V60   169 Paul Newby V70
11 Ben Andrew     125 Mark Lee V50   172 Rob Wells V40
14 James Clarke     126 Ian Banks V50   177 Jeremy Barber V60
52 Matt Tanner V50   128 Steve Haysom V50   182 Malcolm Renyard V70
60 Dan Latham     129 Mike Clarke V70   183 Roger Morgan V50
92 Ian Hawker V60   148 Adrian Mudle V50   186 Andrew Barber V60
101 Mick Anglim V60   156 Paul Hutchings V50        
104 Steve Bennett V40   161 Dave McElhenny V60        


Headley 5 - Monday 2 May 2016

Congratulations to Vicki Clarke who was first lady in the Headley 5.

The Harewood 10K - Wherwell - Monday 2 May 2016

If you like bluebells, hills and little local races then the top end of the Test Valley was the place to be this weekend. David Gould was 59th in 56:04 and Jeremy Barber, running with neighbour Victoria Bell in her first ever race, was 93rd in 63:19.  You can read more about the race and see the full results here.

Hurstbourne Tarrant 5 - Saturday 30 April 2016

Three of our runners did the Hurstbourne Tarrant 5, an excellent 5 mile trail race on the side of the Test Valley which is only 19 metres of ascent short of being an official fell race. As well as two killer hills and lovely bluebells, the race featured excellent bacon butties and cake and is definitely recommended. All three started the morning's running with the Andover parkrun then jogged the six miles to Hurstbourne Tarrants as a warm up for the big race. Also running with them was Muddy Runner, James Masters.  The picture shows James and Jeremy running through the bluebells on the way to HBT.  David took it.  Adrian was way ahead!

Adrian Mudle reports, "Back in 2014 Jeremy suggested it would be a great idea for me to join him on the Andover Parkrun, and then jog the 6 miles to Hurstbourne Tarrant for this 5 mile hilly race.  At the end of my report in 2014 I said I would be mad not to try it again (what I really should have said was I would be mad to try it again).  Well I must be mad as I joined them again this year first completing the Andover Parkrun, while not a brilliant result time wise for me it was a far nicer and drier course, helping me take 40 odd seconds off my 2014 time.

The run to Hurstbourne was another great run through the bluebell woods, though this time rather amusingly I had the Barber Satnav.  Nw as most of you that know me, I have two running speeds, GO and STOP, so while the Barber sat nav was great telling me to turn left or right, it was often to far behind for me to see or hear, which suited me as the then engaged my other running speed STOP waiting for the Barber sat nav to come within audible range, all in all a great run.

More surprising for me is that while I improved my Parkrun time by a mere 40 seconds, the Hurstbourne 5 in managed around 3 minutes off the previous run, which please me as we had run about 9 miles to get to the start line.

Next year it would be great if we could see some more runners from the Waterside, I can highly recommend the day out, and the bacon butties, and cake at the end."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here



145 50:34 Adrian Mudle
173 55:12 David Gould MV50
178 55:40 Jeremy Barber MV60

Southampton Fast Twitch Tri - Applemore - Sunday 24 April 2016

A pool based Sprint Triathlon situated on the edge of the beautiful New Forest National Park. The bike course heads out towards the historic village of Beaulieu, with the run course going out towards Dibden Purlieu. A great event for novices and experienced Triathletes alike.

Ben Andrew writes, "Myself and Mark Darcy were two Hardley runners competing in the Southampton sprint distance triathlon this morning.  Here's a link to the results. As I only learnt to swim in September and I have never done a triathlon before I was more than happy with my position!"

Name Cat Cat Pos Time Swim 400M T1 Bike 20.5K T2 Run 4.83K
14 Mark Darcy M40 4 1:09:22 7:56 1:15 37:26:00 0:40 22:05
23 Ben Andrew M30 6 1:11:12 9:18 2:10 39:02:00 1:02 19:40

The London Marathon - Sunday 24 April 2016

Conditions were good and it was a fast race with a new course record and only seven seconds off the world best.  There were excellent results from our runners as well with some very even splits.  All that training clearly paid off.  Well done!  Hardley results are below.  Click on the runner's name for more information.  You can see the full results here.



Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos Half Time
5852 3:27:02 Justin Bowen
Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites'
5068 1103 1:43:35
6494 3:29:45 Nick Newton MV60 5537 45 1:43:12
8183 3:38:19 Paddy Butler MV50     1:47:40
8584 3:40:11 Lynn Mcdonagh FV45 1605 183 1:44:41
9964 3:45:40 Paul Jenkins MV40 7965 1608  
11992 3:53:18 Hannah Smith FS 2651 1509 1:51:03
37666 6:27:07 Kim Cotton FV40 14165 2357 2:52:15

The APB Southampton Half and 10K - Sunday 24 April 2016

Conditions were good and it was a fast race.  Congratulations to

Hardley results are below.  Please let me know if you had a PB as well or have a story to tell.

Click on the runner's name for more information.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
Half Marathon- 4113 finishers
12 01:19:38 01:19:38 Mark CAUSEBROOK M 9 12
60 01:25:19 01:25:10 Nathan Renyard M 40 56
104 01:28:30 01:28:21 Matthew TANNER MV50 4 95
416 01:37:05 01:37:01 Alan DONEY MV40 94 387
547 01:39:45 01:39:31 John MCKENZIE MV50 36 500
941 01:46:11 01:45:09 Aleksandra BURLINSON FV50 7 100
1115 01:49:22 01:47:27 Vicki Clarke F 81 121
1146 01:49:45 01:48:37 Terence EARNEY MV70 1 1005
1185 01:50:24 01:49:49 Ian ORDISH MV60 14 1034
1208 01:50:43 01:49:29 Siobhan SHARPLES F 109 160
1802 01:57:53 01:54:14 Rhiannon PAGE F 231 342
1815 01:58:03 01:56:23 Kevin HANCOCK MV60 23 1471
1922 01:59:27 01:58:19 Robert WELLS MV40 416 1527
2722 02:10:36 02:06:49 Sharon AVERY FV40 189 736
3370 02:22:46 02:17:50 Christine JONES FV60 13 1068
3604 02:29:16 02:25:01 Alison RENYARD FV40 324 1226
3709 02:32:41 02:27:45 Naomi LONGBOTHAM F 833 1288
10K - 1129 finishers
22 41:27 41:26 Daniel Latham M 13 18
40 43:40 43:40 Ian Hawker M60    
1073 80.10 58.58 Ann Maylott FV40 148 608

The First RR10 - Royal Victoria Country Park, Netley - Weds 20 April 2016

RR10 Captain, Steve Bennett, reports, "The 2016 RR10 kicked off in fine style at Royal Victoria Country Club. Hardley were well represented as 31 runners managed to negotiate the traffic in and around J8 of the M27. What followed, couldn't be any harder than that? Spring had well and truly arrived and a bright, warm evening, meant that conditions were good, with only small sections of mud to play in.

Ben Andrew, not for the first time, led us home with a fine 12th place, chased closely by James Clarke in 15th. Our ladies were led home by Charmaine Bradford, who clearly benefited from all those parkruns pushing a buggy. Set free from buggy, she roared home as 19th Lady. Congratulations. It was great to see a first timer as Grace Hawker put in a great debut run.

Thank you and well done to everybody who took part and to Rose for collecting the finish tickets. The next round is at Stoney Cross on May 4th. Hope to see you there!

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
19 Charmaine Bradford     31 Jane Morgan V50   133 Grace Hawker  
22 Aleksandra Burlinson V50   56 Tara Anglim     158 Angie Simmonds V50
29 Vicki Clarke     62 Lisa Lewis V50   178 Jan Anglim V60
12 Ben Andrew     97 John Simmonds V60   160 Mike Clarke V70
15 James Clarke     98 Steve Bennett V40   175 Paul Newby V70
53 Mike Page     105 Mick Anglim V60   177 John Labbett V50
54 Dan Latham     118 Ian Banks V50   189 Rob Wells V40
64 Alan Doney V40   122 Mark Lee V50   191 Jeremy Barber V60
76 Mark Darcy V40   131 Steve Haysom V50   194 Andrew Barber V60
87 Simon Ibbotson     145 Adrian Mudle V50        
91 Ian Hawker V60   159 Dave McElhenny V60        

The Brighton Marathon - Sunday 17 April 2016

Alice Ryder writes, "I did Brighton marathon yesterday.  Here's a link to my result. There is no 5km split but I promise I didn't cheat! I took 28 minutes off my time from last year and am feeling very proud (and tired) today.  Alice was 41st lady out of 4150 in 3:21:59.  Well done!

This was a huge PB for Alice who is going very well at present.  She also got PBs at Salisbury (10M) and Eastleigh (10K) on her way to becoming Club Champion at the awards lunch which she was not able to attend on account of Brighton.

Houghton 11K Trail Run - Sunday 17 April 2016

A nice low key local race. Sort of half way between a fun run and a serious race. Mountain bikes go first and then the runners. Fairly easy trail with only one hill before half way. Some mud but not much. Nice downhill / flat second half . Relaxed village feel at the finish with cake and real ale.

Congratulations to Dale Purdom who was 5th out of 172 finishers in 47:5.  You can read more about this event and see the full results here.

Compton Downland 20 Mile Challenge - Saturday 9 April 2016

Paul Blundell writes,

Despite the promised rain, Abbi Naylor, Mark Lee and myself had a lovely sunny start to this race.
It got progressively more cloudy and a bit of rain accompanied a biting rising wind in the last couple of miles.
The 3 checkpoints were well stocked and the course was a bit sticky in places but overall great conditions for running.
The showers were too hot to use back at the school but the usual free hot drinks and meal were very welcome. 

The only real mystery was the long sleeved shirt handed out as a memento and what the Danish writing on the front translated to?

Our three runners finished in the same time of 3:42:49 in 78th, 79th and 80th places.  You can see the full results here.

And the writing?  Well thanks to Jeanette Strøier we can say that it translates to,

"Don't be afraid to hit the wall (with your forehead first).  Who says it is the wall that will stand?"

Paris Marathon - Sunday 3 April 2016

Hardley webmaster, Jeremy Barber was one of a party of around 20 from the Andover parkrun who went to Paris for the weekend.  On the Saturday they did the Paris parkrun in the Bois de Boulogne.  Numbers were swelled from the usual 40 to over 160 by visitors.

Sunday dawned bright and sunny and temperatures rose to over 20 degrees.  Not the best conditions for marathon running and many people were walking by 30K.  Jeremy targeted 30 minute 5Ks and kept it up until 25K.  Then it got hotter and he slowed down to finish 23876 out of 41708 in 4:26:33. 

Portsmouth Spring Duathlon - Goodwood - Sunday 3 April

In his first ever multi-event race, Ben Andrew was 6th in the short course out of 119 competitors. Mark D'Arcy was 20th out of 104 in the long course.  Well done both.

Exbury 5 - Sunday 3 April 2016

Thanks very much to everyone who helped make the event another success.  That includes some people who ran as well!  Hardley results are below.  For the full results click on the Exbury 10K tab above.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos
9 0:29:32 0:29:30 Mark Causebrook MS 6
12 0:30:04 0:30:01 Nathan Renyard MS 8
15 0:31:10 0:31:08 Matt Tanner MV50 3
19 0:32:52 0:32:49 Alan Doney MV40 4
31 0:35:16   Ian Smith MV50 5
42 0:37:22 0:37:19 Mark Lee MV50 7
51 0:38:46 0:38:37 Hannah Smith FS 5
55 0:39:04 0:39:00 Steve Bradley MV50 11
67 0:40:56 0:40:46 Robert Wells MV40 14
74 0:41:26 0:41:19 Karen Denham FV35 4
95 0:44:47 0:44:43 Sharon Avery FV35 9
128 0:49:36 0:49:32 Sarah Hard FV35 15
157 1:18:33 1:18:24 Annie Bruce-Low FV65 6

The West Wight Three Hills - Monday 28 March 2016

Paul Blundell reports, "After Storm Katie I wondered if i would even get to the island with Martin Loveless, but the ferry was running fine.
Cycle paths were strewn with debris but the sun was out even though it was a little colder then Martin was used to.
The course was slightly different from previous years to avoid Needles Pleasure Park but this did mean we had to run into the still strong wind before before ascending to Tennyson Down.  Luckily I was able to slipstream a taller runner. However a shorter start loop seemed to make the overall distance much the same.
The run up to the monument and down to the road was fast with the strong wind behind us, and I even managed to beat last year's time despite not running so hard.  All in all a good day out.  I really, can't see how this friendly race isn't more popular."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
33 1:01:41 1:01:36 Paul Blundell M50 32 4
83 1:12:40 1:12:33 Martin Loveless M55 72 7

The Bournemouth Quarter Marathon - Saturday 26 March 2016

There were three Hardley runners.  Although the course is relatively quick the gale force southerly winds made it challenging with alternate sandblasting and sprays of surf foam!  Mick was a meber of the winning Ordnance Survey team in the Corporate Challenge.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the fulll results here.

Time Name Cat
45 0:47:39 Mick Anglim MV60
112 0:54:16 Tara Anglim FV35
198 1:11:08 Jan Anglim FV50

HRRL and Hardley Club Championships - The Eastleigh 10K - Sunday 20 March 2016

There was an excellent turnout for this HRRL race was also our Club Championship. It was cold but at least it wasn't raining! Hardley results are below. Well done everyone.  Particular mention goes to Simon Ibbotson for a new PB.  Were there any others?  If so please let me know.  You can see the full results here.  It was sad to see Sue Sleath having to drop out in what may be her last race for Hardley.  Good Luck with Romsey, Sue.

WAVA Age Grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age group to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you - the higher the score the better the performance.   WAVA scores and fastest times count towards our Club Championships so congratulations go to Tom, Matt, Alice and Jane.  Well done!  Please contact our webmaster (see Contact Us tab) if your age is wrong as that will throw out the calculation. Click here to see the calculator

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos Age Wava %age
4 0:37:02 0:36:52 Tom England MS 54 25 72.8
178 0:38:25 0:38:15 Matt Tanner M50 14 52 81.6
301 0:41:02 0:40:52 Daniel Latham MS 100 32 66.2
372 0:42:15 0:41:59 Alice Ryder F35 11 35 73.0
377 0:42:19 0:42:06 Simon Ibbotson MS 118 29 63.8
439 0:43:13   Andy Kellaway M45 38 48 69.9
511 0:44:08 0:43:51 Lynn Mcdonagh F45 6 46 74.9
514 0:44:10 0:42:50 ian hawker M60+ 8 61 78.6
694 0:47:08 0:46:38 Ian Ordish M60+ 13 60 71.6
736 0:47:48 0:47:35 Jane Hodge F55+ 4 57 79.1
792 0:48:37 0:48:01 Steve Bradley M55 35 59 68.9
825 0:48:58 0:47:56 John Simmonds M60+ 17 60 69.6
836 0:49:06 0:48:52 Vicki Clarke FS 62 30 62.1
921 0:50:11 0:49:57 Tara Anglim F35 34 39 62.3
976 0:50:52 0:50:10 Jeremy Barber M60+ 20 63 68.3
1169 0:53:05 0:51:45 Adrian Mudle M55 51 58 63.4
1469 0:56:40 0:55:17 Robert Wells M40 180 42 52.2
1622 0:58:31 0:57:12 Melanie King F45 63 45 56.9
1865 1:01:23 1:00:04 Claire Aplin F45 75 46 54.7
1893 1:01:51 1:00:27 Naomi Longbotham FS 219 31 50.2
1961 1:03:29 1:02:08 Hilary Hinks F60+ 18 63 65.9
2017 1:04:54 1:03:29 Sarah Hood F35 163 37 48.6
2020 1:04:56 1:03:53 Angela Simmonds F55+ 32 59 59.5
2073 1:06:11 1:04:46 Carole Bailey F50 49 50 53.1
2164 1:09:12 1:08:08 Mandip Sidhu F40 149 41 45.6
2274 1:18:10 1:16:46 Ann Maylott F45 119 48 43.7
2309 1:37:40 1:36:02 Ann Bruce-Low F65+ 17 74 50.0

Bedford Autodrome Duathlon - Sunday 13 March 2016

While our runners were enjoying sunny conditions at the Salisbury and Grizzly Club President, Mick Anglim, faced 50m visibility, freezing fog on the Bedford Autodrome for the 2nd World Sprint Duathlon qualifier.  It was another Draft Legal bike leg of 20km with 4 laps of a tortuous circuit including 2 hairpin bends.

Mick reports,

"Negotiating corners in a bunch in poor visibility was exciting! The first run was a separate 2 lap 5km course with the 2nd run a single 2.5km lap and both were eerie with runners disappearing into the fog."

Mick was first M65 by over 7 minutes in 1 hour 10 minutes.  Well done!  You can see the full results here.

The Grizzly - Seaton - Sunday 13 March 2016

The sun shines on the righteous!  What a lovely day for twentyish muddy, hilly, boggy, beachy miles with excellent entertainers, great spirit and cameraderie and lovely marshalls. Once you've done it you'll be back.  Congratulations to Sue Sleath.  This was her eighteeenth.  I went with two newcomers this time (Rob Bryan from Andover parkrun and my Everest marathon friend Peter Brunning) and they were both hooked.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.   Here's an album to try and give you a flavour of this great event.  And here's a video of King Henry the 5th.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Gender Pos
144 03:03:40 03:02:39 Sue Sleath 12
402 03:32:46 03:31:42 Ian Smith 350
1151 04:39:47 04:38:30 Jeremy Barber 817
1388 05:50:05 05:48:09 Julie Bowden 469
1389 05:50:05 05:48:08 Caroline Street 470

HRRL - The Salisbury 10 - Sunday 13 March 2016

A very well organised 10 miler, good scenic course which is very managed in spite of the traffic on a few bits of road. Nice T shirt and the end, chip timed and a good finish on a tartan track so you can have a go at a sprint finish without feeling like your legs are going to come off.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos
47 01:02:23 01:02:23 Nathan Renyard MSnr 30
65 01:03:44 01:03:37 Tom England MSnr 39
68 01:03:49 01:03:42 Matthew Tanner MV50 8
134 01:08:01 01:07:36 Paul Jenkins MV40 38
160 01:09:58 01:09:34 Paul  Blundell MV50 21
191 01:12:16 01:11:53 Alice Ryder FSnr 9
197 01:12:39 01:12:14 Ian Hawker MV60 4
203 01:12:49 01:12:26 Paddy Butler MV50 27
245 01:15:18 01:15:06 Lynn McDonagh FV45 8
447 01:26:54 01:26:29 Terry  Earney MV70 3
487 01:28:26 01:28:00 Vicki Clarke FSnr 45
684 01:49:23 01:48:13 Jan Anglim FV65 3

The Wimborne 20 - Sunday 6 March 2016

Three Hardley Runners did this new event organised by Wimborne AC.   20 miles based primarily on a 3 lap undulating course.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results and read more about the event here.

Time Name Cat
69 2:38:07 Paddy Butler M50
89 2:40:59 Alice Ryder FS
107 2:47:08 Lynn Mcdonagh F45

The Seventh CC6 - Wilverley - Sunday 6 March 2016

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, writes, "A chilly start soon turned into a beautiful morning for the final race of the CC6 series. We had a decent turnout (10 Men and 5 Ladies) and some great results. The race itself was challenging with a good deal of slippery mud and more than a fair share of hills. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and New Forest/LTC put on an amazing cake table which looked like it belonged at a country fair! Well done everyone and hope to see you all for the RR10 series in the summer."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results and a summary of the whole season's resuts on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Congratulations to Lynn Mcdonagh and Jane Morgan who were 5th and 7th in the overall rankings (which are based on the best 4 results) for the series.  And a special mention for Annie Bruce Low who was 31st overall which just goes to show that persistence pays off.  For the men Andy Kellaway was 23rd, Dan Latham was 28th, new captain Simon Ibbotson was 35th, Ian Banks was 45th, Ian Ordish was 46th, Robert Wells was 59th and Dave McElhenny was 65th.

There's a lovely photo album here with some great Hardley pictures.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
12 Jane Morgan V50   27 Tara Anglim V40   49 Annie Bruce Low V70
26 Lisa Lewis V40   38 Chris Harris V60        
23 Matthew Tanner V40   46 Simon Ibbotson S   66 Dave Mcelhenny V60
25 Andy Kellaway V40   58 Mike Smith V60   71 Robert Wells V40
36 Dan Latham S   59 Ian Banks V50        
37 Paul Blundell V40   65 Mike Clarke V70        

The Cambridge Boundary Run- Sunday 6 March 2016

Thius excellent run is organised by the Cambridge University Hares and Hounds and offers full marathon (right round Cambridge) and half marathon (stop half way) options.  Hardley Webmaster, Jeremy Barber, did the half as a gentle warm up for next week's Grizzly and finished 205th in 2:06:32.  The going ranged from pavements and tracks to muddy fields.  You can see the full results here.

Groundhog Marathon - Telford - Saturday 5 March 2016

Steve Bennet writes,

"You all would have watched the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray plays a TV Weather Man, Phil Connors, who has to live the same day over and over and over again.

This marathon takes it name from the movie as we have to live the same lap over and over and over again. The Groundhog Marathon, now in its fourth year, takes place entirely on a 400 metre athletics track - 105.5 laps to be precise.

We set off on lap one with the PA system playing Queen's 'I'm Going Slightly Mad' - a sign of things to come? The person who put the play list together was clearly a comedian as Sonny and Cher's 'I got you babe' was played almost on repeat - it is the song Bill Murray's character wakes up to every Groundhog Day!

Well 3hrs 50mins and 9 seconds after the start, I crossed the line in 25th place out of 84 starters. I really enjoyed the race and despite the never changing scenery, it seemed to fly by.

This race would appeal to those club members, who like me, are not really playing with a full deck! Forton Village Idiots, I'm thinking of you!"

You can read more about the race here.

The LDWA New Forest Challenge - Sunday 28 February 2016

This is a walker's event which welcomes well-behaved runners.  There are 19 mile and 26 mile options.  The routes are scenic and the organisation is good so this event is popular with Hardley members.  Paul Blundell writes, "A brief report of a pleasant day out.  I along with Alice Ryder, Rachel Clark, Abbi Naylor and Tam Ryan from Romsey ran the New forest Challenge in around 6 hours. I also saw Ron Godden at the start finish with some friends.

We planned a slowish social run and that's what we did,weather was cloudy bright but cold in the wind.  Abbi and Rachel practiced their map reading skills and even provided some scenic alternatives. Organisation was to the LDWA's usual high standards and the course was muddy in places but generally pretty good.  The last checkpoint was particularly well stocked with cake; I'm sure I put on weight on these runs.  A very nice sausage casserole awaited us when we got in."

Click on the picture to see a few more.

The Hearbreak Half - Sunday 28 February 2016

There were two Hardley runners in this scenic off road half marathon organised by RaceNewForest. Congratulations to Sue Sleath who was first FV45.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos
27 1:36:44 Sue Sleath 5 FV45 1
59 1:44:48 Paddy Butler 49 MV50 9

The Terminator  - Pewsey - Sunday 28 February 2016

Jacqui Healey and webmaster, Jeremy Barber, have been running round Longparish with neighbour Emily Stevens for over a year.  She is building up to her first half marathon so we decided that The Teminator would be a good first race for her.  It is an excellent, scenic, 12 miler.  Oh and did we mention the bog, the hills, the struggle around the White Horse and the stream they kindly include just before the finsih so you can wash the mud off. 

There was only one other Hardley runner daft enough to enter.  You've guessed - step forward Mark Lee.  He writes,

"Well Terminated! Excellent race, apart from the following.

1 at the bog, I decided to go through the middle rather than go round the edge. I came to an abrupt halt with mud over my knees, and had to extract myself from the bog!

2 At 7 miles a dog thought it would be fun to try and bite my backside! As I was running the dog got a kick in the chops everytime it jumped forward. Got a light scratch to my leg. But no time to discuss the incident with the owner as I was on a mission! Not the dogs fault, just train the owner!

A Terminator PB! Best part of 4 minutes less! "

Well done Mark.  I expect you'll be back to knock off a further 21 seconds!  It was also a PB for Emily, pictured in yellow, just ahead of Jeremy in the bog.  Well done.  After that a half on the roads will be easy.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Cat
199 2:00:20 Mark Lee MV50
353 2:31:31 Jacqui Healey FV45
368 2:36:02 Jeremy Barber MV60

The English National Cross Country Championshops - Donnington Park - Saturday 27 February 2016

Just one Hardley Runner travelled to the Nationals this year which puts Mandip Sidhu ahead of the whole club.  Well done!  On a pretty tough course Mandip was 734th in 1:08:56. You can see the full results here.

The Meon Valley Plod - Sunday 21 February 2016

I think Paul Blundell was the only Hardley runner this year.  He writes, "I wanted to run it ultra pace this year.  The organiser sent an email before warning it would be very tough and in the pre race briefing advised to forget pbs and concentrate on getting around in one piece.

I got there in a good time and was asked by the car parking marshals how quick I would be.  As I said 4 hours they put me with speedy runners parking so I wouldn't have to wait to long as I would be boxed in.  Unfortunately all of the speedy runners obviously weren't as I had to do a lot of maneuvering to get out!

As always I did find it very hard, but because the weather was warm and no ice, I wouldn't have said it was tougher then previous years.  The new race venue at east Meon village hall was very quaint with a local band and free tea, coffee and cakes although there was a donations pot.

A lot of the course was bits we have run before the other way and if you can remember the really slippery unrunnable bit with thick clay mud along the bottom of a hill, that is in the final mile and just about finished me off.  The mud was qyuite sticky and the picture shows someone's (not mine thank goodness) shoe that didn't survive.

For some reason lost to me, I seemed to do well; one of the final marshals said I was 36th, but looking at the results posted up in the hall, I think I did it in around 3:39, 37th overall and 4th M50."

Well done, Paul.  You can read more about this friendly race and see the full results here.

The Sixth (of 7) CC6 - Denny Wood - Sunday 21 February 2016

Retiring CC6 Capatan, Ian Ordish, writes, "This morning turned out to be an ideal one for the Denny Wood CC6 race, with no rain or frost it was down to how much water and mud we would encounter. There was plenty of both. We had a really good turn out an some really impressive results with Mark Causebrook edging out Tom England to finish in 8th position and 4 men in the top 30. Lynn McDonnagh led the women home in 8th with Jane Morgan hot on her heels in 9th. Many thanks to everyone who came this morning.

I would also like to extend our thanks to Totton RC for a great race. The course was challenging but made more bearable with the constant support from their many marshals. The rewards too were amazing with the vast array of cakes on offer. Well done Totton.

On a personal note, this was my last event as CC6 Captain. I would like you to welcome Simon Ibbotson as the new Captain. I know you will support him as you have me over the last 3 seasons, whether its running in the competitions or assisting at the races. My special thanks goes to Rose McElhenny and Diana Lushington for their ever presence and great support during my time as Captain.

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) by Monday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
7 Lynn Mcdonagh V40   19 Lisa Lewis V40   54 Annie Bruce Low V70
8 Jane Morgan V50   28 Tara Anglim V40        
8 Mark Causebrook S   44 Mark Darcy V40   64 Mark Lee V40
9 Tom England S   47 Simon Ibbotson S   79 Robert Wells V40
22 Matthew Tanner V40   53 Malcolm Renyard V70   83 Dave Mcelhenny V60
29 Andy Kellaway V40   60 Ian Ordish V50   85 Jeremy Barber V60
34 Dan Latham S   61 Andy Simpson S        

The Bramley 20 - Sunday 14 February 2016

Alice Ryder was 332nd in 2:43:25 and Lyn McDonagh was 367th in 2:45:43.  Alice says, " Was cold, cold cold but we got a goody bag with a Mars bar amongst other things so was worth braving the cold!"

You can see the full results here.

Porstmouth Coastal Half Marathon - Sunday 14 February 2016

There were two Hardley runners plus Sarah King who was a Hardley runner until she moved to Portsmouth.  David Gould reports, " Despite a chilly hanging-around-beforehand phase, the day turned quite lovely for a run around a bit of Portsmouth Harbour. I'd been going gently down with something over the week before so I was quite, er, rested but didn't want to push it hard. So I ran round with Sarah. If I'd unleashed the inner demons, I could probably have shaved ten or even twenty seconds off.

There was quite a bit of sploshing through mud on the coastal path, though the actual "boggy beach" they use to sell the event was quite benign. Approaching the turn round point, I heard a "whump!" from close behind me and turned to see Sarah getting to her feet from a muddy puddle that her bottom had got intimate with. She rallied well and we had the benefit of a return that was mostly on tarmac, so that was a bit of stress-reduction.

Even the notorious wind along the promenade over the last 2 miles was more behind than in front, so (barring Sarah's unpleasant slump) not a bad morning."

Click on the lovely medal to see a few more pics.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos
51 1:35:27 Paul Jenkins 49 M40-49 11
407 2:00:14 David Gould 315 M50-59 40

Punchbowl Marathon - Sunday 14 February 2016

This is an LDWA event which welcomes well-behaved runners.  You can read more about it here

Paul Blundell writes, "Today I along with Tamatha Ryan (Romsey), Sue Sleath, Ian Hawker, Mike Page and Steve Bennett completed the punchbowl 30 which is an ldwa event.
According to the electronic route, it was nearer 32, the weather was cloudy sunshine but with a bitter NE wind.
Steve and Mike arrived at the start quite a bit before the rest of us so set of I reckon about 30 minutes ahead,in the belief that as they would be going slowly,then we would catch them up,sadly that never happened and I think they finished about 30 minutes ahead of us.
I did the punchbowl 20 last year and found that tough so I knew this wasn't going to be an easy run.
The area was very pretty though,the 3 checkpoints well stocked and we finished in around 6 hours and 40 minutes.
The run was sold out well in advance and as with all ldwa events was terrific value for ldwa members."

Hardley webmaster Jeremy Barber did the 20.  Walking with a friend, he took just a bit longer for the shorter distance!

You can see the full results here.  And here are some pictures.

HCCL Race 5 - Dibden - Saturday 13 February 2016

It was a cold, damp and dreary day but that didn't deter the many runners who enjoyed a proper cross country course with lots of lovely mud.  Our thanks to all who helped.  Without you it would not have been possible. 

Here's a messaage from Club President, Mick Anglim, "We would like to thank all of the volunteers who braved the cold, wind and rain to organise the final Hampshire Cross Country League event at Dibden Inclosure. This was the wettest Hampshire event that Hardley has ever hosted but feedback from other clubs was all positive and there were several requests that we make Dibden Inclosure a permanent League event!!

Given the small size of our volunteer group we don't think that would be fair on our members. The parking issues experienced would also not be appreciated again by local residents.

We would particularly like to thank three of our volunteers, two of whom are not even club members! Steve Andrew, Ben's father, added the 'chicane' along the finishing straight to avoid the lake. Andrew's Alley was also joined by Tanner's Trail as Matt Tanner improved access from the gate. Steve unfortunately wasn't rewarded very well for his efforts when Dibden Inclosure tried to swallow his van while carrying cones and stakes onto the course!

There are only a couple of our members for whom the name Tom Ferguson will be familiar. Tom is an unsong hero who has contributed hugely to the club over the years by nursing, repairing and improving our ancient timing clock which helps the club to balance the books. Tom created superb cross country maps and plans and also produced all of the copies which marshals, Club Captains and officials used today so we'd like to thank Tom publicly for his support.

We also wish to thank our runners who took on the challenges of Dibden Bottom made particularly unsavoury by the recent weather and works.

Jane Morgan was our sole lady which was disappointing but she flew the flag well as 3rd W55.

Our swift men came an impressive 2nd team in Div II with Mark Causebrook again excelling in a high quality field. With such great packing from Mark, Ben, Tom, Andy Robbins, Matt and Andy Kellaway we retained our League positions for another season.

Special thanks are due to our Chairman, Adrian Mudle, who not only messed up his usually pristine 4x4 carrying the gazebos to the site (and towing out Steve's van) but also volunteered as Sweeper. He swallowed his pride and came last in the men's race for the first time ever but allowed the long suffering marshals to stand down before the rain returned.

Well done everyone who contributed to the success of the event.


Here are a few pictures.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos Time Name Cat
Women 6K
70 24 28:42 Jane Morgan V55
Men 10K
24   37:00 Mark Causebrook  
63   39:27 Tom England  
64   39:29 Ben Andrew  
69 23 39:55 Andy Robbins M40
106 49 42:55 Matt Tanner M50
108 50 43:08 Andy Kellaway M40
150 83 48:26 Mick Anglim M60
153   49:51 Simon Ibbotson  
156 88 50:23 Ian Banks M50
165 96 66:04 Adrian Mudle M50

The Brutal 10K - Borden - Saturday 13 February 2016

Mark Lee writes,

"Well it's all in the name: Brutal! Rob Wells and myself participated in this aptly named race, which is located in in a Amy Training ground called Alpine Hills in Bagshot Surrey. Very steep hills and plenty of water and mud! The race was pretty brutal as air and water temperatures were low and the course claimed the last race out of my beloved Inov8 shoes! Unfortunately thirty one runners never made it round the course, so pretty tough going.  I was 102nd in 1:19:34 and Rob was 150th in 1:24:40."

You can read more about the race here and here's a link to the full results  

HRRL Race 7 - The Ryde 10 - Sunday 7 February 2016

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside ....   What a lovely day for a trip to the Isle Of Wight.   And it was an unexpected pleasure sandwiched between severe storms the night before and the night after. Three car loads of Hardley Runners caught the 8.30 ferry from Southampton to Cowes.  At the Ryde end the organisation was good with late entries dealt with quickly and baggage handled efficiently.  The race began on the flat but after a loop round the boating lake it turned inland, uphill and into the wind.  Hilly and windy was the pattern for the run so, for example, my fastest mile was 8 minutes dead and my slowest was 10:15!  We could have done with a few more marshals and directions on the course but overall it was an excellent race.

And afterwards Club Chairman Adrian treated us to a full works breakfast.  Thanks very much.

HCCL Captain, Adrian writes, "Thanks for those making it to the Ryde 10. I was looking at the past results for this race which I can find going back to 2006, in which we had no runners, then the following two years only one runner, then with some sporadic entries with a peak in 2010 of 14 runners, oddly the following year dropping to 4 runners, then back up to 9, then back down to 2, For the last two years we have managed to attract 11 runners, with this year matching 2010 with 14 runners, I'm hoping this is because all the runners today enjoyed this race and day out. It's not like any other of the HRRL events, in that its more of a day out to the seaside with a race thrown in, while I understand some may have been there only for the breakfast (not mentioning any names)

I think some of the runners found the headwind a bit of a handicap, and therefore not beating the previous years times, however newcomers Tom, and Paul (Jenkins), did the club proud, not forgetting Matt with good positions and Ian, Mick and Terry who were very good for age.  However well done to everyone, especially some of the ladies who managed to get a refreshing shower just before they finished. Otherwise a great break in the weather left us all in the sunshine, most unexpected, let's see if we can get a few more runners next year."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Gun Time Chip Time Name Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos
46 1:06:34 1:06:27 Tom England 45 SM 26
50 1:06:54 1:06:48 Matt Tanner 49 M50 3
100 1:12:20 1:12:08 Paul Jenkins 92 M40 17
114 1:13:31 1:13:02 Paul Blundell 104 M50 10
116 1:13:48 1:13:13 Ian Hawker 106 M60 2
203 1:20:43 1:20:34 Mick Anglim 164 M65 2
227 1:22:50 1:22:09 Alice Ryder 50 SF 12
229 1:22:56 1:22:15 Terry Earney 179 M70 3
237 1:23:39 1:23:04 Adrian Mudle 184 M55 10
279 1:26:26 1:25:44 Mark Lee 202 M50 21
302 1:29:55 1:29:20 Jeremy Barber 212 M60 15
328 1:32:57 1:32:17 Julie Swainston 103 F40 19
362 1:38:55   Sian Smith 126 SF 39
374 1:42:31 1:41:53 Melanie King 135 F40 26

The Stonehenge Stomp - Sunday 31 January 2016

This popular event is organised by Amesbury Ramblers and is primarily aomed at walkers but they welcome well-behaved runners and we always get a good Hardley turnout. They offer 10k, 20k, 30k and 40k options with checkpoints every few kilometres which offer drinks and biscuits. Being Ramblers, they aren't interested in times so here, in true Ramblers fashion, is a list of those who took part (or at least those I know about).

10K: Judy Bannister

20K: Tiff Hanley, Julie McDondald, Linda Noke, Ray Noke

30K: Jeremy Barber, Steve Bennett, David Gould, Adrian Mudle, Hannah Smith, Ian Smith, Andy Simpson, Ian Hawker

40K: Paul Blundell, Sue Sleath

David and Jeremy were joined by two other Forton Village Idiots (and former Hardley members) Ian Beveridge and Sarah King. 

It was a dull and mizzly day with some pretty chilly winds in places.  Conditions underfoot were better than expected and loads better than in some previous years.  As always the cake and bacon butties at the finsih were lovely and went down very well.  Here is an album of pictures taken by Steve, David and Sarah.  I haven't attempted to sort them into order so you will find them in three runs.

The Fifth CC6 (out of 7) - King's Garn Gutter Inclosure, Stoney Cross - Sunday 31 January 2016

Thank you Romsey and Halterworth for a ‘charming’ little race on Sunday, hats off to everyone that managed to run all of that last hill!  Hardley numbers were down a bit becuase of the Stonehenge Stomp.  CC6 Captain, Ian Ordish, commented, "Was really pleased to get back to the shower after that one. Can’t remember ever carrying around as much mud as I did today and that’s without falling over…."  Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the CC6 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
13 Lynn McDonagh V40   33 Tara Anglim V40   54 Annie Bruce Low V70
26 Lisa Lewis V40                
16 Rob Murray S   49 Mick Anglim V60   76 Mark Lee V40
29 Andy Kellaway V40   51 Malcolm Renyard V70   82 Dave McElhenny V60
39 Dan Latham S   65 Ian Ordish V50   83 Paul Newby V60
40 Mark Darcy V40   70 Ian Banks V50        

The Romsey 5 - Sunday 24 January 2016

This is a traffic free race set in the grounds of Broadlands.  It was unseasonally warm (over 10 degrees), overcast and damp.  So pretty good conditions.  Add a pretty good surface and only the slightest of undulations and you get a recipe for good times.  Sadly not in my case though.  I was enjoying a battle with Viv Alexander when I had to stop just before mile 4 to throw up.  Ah well, you win some you lose some.  At least it made a nice space to be filled with haggis at lunch time.  Hardley times are below.  Well done all and congratulations to Malc and Mick for winning their age groups.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Cat Cat Pos Bib
40 0:30:22 Nathan Renyard M35+ 6 417
88 0:33:12 Malcolm Renyard M70+ 1 419
125 0:35:07 Mick Anglim M65+ 1 15
142 0:35:48 Mike Smith M65+ 2 603
170 0:37:37 John Simmonds M60+ 5 454
280 0:41:46 Jeremy Barber M60+ 11 28
361 0:44:51 Christine Harris F 65+ 5 231
392 0:46:47 Alison Renyard F 40+ 25 418
480 0:50:59 Sarah Hood F 35+ 32 257
510 0:52:49 Jan Anglim F 65+ 8 16
520 0:54:24 Angela Simmonds F 55+ 10 453

HRRL Race 6 - The Stubbington Green 10K - Sunday 17 January 2016

A few days beforehand the weather forecast was cold, bright and sunny.  In the event the temperature had risen overnight to two degrees and it was dull and damp.  So the conditions were pretty good for running and Mark Causebrook excelled himself with 27th place (22nd on chip time) and a new PB of 35:22.  Without wishing to tempt fate, that bodes well for something beginning with 34 at Eastleigh. Congratulations to anyone else who recorded a PB (let me know and I'll add you to the list) and also to Malc Renyard who is clearly getting back to form and was first MV70.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos Bib
27 0:35:26 0:35:22 Mark Causebrook MS 20 55
125 0:39:14 0:38:59 Matthew Tanner MV50 7 183
147 0:39:43 0:39:28 Robert Murray MS 82 240
278 0:42:33 0:42:13 Malcolm Renyard MV70 1 302
284 0:42:42 0:42:20 Paul Blundell MV50 21 457
339 0:43:40 0:43:17 Ian Hawker MV60 5 474
368 0:44:14 0:43:52 Simon Ibbotson MS 155 672
379 0:44:26 0:44:11 Mick Anglim MV65 3 406
472 0:45:55 0:45:43 Paul Carter MV55 29 367
586 0:48:00 0:47:04 David Gould MV50 52 544
647 0:48:58 0:48:03 Adrian Mudle MV55 40 719
676 0:49:28 0:48:32 Terry Earney MV70 4 819
680 0:49:30 0:48:35 Jane Hodge FV55 6 773
844 0:52:28 0:51:33 Jeremy Barber MV60 15 855
998 0:55:43 0:54:20 Emma Halliwell FV40 54 1154
1423 1:05:39 1:03:20 Naomi Longbotham F 162 1678
1428 1:05:54 1:04:13 Hilary Hinks FV60 14 1413
1471 1:07:38 1:05:16 Jan Anglim FV65 8 1677
1603 1:42:07 1:40:15 Ann Bruce-low FV70 2 1846

Hell Runner Down South - Longmoor Camp - Saturday 16 January 2016

For some people the mud just isn't deep enough on an ordinary cross country race. Five crazy Hardley runners turned up to run & submerse themselves in some horrible conditions.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here. Click on the picture to see bigger versions.

Time Name
142 1:50:09 Dan Latham
361 2:06:50 Andy Simpson
579 2:18:50 Rob Wells
1132 2:55:05 Claire Aplin
1226 3:05:25 Mark Lee

HCCL Race 4 - Prospect Park Reading - Saturday 16 January 2016

Hopefully our men have scored well enough to stay in Div II and Div 1 for our Vets team.
That's assuming that we can field both men and ladies teams at Dibden Inclosure on Saturday afternoon 13 February.
Anyone who would also be available to marshal for any length of time between 11:30 and 3:30 would be very welcome.
Please contact Mick Anglim on or 023 80845744.
Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Vet Pos Time Name Cat
101 37 36:22:00 Andrew Kellaway M40
140 64 41:10:00 Mick Anglim M60
147 70 42:30:00 Ian Banks M50
151 73 43:25:00 Mike Smith M60
156 77 46:26:00 Adrian Mudle M50

The Rough n Tumble - Wiltshire - Sunday 10 January 2016

Four members made the trip to Wiltshire for this challenging ten miler.  The going was soft but it wasn't raining and the post-race cake was as good as always.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name
71 1:31:53 Paul Blundell
116 1:38:14 Ian Hawker
285 1:57:20 Mark Lee
317 2:01:44 Abbi Naylor

The 4th CC6 - Oliver's Battery - Sunday 10 January 2016

After all the recent wet weather it was lovely to have a race where it didn't rain!  Hardley results are below.  The full results areon the CC6 website (see Links tab above).  Here are some of Hammy' photos showing Hardley members in action.  And here's the whole album from Hammy.

CC6 Captain, Ian Ordish, writes, "Well done to everyone who turned up on Sunday. The morning was dry and clear for a change, so we were rewarded with some great views over Winchester before the race began. The marshals were vocal and supported us throughout and the cakes at the end made it all seemed so much more worthwhile.

The men had a good turnout, with a couple of new faces to CC6 joining us on the day. As a team the men performed brilliantly with Mike Page leading a stream of 4 Hardley Runners in to gain us 2nd place as a team.

Jane Morgan led the ladies home with our 4 ladies gaining 6th place on the day in the team placements.

It would be great if we could get a few more ladies interested......maybe next time :-)



Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
13 Jane Morgan V50   62 Carol Bailey V40   65 Annie Bruce Low V70
14 Lynn McDonagh V40                
8 Mike  Page S   36 Dan Latham S   74 Andy Simpson S
9 Tom England S   47 Mick Anglim V60   78 Ian Ordish V50
10 Rob Murray S   54 Simon Ibbotson S   92 Adrian Mudle V50
11 Ben Andrew S   55 Mark Darcy V40   94 Dave McElhenny V60
33 Andy Kellaway V40   70 Ian Banks V50   95 Robert Wells V40

Hampshire Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 9 January 2016

Fairthorne Manor was a new venue and perhaps a bit less muddy than previous years.  Even so the course was pretty well churned up by the time of the last race which featured our men.  Hardley results are below.  Our men's team were 16th and our veteran men were 12th. Congratulations to Mark Causebook for a top 30 finish in a first class field.  Here is an album of our runners and here is Hammy's comprehensive album from which the selection was copied.  You can see the full results here.

Time Name Cat Cat Pos
Senior and Veteran Men (11800 m)
Mark Causebrook SM 22
Malcolm Renyard M60 5
Paddy Butler M50 19
Mick Anglim M60 6
Ian Banks M55 9
Adrian Mudle M55 13

Somerley 10K - Sunday 3 January 2016

Well that was a wet and windy one.  It made Gosport seem like a walk in the park on a lovely summer day!  The organisers did a great job despite the conditions and managed to find space for nearly 500 runners to park.  Everyone stayed in their cars until the first few ventured out towards the start followed by a surge.  The run was character building and, with hindsight, fun.  The results don't show clubs and with everyone wearing waterprrofs it was not possible to spot other Hardley vests.  Was anyone else there? 

Hardley webmaster, Jeremy Barber, was 220th in 57:09. You can see the full results here.


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