Marlborough Downs Challenge 2016

A choice of 20 or 33 miles through lovely bluebell woods, wild garlic and downland on 15 May 2016, a beautiful sunny day
Sarah01  Getting ready David01  The start of the 33 at 0900 Sarah02  The start of the 20 at 10.30 - a bit more relaxed David02  The first hill - bit of a queue here
Sarah03  One the way to the first checkpoint at the edge of the woods Sarah04  Lovely bluebells and fresh green leaves Sarah05 David04  Lovely smell of wild garlic in the woods
Sarah06b MDC01 MDC02 Sarah07
Sarah08 Sarah10  Helpful marshals and a selection of drinks and snacks Sarah11  We came down the hill in the background Sarah12
Sarah13  Rapeseed flowers were lovely but they didn't do the hay fever any good. David06 David07  Wildlife on the 33 David08  Wildlife with flowers
David09 David10 David11  White horse on the 33 Sarah09a
Sarah13a  Garmin made navigation easy.  We also had map, compass and four pages of directions. Sarah13b  Avebury Sarah14  Avebury David15
Sarah14a David16  Only a mile or so to go David17 David18
Sarah15 Sarah16 Sarah17  Beautiful hand made souvenir mug David19