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Geoff Mills Trophies

Geoff was a prolific racer who represented Hardley in pretty well every local race even into his 80s. To celebrate his love of racing his daughters donated two floating trophies, one for women and one for men. They are awarded annually to the two Hardley members who represent our Club in the most races in the RR10, HRRL, HCCL and CC6 Leagues plus the Hampshire, South of England and National Cross Country Championships. The more races you complete, the more points you get, with a current maximum of 35 events.

HRRL Race 5 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 16 January 2022

Here's a photo album of our runners in action

Simon reports:

The 5th Hampshire Road Race League (HRRL) race for 2021/22 was the Stubbington 10km. This is another quick course and known for setting PBs. It was a lovely morning for running - cool, dry and calm. 


23 of us crossed the line for Hardley with Mark Clothier (his first 10K!) and Alice Rudd being the first male and female, setting blistering chip times of 36:55 (PB) and 39:19. There were also PBs from Poppy Tanner (first time sub-40 mins), Grace Hawker & Jo Avery. Our female team came in 9th place (out of 29 teams) and male team 11th (out of 30 teams). Very well done to everyone that took part!


Our ladies' A team are currently third in division two and men's A team are fourth in division two.

The next race is the Ryde 10 mile on 6th February. It is full but transfers are still possible until the 31st January and there are a couple of spaces left in the two cars that the club has paid the ferry crossing for. We could do with more ladies as we do not have enough for a team as it stands.

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here

Pos Name Chip Time Gun Time Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos BIB
65 Mark Clothier 0:36:55 0:37:01 MV40 9 61 17
83 Callum Johnson 0:37:31 0:37:36 MS 48 78 150
92 Dan Latham 0:37:48 0:37:51 MS 52 86 160
157 Alice Rudd 0:39:19 0:39:29 FS 5 13 219
174 Poppy Tanner 0:39:43 0:39:52 FS 8 16 244
176 Simon Ibbotson 0:39:49 0:39:55 MS 86 160 147
232 Matt Tanner 0:41:07 0:41:19 MV55 11 209 245
238 Matt Casey 0:41:19 0:41:28 MS 103 214 379
308 Paddy Butler 0:42:49 0:42:59 MV60 8 271 370
393 Jamie Davies 0:44:40 0:44:51 MS 143 336 684
405 Phil Rudd 0:44:46 0:45:07 MS 148 346 742
449 Richard Kneller 0:45:17 0:46:08 MS 161 382 591
574 Vicki Clarke 0:47:31 0:48:22 FV35 21 100 605
584 Roy Dyer 0:47:43 0:48:34 MV50 58 480 456
591 Jane Hodge 0:48:23 0:48:44 FV60 3 106 547
610 Joanna Avery 0:48:05 0:48:56 FV40 25 118 212
998 Grace Hawker 0:55:24 0:56:30 FS 71 287 1178
1018 Sarah Fitton 0:55:46 0:56:51 FV50 26 296 1104
1204 Chris Harris 0:58:31 1:00:09 FV70+ 3 411 1168
1441 Mick Anglim 1:04:27 1:06:52 MV70+ 13 870 290
1503 Hilary Hinks 1:06:23 1:08:32 FV65 14 619 749
1716 Jan Anglim 1:18:18 1:21:21 FV70+ 8 795 1624
1763 Annie Bruce-Low 1:39:42 1:42:55 FV70+ 9 833 1671

2022 Hampshire Cross Country Championships at Fairthorne Manor

Excellent performances byNatalie, Chris, Paddy and Mick.  Click here for report and pictures.

CC6 Race 4 - Holmsley - Sunday 9 January 2022

Click on the little picture to see the team photo.

Matt reports

Today, was the fourth round of the CC6 series at Holmsley Campsite where New Forest Runners, Lymington Athletes and Lymington Tri Club were the hosts. It was a chilly morning as shown by the number of layers everyone has on in the team photo. The course was 4.91 miles or 7.9km, it was a new course and it did not disappoint. Starting on a grass field with a slight uphill made it a challenging start with getting grip up the hill before funnelling into a track that was 3 people wide with plenty of puddles and mud. We then headed into the enclosure which was mainly gravel with a few muddy tracks thrown in for good measure. There were a few hills on the way round nothing team Hardley couldn’t handle with all the hill training we do in the week before heading out onto a flat grass area for around 400m to the finish. The grass area was wet which again made grip an issue especially for those opting for road shoes. Overall, a brilliant course that everyone really enjoyed; great work host clubs.


A brilliant result for the ladies team with all three runners finishing in the top 10, Poppy Tanner was the first Hardley member over the line in 7th place. Natalie Green finishing in 8th place which is incredible considering Natalie ran at the Hampshire cross country championships yesterday, which was a serious mud fest I am told. Alice Rudd was in hot pursuit finishing in 9th. The ladies team could yet again be in contention for winning the round, great work Ladies.  The men’s team also had a great result with Chris Harris finishing in the top 3 with an impressive 3rd place finish which is amazing after Chris ran Hampshire cross country championships yesterday along with Mick Anglim (127th), Paddy Butler (70th), Second male Hardley member home was Dan Latham in 18th, Mark Clothier making his CC6 debut finishing in a strong 19th place and Carl Hall rounding off the men’s team with an amazing 25th place finish. Superb work guys I’m sure that will be a great team finish for Hardley. It was great to see the return of Hannah Cockle who finished in a strong 35th place and Roy Van Hal who brought it home in 158th.


Great work everyone it was a great turn out for Hardley yet again let’s keep it up on the next event. After 3 rounds the ladies team are currently 3rd and the men’s team are in 4th, after the great team results today it will be interesting to see if we improve.

The next CC6 is on the 30th January 2022 at Roundhill’s which is hosted by Romsey, Halterworth & Southampton Tri and will have the standard 9:30 start time.

Hardley Runners' results are below.  The full results will be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) the day after the race.

Men Ladies
Name Age Cat. Pos. Name Age Cat. Pos.
Chris Harris S 3 Poppy Tanner S 7
Dan Latham S 18 Natalie Green S 8
Mark Clothier M40 19 Alice Rudd S 9
Carl Hall M50 25 Hannah Cockle S 35
Matt Casey S 27 Lisa Lewis F50 67
Simon Ibbotson S 34 Chris Harris F70 92
Matt Tanner M50 49 Hilary Hinks F60 98
Paddy Butler M60 70 Sarah Hall F40 104
Mike Osborne S 126 Jan Anglim F70 112
Mick Anglim M70 127      
Roger Morgan M60 133      
Mark Lee M50 135      
Roy Van Hal M70 158      



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