David Gould reports,

"Despite a chilly hanging-around-beforehand phase, the day turned quite lovely for a run around a bit of Portsmouth Harbour. I'd been going gently down with something over the week before so I was quite, er, rested but didn't want to push it hard. So I ran round with Sarah. If I'd unleashed the inner demons, I could probably have shaved ten or even twenty seconds off.

There was quite a bit of sploshing through mud on the coastal path, though the actual "boggy beach" they use to sell the event was quite benign. Approaching the turn round point, I heard a "whump!" from close behind me and turned to see Sarah getting to her feet from a muddy puddle that her bottom had got intimate with. She rallied well and we had the benefit of a return that was mostly on tarmac, so that was a bit of stress-reduction.

Even the notorious wind along the promenade over the last 2 miles was more behind than in front, so (barring Sarah's unpleasant slump) not a bad morning."

There was a lovely Valentine themed medal

and a buff

David and Sarah with medals

Waving to the crowd

Sarah after falling over

The car seat after Sarah got out


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