Athens November 2017

A visit with friends to see the sights and run the Athen Marathon
IMG 4813  View from hotel window IMG 4816  Tram ride to Marathon Expo to collect numbers on Thursday afternoon IMG 4819  Marathon Expo at the Olympic Tae Kwon Do stadium IMG 4820  Local brew and quite acceptable - Norbert in the background
IMG 4821  Starter at dinner near the hotel - octopus IMG 4825  Temple of Olympian Zeus IMG 4827  Hadrian's Arch IMG 4828  Friday morning reccy to check out the start and finish - view of the Acropolis
IMG 4829  Jane with Temple of Zeus IMG 4831  Norbert at the stadium which was built in the 6th century BC as a racecourse and renovated for the first modern Olympics in 1896 IMG 4833  Norbert, Ian, Jane, David, Mike and Peter IMG 4835  Stadium was closed but we were told there were good views up the stairs behind it.
IMG 4836  Fruit market at the top of the stairs IMG 4838  View of the stadium which was being prepared to be the finsih of the marathon IMG 4841  Acropolis from the stadium IMG 4847  Jeremy
IMG 4849  Mike IMG 4850  Jane, Mike, Jeremy and David - the four Hardley runners in the marathon (with 5 more friends) IMG 4854  A jog round the park behind the stadium IMG 4859  After the run and a hearty breakfast we had a walking tour led by Ian - here's Hadrian's Arch again.
IMG 4862  Choragic Monument of Lysicrates IMG 4864  Steep streets and bougainvillea in the Plaka area IMG 4866  Tower of the Winds on the Roman agora IMG 4870  Roman agora
IMG 4875  Greek agora IMG 4876  Temple of Haiphestos IMG 4878 IMG 4882
IMG 4883 IMG 4892  Highly scented laurel IMG 4894  Jane, Fiona and Wendy.  When I rand the bell behind Fiona my new hearing aids worked so well I nearly jumped out of my skin. IMG 4898  Pots in museum in the Greek agora
IMG 4900  Statue in museum in the Greek agora IMG 4902  After all that sight seeing we needed a beer IMG 4904  Mike and Peter IMG 4905  Outside the Odeon which holds over 4,000 and is used for opera
IMG 4908  Fountains in Syntagma Square IMG 4912  Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square MVI 4909  Guards get a bit of exercise IMG 4914  Demonstration in Syntagma Square
IMG 4918  Lord Byron IMG 4919  Temple of Zeus IMG 4924  On the Friday evening we had dinner in the Acropolis Museum.  This is the entrance with archaeology in the basement IMG 4926  Ground floor exhibits
IMG 4927  Caryatids - these are the originals - kept here to save them from the weather IMG 4930  Dinner at the museum with the Acropolis in the background IMG 4931  Jeremy with Dave Carr who now works in Athens and was doing his first marathon IMG 4938  On Saturday we were up bright and early to visit the Acropolis
IMG 4944  Ian at the amphitheatre of Dionysus IMG 4947  Looking down on the Odeon IMG 4950  Guards coming down the hill after the night shift IMG 4954  How to march down steps without looking
MVI 4955  How to march down steps without looking IMG 4957  Entrance and Temple of Athena Nike IMG 4959  Parthenon IMG 4960  Caryatids (copies - the originals are in the museum)
IMG 4963  Temple of Erechtheion IMG 4966  Ancient and modern Lego - used to hold the friezes in place IMG 4968  Parthenon IMG 4970  Parthenon
IMG 4971  Looking down on the amphitheatre of Dionysus with the museum in the background IMG 4979  Museum IMG 4981  Jane, Wendy, David and Norbert on the Acropolis IMG 4984  Looking down to Hadrian's Arch and the Temple of Zeus
IMG 4994  Looking down on the Odeon IMG 5005  After a hearty breakfasr we went back to the stadium to make sure we could remember the way from there to the hotel.  Mike, Jane and Peter. IMG 5011 IMG 5013  Bananas and water ready fir the finish
IMG 5014 IMG 5017  Meal on Saturday evening IMG 5018  Norbert was quite adventurous with his carbo-loading pasta IMG 5019  Breakfast at 4.30 am (2.30 am UK time)
IMG 5020  Breakfast at 4.30 am (2.30 am UK time) IMG 5033  Dawn at the stdiun in the town of Marathon after a 5.30am coach ride to the start IMG 5035  Olympic flame at the start IMG 5039  Jeremy, David, Jane, Mike, Ian, Steve, Norbert and Peter
IMG 5041  Lots of volunteers, police and troops helped marshal the race IMG 5044  The crowd grows as we waut for the start IMG 5051  David and Jeremy in the starting box IMG 5055  And we're off
IMG 5065  10K done and hardly any hills yet IMG 5066  But it soon started to go up with a peak at 17K IMG 5067  Various bands and dancers encouraged us IMG 5068  Statue of runners going a lot faster than we were
IMG 5069  After 17K it was back to sea level and then a long hill up to 31K IMG 5070  Endo fhte long hill coming into sight IMG 5072  Nearly there - statue which reminded me of an ent IMG 5074  Coming into the stadium for the finish
IMG 5078  Phew - that was hard work and I was feeling a bit wibbly IMG 5079  Nice first aider who sat me down and gave ne electrolyte drink, after which I felt much better IMG 5080  And I felt better still after some more traditional rehydration IMG 5081  Dinners in the restuarant on the top floor of the hotel
IMG 5083  View from the dinner table IMG 5085 IMG 5087  Recovery run on Monday morning IMG 5091  Oranges growing in Syntagma Square
IMG 5096  University - statue of Athena IMG 5099  University - gives an idea of what the Parthenon must have looked like in its prime IMG 5100  Athena kitted out as a warrior IMG 5102
IMG 5103  Owls - Athena's birds and symbols of knowledge IMG 5106  800 year old olive tree (moved there last year) IMG 5111  PNRC outside another university building IMG 5114  Ian and a guard
IMG 5117  Statue on a traffic island.  Does anyone know who she is and what the story is behind the flower petals?