The Grizzly 8 March 2020

20 miles of mud, hills and lovely marshals and runners at Seaton in Devon
Sally01  HQ JB-Lee-Graeme01  Jeremy, Graeme and Lee waiting for the start JB-Lee-Graeme03  Selfie time IMG 5010
JB01  and here's the selfie IMG 5012  and we're off IMG 5013  nearly at the start line - see the Town Crier IMG 5017  And onto the beach
IMG 5019 Sally17  Mike Roberts and Tiff Hanley on the first hill Sally07  Brendon Harbut Sally12  Mike Sleath and Martin Loveless
Sally13  Mike Sleath Sally18  Chris Kidd Chris Kidd01 IMG 5021  Lulu and Dawko; not sure how they got away with their team name
IMG 5022  on the way up out of Bere IMG 5023  Past the caravan site and out into the country Christina02  Looking back to the start IMG 5025  Path down to the beach was a bit slippy
IMG 5026  Looking down to the beach IMG 5027  See the track leading down IMG 5028  This is the person who made the track IMG 5029  Drummers were great
IMG 5030 IMG 5031  Refreshment stop.  It was here we crossed with the amazing lead runners who were on their way back, more than five miles ahead of us. IMG 5032  Getting a bit muddy IMG 5033
IMG 5034 IMG 5035  Primroses were lovely and the wild garlic smelled wonderful IMG 5036  A long and slippery slope IMG 5037
band  Entertainments were great IMG 5039  Oh - more mud IMG 5040 IMG 5041
IMG 5042 IMG 5043 IMG 5044  Spot the Roman soldier Christina01  Christina's picture.  Mud was thinner than usual in the Valley of the Bogs - must be the wet weather
IMG 5045  Without the roipe I would not have made it up the hill IMG 5046 IMG 5050  It was my Dad's 107th birthday so I tied a yellow ribbon on the shrine for him Shrine
IMG 5047 IMG 5052 Stairway01  Entrance to the stairway to Heaven Stairway00
Stairway IMG 5055  View at the top IMG 5056 IMG 5057  The porter was excellent and it was closely folloed by a fig roll which also went down very well.
IMG 5059  The finish comes into view and there's a double rainbow. IMG 5063  Coming down to the finish Sally14  Sue Sleath finishing well over 2 hgours ahead of me. Sally03  Paul Blundell at the finsih
Sally02  Martin and Tiff Martin-and-tiff  I like the buff, Tiff.  Now where have I seen one like that? JB02  Me at the finsih and heading for the rainbow Sally11  Brendan looking elated
Brendon Sally10  Martin tiff and Brendan Sally09  Quick was down for Tiff and Martin Sally08  Martin, Tiff, Paul and Brendan
Chris Kidd  Chris's memories