Miles of Miles - Southampton - Weds 27 June 2018 - We are the Champions!

For those that don't know, this is an annual inter-club relay.  Each team has 10 members and each member runs one mile.

And just in case you haven't heard - WE WON

Here are some reports:

Mick Anglim Well done on your fantastic performance this evening.  Our A team won in 53:06. It was one of the closest finishes for many years with Mark Causebrook overhauling the Lordshill runner on the final bend after making up a deficit of around 80 metres at the last handover.

Hardley last won the MoM in 2011!  We have however won the trophy more than any other club, 7 times since 1998.

A great team effort capped superbly with a brilliantly judged final run from Mark who was the fastest individual runner.

Many thanks to Alice for pulling the team together and setting a great time.

James Mann  for the organisers SAC Thank you for coming out and supporting the MoM in its 21st year. It was great to be able to host so many of you at our athletics stadium.  Congratulations to all the runners that took part, there seems to have been some incredible performances.

I will send out a full list when I have been able to verify the times, as we have a few discrepancies in the times given in tonight.  However, one thing is for certain and that was the event was won by Hardley Runners. Congratulations.

The fastest male time of the night was 4:44 which was run by Mark Causebrook from Hardley Runners.  Thank you once again for travelling to SAC, and we look forward to welcoming you back next year. 

Chris Harris It really was an electric evening , especially the last leg Mark Casebook displayed all his superb track training skills!

A huge thank you to all our people who ran in the Hardley Runner's B Team last evening. The motto of the evening ( you guessed) "B for Best" and this became increasingly clear as each runner finished the  mile in 6 minutes with Ben and Matt hitting 5 minutes ! Never in the past have we managed a total time of 1 hour - 36 seconds ! The overall position will be confirmed by the organisers very soon.

It was a superb evening with 37 teams taking part ( those juniors just get faster each year ) all proceeds to the charity Mind . The time keeping can become pretty intense, but with Adrian's help last night, I was truly able to appreciate the whole evening of amazing running performances! Chris 

Jack Fairbrother That’ll be the only mile I run this week - my hip injury is screaming at me today but it was absolutely worth it to see the pride in Mick Anglim and Chris Harris’s faces! Great job to everyone who ran in both teams, we may be the smallest club but we were also the loudest in terms of support last night!

Ben Andrew, Well done Mark and to all. It was such a great event made even better by winning it in the style we did. Everyone gave it their best and for everyone to run under 6min was really good. Thanks for time keeping Mick and cheers for organising it Alice. Look forward to next year going in to defend our title!

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Name Time   Name Time
A Team     B Team  
Tim Anetts 04:53   Paul Blundell 06:06
Alice Rudd 05:46   Lee Maunder 06:19
Jack Fairbrother  05:30   Charmaine Bradford 06:18
Ben Andrew 05:15   Vicki Clark 06:18
Natalie Green 05:56   Matt Tanner 05:58
Chris Harris 04:59   Ben Andrew 05:31
Callum Johnson 05:21   Dan Chown 06:00
Dan Latham 05:20   Paddy Butler 06:20
Nathan Renyard 05:22   Alice Rudd 06:07
Mark Causebrook 04:44   Simon Ibbotson 05:39


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