This page gives contact details.  The email addresses and phone numbers are written in a way which heads off spambots.  Just replace the AT with @ when you want to use the email addresses and ignore letters in the phone numbers.

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Membership enquiries

Jane Hodge

jane AT
02380 KC 811387

General enquiries 

Mick Anglim
mick.anglim AT
023 MA 80845744

Database Administrator

Adrian Mudle (Chair)
adrian AT

02380 AM 019716

Welfare Officer

Peter Pimentel
peterepimentel AT
07486 PP 857637


Charmaine Bradford

miss356 AT


Claire Aplin

clairekip AT

02380 CA 841774

Beginners' Course

Paul Blundell

07968 PB 371959

02380 PB 844503

p.blundell AT

Christine Harris
07708 CH 118114
energybar6 AT

Sarah Fitton

07872 SF 931313

sarahfitton AT


Dan Chown

chown AT

07879 DC 999541


Jeremy Barber

mrjeremybarber AT

01264 JB 720459

Race Diary

Tamsin Roberts

07905 TR 115938

tamsincroberts AT


Hannah Cockle

hannahcockle AT

Roger Morgan

r.morgan03 AT


Chris Harris
07708 CH 118114
energybar6 AT

Steve Henry

07786 SH 021342


Andy Simpson

07962 AS 590089

andy_simpson20 AT

Ian Ordish

iordish AT

Cross Country Captain

Tim Anetts

tim_anetts AT

07525 TA 460994

RR10 Captains

Dan Latham

07925 DL 452862

dansdrums AT

Rob Wells
07775 RW 706787
robertwells685 AT

Road Race Captain

Dan Powell


Mick Anglim
mick.anglim AT
023 MA 80845744

Social Committee

Danii Bundy

07754 DB 925586

danielle.bundy AT

Sarah Hood

07770 SH 395004

sarahwi78 AT

Sally Harbut

salharb76 AT

07597 SH 518121

Anne Maylott

07748 AM 280913 

annmaylott AT

Solent Half

Vicki Clarke

vicki_clarke AT

07879 VC 654214


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