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Results for 2017

Here are the results for the first six months of 2017. Later results for 2107 are here.

HRRL - The Lordshill 10K - Sunday 25 June 2017

Webmaster, Jeremy Barber, reports, "This was the last of 12 races in the league and three Hardley members, Alice, Matt and I, have done all 12 so we can pat ourselves on the back.  Thanks very much to everyone who has turned out for the club, however many races you ran.

An early start (well late for Adrian - see Runway Run below) and weather a bit cooler than the previous week made the conditions good.  There was ample parking and an almost traffic free course well marshalled by our Lordshill friends. And a nice glass as the race memento meant we could rehydrate from a proper glass (with little fingers raised, of course) instead of a plastic cup.

There was a good Hardley turnout and special mention goes to Alice who was 4th lady in a strong field.

We welcomed new member Jo Avery in her first race for the Club and it was my privilege to pace her to a new PB of 55:16 after a difficult time around KM7 and a sprint finish.  Well done Jo!

Hardley results are below.   You can read more about the race here and see the full results here


Gun Time

Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
69 00:40:16 Matthew Tanner MV50 64 8
100 00:41:39 Simon Ibbotson M 92 57
108 00:41:55 Alice Ryder FV35 9 4
181 00:44:39 Ian Smith MV50 155 25
193 00:45:11 John Simmonds MV60 164 6
205 00:45:52 Vicki Clarke F 34 14
211 00:46:02 Mick Anglim MV60 175 9
216 00:46:15 Steve Bradley MV60 178 10
263 00:48:15 Dave Wilson MV60 205 15
272 00:48:45 Mike Smith MV60 214 18
312 00:51:11 Terry Earney MV70 240 3
380 00:55:16 Adrian Mudle MV50 270 45
386 00:55:46 Jeremy Barber MV60 274 24
387 00:55:47 Joanna Avery FV35 113 41
418 00:57:55 Chris Harris FV65 129 4
499 01:08:06 Jan Anglim FV65 182 8
506 01:10:48 Angela Simmonds FV55 186 26
523 01:39:17 Annie Bruce-Low FV65 201 11

The Runway Run 5K - Southampton Airport 5K - Sunday 25 June 2017

Chairman, Adrian Mudle, reports,

"Chris Harris, is always telling me to warm up before a run, and Mick Anglim, that back to back races are good training, not sure if I agree with either.

Well once again mad as it may appear I was up at 04:00 this morning to run the Southampton Airport runway 5K, though I was not alone 498 others and Jane Hodge joined in, with Jane achieving a PB for a 5K, as anyone who has run on a runway knows it pretty much as flat a 5K ad you can get, so I was expecting this.

As far as the warm up goes not sure a 06:00 run counts before the Lordshill 10K, and if back to back races are supposed to be on the same day?

Now for what was unusual, as before we had the airport fire engines sirens start the race and the sweepers at the back being just that, two large road sweepers. New this year was the entry ticket (boarding pass), see picture, and the umbrella in the goody bag, not sure if they knew something about the weather?"

You can read more about the event here.  It is a fund raiser for the Hampshire Air Ambulance.

The Lakes 10 Peaks - Saturday 24 June 2017

Click on the little picture to see Paddy in action.

Paddy Butler reports, "Last week I did my longest ever event distance - the Lakes 10 peaks (short course) which was 48 km and 3200 metres of climbing. It included 7 of the 10 highest peaks in the Lake District including Scafell Pike and Hellvelyn. 

I overtook 3 chaps in the last 2 miles and then trotted home to finish 14th over the line in just under 13 hours - the 3 behind me then relegated me to 17th on chip time by less than 2 minutes. I shouldn't have slackened off on the run in. 

It was a tough event so that, of 108 starters, only 84 (77%) finished in the 24 hours allowed. Most of the non-finishers were retirements along the way -  some injuries, some exhausted and some just got lost - missed out some checkpoints in the cloud on the tops and didn't fancy going back to find them.

A great event with excellent organisation,  support for those that needed it and great views along the way."

You can read more about the race here and see the full results here

Purbeck 10K - Friday 23 June 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "Jan and I ran the Purbeck 10k last Friday evening and can highly recommend the event as long as you don't expect a flat course! 

The race starts from Norden Park & Ride outside Corfe Castle and takes the undulating country road to and from Arne.  There are great views of the Purbeck hills to compensate for over 330' of climb!

We both ran faster than at the Alresford 10k as it was around 15C cooler with a strong south westerly wind.

Jan ran 68:45 and I did 48:10 and there were 470 finishers to enjoy the lively race village."

Provisional results with individual finish videos are here and you can read more about the race here 

The Sixth RR10 - Manor Farm Country Park - Weds 21 June 2017

Joint RR10 Captain Dan Latham reports,

"The hottest day in June since 1976 and the hottest day of 2017 so far with temperatures of 34 degrees made for a very sticky race indeed.

The course at Manor Farm Country park was a full 5 mile, 1 lap course with long down and uphill sections. It featured twisted rooted, rutted sections and a steep long hill  to the finish. It was great to be back on this course which was our drop out event last year.

The ladies team of 9 was led home by Charmaine Bradford in 12th place, with Alice Ryder in 15th and Vicki Clarke in 20th.   This means our ladies A team were 5th, their best result of the series so far so huge congraulations to them.

Justin Bowen was first in for the 17 man team in 34th place, with Matt Tanner in 42nd and Dan Latham in 50th.

Great performances from Paul Newby, Rob Wells and Matt Captain who each smashed around 40 places off this weeks position.

The next event at Marwell is our Drop Out Event, please do not attend this to run or spectate.

The next RR10 we compete in is at Whiteley on 12th July 7:30pm start, see you there. Don't forget car sharing is preferred."

Hardley results are below. The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).  And here's a photo album from Hammy with 2035 (yes 2035) pictures.  Enjoy!

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
12 Charmaine Bradford
  47 Jane Hodge
  133 Sally Harbut
15 Alice Ryder
  54 Tamsin Roberts
  154 Angie Simmonds
20 Vicki Clarke
  100 Chris Harris
  159 Annie Bruce-Low
34 Justin  Bowen
  131 John  Simmonds
  160 Rob  Wells
42 Matt Tanner
  132 Mike Clarke
  164 Chris  Lewis
50 Dan Latham
  136 Matt Captain
  166 Ian Craddock
70 Simon Ibbotson
  138 David Gould
  170 Adrian Mudle
90 Dan Powell
  139 Brendon Harbut
  182 Jeremy Barber
116 Mick Anglim
  145 Paul Newby
  192 Mike Sleath

Alresford 10K - Sunday 18 June 2017

Mick Anglim reports,"Jan and I ran the very hilly Alresford 10k yesterday in 29C and did season's PWs!"

For the record, Mick was 82nd in 49:38 and Jan was 340th in 72:53.

You can read more about the event here and see the full results here.

Miles of Miles - Southampton - Weds 14 June 2015

Click on the team photo so see an album (thanks to Dan and Chris).

We had two teams in the annual Miles of Miles 10x1M relay this year. 

A Team report will follow.

Chris Harris reports for the B Team.

We could not have ordered better weather for the Miles of Miles last night. Forty teams were scheduled to take part, five more than last year. A huge thank you and well done to the B team, the times recorded by everyone are excellent & each runner gave their all!

A special thank you to Dan who ran in the A & B team. Not forgetting young Jake Clark who paced the four laps perfectly, increasing pace on the last two laps. Also Ben who stepped in to replace an injured Brendan, who still came along to offer support with Sally. Thank you.  Chris

Hardley results are below.  Our A Team were 6th and our B Team were 15th.  You can see the full results here (Excel spreadsheet).





A Team


B Team

James Clarke 05:07 Paul Blundell 5.55
Richard Harris 05:53 Ian Smith 5. 49
Vicki Clarke 06:05 Jake Clark 5. 57
Dan Latham 05:21 Tamsin Roberts 6.54
Charmaine Bradford 06:07 Natalie Green 6.05
Simon Ibbotson 05:31 Matt Tanner 5.47 
Malc Renyard 06:24 Ben Pitman 5.39
Phil Rudd 05:42 Steve Bradley 6.43
Huw Davies 05:16 Adrian Mudle 6.51
Nathan Renyard 05:14 Dan Lathan 5.50
Total  56:40

Race for Men Multi-Terrain 10K - Salisbury - Sunday 11 June 2017

Terry Earney reports, "Nick Newton and I ran the above race, the proceeds of which were for research into Prostate Cancer. It's a tough course, the winners time being only 41.23 perhaps reflects the difficulty, or maybe standard of runners.

Nick was 1st MV 60 in 45.29 and I was 2nd MV 70 in 52.49.

Race information is here and full results are here"

Endure 24 - Wasing Park near Aldermaston - Sat/Sun 10/11 June 2017

Click on the team to see a photo album

How many five mile laps can you do in 24 hours?  That's the question.  The event takes place at Wasing Park near Aldermaston.  You can enter solo or pair or as teams of 3-5 or 6-8.  The laps are off road, mostly in trees and somewhat undulating. This year the going was good compared with the mud baths of the past but the conditions were warm, very humid and with some heavy rain in the night.  All in all a bit of a challenge. 

Claire Aplin says, "Thanks to Adrian Mudle for organising the Hardley Runners team attendance at Endure 24. What a great, if insane, event :-). Lovely atmosphere throughout the site, but especially on our mini Hardley campsite. Hi de hi Campers :-)"

Adrian reports, "Back last year someone suggested it would be good to try and get a Hardley team for Endure 24 near Reading; actually I think it was our own webmaster Jeremy, and oh what did we start?   The idea was to try and put together a team of up to 8 runners for the 24 hour relay, never expecting the response, we ended up with three teams, though with a few last minute changes.  The event started with our chairman going to site early Friday to try and claim a pitch for 14 tents and 3 camper vans, with the team members arriving over the Friday and Saturday morning. 

With the last minute changes to the fast team, it soon appeared there was a bit of competitiveness creeping in, when the running started, they soon noticed they had a good position, on the leaderboard, and at one point creeping into the top three.  They ended up in 5th position, covering 195 miles an excellent result out of 200 teams, and considering if they had the full compliment of 8 runners could have been better placed.

The other two teams were there for the fun of it, though both covering exactly the same distance of 150 miles, with the weather providing some interesting challenges through the early hours, or so I told, some say it may have rained a lot, personally I never saw a drop, so could be a hoax. All team members providing some excellent runs though may be paying the price now, with a bit of sleep deprivation from last night. 

One other interesting fact, our CC6 captain Simon Ibbotson, furthest distance ever run = 10 mile, now 25 miles, I'm sure our coaches will be saying something about increasing you mileage by 10% a week.  If course some people might say that his PF remains 5 miles; it's just that he does it more than once on some days.

We should also not forget the solo runners, Steve Bennett, Julie Swainston, and David and Fiona Gould.  Steve got a PF at 80 miles, making a good recovery after I saw him just before midnight, and David Gould made it to 90 miles.  Fiona decided to call it a day after 20 miles when conditions worsened, not bad for a woman with two new hips though.  The star of the day was Julie, whose aim was to get to 50 miles, and actually going one better at 55, I've heard Julie would like to be in a team next time after this, I wonder why.  The Village Idiots included Ian and Wendy Beveridge running as a pair with Wendy doing laps when Ian needed a rest.  He also got a PF with 60 miles out of their total of 80.  Well done all.

This was our first time with teams but, there was a lot of talk about next year.....a brilliant weekend was had by all, as far as I could tell, no comments like never again, and if you can run 5 miles whatever the pace, you could be in a team next time."

The headlines are



Pos 5 Mile Laps Total Time

Hardley Running

Mixed  8


39 laps


Hardley Walking

Mixed  8


30 laps


Hardley Jogging

Mixed  8


30 laps


Steve Bennett

Solo Man


16 laps


David Gould

Solo Man


18 laps


Julie Swainston

Solo Woman


11 laps


Despicable Us Mixed Pair


16 laps


Fiona Gould

Solo woman


4 laps


You can our results in full here (Excel spreadsheet).  The overall results are here and you can read more about the event here

The 5th RR10 - Fleming Park - Weds 7 June 2017

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, reports,

Another great turn out at the 5th RR10 event at Fleming Park former golf course, Eastleigh hosted by Halterworth Harriers and Solent Running Sisters. The course was undulating throughout and very similar to last year's course. There was a light refreshing shower whilst we were running but fortunately the rain stopped by the time we'd finished. 

Charmaine Bradford led the ladies home in 16th position, followed by Jane Morgan in 37th and Jane Hodge in 43rd.

You guessed it; Ben Andrew led the men home again in 16th position, followed by Jim Suswain in 22nd and Justin Bowen in 36th. Jim was also this weeks best improving runner gaining 16 places on the previous event.

Great running everyone, thanks for coming, another great turn out of 8 ladies and 26 men.

The next event is at Manor Farm Country Park on 21st June 2017, start time 7:30pm - see you there."

Hardley results are below. The full results are publsihed on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) the day after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
16 Charmaine Bradford     103 Chris Harris V60   139 Sally Kirk V60
37 Jane Morgan V50   130 Sally Harbut V40   143 Annie Bruce-Low V70
43 Jane Hodge V50   138 Angie Simmonds V60        
17 Ben Andrew   91 Phil Rudd   187 Chris  Lewis V40
22 James Suswain   92 Malcolm Renyard V70   188 Paul Newby V70
36 Justin  Bowen V40   100 Dan Powell   190 Ian Craddock V40
38 Matt Tanner V50   105 Paddy Butler V50   198 Rob  Wells V40
58 Mark Ferguson V40   110 Mark Lee V50   204 Jeremy Barber V60
66 Dan Latham   121 Mick Anglim V60   205 Andy Barber V60
73 Simon Ibbotson   146 John  Simmonds V60   216 Mike Sleath V50
77 Mark Darcy V40   173 Matt Captain V40   223 Guy Lawrenson V60
89 Paul Blundell V50   182 Adrian Mudle V50   DNF Brendon Harbut V40

The Needles Cross Country Half Marathon - Sunday 4 June 2017

Martin Loveless says that the weather was once again lovely with views as good as ever. 

You can see the full results here and read more about the race here.



Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos Time Chip Time
14 Matt Tanner 14 MV50 2 1:36:29,48 1:36:26,69
33 Callum Tanner 32 MSNR 14 1:42:37,58 1:42:32,18
60 Martin Loveless 57 MV60 2 1:50:14,78 1:50:03,06
63 Paul Blundell 60 MV50 10 1:51:14,08 1:51:02,03
184 Lisa Lewis 41 WV45 20 2:16:49,18 2:16:15,45

The Romsey 5 Mile Beer Race - Sunday 4 June 2017

Adrain Mudle writes, "This was a first for me with this race always clashing with the D Day 10k.  What a contrast!  Nce quiet roads, and surrounded by the Hampshire countryside, compared to laps around a car park.  Yes you do get a nice trophy at the D Day, however the pint of beer at the Romsey makes this one a no brainer in my mind.  I will definitely do this one again, and the beer drinking at the end made for a more sociable finale with most runners hanging on rather than straight home; credit to Romsey Runners they have the right idea."

Mick Anglim adds, "Charmaine ran that lumpy Braishfield course with her little girl in the buggy following a 24 minute Brockenhurst parkrun on grass also with the buggy!

She's an awesome runner."

You can read more about the race and see the full results here.

Hardley results are below.  Click on a runner's name to see their individual result.



Time Pace Cat Cat Pos
6 Mark Causebrook 00:29:15 05:51 M 6
31 Alice Ryder 00:33:41 06:45 F 2
64 John Simmonds 00:37:25 07:29 MV60 2
65 Mick Anglim 00:37:39 07:32 MV60 3
71 Mark Lee 00:37:59 07:36 MV50 16
97 Brendon Harbut 00:39:36 07:56 MV40 19
104 Charmaine Bradford 00:40:09 08:02 F 12
155 Adrian Mudle 00:43:48 08:46 MV50 29
277 Sally Harbut 00:53:08 10:38 FV40 33
295 Jan Anglim 00:54:25 10:53 FV60 10
304 Angela Simmonds 00:56:45 11:21 FV60 11

Tough Viking- Oslo - Saturday 3 June 2017

Rob Wells reports, "This weekend I've travelled to Oslo Norway to take on Tough Viking. Maybe I should have checked when I booked as it turned out to be the hills edition. At the top of a ski resort in June with snow still on the piste, which will make things more interesting. With a brilliant technical obstacle course and water sections this is up there in my all time leg killer, was so glad to pass through the 10.000 volt electric finish line. I made it around the 10k course in 2hrs 13 mins with a climb of just under 2000ft."

Click on the logo to see a small album of Rob's pictures.

You can read more about the event here.

THere are lots of pictures on the event FB page and here's a video.

The Dorchester Marathon - Sunday 28 May 2017

This was a White Star event.  They have a good reputation and it is well-deserved. There were three Hardley runners. Alice Ryder (looking fresh as a daisy) was first woman.  Well done!  All that effort deserved decent bling and our runners were rewarded with lovely medals.



Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos
49 03:28:34 03:28:22 Alice Ryder F 1
339 04:30:22 04:28:58 David Gould M50 62
696 07:11:10 07:09:43 Kim Cotton F40 124

You can read more about the race here and see the full results here

The Kalkmine Marathon - Denmark - Thursday 25 May 2017

Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.  An album will follow.

Hardley webmaster, Jeremy Barber, writes, "Ascension Day is a bank holiday in Denmark and a good excuse for the Kalkmine festival of running. The setting is near Viborg and the course was an undulating quarter marathon with farmland and wooded trails and two stretches underground in the old chalk mines.The first was about 800M with reasonable headroom.  The second was just before the finish of each lap.  Hard hats were issued and they were needed.  I hit my head at least three time per lap.  The event included children's races, and a series of races over one, two, four or five laps.  The five lap ultra is called the Badman which is Danish for Batman and there were various Bat people among the runners.  There was a wonderful family atmosphere.  It was too hot for running but ideal for spectators and the heat made the cool underground sections feel great.

Drinks stations were frequent and inluded a full range of snack plus there was wine and cheese in one underground section and beer in the other.

I took it gently with the aim of finishing uninjured and enjoying the event and succeeded.  Not only that but I was the first Brit (ok I was the only Brit) and had a top 200 finish (ok I was 200th) in 5:50:47.

All in all an excellent event.  Thanks very much to our Danish hosts."

You can see the full results here

The Third and Final Portsmouth Duathlon - Sunday 21st May 2017

Dave Wilson writes. With Alan Doney and myself lining up on the start line, we had both aspect of this event covered, Alan doing the shorter 5k run, 25k bike and 5k run, while I put myself through the dubious pleasures of a 10k Run, 25k Bike, and 5k run to finish. At last the weather gods had relented as we assembled on Southsea promenade in warm, overcast but mainly windless conditions. This was the third and final round of the 3 race series, the first half of the 10k leg heading west to loop around the park beyond Clarence Pier, before returning back to the transition area, here the 5k runners peeled off into the transition area while the 10k runners headed out on the Southsea Park Run course before we started the 25k bike. The bike did a loop of Southsea Common before heading down to the Lifeboat Station down toward the Hayling Island Ferry Terminal, this was repeated twice before we headed out on the final 5 k run using the Southsea parkrun course.

With very little wind, both the runs and bike leg were rather more considered affairs, with the effort required being better rewarded. Alan Doney's efforts were duly rewarded with a splendid 5th O/A and 2nd in the M40-49 Category. Unfortunately my efforts were finally exposed with a slow 50 minutes 10k run leaving me with too large an gap to make up on the bike, add that to some muscle cramping influenced survival tactics and I fell short of the category win by the massive margin of 3 whole seconds, ouch!

I know I should be slightly unhappy with the result, but to be honest I did as well as I could on the day and someone did slightly better, so I have to be happy with that.   It also gives me the perfect excuse to come back next year, I just hope a few more Hardley members will come in and join me. 

You can read more about the series here and see the full results here

European Middle Distance Duathlon Championships - Germany - Sunday 21 May 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "St Wendel is in Saarland, Western Germany and was a beautiful setting for the race. The city dates back to the sixth century but the courses did not include it's narrow cobbled streets. Instead the run and bike courses made the most of the very hilly terrain and competitors faced over 4,500' of climb in 80kms. 

The 10k, two lap, first run was followed by three 20k bike laps through several pretty villages but with two steep 1 mile climbs on each lap. The final run was the same hilly 10k with two even steeper road sections that saw many having to walk especially as it was over 20C and sunny.

I suffered with cramp on the 3rd bike lap but managed to jog the final run to win the M70 European title by over 40 minutes in 4hrs 30min to make it double European Gold.

I only had only two M70 German competitors, one of whom is in the Guinness Book of Records for having completed over 365 Triathlons, the most ever!

Full results are here

HRRL - The Netley 10K - Sunday 21 May 2017

A good course in good weather made for a very enjoyable race. Provisional Hardley results are below. Well done all.  The final results will be on the event website when queries have been sorted.


Chip Time Name Pos Gender Pos Cat Cat Pos
0:37:21 0:37:19 Tim Annetts 25 24 M 20
0:39:42 0:39:39 Matt Tanner 61 57 M50 5
0:41:39 0:41:31 Alice Ryder 98 8 F35 2
0:42:22 0:42:19 Simon Ibbotson 120 108 M 60
0:44:59 0:44:50 Vicki Clarke 181 30 F 11
0:48:34 0:48:24 Terry Earney 246 193 M70 4
0:49:55 0:49:38 John Simmonds 272 211 M60 7
0:54:55 0:54:24 Jeremy Barber 364 251 M65 2
1:06:54 1:06:10 Jan Anglim 482 208 F65 6
1:09:44 1:09:23 Angela Simmonds 491 217 F60 5
1:39:04 1:38:38 Annie Bruce-Low 515 239 F75 1

The 3rd RR10 - Wilverley - Weds 17 May 2017

Joint RR10 captain, Dan Latham, reports, "The poor weather couldn't stop another strong Hardley turnout of 33 runners. (10 ladies and 23 men). The course was a very hilly and muddy one through the gravelly tracks and technical wooded sections of WIlverley Inclosure.

Well done Alice Ryder who led the ladies home in 10th, Vicki Clarke in 24th and Natalie Green competing in her first RR10 of the season in 31st Place.

Ben Andrew again led the men home in 27th, with James Clarke (another first run of the RR10 season) in 33rd and James Suswain in 38th position.

Also fantastic performances from Rob Wells, Jeremy Barber and Angie Simmonds who made considerable improvement in their finishing positions, well done. 

The next race is on 31st May, which is our own host event (which we cannot run in). Further details will be issued in the next week. 

Hardley results are below.  The full results will be on the RR10 website by Thursday evening.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Alice Ryder     35 Lynn McDonagh V40   130 Angie Simmonds V60
24 Vicki Clarke     91 Chris Harris V60   131 Sally Kirk V60
31 Natalie  Green     122 Susan Massey     136 Annie Brucelow V70
33 Jane Morgan V50                
27 Ben Andrew     97 Paddy Butler V50   149 Matt Captain V40
33 James Clarke     101 Malcolm Renyard V70   151 Adrian Mudle V50
38 James Suswain     107 Ian Smith V50   156 Paul Newby V70
47 Matt Tanner V50   118 Mick Anglim V60   160 Chris  Lewis V40
71 Simon Ibbotson     129 John  Simmonds V60   167 Rob  Wells V40
76 Paul Blundell V50   132 Brendon Harbut V40   172 Jeremy Barber V60
82 Dan Latham     144 David Gould V50   185 Mike Sleath V50
85 Dan Powell     145 Mike Clarke V70        

Brecon Beacons Trail Marathon - Sunday 14 May 2017

Mark Lee reports, "My first Mountain Marathon completed in the Brecon Beacons. Happy with time and placing. Absolutely shattered. Now back to Brecon for Beer! "

Mark was 31st in 5:41:43.

You can read more about the event here

The picture shows the iconic phone box at the foot of Jacob's Ladder

Lymington 10K - Sunday 14 May 2017

There was an excellent Hardley turnout this year.  The weather was good and there was a strong tail wind along the sea wall section. 

Hardley results are below.   Well done all.  Six in the top 100 with Nathan 12th overall and 3rd M40, Matt 3rd M50, Nick 2nd M60 and Alice 10th woman. 

You can see the full results here.

One day maybe David and I will get to this lovely race but is always seems to be on the second Sunday so we were running closer to home.



Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
12 00:37:23 00:37:21 Nathan Renyard M40 3 12
39 00:39:54 00:39:52 Matthew Tanner M50 3 37
50 00:40:31 00:40:26 Richard Harris MSEN 31 46
80 00:42:08 00:42:04 Simon Ibbotson MSEN 47 75
95 00:42:46 00:42:41 Nick Newton M60 2 88
100 00:43:01 00:42:57 Alice Ryder FSEN 7 10
130 00:44:21 00:44:19 Paddy Butler M50 12 117
133 00:44:25 00:44:20 Ian Smith M50 13 119
139 00:44:35 00:44:33 Mick Anglim M60 5 125
198 00:46:26 00:46:21 Malcolm Renyard M60 9 168
205 00:46:43 00:46:34 John Simmonds M60 10 172
210 00:46:55 00:46:45 Chris Wilson M50 25 174
234 00:47:46 00:47:30 Aleksandra Burlinson F50 6 43
237 00:47:50 00:47:41 Mike Smith M60 13 197
260 00:48:33 00:48:29 Jane Hodge F50 11 53
452 00:53:10 00:52:33 Steven Avery M40 96 332
634 00:57:28 00:57:02 Christine Harris F60 6 208
742 01:00:52 01:00:02 Sarah Fitton F40 87 273
926 01:07:49 01:06:36 Jan Anglim F60 18 410
1036 01:16:43 01:15:33 Angela Simmonds F60 27 504
1059 01:35:06 01:33:59 Ann Bruce-Low F60 32 524

Nuclear Rush - Brentwood - Saturday 13 May 2017

Rob Wells reports,

"Saturday was the day I took on nuclear rush, the pinnacle of the ocr running calendar.

A 6 or 12k course with a mind blowing 195 obstacles man made/natural & technical. Nuclear will sap your energy in the first k and leave you fighting for that finish line, where a well deserved brew awaits you.

Time was 3:06:13 & 615/1878 for the 12k lap. 

Considering I'm injured that time did me. Can't wait to try nuclear oblivion next year 8.5 hrs. How far could you go.!!!

Click on the small pic to see a couple of larger ones and here's a great video from the week end.

Hampshire Athletics Championships 5,000M - Mountbatten Centre Portsmouth - Saturday 13 May 2017

Mark Causebrook was 10th in 16:39:01 which was a new PB.  He was hotly pursued by Dan Baker who was 14th 17:10:82.  Well done both!

Dirty Rotten Scramble - Kent - Sunday 7 May 2017

Rob Wells reports,

On Sunday my daughter and myself completed the very last event for dirty rotten scramble held at Penshurst PORC. Beautiful terrain set amongst a mountain bike course.

As it was the last one they pulled out all the stops with technical and natural obstacles and 6 water crossings including a very long and cold lake swim.

We came in at 126 and 127th place and of course I let her cross the line first.

Fantastic medal and beer at the finish, I've done the scramble a few times now, it will be missed.

Click on the logo to see some pictures of Rob and his daughter.  And there are loads more muddy pictures on the event FB page.

HRRL Race 10 - The Alton 10 - Sunday 7 May 2017

The weather was excellent for the Alton 10: cool and calm with the sun breaking through later.  What a contrast with the 25 degrees last year.  The course is very pleasant and scenic but it does undulate just a bit and that hadn't improved at all.  Mr Garmin always exaggerates but he reckons 1500 feet of ascent and descent and you can get an idea of the course profile from the sceen shot below. 

So well done all and special mention to Matt who led us home, Malc and Terry for a one two in the M70s and to Alice who was 11th lady only two weeks after London.  Also to Callum and Vicki who were nursing hangovers!  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



Chip Time Name Cat Cat Pos Gender Pos
68 01:06:35 01:06:23 Matthew Tanner M50 13 64
119 01:11:07 01:10:53 Alice Ryder W35 5 11
187 01:15:47 01:15:35 Malcolm Renyard M70 1 161
205 01:17:04 01:16:33 Callum Tanner M 77 174
237 01:19:13 01:18:57 Terence Earney M70 2 194
244 01:19:35 01:19:19 Steve Bradley M60 8 198
256 01:20:27 01:20:13 Vicki Clarke W 14 52
373 01:31:24 01:30:44 Adrian Mudle M50 68 258
389 01:33:31 01:32:51 Jeremy Barber M60 16 267

The Marlborough Downs Challenge - Sat 6 May 2017

This very scenic race offers 33 and 20 mile options.  Paul Blundell reports on the 20,"What a lovely day for a run. I was suffering with a sore back so resolved to attempt an easy run which meant I took a few photos, and didn't suffer to much. 

Sue Sleath was 2nd FV50 in 2:44:17.  I did manage to run quite a gentle pace until about three miles from the end when I ramped it up a bit and finsihed in 2:56:35."

Every finisher gets a lovely mug.  Click on Paul's to see his photos.  You can read more about the event here.

The First Summer Chilly Duathlon - Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Dave Wilson writes. "Feeling the need for more Duathlon practise I was the sole Hardley Runner at this event. Using the Castle Combe Race Circuit, the event is blissfully traffic free and ideal for the experienced and newcomer alike. With the run legs consisting of a 2 mile lap around the circuits perimeter, undulating up and down along the spectator banking, the bike leg consisted of 5 laps of the circuit itself.

With conditions suitable cool and overcast, the first run started with the obligatory charge and never seemed to slow down! I admit to struggling with the pace of the run, so when I set out on the bike somewhat fatigued I duly commited the cardinal sin of doing 6 laps, I told myself afterwards that it was all valuable practice...

With the second run ending in a light rain shower, I had to work pretty hard to gain a couple of places in the SuperVet60 Category, ending up lowly 78th O/A and 4th in category.

Congratulations are due to the category winner, one Peter Wheddon who finished a remarkable 10th O/A, now that is the sort of performance I can only aspire to!

You can read about the series here and see the full results here"

The 2nd RR10 - Stoney Cross - Weds 3 May 2017

Joint RR10 Captain Dan Latham reports, "It was a cold and windy evening, with rain looming from the start, but this didn't deter 39 Hardley Runners from attending.

Totton Running Club's course was the same as the previous year, mainly on gravel with a long fast downhill to start, undulating surfaces throughout and the dreaded long concrete hill to finish, this 4.7 mile course was a tough one! 

9 ladies attended, meaning 3 scoring teams for Hardley - Alice Ryder led the ladies home in 13th place closely followed by Charmaine Bradford in 17th. Chris Harris also had a great run finishing 41 places higher than the last event.

The men fielded 30 runners, making up 6 teams! Ben Andrew led the chaps home in 19th with Jim Suswain in 37th and Richard Harris 3rd man home in 47th place. Well done to Chris Lewis best improving male, finishing 12 places higher than the last event.

Well done everyone who ran, great to see so many in attendance.  The next race is on Wednesday 17th May at the New Forest Runners Hosted Wilverley course near Sway. The start time is 7:30pm. "

Dan Powell adds, "Damn it was a tough one tonight! 107th out of 400+ runners on a very hilly course! Beat people who beat me last race and felt stronger! Absolutely loving being back in the fold with the hardley runners!"

Hardley results are below.  The full results are on the RR10 website (see Links tab above).

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
13 Alice Ryder     37 Jane Hodge V50   134 Sally Harbut V40
17 Charmaine Bradford     42 Lynn McDonagh V40   157 Angie Simmonds V60
35 Vicki Clarke     95 Chris Harris V60   170 Annie Brucelow V70
19 Ben Andrew     107 Dan Powell     172 Brendon Harbut V40
39 James Suswain     114 Malcolm Renyard V70   175 Steve Henry V60
47 Richard Harris     126 Mark Lee V50   178 Ian Ordish V60
55 Justin  Bowen V40   154 Steve Haysom V60   179 David Gould V50
57 Matt Tanner V50   155 Jon Orpen     181 Paul Newby V70
68 Simon Ibbotson     157 Ian Hawker V60   186 Adrian Mudle V50
69 Dan Latham     158 John  Simmonds V60   189 Ian Craddock V40
83 Phil Rudd     160 Matt Captain V40   212 Jeremy Barber V60
93 Paul Blundell V50   168 Roger  Morgan V50   218 Rob  Wells V40
100 Paddy Butler V50   169 Chris  Lewis V40   222 Mike Sleath V50

The Harewood Forest 10K - Monday 1 May 2017

What a lovely run.  The going was good and the bluebells were great.  Just two Hardley runners this year.  Jeremy Barber was 108th in 1:04:10 and David Gould was 135th in 1:14:55.  The bacon butties were great and the event raised over £2,000 for Wherwell School and Wherwell Playing Field.  Well done to all concerned.  You can read more and see the full results here.

The Second Portsmouth Duathlon - Sunday 30th April

Dave Wilson writes, "Once again three Hardley Runners where scheduled to start their racing at 7:45 on a very cold but sunny Southsea promenade, however Chris Harris was unabled to make the start for personal reasons. This was the second race in the series of 3 Portsmouth Duathlons which used a modified Southsea parkrun course for the first 7.5k run, the promenade roads for a 2 lap 17k bike leg while the final 5k run using the Southsea parkrun course.

With a strong sense of deja vu Alan Doney and myself once again battled with a strong NE wind which affected both the bike and run legs. As the roads were open to traffic the return bike leg was particularly exciting as the riders were hitting the 30mph speed limit as well as contending with Sunday drivers.

Alan should have been 7th in the very competitive M50 category, though he appears in the results as 12th in the M40 category.

I have to admit that I felt I was struggling slightly over the first 7.5k run, so I was astonished to find that I subsequently set the 29th best bike time!  Consequently I ended up winning the M60 category by over 7 minutes which I feel slightly embarrassed about, but I'll take it. 

You can read more about the series here and see the full results here."

The Milton Keynes Marathon - Sunday 30 April 2017

Steve Bennett was 807th in 4:02:05.  He also ran the 5K the day before so he got a special multi-race medal. 

You can read more about the event here.  And here are the full results.

The Oxon 40 - Saturday 29 April 2017

This is another LDWA event that takes well-behaved runners.  There were checkpoints with loads of food and drink and a meal at the end and the scenery was great with lovely bluebells.  Hardley were represented by David Gould who completed the course inin 10:50.  In true LDWA style, the results are in alphabetical order.  You can see them and read a bit more about the race here.

European Duathlon Championships - Spain - Saturday 29 April 2017

The European Sprint and Standard Duathlon Championships were held in Soria, 140 miles north of Madrid and at 3,500' above sea level, the coldest provincial capital in Spain! 

Mick and son Brendan Anglim of Hardley Runners represented GB in the Sprint Championships which was a 5km zigzag run through the pretty city centre park, followed by a 20km two lap bike leg. This was a very technical course with over 1,000' of climbing and four 45mph descents. The final leg was a 2.5km run through the park to finish in the central square.

There had been snow overnight leading up to the race and with an early morning start for the Sprint Championships it was cold but fortunately dry. Mick had a terrific battle with a Spaniard throughout the race but was able to outsprint him in the last 500m to win M70 Gold by only 10 seconds in a time of 1 hour 21 minutes. The 3rd place GB M70 was over 6 minutes behind the pair.

That was Mick's second consecutive European title having won the 2016 M65 Gold in Germany. He will be back in Germany later in the month to contest the even tougher European Long Distance Duathlon Championships.

Brendan had the wrong bike for the very fast descents but still finished in a creditable 1 hour 12 minutes, only 5 minutes outside the medals in the very competitive M45 category.

Full results are at

The Rocket 5K - Milton Keynes - Saturday 29 April 2017

The Bennets have been travelling again!  Here are their results.  You can see the full results here.



Chip Time Name Cat
192 22:20 22:08 Steve Bennett MV40
1559 47:37:00 45:41:00 Rhiannon Bennett F

The Triple Whammy - Saturday 29 April 2017

Five hardy Hardley runners did the triple.  First the Andover parkrun, then a six mile jog to Hurstbourne Tarrant over fields and through some lovely bluebell woods, then the HBT5 which is undulating to say the least (see pictures for bluebells and the course profile).  The HBT5 results are below.  You can see the full results here

Jeremy comments, "Well that was hard work (and hard ground - see pics) and a new PW but at least I was faster than my last 5 miles at the London Marathon.  And the bacon butty was superb."



Name Cat
51 40:25 Paul Blundell M50
112 47:10 Martin Loveless M60
137 48:47 Jane Hodge W55
186 53:59 Adrian Mudle M50
213 64:56 Jeremy Barber M60

Long Distance Day - Sunday 23 April 2017

What a way to celebrate St George's Day! Ten Hardley members ran marathons and thirteen did halfs plus Carole did 10K.  Alice, Vicky, Dale, Ben and Terry all did so well that they qualify for automatic good for age places at next year's London Marathon.  And Mark got a half marathon PB with an unofficial 10M PB on the way.  Well done to them and to everyone who ran.  Whether you are an old hand or a first timer it is hard work. Comments from Facebook include


I just wanted to say A massive thank you to Hardley. You lot are awesome! Without you I'd never have done a marathon, which is something I never believed I'd be capable of. I'm proud to have had the Hardley marathon place today, and I hope I did it justice. This little club is incredible. And I love being member. But ps.. Jesus Christ everything hurts!!!;

Ben's Family

Go daddy go........Ben is chuffed with his run. Southampton marathon in 3hours 1min 37 which gives him his good for age entry for London next year where he can have another bash at sub 3hours!


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the support from everyone at the club over the last few months during my marathon training. I am proud to say I did the Southampton Marathon today in 4.08, and definitely couldn't have done it without the support of the club! Extra special thanks to my awesome coach Chris Harris and Terry for keeping me company for the first 19/20 miles! I also raised over £500 for Macmillan, so if anyone wanted to donate a few pounds last minute, that would be amazing :)


Really pleased with 1:17:37 at the Southampton half today and especially pleased with an unofficial 10m PB of 58:21 but feel for those impacted by some pretty poor admin. The last 3 miles were always going to be messy but it was actually unsafe across the Itchen bridge. Almost took an elbow from someone who moved across in front of me to high five someone. Hope the organisers take note and make improvements for next year. Also, really happy for everyone running in London and Southampton today. Makes all the hard work worth it.


Thank you everyone for your messages of support and to my brother, Andy, for cheering me on. Job done! I finished the London Marathon in just under 5 hours. It was painful, humbling and uplifting. Painful because I hit the wall and slowed dramatically. Humbling because I was then passed by thousands of runners and uplifting because of wonderful support from the huge crowds and to see to many people of all abilities helping each other and raising millions for charities. All in all a very good experience though I'm not very good at walking today.
Unfortunately the VirginMoneyGiving website went down at the crucial time and some people have not been able to give. Virgin have apologised and said they will add 10% to all gifts made today. So please try again.  

Hardley Runners results are below.  Click on the runner's name to see more information.  You can see the full results here for London and here for Southampton.


Gender POs

Cat Pos Name Bib Cat Chip Time Half Time
London Marathon
4092 3758 340 » Purdom, Dale (GBR) 28123 M50-54 03:16:55 Remove Runner From 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites',Add Runner To 'My Favourites'
5267 589 370 » Ryder, Alice (GBR) 30292 F18-39 03:24:35 01:37:24
9074 1774 1022 » CLARKE, VICKI (GBR) 22435 F18-39 03:43:58 01:46:29
14102 3432 463 » Mcdonagh, Lynn (GBR) 28196 F45-49 04:03:18 01:54:59
26494 18070 147 » Barber, Jeremy (GBR) 19008 M65-69 04:53:53 02:08:12
Southampton Marathon
14 14 8 Ben ANDREW 8321 M 03:01:37 01:28:43
205 194 97 Dan LATHAM 8325 M 03:43:23 01:46:02
500 65 40 Emma LEE 8682 F 04:10:07 02:02:31
508 443 52 Roger MORGAN 8685 MV50 04:10:58 01:53:35
509 444 1 Terence EARNEY 8330 MV70 04:11:32 02:02:31
Southampton Half
12 12 8 Mark CAUSEBROOK 6184 MSen 01:17:36.5  
66 61 12 Nathan RENYARD 4807 MV40 01:25:46.2  
106 100 7 Matthew TANNER 4486 MV50 01:29:24.9  
515 469 317 Ben PITMAN 6231 MSen 01:42:07.9  
720 642 160 Scott KEMPSEY 4469 MV40 01:47:06.3  
802 706 12 Steve BRADLEY 4487 MV60 01:47:45.1  
1024 876 569 Jon ORPEN 4636 MSen 01:53:22.4  
1787 1370 136 Paul HUTCHINGS 6194 MV50 02:02:07.4  
2124 1560 411 Robert WELLS 4490 MV40 02:05:44.6  
2535 774 200 Sharon AVERY 4466 FV40 02:11:26.5  
2747 894 10 Hilary HINKS 4481 FV60 02:20:02.1  
2935 997 638 Sarah HOOD 4471 FSen 02:18:42.2  
3375 1264 333 Alison RENYARD 4806 FV40 02:34:19.8  
Southampton 10K
1374 85 730 Carole BAILEY 1538 FV50 01:12:13.1  

The First RR10 - Royal Victoria Country Park - Wednesday 19th April 2017

Click on the little picture to see our team

Joint RR10 Captain, Dan Latham, writes, " Southampton AC and Itchen Spitfires hosted the first event of the RR10 2017 season, which saw a great turnout of 30 Hardley runners; 9 ladies and 21 men.

Weather conditions were perfect and the course featured an alternate route this year due to construction works at Netley Chapel. Many of our runners enjoyed in new route which seemed a bit more spacious than in previous years, with more stretches of tarmac, but still with plenty of twisty wooded sections to keep it interesting.

The ladies had fantastic results with Alice Ryder and Charmaine Bradford leading home in 21st and 22nd positions, closely followed by Liz Young in 27th.

Ben Andrew led the men home in 21st position with Callum Tanner 46th, James Suswain 48th and Matt Tanner in 50th.

Well done to everyone who ran, there were strong results all over the board, and good luck to all those who have marathon and half marathon runs this weekend.

The next RR10 (race 2) is at Stoney Cross on 3rd May 2017, 7:15pm start time. Our own host race is on 31st May and we will soon be looking for volunteers for the various roles, if you could make a note in your diaries."

Hardley results are below.  The full results should be on the RR10 website (see Links tab above) by the evening after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
21 Alice Ryder     44 Jane Hodge V50   136 Chris Harris V60
22 Charmaine Bradford     105 Vicki Clarke     185 Angie Simmonds V60
27 Liz  Young     127 Jacqui Healey V50   203 Annie Brucelow V70
21 Ben Andrew     83 Jack Fairbrother     181 Chris  Lewis V40
46 Callum  Tanner     102 Malcolm Renyard V70   184 Adrian Mudle V50
48 James Suswain     107 Dan Powell     193 Ian Craddock V40
50 Matt Tanner V50   136 Mick Anglim V60   195 Rob  Wells V40
60 Justin  Bowen V40   166 Matt Captain V40   212 Jeremy Barber V60
64 Mark Darcy V40   172 David Gould V50   213 Andy Barber V60
72 Dan Latham     177 David McElhenny V60   DNF John  Simmonds V60

West Wight Three Hills - Monday 17 April 2017

Mick Anglim reports,

"Hardley had a good turnout at the above and won 3rd male Team prize.  Congratulations to Richard Harris who led home Matt Tanner and Mike Roberts. Chris Harris was 1st F65 and I was first M60 (10 year Ages).

The going was very firm underfoot, the threatened rain held off and the northerly wind wasn't a problem." 

Martin Loveless adds, "So, so nice to be out running again after a winter with no races and virtually no running and what a fantastic race to come back to with 3 big climbs over Golden Hill, Headon Warren and finally Tennyson Down, worth it for the views and also the downhills - and best of all, a bottle of beer for all the finishers"

And Chris Harris says,"We all had a fabulous day. I have not run this race for several years, but it remains one of the best!"

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here (thanks to Chris and Martin) are a few snaps.



Chip Time Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
18 00:57:21 00:57:15 Richard Harris SM 16 3
23 00:59:24 00:59:19 Matthew Tanner M50 21 3
41 01:03:53 01:03:43 Mike Roberts M50 36 6
42 01:03:57 01:03:50 Paul Blundell M50 37 7
44 01:04:25 01:04:23 Mick Anglim M65 39 1
67 01:08:55 01:08:47 Martin Loveless M60 57 3
103 01:16:32 01:16:24 Lisa Lewis F50 25 4
122 01:24:23 01:24:13 Chris Harris F65 37 1

British Duathlon Championships - Bedford - Sunday 16 April 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "Hardley Runners were represented in the British Duathlon Championships by Jappas and Hannah Du Preez and myself. The race was held on Sunday at the Bedford Autodrome which is a converted WW2 airfield.

The first run was a four lap 10k, followed by an eight lap 39k bike leg with a two lap 5k run to the finish. There was a strong wind across the course which affected all three disciplines.

Jappas was 4th M35 and an impressive 13th overall in 1hr 54:16. Hannah was competing for the first time in the British Championships and finished a very creditable 5th F30 in 2hrs 43:04.

I won my 4th consecutive British Duathlon title in my first year in the M70 Age Group in 2hrs 21:27.  That qualifies me to represent Great Britain in the 2018 European and World Championships. 

You can see the full results here

HRRL The Salisbury 10 - Sunday 9 April 2017

What a lovely sunny morning and what a beautiful rural route.  It was clearly fast as well as there were at least three PBs - well done Mark, Simon and Vicki.  The good weather brought out the pollen as well and towards the back of the field I wish I had been able to run as fast as my nose was!

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  Unfortunately they only show the runner's club if the runner is an EA member so if I have missed you please let me know.  They don't show cat pos either so I'm not sure but I think Terry was 2nd M70.  Well done.



Chip Time Name Cat
12 59:02:00 58:59:00 Mark Causebrook  MV35
60 64:42:00 64:38:00 Nathan Renyard MV40
132 70:13:00 70:07:00 Matt Tanner MV45
136 70:28:00 70:22:00 Simon Ibbotson  MSEN
142 71:03:00 70:52:00 Alice Ryder  WV35
204 74:43:00 74:22:00 Vicki Clarke WSEN
263 79:15:00 78:55:00 Paul Blundell MV50
280 80:12:00 79:51:00 Tony Strickland MV55
316 82:22:00 81:40:00 Dave Wilson MV60
345 83:38:00 83:12:00 Terence Earney MV70
530 97:03:00 96:10:00 Adrian Mudle MV55
556 99:08:00 98:13:00 Jeremy Barber MV65
627 01:48:40 01:47:47 Andy Barber MV60
658 01:53:33 01:52:48 Alison Renyard WV40
669 01:56:02 01:54:58 Jan Anglim WV65

The Pewsey Downsaround - Sunday 9 April 2017

This is an LDWA event which welcomes well-behaved runners.  There are three distances on offer: 17 miles, 26.6 miles and 35 miles.  The scenery is stunning and includes two white horses on the long route. It was a lovely sunny day but just a little to warm for running that far,  Despite that, David Gould did that in 9:27.  Katie Collard walked the 17 miles in 7:43 with Fiona Gould who is building up to Endure 24 after her second hip replacement.  Well done all.  You can see the full results here.  In true LDWA fashion they are reported in alphabetical order.

The Dorset Maverick - Saturday 8 April 2017

Mark Lee reports, "Excellent day out with stunning scenery. Congratulations to Sharon on her first trail race, a tough one for a first trail race.     ".

Three Hardley runners did the long (22K) course.  Sharon Avery and Julie Swainston were 30th and 31st women in 3:01:13.  Mark was 69th man in 2:25:1.

You can see the full results here

The Dorney Lake 20 - Sunday 2 April 2017

Alice Ryder says, "I did this race on Sunday. Was an excellent pre marathon training run with a choice of 16, 20 or 24 miles."

Alice finished 32/351 overall, Gender 5/198 Cat FV35 2/53 in 2:31:15

Well done.  As with Vicki's Wimbledon Half (see below) this bodes very well for London

You can see the full results here

The Ringwood Rabbit Run - Sunday 2 April 2017

Terry Earney reports,

"Steve Henry and I ran the above race on Sunday 2nd April. This was held in Ashley Heath in the Moors Valley, and was resurrected after its last appearance in 2013. It was an undulating course with just one longish hill, which comprised deep, wet sand with plenty of pockets of water. There were only prizes for the first three male and female finishers, nothing for vets.

I finished 25th in 48.45 and Steve 39th in 52.27. Steve would have been quicker than me, if he hadn't aggravated an old injury in the early stages. He unfortunately, had to slow down which was a pity."

You can read more here

The Goodwood Duathlon - Sunday 2 April 2017

Three Hardley Runners took part on Sunday in the Goodwood Duathlon which was held around the very windy motor racing circuit and organised by Portsmouth Triathletes.

Mark Darcy did the Long Course which consisted of a one lap run, ten laps on the bike and a two lap run. Mark completed the course in 1hr 50m to come 5th M40 and 21st overall.

Alan Doney and Mick Anglim did the Short Course which was a one lap run, six bike laps and a final one lap run. Alan was 3rd M50 in 73 minutes and 15th overall. M70 Mick beat all of the M60 and M65 competitors to finish in 24th overall position in 76 minutes.

You can see the full results here.

The Wimbledon Half - Sunday 2 April 2017

Vicki Clarke reports,

Wimbledon half, complete with wombles (and Gordon Ramsey). Smashed it! 6 minutes off my pb"

Well done Vicki.  This bodes well for London in 3 weeks.

For the record, Vicki was 96th (16th lady) out of a field of 710 in 1:41:31.

QE Spring Half - Queen Elizabeth Country Park - Sunday 26 March 2017

Mark Lee says, "Another great race! and lovely rabbit bling ".  For the record, Mark was 60th in 2:06:20.  You can read more about the event here and see the full results here.

The First Portsmouth Sprint Duathlon - Sunday 26 March 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "Three Hardley Runners started their racing at 8:30 this morning on a very cold but sunny Southsea promenade. It was the first of a series of 3 Portsmouth Sprint Duathlons which used the Southsea parkrun course for the two 5k runs and the promenade roads for the 15k bike leg.

Alan Doney, Mick Anglim and first time Duathlete Dave Wilson battled with the strong NE wind which affected both the bike and run legs. As the roads were open to traffic the return bike leg was particularly exciting as our riders were hitting the 30mph speed limit as well as contending with Sunday drivers.

Dave has been a life long cyclist but only started running 6 months ago after his retirement. He performed astonishingly well to win the M60 category by over 2 1/2 minutes and set one of the fastest first Transition times. 

Alan was 3rd in the very competitive M50 category and Mick Anglim won his first Duathlon in the M70 category by over 10 minutes.

You can read more about the series here and see the full results here.

The Amport Trail 10K - Saturday 25 March 2017

It was a lovely Spring afternoon for this trail race in support of Amport School.  There were 2K, 5K and 10K options and it was greta so see so many children and parents runnibg around the village green.  The 10K was a bit more serious with some significant hills and a combination of quiet country roads, footpaths and trails with lovely views.  There were two Hardley runners.  Step forward Jack Fairbrother, 10th in 46:56 and Jeremy Barber 58th in 61:59. 

If you like the idea of little local races then how about the Triple Whammy on Saturday 19 April - see Race Diary tab above.

The Ebbor Gorge 10K - near Wookey Hole - Sunday 19 March 2017

Jack Fairbrother reports, "After five months of being unable to run due to an injury I finally saw a specialist who said that if I can push through the pain, he didn’t think I'd do any more damage to my knee! Taking his word as gospel and excited to get back outside, I hastily entered myself into the Ebbor Gorge 10k event - what a baptism of fire! 

Possibly the toughest course I've ever run, with around 1700 feet of elevation gain and mountain rescue staff acting as course marshals there wasn’t a piece of flat running in sight!! 

I’ve never seen so much mud or spent so much time hiking during a race before but it was also some of the most fun “running” I've experienced (does sliding down muddy hills on your backside and scrambling up rock faces count as running?!!). The event was everything it should be - friendly, local, good value and a whole lot of fun! A nice touch was each of the marshals having a clipboard with runners names and numbers for personalised cheering the whole way round! 

I was relieved to even get round the course in one piece (a fair few runners bailed out after one lap of the 5km loop) and pleasantly surprised to find out I finished in 15th place overall and 8th in my age category. I usually run a flat trail 10km in around 45mins, so my time of 1hr 18mins says something about the difficulty of the course!! Did I just run my first fell race?!  [It looks as though you did, Jack - see here for the definition]

The full results are here.  Click on the photo so see more pictures.

HRRL Race 8 - The Eastleigh 10K - Sunday 19 March 2017

There was an excellent Hardley turnout for the Club Championships with 40 finishers.  Well done to everyone and a particular well done to everyone who was running for Hardley for the first time.  Hard luck to Phil Rudd and Paul Carter who didn't finish.  The weather was good and the fast flat course (well there were a couple of hills but it was still pretty fast and flat) enabled some good times. Did anyone get a PB?  If so please let me know.

WAVA Age Grading takes your time and uses the world record time for your sex and age group to produce a score (a percentage). This score allows you to compare your personal performance against other people's performances even though they might be a different age and a different sex to you - the higher the score the better the performance.   WAVA scores and fastest times count towards our Club Championships so congratulations go to Mark, Mick, Alice and Jane.  Well done!  Please contact our webmaster (see Contact Us tab) if you think the calculation is wrong.   Click here to see the calculator

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.  And here, with thanks to Dan Latham, is a photo album



Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Time WAVA
Position Time Firstname Category Cat Pos Chip Time WAVA
47 00:34:42 Mark Causebrook M 41 00:34:41 79.6
124 00:37:11 Timothy Anetts M 87 00:37:09 72.3
202 00:38:51 Nathan Renyard MV40 36 00:38:45 73.3
295 00:40:35 Matthew Tanner MV50 21 00:40:27 77.8
322 00:41:01 Simon Ibbotson M 187 00:40:54 65.8
339 00:41:18 Daniel Latham M 195 00:41:09 66.0
473 00:43:42 Paddy Butler MV55 11 00:43:34 73.4
474 00:43:43 Alice Ryder FV35 8 00:43:34 70.5
488 00:43:51 Tony Strickland MV55 14 00:43:40 75.1
515 00:44:13 Mick Anglim MV65 2 00:44:06 82.2
542 00:44:38 Paul Blundell MV50 44 00:44:29 70.1
546 00:44:43 Scott Kempsey MV40 83 00:44:24 64.0
660 00:46:26 Malcolm Renyard MV70 2 00:46:20 80.1
698 00:46:58 Mike Smith MV65 5 00:46:39 77.0
730 00:47:25 Vicki Clarke F 60 00:46:58 64.7
758 00:47:51 Steve Bradley MV60 13 00:47:29 70.3
770 00:48:00 John Simmonds MV60 15 00:47:37 70.7
803 00:48:25 Lynn Mcdonagh FV45 17 00:48:05 69.0
836 00:48:51 Roger Morgan MV55 31 00:48:29 66.5
890 00:49:25 Tamsin Roberts F 74 00:48:55 62.0
914 00:49:43 Jane Hodge FV55 5 00:49:23 77.2
927 00:49:54 Adam Wells M 378 00:49:29 54.4
983 00:50:43 Giuliana Henry FV50 12 00:50:36 67.9
1121 00:52:43 Adrian Mudle MV55 49 00:52:13 63.4
1201 00:53:43 Jeremy Barber MV60 25 00:53:03 65.2
1205 00:53:45 Sarah Kay F 105 00:52:55 57.3
1307 00:54:55 Kevin Hancock MV60 29 00:54:02 62.3
1658 00:59:42 Christine Harris FV65 6 00:58:39 73.0
1881 01:03:22 Sarah Fitton FV45 82 01:01:55 54.2
1885 01:03:26 Hilary Hinks FV60 16 01:01:59 67.0
1933 01:04:05 Sarah Hood FV35 153 01:02:39 49.5
1955 01:04:37 Sally Harbut FV40 117 01:02:49 49.9
2107 01:07:50 Angela Simmonds FV60 19 01:06:19 59.1
2125 01:08:18 Jan Anglim FV65 12 01:05:39 68.4
2209 01:11:19 Danii Bundy F 294 01:09:51 43.4
2210 01:11:19 Claire Aplin FV45 111 01:09:52 47.5
2218 01:11:44 Rebecca Grieve FV45 113 01:10:17 46.3
2225 01:12:02 Carole Bailey FV50 74 01:10:34 49.3
2300 01:17:27 Ann Maylott FV45 121 01:16:01 44.6
2374 01:41:12 Ann Bruce-Low FV65 17 01:39:39 49.9

Civil Service Road Relays - Finsbury Park - Weds 15 March 2017

Mick Anglim reports, "The Ordnance Survey men's team won Silver at the Civil Service Road Relays. That was despite having me set one of the slowest times!

Our team was entirely current or ex Hardley Runners with James Clarke winning an extra medal for setting the fastest leg of the day.  Mark Stileman and Mark Aston were our ex members."

You can see the full results here

The Grizzly - Seaton - Sunday 12 March 2017

Conditions were mixed for this year's event.  For those as don't know, The Grizzly is an undulating (very) 20 miler in Devon including a town crier, hills, mud, bogs, bands, beaches, two troupes of drummers, streams and lots of lovely runners and very friendly and supportive marshals.

Congratulations to Sue Sleath on her 20th Grizzly.  Sue was a very creditable 205th (19th woman) in 3:16:10.  Your webmaster (who is only up to 7) had 3 aims for his pre-London long run: to finish, finish uninjured and to finish in under double Sue's time.  And it was a tick in all three boxes and a top 1500 finish for Jeremy Barber who was 1499th in 5:32:02.

For those who like the experience but don't fancy the distance there's The Cub.  Sue Stileman was 130th in 1:41:57 and Mike Sleath was 328th in 2:05:33.

Here's an album which gives you the idea.  You can see the full results here.

The 8th (yes 8th!) CC6 - Wilverley - Sunday 12 March 2017

CC6 Captain Simon Ibbotson reports,

"The 8th and final CC6 of the series was held on Wilverley Plain.  The rain mostly held off for the race but did make for a wet and muddy course, which made it a challenge.  5 ladies and 12 men turned out for the Hardley team. Liz Young led home the ladies in 3rd position, with Charmaine Bradford close behind in 5th place. The men were led by Dan Latham 33rd position followed by Mark Darcy in 39th place.

Across all the races we on average fielded 5 ladies and 10 men per race and a total of 15 ladies and 28 men took part in at least one race.  Dan Latham and Charmaine Bradford have topped the Hardley individual results with the sum of 116 and 35 respectively from their best four races. Complete final results will be posted on the CC6 website soon.

Finally I would like to say well done and thank you to everyone that has run and/or helped out at this years' races.  Particular thanks go to Rose, Diana and Ian Banks for helping out with our scoring.  Roll on the RR10 series, which starts on 19th April."

Hardley results are below.

Cat Pos  
Cat Pos  
Cat Pos
Liz Young S 3   Chris Harris V60 38   Annie Bruce Low V70 49
Charmaine Bradford S 5   Sally Harbut V40 48  
Dan Latham S 33   Matthew Tanner V50 49   Mark Lee V50 83
Mark Darcy V40 39   Ian Smith V50 64   Dave Wilson V60 85
Callum Tanner S 40   Dan Powell S 67   Rob Wells V40 95
Simon Ibbotson S 43   Mick Anglim V60 68   Adrian Mudle V50 96

The Shakespeare 10K and Marathon - Stratford upon Avon - Sat 11 March 2017

Rhiannon (125th in 1:32:49) and Steve (30th in 4:11:33) Bennet represented Hardley.  Well done Rhi for a new PB.

The Oakhaven Half - Brockenhurst - Sunday 5 March 2017

A challenging course.  All off road, mostly on decent gravel tracks.  It included the last half mile of the Hardley Christmas Handicap which was nice.  Conditions were better that the weather forecast until about 90 minutes into the race when the heavens opened with strong wind, heavy rain and hail.  Hardley Results are below.  Congratulations to Dale and Karen who were both second in their categories.  You can see the full results here.



Name Cat
16 01:30:12 Dale Purdom VM50
48 01:44:49 Charmaine Bradford F
51 01:45:55 Karen Denham FV40
57 01:47:43  Ian Smith VM50
73 01:51:11 Roger Morgan MV50
75 01:51:18 Terry Earney VM60
77 01:51:22 Steve Bradley VM60
101 01:56:24 Emma Lee F
132 02:00:52 Adrian Mudle VM50
159 02:10:04 Jeremy Barber VM60

The LDWA New Forest Challenge - Sunday 5 March 2017

Andy Barber reports, "Despite appalling weather (torrential rain prior to the start) the sun came out as the walkers and runners set off on this popular LDWA annual event. Two distances were on offer with most people going for the longer 26 mile route, a circular tour of the Forest starting from Burley.

Good navigational skills were needed between checkpoints and there were some sunny moments between the spells of rain. Some great views of the Forest and plenty of mud! Very well organised with a meal at the end."

Hardley results are below:

Sue Sleath 5hr 14min 26miles

Andy Barber 7hr 2min 18 miles

The Wimborne 20 - Sunday 5 March 2017

Hardley results are below. 

  You can see the full results here.

It's good to see Vicki faster than a fortnight ago and in more difficult conditions.  She's looking good for a sub 3:45 good for age at London.



Name Cat
110 2:43:43 Paddy Butler MV55
115 2:44:21 Dan Latham M
117 2:44:29 Vicki Clarke F

The Nuts Challenge - Dorking  - Sat 4 March 2017

Rob Wells reports, "Decided to take on winter nuts this year. Have done it in the summer so only 2 x 7k laps for me this time as it's notorious for its dnf rate. So the first half of the course is mud and ditches with plenty of climbing to do and then comes the water sections that sap any strength you have left and any warmth left in your body, even with a neoprene vest you're constantly in and out or jumping into water, so first lap complete, refuelled it was a big decision do go out again, but off i went round two. When the finish line finally came up. There was no way I could have gone another 10 feet.  Respectable time though 3:09:36 and 16th out of 249 for the two lappers."

Well done Rob!  You can get an idea of what Rob means from the pictures.  Read more about the series.  Full results are here.

HCCL Race 5 - Reading - Saturday 4 March 2017

Mike Cummings was 18th in a quality field in 33:36.  Well done.  You can see the full results here.

The Maverick - Avon Tyrell - Saturday 4 March 2017

A choice of distances, a fine day, a lovely run in the forest and some muddy bits.  What's not to like?  Oh and there was a special beer as well.  Here's a small album so you can see what you missed. And here's a film starring Mark Lee. Hardley results are below. I hope I didn't miss anyone.  The results don't show clubs so it is not easy to pick out our runners.  If I missed someone please let me know.  You can see the full results here.

Gender Pos


Medium Course 14K
13 01:22:25 Guilianne Franzeze-Henry
Long Course - 24K
48 02:18:34 Mark Lee
77 02:45:29 Steve Henry
76 02:45:27 Paul Blundell
25 02:24:28 Julie Swainston

The Heartbreaker Half and Marathon - Sunday 26 February 2017

Well done to all four Hardley runners on excellent performances.  Mark Causebrook reports, "This is the last time they are holding this event at Sandy Balls.  As the name suggests, it was a very challenging course with plenty of undulations." Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
44 3:49:51 Alice Ryder F35 7 4
Half Marathon
4 1:24:42 Mark Causebrook M 4 4
5 1:26:45 Tim Anetts M 5 5
6 1:26:57 Ben Andrew M 6 6

The Bournemouth 10 - Sunday 26 February 2017

There were two Hardley runners.  A long awaited PB for Karen.  Well done!  And well done Kim who battled injury to finish with Dave the rhino.  You can see the full results here.



Name Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
152 1:18:52 Karen Denham VF35 14 7
456 2:30:50 Kim Wainwright VF35 209 72

The Meon Valley Plod - Sunday 26 February 2017

Only one Hardley runner this year.  Step forward Paul Blundell who reports, 

"The plan was a slow run due to a sore leg and so ( I thought) an easy run taking lots of pics, well I managed the slow bit (20 minutes slower then last year), but not the easy bit and only some pics which you can see here as the phone camera went dead before I got to the really muddy bits or the marauding 4 wheel drives and dirt bikes. My sore leg actually felt better after 10 miles but by that time I was feeling pretty tired. Still it was quite reasonable weather and not as muddy as previous years."

Paul finished about 69th (I say about becuase the results don't show places so I had to count) in a very creditable 3:48:04

The Terminator - Pewsey - Sunday 26 February 2017

A challenging multi-terrain course of about 11 (well a bit over 12 actually) miles with a gentle start across fields and along a canal towpath.  Then it starts to get serious with a boggy bit, several climbs (about 1,500 feet in all), a White Horse tour and a free shoe-wash. 

Here's a small album of pictures to give you the idea.

Last year Mark Lee got a PB but just failed to break 2 hours so this year he put on a sprint finish which did the trick.  Well done Mark.  Hadley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



166 01:59:47 Mark Lee MV50
280 02:16:05 David Gould MV50
385 02:43:20 Jeremy Barber MV60

The Bramley 10 and 20 - Sunday 19 February 2017

There were three Hardley runners this year and all did well.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



Chip Pos Chip Time
10 Miles
15 00:59:07 Mark Causebrook M 15 00:59:07
20 Miles  
280 02:34:10 Alice Ryder F 283 02:33:49
433 02:48:51 Vicki Clarke F 432 02:47:37


The 7th (and yes there is still one more to come) CC6 - Denny Wood - Sunday 19 February 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"This morning was the 7th CC6 of the series, held at Denny Wood and hosted by Totton RC.  Still, overcast and mild conditions made for good running weather, although the course was as muddy as ever!

We fielded 5 ladies and 9 men, with Charmaine Bradford leading the ladies in 12th position and Mark Darcy leading the men in 51st position. Very well done to all that took part.

Don't forget that the final CC6 of the series will be held on 12th March (3 weeks time) at Wilverley Plain, once again start time is 9:30am. I will send out details nearer the time."

Hardley results are below. There's a very small photo album here. The full results should be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) the day after the race.

Cat Pos  
Cat Pos  
Cat Pos
Charmaine Bradford S 12   Susan Massey S 67   Annie Bruce Low V70 72
Jane Morgan V50 18   Sally Kirk V60 69  
Mark Darcy V40 51   Ian Smith V50 71   Dave McElhenny V60 114
Simon Ibbotson S 62   Dave Wilson V60 91   Adrian Mudle V50 115
Paul Blundell V50 65   Rob Wells V40 113   Jeremy Barber V60 122

The Lytchett 10 - Sunday 12 February 2017

Kim Wainwright writes, "Did it! 'Dave' and I finished the Lytchett 10 in fine form this morning, and 5 mins under estimate too, without being last! Was a little daunted, to say the least, as it was a Dorset road race league event, but the club made me feel very welcome, and were very accommodating. I even got a thumbs up from Steve Way as he was storming home. I'm sure I'd have knocked a good half hour off the time if it wasn't for everyone wanting a chat and having to pose for many many selfies with the marshals, and random people driving past ;). The costume was a lot more comfortable that I expected over 10 miles, though I'm not relishing double that and some in April, but the London crowd (or what will be left of it by the time I plod round lol) will get me round. Next up - Bournemouth 10 in 2 weeks.

If anyone has a spare couple of quid it would be most welcome thanks"

For the record Kim and Dave were 474th in 2:26:23

HCCL Race 4 - Staunton Park - Saturday 11 February 2017

Mick Anglim,President & temporary X/C Captain, reports

"Staunton Park replaced the original, much anticipated fixture at Queen Elizabeth Country Park and provided us with a very unusual 'X/C' course. For those who have raced X/C at Staunton Park in the past it was chalk and cheese to those traditional rough and boggy grassland conditions as it used much of the Havant parkrun course and was all on gravel tracks or forest paths.

The Hardley flag was once again this season flown high by our ladies.

Congratulations to Hannah Du Preez, Tamsin Roberts and our supervet Chris Harris who took on the 6.5k course with 3 long climbs to finish 12th team out of 24!!

A great performance.

Meanwhile the men used two of the ladies laps and then a long loop through the forest for the 10.3k course.

With only Mick Anglim and a very out of form Andy Kellaway it meant that Hardley had no team score and our men will almost certainly be demoted to Division 3 for the first time in our 32 year history.  While that is a very poor reflection on our 120+ men it does mean that only 3 male scorers will be required next season instead of 5! One reason for our demise is that we currently have only 53 of our 202 members affiliated to EA and therefore eligible for the 5 free HCCL races."

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here


Vet Pos

Women 6.3K
59 Hannah Du Preez 31:34:00
78 Tamsin Roberts 33:56:00
95 57 Chris Harris V65 38:04:00
Men 10.3K
139 64 Mick Anglim M60 46:56:00
155 78 Andy Kellaway M40 52:59:00

The General 10K Obstacle Race - Alton - Sunday 5 February 2017

Rob Wells reports,

"Sunday the 5th cold wet and muddy, so perfect conditions for The General 10k obstacle race at Alton

The course was held on a 4x4 training ground, so the shout goes to start, first of around various slippy fields then back to the 4x4 ground over various dips and filled ditches and cargo net crawls were then taken of into the wooded area where there were more pools. Coming out we were then directed into the forest for one of the nicest trail runs I've done this year

Once out of the forest we were directed back through the woods to the monkey bars and some of the slippyist mud which was treacherous under foot, even I went over a couple of times and then to the finish which I came a respectable 19/200.

I'll be looking forward to the general 20k trail race in April."

The picture shows Rob looking clean and happy.  That's becuase it was taken before the start.  After the race he was wet and muddy and even happier. 

You can read more about the race series here.

HRRL Race 7 - The Ryde 10 - Sunday 5 February 2017

There was a chilly wind but that didn't deter 15 Hardley Runners from crossing the Solent for the Ryde 10.  The course might be described as undulating but I'm inclined to think that hilly would be more accurate.  Well done all and particular mention to Vicki Clarke for a PB by nearly two minutes and to Terry Earney who was first in category and Mark Lee who also got a PB.  Oh and I'd like just quietly to draw Adrian's attention to the chip results.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



Chip Time
Cat Gender Pos Cat Pos
75 01:07:53 Matthew Tanner 01:07:42 M50 72 8
126 01:11:48 Alice Ryder 01:11:32 F35 12 3
145 01:13:43 Simon Ibbotson 01:13:19 SM 129 59
182 01:16:09 Andy Kellaway 01:15:52 SM 154 67
184 01:16:20 Paul Blundell 01:15:54 M50 156 21
188 01:16:37 Mick Anglim 01:16:18 M65 160 2
202 01:17:29 Vicki Clarke 01:17:03 SF 34 11
243 01:20:52 Terence Earney 01:20:16 M70 194 1
281 01:24:07 Mark Lee 01:23:15 M50 219 30
346 01:31:35 Tamsin Roberts 01:30:34 SF 97 25
356 01:33:07 Adrian Mudle 01:32:33 M55 253 19
362 01:33:55 Jeremy Barber 01:32:30 M60 256 11
369 01:35:31 David Gould 01:34:05 M55 259 22
383 01:38:27 Christine Harris 01:37:26 F65 119 2
411 01:45:04 Katie Collard 01:43:39 F40 141 20

The Romsey 5 - Sunday 29 January 2017

Well done Mark Causebrook for a big PB.  Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.



7 27:28 Mark Causebrook M
40 32:08 Alan Doney MV45
50 33:06 Simon Ibbotson M
171 38:23 Steve Bradley M60
216 40:13 John Simmonds M60
561 53:52 Angie Simmonds F60

The Stonhenge Stomp - Sunday 29 January 2017

15 Hardley Runners took part in this year's Stonehenge Stomp despite the forecast of heavy rain. Fortunately the rain didn't arrive until the afternoon when we were all enjoying hot food back at the Amesbury Leisure Centre.

The underfoot conditions were much better than expected and everyone enjoyed their run or stroll around Stonehenge.

The bad news is that the future of the Stomp is uncertain. Amesbury Walkers will still organise the Shipton Star on Wednesday 23 August and the Wylye Valley Kanter on Sunday 08 October. Both cost only £2:50 including drinks

The 6th CC6 - Kings Garn - Sunday 22 January 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"Chilly conditions and, in my opinion, the toughest finish of any CC6 so far greeted us in Kings Garn Inclosure this morning for the sixth CC6.

Romsey RR, Halterworth Harriers RC and Southampton Tri put on plenty of cakes, which were a welcome reward for getting up that last hill!

A very well done to all who took part. I would like to give particular mention to Charmaine Bradford for leading in the Hardley ladies in 9th position and also Dan Latham who led the men in 19th position; well done both.

For your calendars, the next CC6 is at Denny Wood on 19th February. Start time 9:30am."

Hardley results are below. There's a very small photo album here. The full results should be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) the day after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
9 Charmaine Bradford S   46 Chris Harris V60   68 Annie Bruce Low V70
11 Lynn McDonagh V40   66 Carol Bailey V40        
19 Dan Latham S   38 Simon Ibbotson S   70 Mark Lee V50
27 Matthew Tanner V50   40 Paul Blundell V50   80 Adrian Mudle V50
33 Mark Darcy V40   54 Mick Anglim V60   83 Dave McElhenny V60
36 Justin Bowen V40   64 Dave Wilson V60   94 Jeremy Barber V60

HRRL Race 6 - The Stubbington 10K - Sunday 15 January 2017

There was a good Hardley turnout despite the damp conditions.  Well done all!  The organisation worked well; no shivering in the queue for ages in the rain to get your bag which has been a feature in the past.

Dan Powell reports,  "Ran the Stubbington 10km this morning, the first 10km I have raced in a few years so it definitely blew a few cobwebs out, was a very wet race but flat so a good course overall! I ran roughly 43 minutes, perhaps just under I am waiting for the official results to confirm that, it's majorly slower than what I'd have ran a few years back but that was expected! Now I have a benchmark to improve on, now time to get cracking with the speedwork." 

Hardley results are below.  You can see the full results here.

Gun Time Name
Cat Pos
Chip Time
27 00:35:11 Mark Causebrook M 24 00:35:09
161 00:39:57 Matthew Tanner MV50-54 5 00:39:46
203 00:40:54 Simon Ibbotson M 115 00:40:42
278 00:42:45 Paul Blundell MV50-54 17 00:42:33
311 00:43:26 Daniel Powell M 152 00:43:14
346 00:44:06 Alice Ryder FV35-39 9 00:43:54
360 00:44:16 Malcolm Renyard MV70+ 1 00:44:05
365 00:44:23 Mick Anglim MV65-69 2 00:44:12
510 00:46:54 Vicki Clarke F 34 00:45:53
534 00:47:35 Dave Wilson MV60-64 13 00:47:17
653 00:49:22 David Gould MV55-59 31 00:48:20
829 00:52:25 Tamsin Roberts F 59 00:50:32
832 00:52:28 Adrian Mudle MV55-59 43 00:51:25
1028 00:56:29 Jeremy Barber MV60-64 25 00:55:26
1239 01:00:49 Katie Collard FV40-44 74 00:59:20
1542 01:10:52 Jan Anglim FV65-69 6 01:08:37
1646 01:44:00 Annie Bruce-Low FV70+ 3 01:41:25

Mud, Sweat and Hills - Rough 'n' Tumble - Sunday 8 January 2017

Mark Lee reports, "Another beautiful Rough and Tumble with Paul Blundell and Sue Sleath. Plenty of mud and hills plus cake! Paul was taking it easy today and disappeared into the distance. Sue took it easy to prevent further injuries. I think I had a 9 mile warm up followed by a 1 mile race to the finish. Overall a very tough course and a great day out."

Paul adds,"Well done Mark for a PB.  Not many views this year due to fog and it was a bit slippery in places but warmer then previous races.  Access to the parking field was entertaining and they had a Landover kept busy to pull people out."

Hardley results (Sue is Romsey nowaday) are below.  You can see the full results and read more about the race here.  And if you fancy something similar then try The Terminator on Sunday 26 February.

Time Name
77 01:30:19 Paul Blundell MV50 09:01.8
247 01:48:08 Mark Lee MV50 10:48.6

The 5th CC6 - Badger Farm - Sunday 8 January 2017

CC6 Captain, Simon Ibbotson, reports,

"Fog had closed in on Badger Farm this morning as we arrived for the fifth CC6 of the series.  The views may have been obscured but the new muddier and longer course definitely made an impact on us!

Well done to all of our runners and particular mention goes to Charmaine Bradford for leading in the Hardley ladies in 10th position and Rich Harris for leading the Hardley men in 24th position.

Don't forget that the next CC6 is only two weeks away.  This will be Kings Garn Inclosure at Stoney Cross, starting at 9:30am as usual.  I hope to see you there."

Hardley results are below. There's a very small photo album here. The full results should be on the CC6 website (see Links tab above) the day after the race.

Name Cat  
Name Cat  
Name Cat
10 Charmaine Bradford S   76 Leonora Stovell V40   80 Annie Bruce Low V70
55 Chris Harris V60   78 Sally Kirk V60        
24 Richard Harris S   66 Dan Powell S   109 Steve Bradley V60
34 Matthew Tanner V50   79 Mick Anglim V60   110 Adrian Mudle V50
36 Rob Murray S   90 Dave Wilson V60   112 Dave McElhenny V60
50 Simon Ibbotson S   107 Rob Wells V40  

Hampshire Cross Country Championships - Fairthorne Manor - Saturday 7 January 2017

Mick Anglim reports

Conditions were better than 2016 but 12k of heavy going in drizzle was still hard work. We think that the wall to wall mud of last year deterred a lot of the older runners as Malc and I had no competition in our respective Age Groups."

For the record,Malc was 137th and 1st and only M70 in 56:30, Mick was 145th and 1st and only M65 in 59:10 and Paul Carter was 154th in 69:15.

You can see the full results here And here's a picture of Malc in a lovely album by Hammy



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