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Muscle Acre - Guildford - Sunday 16 July 2017

Rob Wells reports, "On Sunday the 16th, I took on the muscle acre obstacle race, this is one I have done many times because the RD changes the course every time. Originally on the 10k there turned out to be an upgrade to 15k so that's what I did. Started of the first 5k with my daughter as that's the part of the course that the teenagers can do then at the 5/10 split I said goodbye an was off on the extra 5k which was mainly trail and carrys, really treacherous under foot so had to be extra careful, then joined back up to the main route for the last 5k. This is where the mud is and the qualifying rig with rings- bars- ropes and poles. You just had to wade through the chest deep mud and come out the other side about half a k any way you can. Then off to the finish for your medal and hard earned beer. I'll be going for the tri this year. Winter and summer done just autumn to go, where you earn a special gift.

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