Test Way Relay 2014

Hardley Runners Mixed Team run the Test Way Relay 13 September 2014
IMG 1297  David at the start looking cheerful IMG 1298  David at the start looking chilly.  Can we go now please? IMG 1300  Ready...   steady ... IMG 1301  go!
IMG 1302  Caroline at CP1 IMG 1304  Caroline takes over from David IMG 1305  True dedication at CP2 - note the blood (also sweat but no tears) IMG 1306  Adrian ready to go at CP2
IMG 1307  Caroline hands over to Adrian IMG 1308  Linda, Kim and Caroline waiting at CP3 IMG 1310  Stubbington handover at CP3 IMG 1311  Adrian hands over to Linda at CP3
IMG 1312  Waiting at CP4 IMG 1313  A handover at CP4 IMG 1314  Another handover at CP4 IMG 1315  And another - where's Linda?
IMG 1317  Another handover IMG 1318  and another - still no Linda IMG 1320  another handover - has anyone seen Linda? IMG 1321  Winchester handover
IMG 1322  Overton Handover.  We decide Linda is lost and Pat sets off IMG 1324  Pat hands over to Irene IMG 1325  Mike waiting at CP6 IMG 1326  Irene hands over to Mike
IMG 1327  Sue waiting at CP7 IMG 1328  Mike arrives, faster than last year IMG 1329  Sue sets off IMG 1330  Sue arrives at the finish.  Well done!
IMG 1331  Gosport arrive some while later.